FRIENDS fanfiction


Instead of The One The Morning After Ė TOW Ross has something to hide


Scene 1 Ė Rossís apartment, Ross is woken by a knock on the door. He realizes that someone else is in the bed with him. He is lying there not knowing what to do. The knocking gets louder.


Chloe: (sitting up from under the duvet) Are you gonna get that or what?


Ross: Uh, yeah, one second. Just to clarify everything, what exactly happened last night?


Chloe: You want a commentary?


Ross: No, just want to knowÖ


Chloe: Öwhether we did it or not?


Ross: Yeah


Chloe: What do you think? Of course.

(Ross looks upset, he looks at the door, there is still a knock on the front door which is getting louder)


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Scene 2 Ė Ross is scrambling out of bed.


Rachel (from outside): Ross, come on. Open the door! Iíve been out here for like 20 minutes.


Ross: (calling to the door) One second! (quieter to Chloe) Chloe, stay in here. Donít say anything.


Chloe: Why?


Ross: Iíll tell you later.


Chloe: Is that Rachel? Oh god. You still want to be with her donít you? You know what, take her into the kitchen and Iíll get out through the door.


Ross: Are you sure? Thanks. 


Chloe: Hey, what are friends for? (goes up to him and tries to kiss him but Ross stops her and gestures to the door.)


Ross: Hide behind the door until I get her into the kitchen, at which point I will ask her if she wants a coffee. Ok? So that is when you go out.


Chloe: Sure thing Ross.

(Ross goes and opens the door. Rachel is there. She kisses him and then they look at eachother and smile.)


Rachel: Iím sorry for everything I said.


Ross: Thatís ok.


Rachel: No, seriously, you wanted it to be perfect. You put in such and effort and I didnít even get you a present. You know what, Iíll take you out for a really great meal and then we can go back to my place.


Ross: (in a jokey-kinda way) You know what, I was really hurt by those words so, yeah. Letís do that.


(they kiss again.)


Ross: Hey Rach, you want some coffee? (he leads her through to the kitchen but she isnít in there by the time Chloe gets out.)


Rachel: Sure, but let me take my jacket off first. (she goes back into the living room, where Chloe is. Chloe ducks behind the sofa just in time.)


Ross: Ok, thereís your jacket taken care of. Letís get that coffee.


Rachel: Iíll have milk in mine thanks.


Ross: (panicky) ok.


Rachel: Are you ok sweetie?


Ross: Iím just fine.


Rachel: Is it just that you were worried about us meeting again. I was pretty nervous too. But now that Iím here, I donít want to go.


Ross: Iíll bet you donít.


Scene 3 Ė Chandler and Joeyís. Joey is in the kitchen drinking orange juice. A young girl comes out from his room. She looks about 18 [Cassie]. Played by Michelle Williams


Cassie: Hey, could I get some of that OJ?

Joey: Sure thing.


Cassie: So, what are we gonna do today?

Joey:(shocked) We? I mean, weÖare going to go get some breakfast then I have to go to an audition so weíll have to see eachother some other time.


Cassie: Ok, tonight?


Joey: Iíll see if I am free tonight. You know us actors. Never know what weíre doing, one day to the next.


Cassie: So, where are we going for breakfast?


Joey: You know Central Perk?

Cassie: Of course I know Central Perk. We had coffee there yesterday. Are you ok?


Joey: Sure, Iím fine.


Cassie: Ok. Let me just get my clothes on, then we can go.


Scene 4 Ė Rossís apartment. Ross is trying to get Rachel out of the apartment. The camera pulls round to the back of the sofa where Chloe is sitting, very, very bored.


Ross: Hey, I know, letís go tell Monica and the guys the good news. I know they were really upset when they found out.


Rachel: You know what? I think we should just stay here and make out. (in an attempt at a sexy voice) Come here to me.


Ross: No, you come here to me and we can go into the bedroom.


Rachel: At 9am in the morning? Are you kidding?

Ross: You know what. Iím not.


Rachel: Ok, then. If youíre ok about this.


Ross: Great. Come one sweetie.

(Rachel stands up and goes to kiss him. Chloe stands up and he gestures for her to get out. She tries to go but she makes a noise. Rachel turns around. Chloe dives into the kitchen, just in time)


Rachel: Did you hear something?


Ross: No, did you?


Rachel: Yeah, is there someone in your house? Did I leave the door open?


Ross: No, Iím sure itís nothing. Anyway, back to my bedroom.


Rachel: Ok, honey.

(Ross turns, and opens the door to his bedroom. He looks in and realizes that there is a pair of womenís panties on the floors. Definitely not Rachelís.)

Ross: You know what? Why donít I get undressed and then you come in once Iím ready.


Rachel: I have seen you undress before. It wonít be any different.


Ross: But it will make the anticipation greater.


Rachel: Whatever you say.


Ross: Thanks.

(He goes in and sorts out the panties, then quickly undresses. He then calls her in [O.C.]. Rachel goes in. Chloe nips out.)


Scene 5 Ė Central Perk. Ross and Chandler are talking. Phoebe, Monica, Rachel and Joey arenít there.


Ross: It was terrible. I canít believe I took Chloe back to my place. Then it was terrible, Rachel came knocking on my door and I was in bed with Chloe. Then, the worst part, Rachel came in and we made up and I still had to get Chloe out.


Chandler: So are you gonna tell her?


Ross: I donít know. I donít want to carry on a relationship with her with the weight of this lie on top of me for the rest of my life. Yet, I donít see much future for us if I tell her.


Chandler: How come youíre not with her now then?

Ross: She said that she had some work that she wanted to get done so that she wouldnít need to do any this evening. Weíre going out.


Chandler: Oh, cool. Yeah, last night was pretty terrible for me too.



At the Philly, Joey is with Cassie, dancing and Chandler is with this girl [Alice] who obviously isnít that interested, theyíre sitting at the bar. Played by Alyson Hannigan. She is looking at a guy on the other side of the room. Played by Chris Klein.

[the actions happen as he narrates]

Chandler: (V.O.) It started out, ok. But not great. She obviously was just using me to get the other guy, who was on the other side of the room, jealous. Which I wasnít that bothered about. We were just talking. Then all of a sudden the guy comes over. He knocks me out the way and takes her and they start dancing. Then later she comes back to me. I look for the guy and see him dancing with some girl. So, then I start kissing her and she pushes me away. But stupidly I try again to kiss her. This time she pushes me away harder but I can see this guy coming closer. This time he screams at me and everyone turns around. Joey is too busy with Cassie to notice me so I am standing there. He tells me that Alice, this girl, is his girlfriend. So then I just have to leave. But just when I think Iím gonna get a nightís peace, Joey gets homeÖwith Cassie. They go into his room and I donít get one minuteís sleep. )

Ross: Whoa, pretty awful. But that has no consequences that will hang over you for the rest of your life.


Chandler: Yeah, I know itís terrible. Iím sorry man.

(Rachel and Phoebe enter Central Perk. Rachel sees Ross and goes up to him and kisses him)


Rachel: So, what were you two guys talking about?





Scene 6 Ė Monica and Rachelís apartment. Rachel is talking to Monica. Monica is sitting on the sofa, Rachel is walking around.


Rachel: Heís started to act really weird. Do you think he doesnít want to get back with me?


Monica: No, Iím sure heís thrilled that youíre back together.


Rachel: He was really strange at the coffeehouse today. I feel like heís hiding somethingÖ

(Ross enters.)

Ross: Hi sweetie.


Rachel: Hey you.


Monica: Hi Ross. (Off Rachelís look:) UhÖyou know what, I have to go, do something. Iíve got something planned with Phoebe. Yeah, weíre going to go shoppingÖshopping for a vase.


Rachel: Ok, bye. If you see anything pretty then Iíll pay you back.


Ross: Ok, bye Mon.

(Monica exits. Ross sits down and beckons Rachel to sit down)


Rachel: What is it honey?


Ross: UmÖthis is kinda hard to sayÖRach, you gotta understand that I was very drunk when I did this.


Rachel: Did what? Listen, as long as you didnít go sleep with some slut or something then itís ok.


Ross: (in a high-pitched voice, nervously) UhÖno, why would I do that? What would make you think that? Thatís crazy. (he stops and looks at her, seriously) Look Rach, Iíve got to tell you something. 

Rachel: Well, what is it?

Ross: Last night, after I called you and heard Mark, I kinda tried to drown my sorrows. I had a LOT to drink. Then I did something very stupidÖwith Chloe.


Rachel: Oh my god! (puts her hand over her mouth, her eyes well up) Iíll talk to you later. (runs out)

(scene fades out with Ross looking heartbroken on the sofa, staring at the door)


Scene 7 Ė Central Perk. Ross, Chandler, Phoebe and Monica are there. Ross is telling them what happened. Rachel appears at the door, but when she sees that Ross is there she turns around and goes.


Ross: It was terrible. She just ran out.


Monica: My god. You are so stupid!

Ross: Sorry?


Monica: How could you think that sleeping with someone else would make things better?

Ross: I heard Mark at her apartment and so I wanted to get even. But then she turned up and wanted to apologise for the way she acted and then made up. I had to get Chloe out.


Phoebe: Listen, I think, in fact, I know, you two just need space and then everything will work out. Sheís your lobster.


Ross: Thanks.




Scene 8- The copy place. Chloe is working by the Xerox machine. Rachel walks in. Chloe sees her. Rachel walks over and pours a bottle of water over her.