FRIENDS fan fiction

Episode – 702

TOWT all go to hospital – Part 1

By: Mercedes


Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, but to Bright, Kaufman and Crane Productions and Warner Bros.   Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment.


Note: This is the second in my alternative season 7. It gets quite dramatic and some things that happen in this will change the season entirely. I might add in bits that occurred in the real season 7. I hope it works anyway. There are some things that you will have had to read the first episode to understand; the opening sequence, Ross and Rachel and the best man plot. Otherwise, it should be ok.


Cast – Jennifer Aniston as Rachel, Courteney Cox Arquette as Monica, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe, Matt LeBlanc as Joey, Matthew Perry as Chandler and David Schwimmer as Ross.


Christina Pickles is Judy Geller

Elliot Gould is Jack Geller

Elizabeth Taylor is Sally Matthews (Jack’s sister)

Robert Downey Jr is Sam Matthews

………………. is Dr Driscoll

………………. is the nurse


Scene 1 – Central Perk. Brunch, everyone’s there.


Chandler: (with his arm around Monica) So, this guy was all “Well, I make $20,000 a week.” And so I said to him “That’s great! Meet my fiancé.” And his mouth just dropped.


Monica: I’m not surprised.

(They all look at her)


Monica: (defensive) What? I was wearing a strapless black dress!

Chandler: It’s ok sweetie. (he hugs her.)


Rachel: So, have you thought about wedding dresses?

Monica: Yeah. I’m going to have a white silk dress, plain but then with really thin straps. I’m going to get it sent over from Milan.


Rachel: Wow. Chandler, are you sure you can pay for this?

Chandler: (very shocked) I’m paying for it?!




Scene 2 – Monica and Chandler’s apartment. No-one is there. The phone rings and after three rings the answer-machine picks up.


Monica: (from answer-machine) Hi, you’ve reached Monica and Chandler’s. Please leave a message after the beep and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank-you.



Judy: (from the speaker) Hi, Monica. This is really urgent. I’m afraid I have some bad news. You’re father is in hospital. I’ve called Ross and I’ll call his mobile. Please try to get in contact with us as soon as possible.


Scene 3 – A New York City street. Monica and Rachel are shopping for groceries. Rachel has a big brown bag, full of food and Monica has two smaller bags.


Monica: God, these are heavy.


Rachel: Well, you’ll be home soon.

(they stand outside Central Perk. They see Chandler inside. They enter)


Monica: Hey sweetie. You know what, could you hold these up to the apartment, my arms are killing me. Thanks.


Chandler: Yeah sure. (he takes them. Of course Monica is stronger than him so he almost cripples under the weight but then tries to look macho. Monica looks at him as though he is the sweetest thing in the world).


Rachel: Anyway, come on.


Monica: Chandler…(trying not to sound patronizing) honey…would you like me to take one.


Chandler: (whispering) Please!!!

(she takes a bag)

(they go out.)


Scene 4 – Monica and Chandler’s. Monica and Chandler are just entering with the bags. Rachel has just said bye and gone into her apartment.


Monica: So how did you tell Joey that he wasn’t going to be the best man then?


Chandler: I told him that he would be the godfather of our first child.


Monica: I told Ross that he could be.


Chandler: It’s only fair that Joey is. Come on.


Monica: You’re gonna have to tell Ross then.


Chandler: Ok.

(Monica sets down her bag as does Chandler. She goes over to the answer machine. She sees that there is a message and presses the button. She sits down and puts her hair behind her ear.)


Woman: (from machine) You have one new message.

(Monica presses the message button)


Judy: (from machine) Hi, Monica. This is really urgent. I’m afraid I have some bad news. You’re father is in hospital. I’ve called Ross and I’ll call his mobile. Please try to get in contact with us as soon as possible.

(Monica looks really shocked)


Monica: Oh my god! Chandler did you hear that? (starts to dial a number) Hi, Ross? (pause) Has mom called you? (pause) It’s dad. He’s in hospital. I don’t know what’s wrong. I only got a vague message from mom. Yeah, do you want to come round here. I’ll call mom. (pause) Ok. See you in five. (hangs up. By now Chandler is sitting next to her and comforting her)


Chandler: I’m sure he’ll be fine. You mustn’t worry. We’re going to get you to the hospital within half an hour.


Monica: (looks at Chandler) But what if it’s not ok? You have to admit. He’s not in the prime of health. He has high blood pressure and mom said that he had to be careful otherwise he might have a heart attack.


Chandler: Look, just because he might have a heart attack doesn’t mean this is one.


Monica: But…but…(she’s finding it very hard to speak)can…you go and tell…Rachel?


Chandler: Yes. Will you be alright?

Monica: Yeah. Just go and tell her. Ask her to come round.


Chandler: (slightly hurt) Ok. (goes out)

(Monica goes and gets a glass of water. She gulps it down. Rachel rushes in)

Rachel: I am sooo sorry. Mon, are you ok?


Monica: Yeah. Ross is coming over in a second.


Rachel: Are you going to the hospital right now?


Monica: Yeah. Oh I’ve got to call my mom.

(she goes over to the phone. She dials a number and holds the phone to her ear.)

Monica: Hi mom. (trying not to cry) Yeah, it’s me. Ross and I are going to come to the hospital as soon as we can. (pause) What’s wrong? What’s happened? (pause. When she hears this she breaks down) Ok, see you there.

(Ross enters)

Ross: I came as quickly as I could. What’s wrong?

Monica: (hanging up the phone) They think it’s a heart attack. He’s in intensive care. They don’t know how bad it is yet.


Chandler: I’ve got a cab waiting downstairs, come on.


Rachel: Do you want me to come?

Monica: If it isn’t too much trouble.


Rachel: Not at all.

(they all head down to the cab)




Scene 5 – The hospital, just like in TOW Nana Dies Twice. Judy, Sally and Sam are there. I know that Elizabeth Taylor usually looks really glamorous but here she looks kind of normal. She is wearing her hair in a simple bun, and a white shirt with grey suit trousers. They are sitting on the chairs. Monica, then Rachel, then Ross then Chandler enter. Monica hugs her mom then Sally then says hi to Mark. Ross does the same. Rachel says hi to everyone.


Rachel: (quietly to Monica) Who’s the guy?

Monica: That’s Sam, my cousin.


Rachel: You didn’t tell me you had a cute…I mean…tall cousin. Sorry.


Monica: (to her mom) Has there been any news?


Judy: No. They said that the doctor would see us in about ten minutes.

Sam: Monica, do you want my seat? (stands up, offering her the seat)

Monica: No, that’s ok. (but then she falls into the seat)


Sam: Anytime. Does anyone want a 25¢ coffee?

Judy: Yes please.


Sally: One for me.


Monica: I’ll have one.


Ross: Yes please.


Chandler: Yeah.


Rachel: (flirtatiously) How about I come with you and help you carry them?


Sam: (unaware) Ok.

(Ross looks jealously at Sam as Rachel and him leave)


(cuts to: Sam and Rachel at the coffee machine.)

Rachel: So, what do you do?

Sam: I’m a lawyer.


Rachel: Wow. I work in fashion. In fact, I work for Ralph Lauren.


Sam: So, you’re one of those fashion-driven people then? (puts a quarter in the machine and fills a cup)

Rachel: Yeah…uh…no. I like other stuff as well. Like, going to see my friends, museums, current affairs.


Sam: Ok, ok.


Rachel: So…!


Sam: So…(puts another quarter into the machine and holds the second cup underneath while it fills.)


Rachel: How close were you with Jack?


Sam: My mom was really close with him. They went to the beach together every year.


Rachel: Right. (finding it harder to flirt than she thought it would have been)


Cuts to: Monica, her mom and Sally are talking and Chandler is trying to comfort Ross, while still being macho.


Ross: I just can’t believe it. I always thought that he would be alive when I was 40, and 50. Y’know, he’d be 80 and I’d take him round, and he would need a stick.


Chandler: I know man. It’s tough. But you know what? I bet, he’s gonna come back out here and then start retelling that story about the steam room. To the rest of your family.


Ross: (laughs half-heartedly) Yeah, I suppose he’s going to be ok.


Chandler: That’s it man!

(Monica comes over and sits down next to Chandler. He puts his arm around her)


Monica: My mom is driving me crazy.


Chandler: Have you told her yet? About us?


Monica: No way! She’s stressed out enough.


Chandler: Well, thanks. That’s really warming to the heart.


Monica: Sorry, sweetie.


Chandler: Isn’t that doctor supposed to be here about now?


Monica: I know, I don’t know where he’s got to.


Ross: (butting in) Yeah, and where’s Rachel and Sam?


Monica: I don’t know. There’ll be here soon.


Ross: There’s taking a long time though.


Chandler: It’s just coffee. If you want it that much then you can go and get some yourself.


Ross: Nah, I want to be here when the doctor gets here.


Judy: (to Monica, Ross and Chandler, from where she is sitting) I’m gonna have to go to the bathroom but if the doctor gets here can you get him to wait until I get back.


Ross: Sure mom.

(Judy goes and meets Sam and Rachel on their way back)

Sam: 5 coffees coming up.


All: Thanks/Ooooh good/Great/etc.

(Sam hands them out and Rachel sets one down for Judy, gives one to Sally, Sam and keeps one herself).


Ross: So, Sam, what took you so long?


Sam: (looking at Rachel) We weren’t that long were we?


Rachel: (smiling but false-innocently) Only as long as necessary.

(Ross looks suspiciously at the pair. A doctor comes along – stereotypical doctor I might add; white coat, tall, light stubble, dark hair, clipboard in hand, pen in other hand, solemn look on face…)


Monica: (jumping up) Yes? Is there any news?


Doctor: Mr. Geller will have to stay here for some while. He’s in quite bad health but he won’t die…unless we let him go and carry on his lifestyle as before.


Ross: How long will he have to stay?


Doctor: That depends on his progress. It could get better or worse. We really can’t tell.


Monica: Do you know the maximum time he will be in here?

Doctor: There isn’t a limit. I expect it will be about two months but it might be longer.


Rachel: Isn’t that a long time? I mean, even if he has had a heart attack.


Doctor: He has to be fed a strictly uniformed diet and a precise exercise regime.


Monica: uh, my mom, wanted you to stay until she gets back. She won’t be long.


Doctor: ok. Do you have anymore questions?


Ross: Can we see him?


Doctor: He’s unconscious right now but you can go in two at a time.


Ross: Ok, Monica you can go in with Chandler. I’m going to call Joey and tell him where we are. (leaves out the door with phone)


Monica: Thanks. Chandler?


Chandler: Yeah (gets up)

(Monica and Chandler get up and the doctor opens the door. A nurse is there and lets them in. Judy returns)


Judy: (to the doctor) Hi, I’m Mrs. Geller, husband of Mr. Geller. Could I just ask you a few questions?


Doctor: Go ahead.


Cuts to: Ross, outside the hospital, he’s on the phone. Waiting for Joey to pick up.


(camera cuts to Joey, picking up.)

Joey: (into phone) Hellllo?

(screen splits. And you see Ross from outside the hospital)


Ross: Hey Joey?


Joey: Ross? Where’ve you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I went to Central Perk, your place, Chandler and Monica’s place and uh, Totally Nude Nudes.


Ross: Joey?


Joey: What?


Ross: I went there once.


Joey: Anyway, where are you?


Ross: I’m at the hospital.


Joey: Oh my god what happened?


Ross: It’s my dad. He’s had a heart attack.


Joey: Do you want me to come down?


Ross: That’s ok. Chandler’s here.


Joey: Thanks pal. Listen…I’ll be down there as soon as possible.


Ross: No, really. (but Joey has hung up).


Cuts to: Monica and Chandler are in the room. Monica’s dad is in the bed, unconscious. Monica is looking at him with a really sad expression on her face. Chandler is standing behind her, looking over her shoulder, rubbing her shoulders.


Chandler: Do you want to be on your own?

Monica: (Monica looks up at him with a loving expression on her face) Yeah. Thanks.


Chandler: That’s ok. (he leaves. Monica looks down at her dad and pushes the hair off his face. She then lowers herself so that her face is level with his.)

Monica: Get better dad. Soon. (Then she kisses his forehead and goes out).


Cuts to: Chandler is outside the room with everyone else (apart from Joey and Phoebe). When Monica comes out he hugs her. Judy goes in with Sally.


Ross: How does he look?

Monica: Not good. He’s too quiet. It’s so sad.


Ross: Sam, will you want to see him?

Sam: No, it’s ok. Take Rachel in. I’m sure it will be a lot more comforting to have a girl in there.


Ross: Uh…


Monica: Yeah. Ross, I think you should take Rach in.


Ross: Rachel?

Rachel: Yeah, sure. If it helps.


Ross: (uneasy) Ok. 

(Judy and Sally enter from the room. Rachel goes in ahead of Ross. Ross looks after her as he follows her in).



(There is no teaser for this episode. Part Two of this episode will take place straight after).