FRIENDS Fan fiction

Episode - 703

TOWT All Go To Hospital

Part 2


By: Mercedes


Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, but to Bright, Kaufman and Crane Productions and Warner Bros.   Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment.


Note: This carries on exactly from episode 702 (TOWT All Go To Hospital Part 1) so you might get very confused. Mind you, I donít know why you would read Part 2 of something before Part 1! Anyway, I hope you like it.


Cast Ė Jennifer Aniston as Rachel, Courteney Cox as Monica, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe, Matt LeBlanc as Joey, Matthew Perry as Chandler and David Schwimmer as Ross.

Christina Pickles as Judy Geller

Elliot Gould as Jack Geller

Elizabeth Taylor is Sally Matthews

Robert Downey Jr is Sam Matthews

ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ. is Dr Driscoll

ÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ. is the nurse


Scene 1 Ė Rachel and Ross are in the room with Rossís dad. Ross is looking sadly at him while Rachel watches him, not knowing whether to comfort him.


Rachel: Are you ok?


Ross: (quietly) What do you think?


Rachel: Iím sorry?

Ross: Itís a stupid question.


Rachel: I was trying to be nice.


Ross: Of course Iím not ok. My dad has to stay here until he gets better.


Rachel: Why are you telling me off for trying to comfort you?

Ross: I just donít feel that we can really talk right now.


Rachel: Why not?


Ross: You know why. Youíve just been rubbing it in my face.


Rachel: What?!


Ross: First you reject me, then you go off with my cousin and flirt as though Iím not hereÖrubbing it in.


Rachel: Iím sorry that youíre upset but itís gonna happen sometime. I had to go through this when you were with Emily, with Bonnie and I can tell you, you will never understand what I went through when you slept with Chloe.


Ross: Look, Iím sorry about that but with all of those people, I thought that you were ok with them. You introduced me to Emily, you approved of Bonnie, even became friends with her and for the last timeÖWE (notices Jack. Whispers) We were on a break. See with this, you know that Iím not ok with it. If you had just asked me to get back together with you, would you expect to be ok with seeing me with other women.


Rachel: Ross, itís over. It has been for a long time and I donít think that here is the right place to be arguing.


Ross: Seems perfectly fine to me. I mean, heís not gonna listen (Gestures to his dad).


Rachel: (with a cold stare on her face) It may be fine for you but I donít want to have an argument with you. Youíre my friend. (she walks out of the room)

Ross: (looks at her with a sad expression as she leaves. Then looks down at his dad.) I am so glad youíre not awake.


Cuts to: The waiting room outside. Rachel has just sat down next to Monica who is sitting in Chandlerís arms.


Monica: What happened?

Rachel: He just got into something. He was trying to have an argument with me.


Monica: Iím sorry. I donít know whatís got into him recently. Heís been really weird about you. Nothing has happened with you recently has it?


Rachel: (uneasy. Looking down) UhÖno. Excuse me for a minute. (she leaves. Monica looks at Chandler but he gives her a ďIíd-leave-her-to-work-it-out-for-herselfĒ look. Joey and Phoebe enter, slightly out of breath)


Chandler: Joey?! What are you doing here?


Joey: Ross called us. He told us about what happened. We came down here as soon as possible. Mon are you alright? I thought that you know, Chandler would be comforting you so Ross might need someone.


Monica: WellÖuhÖRachelís here.


Joey: Yeah, but you know how it is between themÖ


Monica: No. But Ross has been weird. Do you know whatís wrong?


Joey: Well, Iíd ask Ross if I were you. Or Rachel. Itís really not my place to say.


Chandler: If thereís something you know shouldnít you tell us?

Joey: UhhhhhhÖI donít knowÖokay. But you canít tell either of them that I told you. Well, basically Ross asked Rachel to get back together and Rachel refused. She basically said that it would never happen.

Monica: Oh my god. He must be crushed.


Chandler: Yeah, thatís probably what he was arguing with Rach.


Monica: Oh god. She was flirting with Sam earlier. Oh god. Joey, go talk to Ross. Heís in there. Iíll go speak to Rachel.


Joey: You know what, I think it would be best if I spoke to Rach and you went to speak to Ross. I mean heís YOUR brother.


Monica: Are you sure?

Joey: Yeah, I think that that would be best.


Monica: Whatever.


Chandler: I guess Phoebe and I will just stay here.


Phoebe: Ok!


Cuts to: Rachel walking around near the coffee machine. She is pacing back and forth. Joey comes along.


Joey: Rach, are you ok?


Rachel: Joey? What are you doing here?

Joey: I just thought that it would be helpful with more people here. Ya know, more shoulders to cry on.


Rachel: I donít need a shoulder to cry on.


Joey: No, Ross and Monica.


Rachel: Oh right, that. Yeah. Good idea.


Joey: Are you alright?


Rachel: YeahÖwell, Iíll be okay.


Joey: Rachel, youíve just got to understand that itís not your fault. He should just move on.


Rachel: Who?


Joey: Ross!


Rachel: Oh, Iím sorry. Itís just I thought he didnít want anyone else to know.


Joey: Then how come you told me?

Rachel: I dunno, I didnít want to tell Monica, heís her brother and I donít know how she would react.


Joey: (hugs her) Well, itís gonna be ok. Itíll all clear up soon.


Rachel: (laughs ľ-heartedly) Well, it better be very soon.


Joey: Come on, letís go back. Iím sure heís just upset.


Rachel: Thanks Joey.


Joey: Ok.




Scene 2 Ė Ross is in the room with Monica. She has obviously just entered. He is looking sullen.


Monica: Youíve got to talk to her.


Ross: Who?

Monica: Donít play dumb. You know who.


Ross: I donít feel like it. (heís really acting like a sulky 6-year-old now. No offence to 6 year olds)


Monica: Look, her rejecting you doesnít mean that she doesnít love you. It just means that she doesnít love you in that way.


Ross: I know why she rejected me and itís not that, well, partly butÖwaitÖhow do you know?


Monica: UhÖwell, Joey kinda let it slip.


Ross: Joey knows?

Monica: Well, yeah. Didnít you tell him?


Ross: No.


Monica: Thatís weird. Rachel must have told him. Huh! I thought the person she would have told would be me.


Ross: WellÖ


Monica: Ross! Iím her best friend. I always tell her stuff.


Ross: Now, donít you get upset!


Monica: You know whatÖIím gonna talk to her. Iím gonna find out what is going on!


Cuts to: Chandler is sitting there with Phoebe. She is going on about something but he is obviously being bored by it. Monica enters. She looks around.


Monica: Have you seen Rachel?

Chandler: UhÖno sweetie.


Monica: You know she told Joey before she told me!


Chandler: WellÖI guess she saw him first.


Monica: No! When she gets back here, sheís gonna wish she neverÖgot back here!


(Rachel and Joey enter)


Rachel: Oh, hey Phoebe!

Monica: Yeah, thatís right. Ignore me!


Rachel: Iíve seen you already today. I was saying hi because I hadnít seen her.


Monica: Yeah, wellÖwhatís this about you telling Joey before me?


Rachel: Itís nothing really. Itís just that youíreÖ


Monica: Iím what? Not your best friend anymore!


Rachel: Monica! I didnít say that. Itís nothing to do with us being friends.


Monica: Obviously!


Rachel: Look! If you donít stop twisting my words thenÖ


Joey: Why donít you two calm down.


Monica and Rachel (in unison): SHUT UP!


Joey: (backing away) Ok. Didnít say a word.


Rachel: Look, there is something that youíre not telling me. I canít help you if you donít tell me what that thing is.


Monica: Now youíre throwing the blame on me! Yeah, thatís you ďNo-Responsibility-Rach.Ē Well, excuse me but I have to go to the bathroom.


Rachel: I can take care of myself!


Chandler: I think she wants me to go after her.


Monica: (from off camera) Chandler!


Chandler: Yeah, thatís me!

(he leaves)


(Ross enters. He sees Rachel and turns to go out the way Monica exited. Rachel stops him)


Rachel: Look, Ross. I donít want to fight. Itís just not what I want to think about right now. Not this moment and not today.


Joey: Iím gonna go.


Pheobe: Good idea.


(They exit)

Ross: Rachel, if you have a point please get to it.

Rachel: I just want to say that yes, I would be lying if I said a tiny part of me didnít want to be with you. But there is a much bigger part of me that knows that it would be better for me to just be your friend.


Ross: See thatís where youíre wrong. I think that even if you feel this way I think we could be a much better thing if we were together. You know it would be right.


Rachel: Thatís the thing Ross. I donít agree with that. Now, please, I think I should go.


Ross: I donít know what youíre trying to do to me but telling me that a part of you wants to be with me doesnít help and flirting with my cousin definitely isnít making ANYTHING better.

Rachel: Firstly, I only wanted to tell you the truth. I think we should be honest. And I donít think you should be able to tell me what to do and not to do. For your information nothing happened.


Ross: Doesnít mean that thatís how you wanted it.


Rachel: Now youíre telling me what I want?


Ross: Look, you didnít have to flaunt it and you know that.


Rachel: As I said earlier, I donít want to argue. I just wanted to sort this out.


Ross: Well, I think that the only way we can help this situation is by spending some time apart.


Rachel: Is that what you want?


Ross: Thatís not my ideal choice but itís the most appealing.


(He looks at her with a sad look on his face. She is upset clearly)

Cut to:

Monica sitting down on a portable hospital bed with Chandler like in ďThe One-HundredthĒ and she is leaning against him and he has his arm around her.


Monica: I donít know why she didnít tell me. I just donít understand.


Chandler: Perhaps you were out or something. You know what itís like. Youíre busy with the wedding, she lives with him. You might not have noticed that something was up and he did.

Monica: What are you saying?

Chandler: Iím just saying that perhaps itís just because youíve been busy.


Monica: Well, why would she have said all that stuff earlierÖyou know about howÖwell, when she said thatÖshe said how this was my fault.


Chandler: Well, yes, she shouldnít have said that. Perhaps she just meant that if you hadnít been so busy with the wedding she would have.


Monica: Whoís side are you on?

Chandler: All Iím saying is that perhaps everything was said in the wrong way. She might have been about to say something reasonable but it came out wrongly so it upset you.


Monica: Yeah, well, Iím going to wait for her to say sorry. If there really is nothing wrong then sheíll come to me. Thanks Chandler.


Chandler: Thatís okay Mon. Anyway, itís getting pretty late. Do you want to go home now?


Monica: (getting up) Yeah. Letís go.


(They go out with their arms around eachother. Her head rests on his shoulder as they exit).




Phoebe, Rachel and Joey are outside waiting for a cab.


Phoebe: Are you sure we should leave Ross?


Joey: Heíll probably get a cab with Monica and Chandler. Iím sure he can take care of himself.


Swift cut to:

Ross looking around, the waiting room, the corridor where the bathrooms are.


Ross: (calling out) Phoebe! Joey! Monica! (to himself, confused.) Whereíd everybody go?