FRIENDS Fan Fiction

Episode  - 704

TOW Monica Forgets


By: Mercedes


Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me but to Bright, Kaufman and Crane Productions and to Warner Bros. Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment.


Note: This episode takes place approximately a week after the last episode. The story so far: Ross asked Rachel to get back together, she refused saying that their friendship was more important to her. Monica and Chandler are preparing for the wedding. Jack, Monica and Rossís dad was rushed into hospital with a heart attack. He has to stay there for some time and they are not sure whether he will be able to make it to the wedding which worries Monica. Monica had an argument with Rachel because Rachel told Joey what had happened with her and Ross before telling her. But by now they have made up. Oh and by the way, about later in the episode, I donít know how much suits are and Iíve probably put closer to what it is in pounds so just imagine it as a suitable price.


Cast Ė Jennifer Aniston as Rachel, Courteney Cox as Monica, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe, Matt LeBlanc as Joey, Matthew Perry as Chandler and David Schwimmer as Ross.


Woody Harrelson is Tailor

ÖÖÖÖ is Will Stanley


Scene 1 Ė Monica and Chandlerís apartment. Chandler and Joey are watching a basketball game. They are the only two there.


Joey: Hey, do you mind if I have another beer?

Chandler: Go ahead.


Joey: Thanks. So, howís Monica doing? I mean with her dad.


Chandler: Sheís not too bad. She doesnít like to talk about it much but she likes it when I tell her itís going to be ok.


Joey: Oh. And do you know how Ross and Rachel are?

Chandler: Theyíre trying to avoid the whole subject. Itís kinda awkward.

Joey: And Phoebe?

Chandler: Joey? Havenít you been here for the last week?




Scene 2 Ė Central Perk. Monica and Rachel are there talking about the wedding, theyíve made up.


Monica: I need to go down to The Plaza today to organise the reception.


Rachel: Ooooh, the Plaza?

Monica: Yeah, I figured that thatís the only way to beat Ross. You know, Ďcause Montgomery Hall was beautiful and I want to make it spectacular.


Rachel: You know that youíre supposed to be arranging this based upon what you and Chandler want. Not being competitive with Ross. Anyway, youíve already won because you know that youíre going to go through with it.


Monica: Yeah, I guess. But still it would be nice to have a reception there. Anyway, so I have to go down there later today. Itís pretty popular, Iíll have to get down there before 3.


Rachel: Ok, well, thatís in like an hour.


Monica: Yeah, so weíve got to hurry. Weíve got to get to the dress shop before it closes.


Rachel: Well, letís go now then. Iíve got to get back to the office by 2.20.


(They exit).


Scene 3 Ė Chandler and Joey are now watching some program.


Chandler: Oh, crap. Iím supposed to be getting my wedding suit fitted.


Joey: Oh, yeah. Hey maybe I can come along. Get me one of those babies.


Chandler: Ok.


Joey: Hey, shall we phone Ross. Ask him to come. Heís been kinda sad lately.


Chandler: If you want.


Joey: Cool. (Reaches over to the phone and dials Ross.) Hey. Itís me. I was wondering whether you would like to come with me and Chandler. Weíre going suit shopping. (pause). Ok, see you then. (hangs up). (to Chandler) yeah, heís coming over. So what do you think, blue or green?


Chandler: Blue or green what?


Joey: Suit.


On Chandlerís ďtaken-abackĒ face it cuts to:


Scene 4 Ė Monica and Rachel are in the wedding dress store. Rachel is the only one in the room. She is looking at a dress as though it were a scene being played in front of her. Then Monica enters in a lovely white dress. It is a simple but elegant silk dress. Rachel gasps.


Rachel: Wow. You look amazing.


Monica: Oh my god. (almost in tears) Iím so happy.


Rachel: (almost in tears also) And Iím so happy FOR you.


Monica: This is the one.


Rachel: (laughing slightly) Well, I should hope so. This is like the thirtieth one youíve tried.


Monica: Itís a tough decision. This is my wedding dress.


Rachel: I know. (looks at her watch) Oh shoot. Look at the time. Iíve got to go. But Iíll see you later yeah?


Monica: Yeah. I should probably get out of this before the woman thinks Iím trying to steal it.


Rachel: Ok. Bye. (she exits.)

(Monica looks at the dress again in the mirror.)

Monica: (suddenly) Iím so beautiful!


Cut to:

Scene 5 Ė Chandler, Joey and Ross walk into a tailor shop.


Chandler: Hey you know where this reminds me of?


Joey & Ross: No, where?

Chandler: (his face suddenly goes serious as though remembering something horrible) Joeyís tailor.


Joey: I didnít know ok? That was how I was brought up.


(The tailor walks over)


Tailor: Hello?


Chandler: Hi, Iím Mr. Bing. Iíve come for the wedding suit to be fitted.


Tailor: Oh yes. Mr. Bing (making the ďBingĒ very loud).


Chandler: Oh, weíre going to get on!


Joey: UhÖyeah. Weíre here to check out some suits as best men.


Tailor: Youíre both the best men?

Ross: Well, Iím actually the best man but he needs a suit like mine.


Tailor: Right ok. So, about the groomís suit.


Chandler: Yes!


Tailor: Iíll just get it from the back. (exits)

(While he is away Joey is looking around and finds something to play with. The tailor returns with tape and some material.)


Tailor: Here it is. Now, would you like grey or black?


Chandler: Ummm, I think Iíll have black.


Tailor: Ok. Now if you could just stand on that block there.


Chandler: Alrighty-ho. (then realizes what he has said). Or I could just say alright.

(he mounts the box. The tailor starts measuring the leg).


Joey: Sorry, but do you think you have this material in a pale blue or dark green?


Tailor: Iím sorry we only stock it in black, grey, navy and cream.


Chandler: And I thank you for that.


Tailor: Ok. Iíve got your measurements. When would you like this ready for?

Chandler: Iíd say April. That way itís definitely going to be ready for the wedding.


Tailor: Ok. Thatíll be $140. 


Joey: (extremely shocked) You have to pay?




Scene 6 Ė Monica and Chandlerís apt. Chandler, Joey and Ross are there sitting downÖagain! Theyíre just drinking beers and discussing the wedding. Monica enters.


Monica: Hi sweetie. (Goes over and kisses Chandler.)


Chandler: Hey honey.


Monica: You will not believe how beautiful the bridesmaidís dresses are! Well, what happened was, I chose a wedding dress. And I was just about to go when I saw this woman brought out this gorgeous material. I asked her whether she had any dresses in it. And she said yes. And the design of the dresses is perfect. Iíve got one for Rachel, one for Phoebe and one for Carol.


Ross: Carolís going to a bridesmaid?


Monica: Yeah. Didnít I tell you? Oh well, I just thought that it would be nice, you know, for Ben as well.


Ross: Iíd be there to take him up though.


Monica: Yeah, but you know. Itís his mommy.


Chandler: Ok, letís not get worried about it. So, Mon, how much is the Plaza?


Monica: What?

Chandler: You know. How much do I have to pay for the Plaza reception?


Monica: Oh god.


Chandler: Oh god what?


Monica: UhÖChandlerÖsweetieÖplease donít be mad.


Chandler: What is it?


Monica: I forgot. I forgot to go.


Chandler: What? You forgot to book our reception at the most popular location in the city?


Monica: Well, I wouldnít say MOST populaÖok. I screwed up, Iím sorry.


Chandler: Thatís ok. Weíll just have to find somewhere else.


Monica: No itís not ok. I wanted our wedding to be perfect and I messed up. If anyone had messed up I would have thought it would be you.


Chandler: Well, thanks.


Monica: No, Iím going to go into my room. Iím a bit tired you know. And this has just put me in a really bad mood.


Chandler: Ok.


(she exits)

Ross: Whoa. What are you going to do?


Chandler: I donít knowÖthereís nothing I can doÖnoÖwait, yeah. Ok, if Monica comes out then donít tell her where Iíve gone. Ok?

Ross: Where have you gone?

Chandler: (not getting it) Thatís the idea!

(he gets his jacket on in a rush and runs out)


Ross: So, where did he go?

(Joey shrugs)


Scene 6 Ė Phoebeís apt. Phoebe is there reading a book. The phone rings. She jumps slightly.


Phoebe: (into phone) Oh, hey Mon! (pause) Oh. Thatís too bad. What are you going to do now? (pause) Well, Iím sure Chandler will have an idea. (pause) Do you want me to come over? (pause) Ok, see you in a second. Bye.

(She hangs up. Then she puts her book down and then looks round the door into her bedroom.)
Ok, Iím going to go meet my friend. Will you be ok here until I get back?

(Camera cuts to see that there is a guy in the bed; Will)


Will: Ok. See you later.


Phoebe: Ok but donít call me there because they still donít know about you. (goes over and kisses him.)


Will: Bye. Love you.


Phoebe: Love you too.


Scene 7 Ė Monica and Chandlerís Apt. Joey and Ross are there. They are still pretty much talking about the same thing.


Ross: Oh shoot. Iím síposed to be meeting my mom in like 8 minutes. Weíre going to visit dad. Heís half conscious now. Which is good.


Joey: Ok, see you later.


(Ross leaves. Joey gets up and goes to get another beer. Once he has sat down again Phoebe comes in)

Joey: Hey Pheebs. What are you doing here?


Phoebe: Monica asked me round. Where is she?

Joey: Sheís been in there for the last 15 minutes.


Phoebe: Ok. Thanks. Hey what are you doing here on your own?


Joey: Well, actually Ross just left. Iíve kinda been abandoned.


Phoebe: Yeah he let me in. Well, I think I should go to see her now.


Joey: Wow, sheís really taken this badly.


Phoebe: Yeah, well, this is Monica, you know. This will be one of the most important days of her life.

(Monica enters)

Monica: I thought I heard you.


Phoebe: How are you?


Monica: Iím okay now. Hey Joe, whereís Chandler?

Joey: Donít know, he just took off.


Monica: Thatís nice. Iím very upset and he just leaves me.


Joey: I dunno, he seemed to think this would cheer you up.


Monica: Oh. Anyway, Pheebs, you want to go shopping now?

Phoebe: Ready.


Monica: K, let me just get my coat and purse.


Phoebe: Ok.

(Monica goes into her room. As she goes in Chandler rushes through the front door. He looks for Monica).


Phoebe: Oh hey Chandler. Monicaís quite upset that you took off without telling her you know.


Chandler: Oh. Well, not for long.


(Monica enters)

Monica: Hey sweetie. Where did you go?


Chandler: I saved the day.


Monica: What?


Chandler: Ok, thereís this guy at my office whoís wife is the secretary at The Plaza. So I went down to the office and gave them all information and we have a wedding reception booked for May 15th at the Plaza, half price.


Monica: Are you a hero! (she kisses him)


Chandler: I knew there was some way in which I could help make this wedding better.


Monica: You did the moment you proposed.


Phoebe: Oh donít get too soppy!

(Monica and Chandler look at her, annoyed a little)



Scene 8 Ė Monica and Chandlerís apt. On the balcony though. Everyone is there but Rachel. Rachel comes in through the window.


Rachel: Oh my god! You will not believe what has happened!


Monica: What? What?


Rachel: Well, I was in my office. Then Mr. Zelner comes in and tells me that if I want I can have my own assistant.


Phoebe: Oh, that is so cool! Youíre going to be able to like boss someone around!

Rachel: I know. Isnít this job perfect for me?