The One With Jacky (Part I)

Written by: Jeniffer

Okay, this is my first fanfic about “Friends”, I hope you enjoy it.

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Disclaimer: This fanfic script is based on the characters and settings of the TV show “Friends”, which is the property of Warner Bros. and Bright Kauffman Crane Productions, Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment."


[SCENE: Central Perk: Everyone, except Ross is there, in their usual places]

Joey: (to Chandler) Are you gonna watch “Baywatch” with me tonight?

Chandler: No, sorry Joey I can´t I will go out with Mon. [Joey look at him dissapointed]

[Ross enters]

Monica: Hey Ross, Where have you been?

Phoebe: Yeah , we have been waiting for you.

Ross: Sorry, but the museum has a new project , and I have been busy.

Rachel: And what is it about?

Ross: Well, a group of people interested in dinosaurs, bones and stuff, come to visit us and we teach them.

Joey: So lots of boring people who don´t have anything to do goes to see you and you talk to them about bones?!

Ross: [ignoring Joey´s comment] Then after a week they could be volunteer guides in the museum.

Chandler: And they would pay you extra hours?

Ross: Yeah , [look at his clock] sorry I have to go back to the museum.

All: Bye!!

Opening credits/Comercial

In the museum

[A woman who is named Jacky enters]

Jacky: (To Ross) Excuse me?? Is someone called Ross…uhm Geller here.

Ross: Uhm… Yeah it´s me.

Jacky: Oh…hi I am Jacky, I come for the volunteer thing, and in the information module they told me to ask for you.

Ross: Well, first of all I need to ask you some thing, you know the registration process.

Jacky: Yeah…well ask what ever you want.

[he took a form and began to ask ]

Ross: Complete name:

Jacky: Jaqueline Gillians


Jacky: 20

[He finish the form and then he gave Jacky a card]

Ross: Hey, you´re lucky this was the last one.

Jacky: Really??[amazed]

Ross: Actually no but I like saying that…(giggling )

Jacky: (smiling) Well, so… when do we start???

Ross: Tomorrow at 10 am ,if it is okay with you?

Jacky: Ok see you then.

Ross: See ya´

[Jacky leaves and Ross keep looking at her until she leaves lovingly]


Joey and Chandler´s

[They are watching TV , Joey is laughing and Chandler is very boring, then Ross enters]

Ross: Wow , Joey I can´t beleive this you´re watching the “Discovery Channel”!!!

Chandler: No, he is just watching those naked women tribes.

Joey: Oh yeah!!

Ross: you won´t belive waht happen to me today

Chandler: (sarcastic)What?

Ross: I was in the museum, and then a really pretty woman come to me asking for the volunteer thing that I told to you in the morning at Central Perk; did you remember?

Joey: Oh yeah , the boring stuff about bones.(goes back to the “discovery channel” and the naked women tribes)

Chandler: and you asked her out?

Ross: (doubtful) Well…almost

Chandler: But you two are gonna have a date?

Ross: (still doubtful)Moreless…we are gonna see tomorrow at the museum, and I gonna teach her all I know about dinosaurs, bones and stuff.

Chandler: Ok ,let me see…you didn´t ask her out, but you would pass time talking about bones?!

Ross: yeah…but tomorrow I will ask her out don´t worry.

[He starts to leave]

Joey: Hey!, before you go, what´s this girl´s name?

Ross: Jacky.


[cut to Rachel and Monica´s]

Phoebe and Rachel are playing cards and Phoebe is winning, Monica is cooking

Phoebe: Yuhu! I win again!!!

Rachel: (Bothersome) Yeah Pheebs I know,I know.

Monica: Come on Rachel, before you lost all your money stop playing.

Rachel: Too late, I have lost it all.

Phoebe: Monica, now that Rachel lost, why don´t you play with me? I still need money.

Monica: Sorry sweety , but I have to finish this if you two want to have dinner.

Phoebe/Rachel: Take your time!!

[They are picking up the cards,when Ross enters, with very happy face]

Ross: Hi!

Monica: Hi Ross, why are you so happy?

Rachel: Yeah!, You have that big smile.

Ross: That´s not true…(thinks a little)Well, maybe I am just a little happy ok?

Phoebe: Your aura´s color show that you are in love!!!

Rachel: (curiously) Ross, is that true??

Ross: Of course not!

Monica: He is lying I know it!!

Ross:Ok, maybe I met this sexy, funny, beautiful, woman and(starts dreaming)…okay,okay I am in love!!!

Rachel: Wow! I am so happy for you!

Phoebe: yeah! me too.

Monica: And when are we gonna meet …what´s her name?


Monica: So when are we gonna meet Jacky?

Ross: Maybe first I have to ask her out

Rachel: You haven´t done it yet?

Ross: No , but I will see her tomorrow at the museum.

Phoebe: In a date?

Ross: No she is a volunteer for the new museums project; actually she is the only one who has been assigned to me .

Monica: Just don´t bore her too much ok?

Ross: (ignoring monica´s comment) Ok , I have to leave see ya´later

[he leaves,Rachel looks upset]

Phoebe: What´s wrong Rachel?

Rachel: Nothing, but I have never seen he so happy.

Monica: Oh ,no! You are jelous!!!

Rachel: I am not!!

Phoebe: Sorry, but your aura don´t say the same

Rachel: Ok, maybe I am jelous, but I am sad too, because he wasn´t too happy when he was with me…(sad face)

Monica: Rachel, you know Ross he is always happy when he is in love , and when he was in love with you , he had always that stupid smile, there´s anything to worry about ok.

Rachel: Yeah!! you are right, and you know why, becuase I have a date today, with a very, nice guy¡

Monica: Yeah and I have a date with Chandler too!!

Phoebe: I don´t have I date, but my dead mother come´s today to visit me

Mon/Rach: Good luck!!!


[she leaves]

To be continued…