The One With Jacky (Part II)

Written by: Jeniffer

Okay,let´s make a review, Ross is involved in new project in the museum, there he meet Jacky, a 20 years old woman that goes for the museum project, he is in love with she.

For more details read the first script: “TOWJacky part I”

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Disclaimer: This fanfic script is based on the characters and settings of the TV show “Friends”, which is the property of Warner Bros. and Bright Kauffman Crane Productions, Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment."J


[SCENE: The museum, a conference room where Ross is waiting for Jacky]


Ross: (to himself) So this is the all you need to know about the museum, do you want to go to have dinner with me??…ok Ross just said it ok? You know what to do.

[Jacky enters in a hurry, so worried, Ross look she enters and stop talking to himself]

Ross: Hi! I thought you have forgot it, but I am happy to see you haven´t

Jacky: Oh! I am sorry, but I lost mi keys, and then…

[Ross inturrupts she]

Ross: Don´t worry it´s okay I undestand you.

Jacky: Oh thanks!!!

Ross: Come with me , let´s take a walk around the museum, so I can see how much do you know.

Jacky: I am ready let´s go!

[Ross and Jacky walk a long time in the museum, and when they finish with all the question Ross is ready to ask her out]

Ross: So this is the all you need to know about the museum,(he start to get nervous) uhm…I was wondering if…you would like to… go to have dinner with me??

Jacky: Of course I would, I thought you´ll never ask me out.

Ross: (excited)So what about if we meet at Central perk at 7??

Jacky:Yeah, see ya´then

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Joey and Chandler´s

[Ross enters with his big smile]

Ross:I did it!!! I did it and she said yes!!!

Joey: You did what and who said yes???

Ross: I asked Kathy out and she said YES!!!!

Chandler:Ok , just calm down and start thinking where are you gonna take her.

Ross:We are gonna meet at 7 at Central Perk

Joey: How about that lovely restaurant near your place?

Ross: Are you talking about “Amore per due”

Joey: Yeah!

Chandler: Believe it or not he had a good idea, that´s a lovely place .

Ross: So I would take her there, thank´s for all your help guy´s

[he leaves, and go where Rachel and Monica´s]

[Rachel and Monica are preparing to watch a scary movie]

Ross: Hi! What are you gonna watch?

Rachel: A new scary movie , do you want to watch it with us?

Monica: Come on Ross, the guys are coming

Ross: Sorry but I have a date

Rachel: With the volunteer girl??

Ross: Yeah, and her name is Jacky

Monica: And where are you gonna take her??

Ross: To the Italian place “Amore per due”

Monica: Good choice!!

Ross: Oops! I forget it!, do you have here mi coat?

Monica: (goes to her room and got the coat) Yeah, here you got it.

Ross: Ok I see you tomorrow

Monica : Bye!!

[he leaves]

Monica:I´ll say the guys we are ready to watch the movie

Rachel:ok I´ll wait you

[Monica, Chandler and Joey come in with four big bouls full of popcorn]

Rachel: (Amazed) wow!! You expect we´ll eat all the popcorn??

Joey: No!! Of course not!!! 2 bouls are me, and the other 2 are for all of you!!

Rachel:Ok if you said it…

Chandler: I am sorry Ross couldn´t come here, he might be now with Jacky at Central Perk.

Rachel: Oh!! I forget I have a date this night, sorry I have to leave!!

[she runs out of the appartment, before anyone could say a thing, Monica comes back from her room]

Monica: Where is Rachel??

Chandler: She forgot she had a date tonight or something like that.

Joey: Anyway more popcorn for me!!!


[SCENE: Central Perk, Jacky is outside waiting for Ross, he is arriving]

Jacky: Now I get here first!!

Ross: Now the one who has to give an explanation about the delay is me. Anyway, have you ever been at “amore per due”??

Jacky: No, but if I go with you I know it would be fantastic,…just as you are(Ross blushes)

[They are just leaving when Rachel hidden to look at them]

Rachel: (to herself)I can´t beleive it she is almost 8 or 9 years youger the he!! she is just a kid, she don´t know him as good as I do…or the others do, he is bigger than she, he thinks different than she. I know he´ll be heartbroken very soon.(get´s worried and go back to the appartamente to see the movie)

[Rachel enters]

Monica: Where were you, I thought you were in a date!!

Rachel: Date??( starts thinking)…oh!! the date!!!, uhm…he canceled!, yeah,that´s it, he canceled!!

Monica: I am sorry to hear that

Rachel, Oh don´t worry about me, worry about Ross!!

Monica:Why about Ross?!

Chandler:Why do we have to worry about Ross ??, isn´t he in a date with Jacky??

Rachel: Yeah!!, and he didn´t told us but he is younger , like 8 or 9 years, I don´t know, but I am sure he is gonna get heartbroken.

Monica: Why is he gonna get heartbroken??Because she is younger??, come on Rachel, you are only jelous

Chandler: By the way how do you know that she is younger??

Rachel: I saw him pass near the Central perk,there was where I was expecting muy date

Joey: Stop talking, let´s go back to the movie!!

[they forgot the Ross-Jacky thing and go back to their movie.]

[cut to “amore per due”]

Ross: Me I ask you something??

Jacky: Sure. Only if I ask you another thing you each thing you ask

Ross: Ok, why do you like all the paleontologist thing??

Jacky: Actually, I don´t like it, but one day when you and your friends where in the Central Perk, I was hearing all, what you said about the museum, so I thought that was a good way to get close to you and be good friends. But a love the way you explain actually I like this paleontologist thing , after all.

Ross: So…are you…(he is going to ask her another thing, but she interrurpts he)

Jacky: one question and one question, remember?, Now it is my turn to ask you .Are you in love with me?

Ross: Wow, I thought it was going to be a question about bones?

Ok, I am going to answer you…(he take a deep breath and answer)…uhm…yes I do…

Jacky: (now with a big smile in her face)I do too…wow! I am so happy I have soo many time watching you and now, with this museum thing we are together this is incredible!!

Ross: Do you wanna meet my friends tomorrow?

Jacky: Sure, where?

Ross: Central Perk after the museum thing??

Jacky: Sure…(smiles at him lovely)

[they leave]


[The next day in Central Perk, everyone , except Ross is there]


Joey: I am hungry

Monica: How can you be hungry, yesterday you ate 3 bouls of popcorn, and today, you ate an apple pie!!

Joey I know , but I am still hungry!!

[Ross and Jacky enter ]

Ross: Hi! Everybody, I want you to know, my new girlfriend, Jacky.

Joey: hi,( whispering to Ross) She is great man, where did you found she??

Ross: (ignoring Joey´s comment) We were thinking , that why don´t we make something together?

Monica: Why don´t everybody, comes to dinner tonight??

[everybody agree, Jacky, look at his watch]

Jacky: I´m sorry honey, but I have to leave

Ross: Ok but ,You´re comming to dinner tonight??

Jacky: Sure.

[they share a long kiss, then she leaves]

Phoebe: Oops! I forgot I have a job interview today, I have to leave.

Monica: What´s for?

Phoebe: aura reading

Joey: Go for it!

[she leaves]

Joey: Audition, see you for dinner

[he leaves]

Chandler: Monica, why don´t we go to the movies

Monica: Sure, why don´t you come with us?

Rachel: No I can´t in, half an hour I have a date,

Monica: And you Ross??

Ross: No I would go to give Jacky a surprise visit.

[Monica and Chandler leave]

Rachel: (thinking to tell Ross,Jacky is not good for he) Ross…I have something that I want to tell you

Ross: Sure, what is it about?

Rachel: Do you care if I ask you someting first?

Ross: Of course not

Rachel: Uhm…Ross, why do you like Jacky so much??

Ross: Because, she is smart, she loves me, I love she, she is sexy, beautiful ,and I have never meet someone like she before…

Rachel: Before what?

Ross:…uhm…before you.

Rachel: Oh…that´s so sweet!

Ross: I am sweet(giggling)

Rachel: I know…

Ross: And what were you to talk to me about??

Rachel: Nothing…forget about it. Just don´t get late with Jacky, she deseves you…

Ross: Thank you…