The One With the Prize.

Written by: Jeniffer

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Disclaimer: This fanfic script is based on the characters and settings of the TV show “Friends”, which is the property of Warner Bros. and Bright Kauffman Crane Productions, Their use is not intended for profit, only for entertainment." J

[SCENE:Joey and Chandler´s appartment, Joey is listening to the radio and trying to be the call number 99]

Radio: Well, and now the call number 99!!!

Joey: Hello??, Hello??cool, my voice is on the radio!!

Radio: Hello my friend, you are the call 99

Joey:Cool !

Radio: And which of these 2 prizes do you want:

1.- A free trip to the beach for you and 5 friends

2.- Or the “Baywatch” calendar

Joey: I want the prize number…(he starts thinking about the calendar,and all the “baywatch” girls on it, then he starts to think about the beach and all the baywatch girls around him) 1; the prize number 1!!

Radio: Good choice my friend!! Come tomorrow to the station to pick up your 6 tickets

Opening credits/Comercial

[Rachel and Monica´s appartment, everyone except Joey is there]

Phoebe: (to Chandler) Are you sure that Joey was only going to pick up the jam?

Chandler: I don´t know, that´s was he said he was going to do

Monica: Yeah, but he leave 20 minutes ago?

[Joey enters very excited and starts to yell to the others]

Joey: I won!!! We are gonna go to the beach!!

Rachel: What did you won and why are we gonna go to the beach?

Joey: I go for the jam ,and I turn on the radio, when they said that the call number 99 would won a Baywatch calendar, so I start dialing, and my call was the call number 99, and they told me that there was another prize that was a trip to the beach for me and 5 friends, so I pick that one, and I have to go to the station to pick up my 6 tickes, so we are going to the beach!!!

Ross: And when are we going to leave?

Joey: I don´t know, first I have to pick up the tickets and there they are gonna tell me all the details.

Phoebe: So what are you waiting go for our tickets!!

Joey: Ok , ok, I am leaving

[Joey leaves the appartment and goes to the radio station]

Joey: Excuse me where can I pick up a prize?

Attendant: What´s your name?

Joey: Joey Tribbiani

Attendant: Oh, yeah I see you won 6 tickets to the beach

Joey: Yeah! That´s me!

Attendant: Here you have the tickets, and the only conditions are that you can only use them…(the attendant starts to check the date)until today, so I think you´d better hurry up

Joey:Today!, and how long days can we stay there?

Attendant: One free week

[Cut to Rachel´s and Monica´s appartment, Joeys enters in a hurry]

Joey: come on everybody, start to pack now!!

Ross: Why?

Joey: Because we have to leave today, to have our free week at the beach!!

[Joey and Chandler run to their appartment, Phoebe and ross, go to their respective places , Rachel and Monica go as fast as the can to their rooms, half hour later, they are ready to leave]


[at the airport]

Phoebe: Cool , we are gonna be one week at beach!!

Monica: No if you don´t hurry Pheebs!

Ross: Ok here it is gate G/8

Rachel: Joey, give the tickets, so we can leave now!!

Joey: Ok, but don´t shout at me, remember that I was the one who gave you this chance huh?

Rachel: (sarcastically) ok, oh!, I am sorry , but could you please HURRY!!

Joey: Ok, here they are (he gave the tickets to the lady at the entrance of the gate and all of them enter to the plane)

[At the plane they were sat in couples , the first one was the couple form by Chandler and Monica, the other two were Pheebs and joey and the last one were Ross and Rachel, after a long flight they arrived at Florida]

Joey: Wow! It´s hot here!

Chandler: (sarcastic)Maybe it´s because we are on the beach Joey.

Joey: (without undestanding Chandler´s comment) I don´t know maybe you are right

Rachel: Well, why don´t we go to our rooms , to change our cloths and we meet her in 15 minutes.

Monica: Yeah that´s a good idea, but first we have 3 rooms,and we have to decide who is going to sleep with who

Joey: Well you sleep with Chandler, Ross and Rachel used to slept together…and (he caughts the idea)…oh, you mean …sorry.

Chandler: why don´t we go as we were in the airplane?

Ross: No, why don´t we change

Phoebe: No everyone is happy with his partner!

Monica: ok, let´s do this, the ones who agree to stay as we are said Me!

All except Ross: ME!

Ross: That isn´t fair!,(everyone look at him ) …ok, (bothersome) Me!

Rachel: Ok then, so lets go to our room, don´t forget it we are gonna met here in 15 mins.

[cut to Chandler and Monica´s room]

Monica: Hey, this is nice!

Chandler: Yes, It´s incredible that Joey made the right choice

[Cut to Joey and Phoebe´s room]

Joey : oh! I love the minibar! (he opens it and starts to eat a bag of peanuts)

Phoebe: Come on let´s meet the others

[Cut to Ross and Rachel´s room]

(Ross enters and turn on the ventilator on the max. So it feel as a freezer)

Rachel: What did you do with the ventilator? We are on the beach and I feel as I was inside a Freezer.

Ross: I just turned it “ON”

Rachel: Oh…forget it, I am just gonna put my suit on and go with the others if you want to stay at your freezer I don´t care ok?

(She goes to put her suit on, and Ross stay in the couch, near the ventilator, when she was ready to leave he was still in the couch watching TV)

Rachel: I am gonna leave , you are not comming??

Ross: I go in a minute.

Rachel: what?! The beach is outside and you are gonna stay in a freezer watching TV? What´s wrong with you?

Ross: Nothing, it´s just that I didn´t wanted to be in this room.

Rachel: oh, thank´s, so I am so awful?

Ross: No I didn´t mean that, but try to remember, the last time that we were together at the beach?

Rachel: Oh, you mean , when I wrote “the letter”

Ross: Yeah…

Rachel: I thought you were over that , I mean, I thought all the things about “the letter” were clear

Ross: Is just that…no forget it, go with the others , I am going to change and I see you in a minute.

Rachel: No what was you going to said?

Ross: Do you really want to know?

Rachel: (sacastic) No that´s why I am asking; Of course I want!!

Ross: Ok, it´s just that I was thinking that…we…uhm…could you know…mh…go back again, (Rachel was surprised) and the last time we were going to go back again we were in the beach , and with all the letter thing we just get mad…

Rachel: (amazed) Well, so you are asking me to…you know…be a couple again??

Ross: (nervous) Yeah…and what do you think?

Rachel: I don´t know, it´s just that everytime we do this we are happy one week and the next week we are fighting and yelling, and if we go back I really want it to work, for more time than a week…

Ross: (sad) So that mean?

Rachel: That means no, I need to trust in you

Ross: You don´t trust on me?!

Rachel: I trust in you, but not enough to let you have my heart again, I don´t want to finish heartbroken, do you understand what I want??

Ross: I think it so, but let´s hurry we were supposed to meet the other 15 minutes ago…


[They leave and Ross tried to act as if nothing happened]

[In the beach, Joey and Phoebe are making a huge hole, Monica is watching the sea and Chandler is swimming, Ross and rachel enter]

Phoebe: Where were you two?

Rachel: In the room.

Ross: Yeah, we are slower than you for unpack

Monica: Come on Rachel, sat lie down in the sand, you need a tan as much as I do.

Rachel: Ok. (she sat down and stay quiet, thinking in what Ross have said to she)

Joey: Hey, Ross stay here, and help us with the hole.

Ross: Thank´s Joey, but I want to swim for a while

[he goes to swim with Chandler]

Monica: What´s going on?

Rachel: Why?

Monica: You are so quiet , and so thoughtful, what´s going on with you?!

Rachel: Well, something is going on with mi lovelife you know…

Monica: Oh no!!…what happened in the room with Ross

Rachel: Why does it have to be with Ross?!

Monica: Because it is always about Ross, who else could it be? Your last date was 1 month ago

Rachel: Ok, ok it was about Ross…are yohappy now?

Monica: No,if you don´t tell me what did he said

Rachel: Well, you know , he wanted us to…be back together again..

Monica: And you said…?

Rachel: No, I said no, because I need to gain his trust again.

Monica: Wow!, I can´t believe you two don´t go back this time.

Rachel: Yeah, I know…

Monica: But if he wanted to be with you why he didn´t like you as a roommate?

Rachel: Because, he thought that is we were roommates we would remember all the nasty things that happened in the beach, with all the “letter thing”

Monica: And you need to gain his trust again?!!!

Rachel: Well…

Monica: Don´t you see all the effort he has put for things to be perfect for you two to, be together and when saw the things were not as he planned them to be he asked you to form a couple again, and you said you need to gain his trust?!

Rachel: Oh…you are right, and don´t know what I was thinking…

[She prepares to go to look for him at the sea where he is swimming with Chandler, meanwhile, in the sea Chandler and Ross, where talking]

Chandler: So you said to Rachel taht you wanted to go back together and she said, she needed to gain your trust?

Ross: Yeah…(depressed)

Chandler: And what are you going to do?

Ross: What can I do?, I mean I will wait and then see what happen.

Chandler: You need to solve this as fast as possible, You are not gonna wait her forever when losts of pretty woman pass near to you wearing a tiny bikini

Ross: You know what I am going to talk to her

[they are saying this when Rachel appears]

Rachel: Hi, can I talk to you jsut a minute Ross?

Ross: ( as if nothing happened)Sure

Rachel: Uhm…Chandler…could you excuse us for a minute?

Chandler: ok, I´ll go to see Joey and pheebs´ hole.

Ross: What do you want to talk about?

Rachel: Of…of us

Ross: Us? I thought you need to gain my trust and you wanted time and…(Rachel interrupted he)

Rachel: Sshh…(they start a long and passionated kiss in the middle of the waves and the setting of the sun)

Ross:So…are we a couple again?

Rachel: My answer wasn´t clear?, Let me see what can I do to solve your doubt…(they start to kiss again)…is it clear now??

Ross: Yeah…I think it so

[Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey are in the “hole” thing waiting Ross and Rachel to come back from the sea, everyone is expecting if they are or not to be a couple again, they arrive]

Phoebe: So you two…you know…are you back again?

Rachel: Yeah!! We decided to start all over again.

Ross: And I won´t be a fool again , I wont let you go…

Rachel: Ahhh…that´s so sweet…

They kiss again, everyone look at them with a smile, they are happy to see they are together again.