The One With Joey's BIG Aftermath

I don't own any of these characters except for the ones I'm making up..
This is my first fanfic.. so tell me what you think... enjoy!!

((Let me just set you up here... this fic takes place around the 8th season.. but I'm just switchin it up a bit.. Joey never fell in love with Rachel and everything else is pretty much the same. Since I'm such a huge Joey fan I might focus on him alot but everyone else will be there too. Ross and Rachel are married and still waiting for the arrival of the baby she's only 5 months pregnant and living in Ross' apartment.. C&M are still the same and trying to have a baby.. Phoebe is the owner of a new record label and is hooked up with alot of hot musicians and is also making alot of money so she is living in a huge- 3floored penthouse on the uppereast side.. Joey is a t.v. talk show host for people with issuses called "Just ask Joey".... so here we go........))

Opening Credits
Scene 1: Central Perk (Joey and Chandler are just hangin out)

Chandler: So.. how's the new talk show coming along?
Joey: Great.. although I didn't know people had such messed up problems.. especially the people with phobias..
Chandler: Like what?
Joey: Like.. there's this one woman who's afraid of light swithches so we had to install one of those clap lights in her place until we help her get over it.
Chandler: well that's kinda.. wierd.
Joey: Yeah I know.. and there's this other woman who's scared of paperclips and.. (suddenly stops and sees a woman walk in.. she's played by Mariah Carey.. her hair is down and staightened kinda like Rachel's.. Joey immediately recognizes her and all of a sudden gets all excited and panicy.. he was so glad to see her)
Joey: (whispers excitedly to Chandler) OH MY GOD CHANDLER, IT'S HER!
Chandler: That old, scary, fat lady who collects cans and bottles?? what's she doin here??
Joey: No! No! FOCUS! It's Natalie.. Natalie Parker!!!
Chandler: Oh you mean the woman I was sworn not to tell anyone about?!
Joey: Yeah that's her I can't believe it!!

((Sudden flashback of the conversation J&C had about Natalie a few years back))
Chandler: Hey Joe.. you ever been in love before or were you always just.. you kno.. "Joey--New York City's Own Man Whore"??(Joey gives him a look) C'mon man.. seriously..
Joey: well ok.. since you asked.. I'll tell you.. but you have to swear not to tell anyone..not Ross, not Phoebe, not Monica, not Rachel, not Gunther, not even your own mom!!
Chandler: ok.. I get it.. I swear I won't tell ANYONE.. now what is it??
Joey: (with some hesitation) ok.. I know you may not ever would have pictured this.. but i was never always.. you know.. a "womanizer"..
Chandler: you're right I haven't.. go on..
Joey: well.. I was actually more of a sentimental guy who only went out with one girl at a time.. but there was this one girl who I fell totally and completely in love with.. I started going out with her when I was about 16 years old.. I was crazy about her and she was crazy about me too.. we did everything together and we went out for about 2 years..
Chandler: ok are you sure sure not making this up or you dreamt it or something??
Joey: No this is for real.. now wouldya just let me finish??
Chandler: Im sorry go ahead..
Joey: anyway.. then I decided I wanted to marry her.. (Chandler looking shocked.. seriously not expecting to hear this from Joey) and the day I was going to propose to her I chickened out.. and the next day, her dad just broke us up for no reason at all.. which was weird because no one knew I was gunna propose to her.. it was a secret.. it was supposed to be a nice.. romantic suprise..
Chandler: uh huh.. well maybe that was it??
Joey: what? what was it?
Chandler: maybe he figured since you two were goin out for so long it was bound to happen so he probably just tryed to prevent it from happening..
Joey: wow.. I guess you're right.. (finishing up the story) but then I was never able to see her again and she couldn't see me either.. her dad had her on like.. a serious lock down or something.. it broke my heart so much that we both had to go through that.. and then I decided never to fall in love again so that's pretty much why I became my "womanizing" self.. (at this point Joey is almost in tears)
Chandler: Wow man.. I never would have thought you ever felt like this before.. I think I have a whole new respect for you..
Joey: thanks man..

((Back to Present))

Chandler: You should say something to her.. maybe you guys can get back together ykno if you loved her that much..
Joey: i guess you're right
(he starts to get up and is stopped by a woman who happened to be Natalie who was trying to see if she knew him as a matter of fact)
Natalie: Oh my god.. Do I know you? you just look so familiar..
Joey: I think you do.. it's me.. Joey Tribbiani.
Natalie: (sceaming at the top of her lungs and starts to cry she give him a BIG hug) OH MY GOD!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S YOU!! IT'S BEEN SO LONG!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!! HOW ARE YOU?!
Joey: (also starting to cry) I'm good.. Oh my god I missed you too.. Wow it feels like forever since i seen you.. How've you been?? you single??
Natalie: I been good and yes I am single.. and there's a perfectly good reason for that..
Joey: Really how come??
Natalie: You should sit down.
Joey: ok.... oh.. by the way this is my friend Chandler.. (to C) Chandler.. Natalie.
(They shake hands)
Natalie: well I guess I should explain to you why my dad broke us up back then.
Joey: Yeah.. what was that about? I was so devistated.
Natalie: well... something came up..
Joey: what?? what came up?!!
Natalie: I got pregnant.. by you..
(Joey and Chandler are shocked and speechless)
Natalie: I always wanted to tell you.. you would've made a great dad.. but when my I told my dad, he got so mad and that's why he forbade us to see eachother again.. I couldn't believe it happened..
Joey: oh my god.. I don't know what to say.. I'm so sorry you had to raise the baby alone.. I wish I could've been there.
Natalie: It's ok.. it's not you're fault.. she's doing great though.. she's 14 and a freshman in highschool.
Joey: Oh my god! It's a she!! Chandler it's a she! (he's getting pretty excited right now and so is chandler)
Chandler: wow this is amazing.. congratulations Joe!!
Joey: Thanks! (to Natalie) so what's her name?
Natalie: well I kinda named her after you.. I kinda went from Joseph Francis to Joshephine Francesca.. but everyone just calls her J.J. (meaning "Joey Jr.") and she's crazy about you.. I told her so many great stories about you.. she always wanted to meet you.. she even keeps this one picture of you in her pocket all the time and puts it under her pillow before she goes to sleep, she wants to become an actress, she ADORES the Knicks, and she orders the Joey special every Friday.. all because of you.
Joey: wow.. that's amazing!! I really have to meet her!! when can I meet her??!
Natalie: I can come by tomorrow around 2 just give me your address and phone number and I'll give you a call.
(does so)
Natalie: I'm gonna suprise her so don't give it away.
Joey: ok... (smiles as she leaves) Good bye Natalie.
Natalie: (smiles back) Good bye Joey.

Scene 2: The next day at C&M's apartment (it's around noon)
(I didn't feel like doin the whole convo.. but Joey tells everyone about Natalie and J.J. and the history and all that. Everyone is excited)

Monica: So you were really gonna ask this woman to marry you?
Joey: Yeah
Rachel: No offense or anything but I never thught you had it in ya.. it's like the Joey we never met before..
Phoebe: Yeah and hey maybe fate is giving you a second chance...
Ross: whatdya mean Pheebs??
Phoebe: I mean c'mon.. the love of Joey's life just pops out of nowhere and is also single and has Joey's daughter who by the way is crazy about you, Joey and wanted to meet you ever since she knew she didn't even have a dad in the first place.. I mean something will most likely start up here doncha think??
Joey: I guess you're right Pheebs.
Rachel: Well do you think you're ready for this?
Chandler: yeah you know dude this is a big step for someone like you..
Joey: well.. you did it Chandler.. and Ross... man.. you done it a multiple amount of times in the past.. but uh.. you know-I was gunna do it once before.. so.. uhh.. (takes a deep breath).. ya know I dunno.. lemme just see how this whole "reunion" turns out. and yknow hey.. maybe we can be a family now.. or ykno I just.. (exhales) I just gotta think for awhile ok.. when they get here I'll get to know them again and then introduce them to you guys.
Monica: sounds good Joe.. good luck
everyone else: yeah/good luck/you can do it/ go get em
Joey: yea.. well.. (nervously) they're gunna be here in like an hour so I'm just gunna.. uhh.. get ready and just.. just take care of somthing real quick.....
(Joey leaves)
Monica: I cannot believe this.. I'm married for almost 6 months and trying to have a baby.. and here we have New York's sex machine about to start a family out of nowhere.. I mean I'm happy for him.. he's my best friend but.. ( goes from a normal voice to her squeaky loud voice) BUT IT'S JUST NOT FAIR!!
Chandler: It's ok Mon.. it's not a race on who has a family first..
Monice: (still in squeaky mode) I KNOW!! (lowers her voice) but I wanted to win....
Ross: It's ok Mon things will get better.. this is just really huge for him.. I mean he has a 14 year old daughter that he never even knew existed until yesterday we just gatta be there for him ok?
Monica: yeah I guess you're right.
(everyone goes to hug Monica)

Scene 3: Joey's apartment

(there's knock on the door.. it's Natalie and J.J.<-- she still has no idea who she's about to meet.. her mom just said she's visiting a friend)
Joey: (opening the door) Hey look who it is.. come on in!!
(Natalie gives him a hug)
(J.J. just walks in clueless.. she's kinda short for her age... she's 5 ft 2.. she's sort of a tomboy yet still has a girlish appearance.. she's wearing a blue Marcus Camby Knicks jersy with a Knicks sweatband with baggy jeans and white sneakers size 4.. she has dark Sicilian skin and is wearing boxbraids in her hair.. she also has a sort of deep italian-brooklyn accent.. she's also wearing name plate earrings and necklace and a cross on the end of the chain that her grandmother gave her.. she takes alot after Joey.. she's a bit smarter though.. but shares the same interests and has the same personality.. and she has his smile, charm and wittiness)

Joey: so.. you're a Knicks fan huh?
J.J.: yeah.. I dunno if you might understand.. but it's kind of a strong family tradition comin from my dad's side of the family to love and honor the Knicks..
Joey: oohhh trust me I COMPLETELY understand..
(J.J. just nods and gives him a kind of "sure you do" kind of look)
(right now Joey just can't stop smiling at J.J. .. who by the way still doesn't know it's him and he doesn't want to spoil it.. )
Natalie: (breaking the ice) J.J., let me introduce you.. but I think you probably know who it is already..
J.J.: no.. I don't.. but he DOES look familiar...
(keep in mind that back then Joey looked more different.. he had longer hair and the biker clothes now he looks more "mature")
J.J.:.......wait a minute.. (takes out her picture of Joey) is this you?? (hands the pic to Joey)
Joey: YEAH IT IS!! wow I look good here...
J.J.: Oh my god!! (they go completly nuts and they give eachother a hug.. and Natalie joins in)
Joey: Wow.. you look great... you're much more prettier than I ever imagined in the past.... day..
(J.J. chuckles)
J.J.: well you look great too.. I hardly recognized you.. for all I know I probably seen you in the streets mad times and never realized it!
(all of them start talking about what they've been doing and how things are going and stuff for hours)
J.J.: I just can't believe you have your own talk show.. if I would've known I would've pretended to have a problem just to come see you..
Natalie: same here
Joey: yea.. (looks at the clock) oh hey.. I didn't realize how late it was getting I'm gettin kind of hungry.. hows about I order the Joey special to celebrate.. oo and you can meet my friends they've been dying to meet you..

Time Lapse
(everyone was aquainted and is now eating pizza)

Joey: so Pheebs.. how's the music industry going?
Phoebe: great!! Jay-Z just signed to my record label.
Joey: who the hell is Jay-Z?
(gets in this big convo about Jay-Z and other rappers and stuff.. Phoebe is gunna let J.J. meet him next weekend)
J.J.: Thankyou so much Phoebe!!
Phoebe: you're welcome sweety.. ANYTHING for Joey's daughter.
Rachel: So J.J... where did you grow up?
J.J.: Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.. I'm still living there now..
Joey: wow.. well you guys should come live here with me..
Natalie: are you serious?
Joey: sure.. why not?? I mean I know it's been a long time since we've seen eachother.. but c'mon we can actually be a family now.. I can get to know you again and now I'm finally ready to take responsibility..
Chandler: well said man..
Joey: Thanks
J.J.: Yeah c'mon Ma.. wadda we got ta loose?? I mean I know it's been 14 years but I still got a long way to go.. I mean there's gunna be a high school prom.. college.. marraige.. I gatta have a dad around.
Joey: whoa whoa whoa.. take it easy.. you still got a LONG way to go until you get married.
Natalie: well I guess we can give it a shot..
Joey/J.J.: yes!! (high five eachother)
Monica: This is GREAT! and when we have a baby we can have another family right across the hall!!

Time Lapse
(it's around 2 in the morning Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica had gone home.. Natalie and J.J. are still there.. they're about to leave)
Joey: well today's been great..
Natalie: yeah.. tomorrow we'll start bringing our stuff here..
Joey: ok..
Natalie: oo Joey how about you and J.J. go out to lunch tomorrow and spend the whole day together just the two of you and have kinda a Father-Daughter thing or something?
Joey: sounds good waddaya say J.J.?? (turns to see that J.J. had fallen asleep on the couch) oh hey.. I really don't wanna wake her up.. she looks beat she had a long day.. you think she can spend the night.. I'll take her to breakfast and make a day of it.. please?
Natalie: Fine with me.. but I don't think she's gunna make it to breakfast.. she's a pretty heavy sleeper.. I don't see her wakin up till maybe 2 or 3.. yet she may still be thrilled about meeting you so she might wake up at around 11 or 12...
Joey: that's ok.. I sleep late too.. (short pause).. but uh... hey why don't you stay over too.. (starts to get all "Joey") I mean we still haven't gotten properly reaquainted if you know what I mean.. (puts his arms around her and brushes his lips against hers)
(she kisses him back)

Scene 4: Joey's bedroom (and yes.. you guessed it.. they end up in the bedroom together, had sex and now find themselves the next morning, or afternoon I should say, lying next to eachother in his bed) (J.J. is still asleep)
Natalie: wow.. it's been awhile since I've experienced "Joey love"..
Joey: yup.. and 14 years had to be a KILLER for you.. (they start laughing and kissing and stuff)
Natalie: wow.. I missed you so much.. it's been so long that I'm thinking this is all just a dream..
Joey: yeah I think that too.. I wonder what would've happened if I would've just proposed earlier..
Natalie: (laughin cuz she dont know what he's talking about) what?
Joey: yea.. there was this one time when we were dating where I was gunna propose to you.. it was the day before your dad broke us up.. and I chickened out... now I regret it because if I was just brave enough to just do it.. well.. maybe none of this would've happened.....
Natalie: (thouched by this) oooo sweety it's not your fault (kisses him) it was my dad's fault.. I never liked him even before all this happened.. he's always been an overprotective cranky old bastard.
Joey: Don't say that.. well maybe I can go over and apologize..
Natalie: you can somehow try but I don't think that's possible..
Joey: why not?
Natalie: well he sort of passed away about a year ago..
Joey: oh my god.. Natalie.. I'm so sorry.. I.. (Natalie cuts him off)
Natalie: It's ok.. I was never that close with him anyway.. and neither was J.J. As a matter of fact my dad wanted nothing to do with J.J. He always thought she was a symbol of our mistake.. everything he was mad at us about he took it all out on her.
Joey: my god.. that had to be rough..
Natalie: yeah.. but it was ok though.. my mom loved her to death and it was a good thing they were divorced or else my dad wouldn't have let her seen J.J. and J.J. also had my little brother Angelo who unfortunatley was never married and never had kids so she had no cousins. But yknow since my mom moved back to Italy.. me and Angelo were the only family she had left..
Joey: well.. wait till she meets my family.. she'll go nuts.. I mean you remember.. I have 7 sisters who most have husbands and kids and they're gunna love J.J. and so are my parents..
Natalie: Thank you Joey.. I don't know what I would do if I were to ever loose you again.. (starts to cry)
Joey: don't worry.. cuz I learned my lesson and I'm NEVER.. EVER gunna let ANY ONE break us up EVER AGAIN.. it hurt so much the last time and now.. somehow.. i've earned my second chance and I AM NOT - AS GOD AS MY WITNESS - NOT.. GUNNA BLOW IT.... Do I make myself clear?
Natalie: yes.. I love you Joey..
Joey: I love you too Natalie..
(long pause.. they just look at eachother in amazement)
Natalie: wow.. that's the first time we've said that to eachother..
Joey: yea.. I never said that to anyone before.. and I mean it.. I love you Natalie ...
(Natalie kisses Joey.. then after awhile he pulls away)
Joey: ..and you know what.. I've ever ASKED any one this before...
(he pulls a box out of his night stand drawer and get down on one knee)
Joey: Natalie.. I loved you for over 16 years.. and I promise from this day on.. that I will never leave you and J.J.'s side and never let anything happen to you.. I'm gunna make sure your lives are perfect and have nothing stand against that.... (both are crying.. Joey opens the box and there is the most beautiful ring she'd ever seen sitting in it) Natalie Gianna Parker.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. (takes a deep breath).. will you marry me?
Natalie: Yes!!!!
(they hug and get all emotional)
Natalie: and I promise to be the best wife you ever had.. (they kiss)
Joey: wanna go tell J.J.
Natalie: of coarse.. she's been dreaming for this moment for years...
(they walk out of the room and J.J. is eating cereal)
Natalie/Joey: mornin J.J.
J.J.: (with a mischivious smile... she figured they had sex but had no idea of the proposal) mornin' mom and dad.. wow there's sumthin I neva said before... anyways.. (sarcastically)how was your night??
Natalie: (gives her a look) ANYWAY HONEY.. there's something we have to tell you...
J.J.: what? that you're back together?? I kinda figured that..
Joey: no no it's something else..
J.J.: oh my god what is it?
Natalie: calm down.. this is great news... we're getting married..
(J.J. is shocked yet very excited.. it's what she always dreamed of happening sooner or later.. they all start screaming and saying how happy they are for eachother...)
Joey: wow.. you know what let me go tell the others.. and J.J. today we are spending the whole day together just me and you how about we go play basketball and then go for lunch...
J.J.: really?? that's great.. but I kinda need to get changed..
Joey: well that's ok I got a t-shirt and some sweats you could borrow..
J.J.: ok.. thanks
Natalie: well.. I'll start bringin over our stuff and get settled in... have fun you 2..
Joey/J.J.: Ok/see you later
(they all do what was said)

Scene 5: Ross and Rachel's apartment

Rachel: Ross! (no answer) Ross! Come over here!!
Ross: (rushing in panicy) What?! What's wrong?! Do you need something? I'll go over to the store and get it!! What do you need??
Rachel: No Ross, sweety, calm down, I don't need anything.. the baby just started kicking!!
Ross: Wha.. Ah.. Oh my god.. (goes over to feel) wow.. this is.. this is amazing Rachel (gives her a kiss)
Rachel: We should go tell the others..
Ross: ok.. let's go!
(they leave)

Scene 6: Monica & Chandler's apartment (everyone is there except for Joey, J.J., and Natalie)

Phoebe: (feeling Rachel's stomach) This is so cool.. this is like when you're making popcorn..
Rachel: (sort of confused) Phoebe? How in the world is my baby kicking similar to making popcorn??
Phoebe: Well.. think about it Rach.. when the popcorn is popping it hits the side of the bag and when the baby kicks.. the foot is the popcorn and your stomach is the side of the bag..
Rachel: (looking at her like she's dumb) ooo.. nice observation there Pheebs. Anyway the doctor said that she knows the sex of the baby and we wanted to ask you guys whether we should know it or not.
Monica: Well I think you should know so we can start getting some baby stuff and see what color we can paint the nursery.
Phoebe: Yeah? well I think it should be a suprise.. you know.. "The miracle AND SUPRISE of birth". You know you can always get nuetral colors for the nursery.
Ross: Both very good points.. whadda you think Chandler?
Chandler: I guess whatever Monica says.. goes..
Ross: Dude.. you got problems.
Rachel: So we should do it? We should find out what it is?
Monica/Chandler & Phoebe b/c she changes her mind: Yea sure/Go for it/Uh huh
Ross: Ok.. so we'll see you guys later.. (Ross and Rachel leave)

Scene 7: A basketball court (Joey and J.J. are playing one on one street ball)
(J.J. just makes a shot)
J.J.: Ha-ha 9-4 me.
Joey: Lucky shot.. whadda we playin up till again??
J.J.: uh... 20... oo I got an idea.. why don't we play for money?
Joey: Don't you think you're a little young to be betting?
J.J.: Yeah.. but I know I'm gunna win.. so I might as well make some cash off of it.
Joey: Huh.. you're smarter than I thought.. fine.. we'll see who wins.. first one to make it to 20 wins $20.
J.J.: $50!
Joey: $40!
J.J.: Deal! (they shake) Ok.. it's my ball.. the score is 9-4 me.. so uh.. I'll check.. (checks the ball to Joey and he bounces it back)
(J.J. starts off with a slow dribble then fakes left and goes right and goes straight for the lay-up and makes the shot)
J.J.: 10-4..
(she trys the fake again but Joey steals the ball and makes the shot)
Joey: woo-hoo 10-5.. better start gettin my money ready cuz I'm about to make a great comeback.
(a half hour goes by and the score is now 19-16, J.J. it's now J.J.'s ball.. she does a move and makes the shot)
J.J.: That's game!! .. good game dad.
Joey: Nice shot.. well.. here you go (gives her $40)
J.J.: nah you keep it.. I can't just take money from you.. besides you won't have any money left to buy lunch.. whaddaya say?
Joey: hell yeah.. I'm starved.. whaddaya wanna eat?
Joey: You said it, I'm gonna take you to Tony's.. he makes THE best pizza EVER.. you're gunna love it..

Scene 8: Tony's (Joey and J.J. are finishing up the pizza)
J.J.: Hey you weren't kidding about this pizza..
Joey: ha-ha waddid I tell ya?
J.J.:Hey.. I had fun today.. and never would have thought I'd see this day. And for the record you turned out better than I ever expected.
Joey: Thanks.. I had fun too.. and believe me I NEVER expected this day to come.. but it all turned out for the best.. and I'm just glad you didn't turn out to be any kind of preppy little girl who sleeps around and stuff or else I would've had you locked in the house.
J.J.: (laughs)yeah.. I kno bedda den that.
Joey: I mean I know it's only been a day since I met you but you turned out to be great.. and I promise I'll never let anything happen to you.. and if you ever need ANYTHING.. you just come and ask me.. and during these next years I'm gunna make up to you the years I missed.
J.J.: thanks dad (they hug)
Joey: How about we wrap up the rest of this and head home to help your mom unpack.
J.J.: let's do it..
(does so)

Scene 9: Joey, Natalie & J.J.'s apartment (they're done unpacking and stuff and now they're just sitting around talking)

Joey: So J.J., you excited about meeting Hey-Z this weekend?
J.J.: (laughing) First of all.. It's JAY-Z.. and yeah of coarse.. that reminds me... (turns to her mom).. Ma.. we gatta go get my outfit and a camera.
Natalie: ok.. (Joey cuts her off)
Joey: no no.. hey.. I'll take ya.. buy whatever you want it's all on me.
J.J.: thanks.
Natalie: Honey, you don't have to do that..
Joey: sure I do.. it's my turn to help out.. trust me.. I got everything under control.

Scene 10: The next day at the mall (J.J. is shopping for something to wear and Joey is just following around observing the weird clothes that rappers wear and looks at all of them idioticly)

Joey: You really wanna wear this stuff.. I mean it's kinda.. uhh.. I dunno.. there's no words.
J.J.: It's ok dad.. you don't have to like it.. you know what I should do is.. help pick an outfit out for yourself to just bring out your.. "gangsta self".
Joey: Ya think? cuz I really don't see myself in any of this stuff.
J.J.: sure ya can... just lemme finish up and we'll pick out something for you.
(J.J. buys a Rocawear outfit considering that it is Jay-Z's clothing line.. and now she just bought an outfit for Joey.. then they go home)

Closing Credits
Scene 11: Doctor's office (Ross and Rachel are there.. they just finished their checkup and are about to find out the sex of the baby)

Ross: Ya ready honey?
Rachel: Yup let's do this.. we're ready doc.. go ahead and tell us..
Doctor: You sure?
Ross: Yes yes! go ahead.
Doctor: Ross, Rachel, congratulations! You're having a.. (scene cuts off to a fade)

To be coninued.. I just wanted to finally end the episode.. tell me what you think.. I'm already half done with the next episode so stay tuned.