The One With The All The Time That Has Passed, Part 1

Summary: This takes place a few years into the future. The gang has pretty
much drifted apart. This is about them kind of rekindling their friendships.
It's a little wierd, but, as usual, mostly focuses on Ross and Rachel, though
I HAVE added more Chandler & Monica to please fans. What can I say?! :)

 Okay, here goes. Everyone is kinda different in this, so here's what's happened to them in the past few years:
Rachel: Rachel moved to Seattle on an enormous job opportunity. She now is a well-known, popular wedding gown designer. However, the job opportunity wasn't the only reason she moved. She denied her feelings and tried to get away from Ross...she couldn't let herself fall in love with him again.

Ross: Ross was really depressed when Rachel moved to Seattle, so he did his best to forget about her. He met a girl at his work, Charlotte, and fell in love with her...they have been going out for about 1 year. Ross hasn't seen Rachel for 3 years and is kind of forgetting about her... He was promoted at the museum (I'm not sure what to, but for the sake of the story, work with me). He and Charlotte live together in Ugly Naked Guy's old apartment.
Monica: She and Chandler had a huge fight and broke up, and she met up with Richard in her depression. She and Richard have been going out for a while...(mind you, Chandler didn't ask Monica to marry him) She hasn't seen Chandler, Joey, Rachel, or Phoebe in a long time, but she sees Ross a lot. They have a very close relationship.
Phoebe: Phoebe met a guy (Mike) and is engaged. She lives in Montauk with her fiance, birthmother, and Frank Jr., Alice, Leslie, baby Chandler (who's not a baby anymore), and Frank Jr. Jr. She sings at a nightclub in Montauk.
Joey: Joey made it big when he co-starred in a movie with Harrison Ford, and lives in Los Angeles, making movie after movie. He is virtually a millionaire.
Chandler: Chandler, in his depression over Monica, met up with Kathy, and the two of them fell in love again and were married. They had a son, but then, he realized he still loves Monica, so they got divorced. He lives in Chicago.

 Yeah, well, enough with all the technicalities...on with the story!

 Scene: Central Perk
 Ross and Charlotte are cuddling on the couch. (I think she would be played Portman. Yeah, I know she's in another one of my fics, but what can I say? She's my favorite, wait, Jennifer Aniston's my fav. Anyway...)
 Carol, Susan, and Ben come in. (I think he'd be about 10 now)
 Carol: Hey Ross, hi guys!
 Ben: Dad! (runs up and hugs him)
 Ross: Hi, Ben!
 Ben: What are we gonna do today?
 Ross: I was thinking maybe...the and me. Baseball. Be there.
 Ben: You bet! I'm gonna kick your butt!
 Susan: Ben!
 Ben: What? He sucks at baseball, that's the truth!
 Carol: You shouldn't talk to your father that way.
 Ben: Okay, okay. Sorry, dad.
 Ross: That's okay. (kisses Charlotte) Well, Ben & I should go...I'll see you tomorrow, say, eight?
 Charlotte: Yeah, that's great! Bye sweetie! (Ben leaves with Ross)
 Carol: (Sits down) So, you two are really serious, huh?
 Charlotte: Oh, yeah! He's the best.
 Susan: He certainly is a great dad.
 Charlotte: That's the only problem. I'm not good with kids...I like Ben, that's for sure. It's just...I know he wants kids, but I really don't.
 Carol: Hmmm. That's tough. I don't know what to tell you.
 Charlotte: Well, I'll talk to him about it. I'll see you later, I have to be at work. Bye! (she leaves)
 Carol & Susan: Bye
 Susan: I don't think they're gonna work.
 Carol: Ross with no kids? That's always been his dream. I pity her when she tells him that.

 -Opening credits-

 Scene: Seattle
 Rachel and a few people are sat around a big table. She keeps gesturing at a photo of a wedding gown.
 Rachel: It looks great, Justin, you really did a fabulous job. The veil totally matches...the shoes could use some work, though.
 Justin: (played by David Duchovny) Yeah, I'll work on it, Miss Green.
 Rachel: Okay...(clears her throat) I have been informed earlier today that sales are increasing so rapidly that we're expanding our stores. We're gonna have one in...(checks paper) Austin, Texas, uh, Detroit, Michigan, San Francisco, California...(trails off as her eyes widen) and New York
City...I've been assigned to New York...
 Helen: (played by Julia Roberts--who cares if she's already been in an episode? She's a great actress, she has to be in my fic) Yeah, so?
 Rachel: (repeating to herself) New York...
 Scene: Chicago
 Chandler and his son, Brandon, (played by that little kid from Stuart Little and Jerry McGwire...he's so cute!!) are sitting on a couch in an apartment.
 Brandon: (watching Arthur, singing along) Hey! What a wonderful kind of day...
 Chandler: Brandon, did you want to see that new movie...uh, that new Disney Cartoon?
 Brandon: Yeah, yeah!
 Chandler: Okay, we'll...(reading the paper, gasps) Joey Tribianni as the king? Joey?
 Brandon: Who's Joey?
 Chandler: He was, like, my best friend! Wow, good for him, he finally made it!
 Scene: Monica's apartment
 She and Richard are eating dinner by candlelight.
 Richard: Monica...(looks down) Okay, you are the most fantastic woman I have ever known. I don't know if I could live without you. (pause) Okay, I guess there's only one way to do this...(bends down on one knee) Monica Geller...will you marry me?
 Monica: (teary) Oh, Richard, I...I don't know what to say. This is totally unexpected...can I have some time to think?
 Richard: (a little disappointed, but still hopeful) Yeah, sure. Call me.
 Monica: Yeah, yeah, okay. (he leaves, she sits, confused) Great.
 Scene: Chicago
 Brandon and Chandler are walking on a sidewalk outside of a Marriot hotel. There is a long line stretching out the door, with a bunch of little kids.
 Chandler: (to himself) Wonder what's going on...(goes up to a security guard) Excuse me, sir, but what is all this?
 Guard: The voice talents from that new Disney movie, "Century", I think it was called, are here giving autographs.
 Chandler: (eyes widen) Does, does that include Joey...
 Guard: (cuts him off) Tribianni, yeah...he's inside, but his line's three hours long. I wouldn't get into that one, if I were you.
 Chandler: He's, like, my best friend! Can I go and see him?
 Guard: You're gonna have to wait in line like the rest of these people.
 Chandler: No, go and ask him! Tell him Chandler Bing is here...
 Guard: I'm not at liberty to do that.
 Chandler: Please, sir, I swear if he doesn't know who I am, I will go to the end of that line with no protest whatsoever...just ask him.
 Guard: (pause) Fine, but just cuz your kid's so freakin cute. (to another guard) Marsha, will you cover for me? I'll be right back.
 -Cut to inside hotel-
 Guard (let's just call him Jim): Mr. Tribianni?
 Joey: Yes?
 Jim: I hate to disturb you, sir, but there's a man outside who claims to know you.
 Joey: Probably another one of those lunatic fans.
 Jim: He says his name's...Chandler Bong...or something...
 Joey: (cuts him off, unbelievably excited) Chandler Bing?! I haven't seen him in so long! Send him in, now!
 Jim: Yes sir! (goes and waves out the door) (calls) You can come in...(Chandler races in)
 Chandler: (yells excitedly) JOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Joey: (yells excitedly) CHANDLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (They come together and hug)
 Chandler: It's been forever!
 Joey: Way too long! (looks at Brandon) Who's this kid? Did he cut in line or something?
 Chandler: No, this is my son, Brandon.
 Joey: You and Monica? Where is she? (looks around happily)
 Chandler: No, not Monica, Kathy.
 Joey: But what about Monica?
 Chandler: We had a fight and broke up a long time ago. Kathy and I are divorced.
 Brandon: Are you talking about Mommy?
 Chandler: Yes. (changes the subject) Son, remember the movie we just saw? (he nods) This is Joey, remember, King Midas?
 Brandon: REALLY??? You were my favorite character, Mr. Joey!
 Joey: Cute kid! Just call me Joey, we're pals now! (pause) I gotta get back to signing, but...I'll meet you tonight. Come on up to room 356, the suite on the top floor. We can catch up then.
 Chandler: Great! (smiles) I can't believe it's you! Ya still suck at foosball?
 Joey: Are you kidding? I got 14 tables, and I STILL suck! (the 2 laugh)
 Scene: Ross and Charlotte's apartment
 Ross is listening to his messages.
 Message: (playing) give me a call, Mr. Geller. Thanks. (Ross writes something on a notepad, another message starts playing)
 Rachel's voice on machine: Hi, Ross...I looked up your number in the phone book, I really hope this is your number. (pause, laughs to herself) Wow, it just occurred to me you might not know who I am...
 Ross: No kidding!
 Rachel's voice on machine: This is Rachel.
 Ross: (thinking) Rachel...there's Rachel Martin, Rachel Browne...
 Rachel's voice on machine: Rachel Green.
 Ross: (thinking, gets excited) Rachel Green????!!!!!!!!! Wow, Rach!
 Rachel's voice on machine: Well, I've been transferred here from Seattle, kinda coincidental, huh? I was wondering if maybe we could get together...yeah, I'm moving back. I really wish I could talk more, I miss all of you so much! I have to go, I've got a deadline on a's my number...(gives her number) Please call me, Ross. Bye...(hangs up, machine beeps)
 Ross: (picks up phone and dials) Oh God, Rachel...
 -cuts to Rachel's apartment in Seattle-
 Rachel: (answers phone) Hello, Satin 'N Silk Inc, this is Rachel speaking, how may I help you? (*Just to let you know, it cuts back and forth between them as they talk)
 Ross: Rach?
 Rachel: Yes, who is this?
 Ross: It's Ross Geller...
 Rachel: (excited) Ross! Oh, I'm so glad you called!
 Ross: I haven't talked to you in so long!
 Rachel: I've you been?
 Ross: Great, but missing everyone.
 Rachel: Huh?
 Ross: I'll tell ya later...what is this I hear about you moving to New York?
 Rachel: Oh, well, my company is expanding, and I've been transferred there...
 Ross: Are you gonna need a place to stay? Cuz you know you're welcome to stay with me as long as you want.
 Rachel: Yeah, that would be great! I'm moving on the May 2nd...
 Ross: Just in time for your birthday!
 Rachel: Yeah, I guess so...
 Ross: I can't believe this, this is so great! I'll meet you at the airport...Laguardia?
 Rachel: Yeah! I'll call you later for details.
 Ross: Perfect...oh, I can't wait to see you Rach, it's been a long time...
 Rachel: Too long a time. (pause) Okay, I've got to's been fabulous talking with you again Ross. Thank you SO much!
 Ross: It's no problem. I'll see you soon!
 Rachel: Okay, bye!
 Ross: Bye! (they both hang up)
 Rachel: (clutches phone to her chest) I'm gonna face my fears...I gotta tell him how I feel.
 Scene: Montauk
 Phoebe and Leslie (played by the Pepsi girl) are sitting at a bar-style table on stools, playing cards. Alice runs in, holding a slip of paper.
 Alice: Phoebe, everyone, come here, I've got some news!
 Phoebe: What is it?
 Alice: I just got a letter in the mail, and the school I used to teach at wants me back! And they're offering me tons of money! We're moving back home...
 Phoebe: REALLY?! Oh, yay, yay!! I miss New York, and Central Perk...enough with this stupid night club. I miss the coffeehouse! Where's Mike? I gotta see if he'll move with us. (she leaves, excited, humming "Smelly Cat" to herself)
 Scene: Chicago, Marriot
 Chandler knocks on the door to Joey's hotel room. An odd looking woman comes to it.
 Lady: Excuse me, can I help you?
 Chandler: Yeah, I'm looking for Joey Tribianni. Is he here?
 Lady: Yes, I'm his new agent, Rita Montgomery...your name would be...?
 Chandler: Chandler Bing.
 Lady: That's a wierd sound like a phone service...
 Chandler: Thanks for pointing that out.
 Rita: I'll need to check with Mr. Tribianni...hold on one sec. (closes the door in his face, then opens it a few seconds later) Yeah, come on in. (Chandler does so, Joey runs up to him and gives him a huge hug)
 Joey: Hey, Buddy! (Chandler looks uncomfortably at Rita) Oh, uh, Rita, could you leave us alone?
 Rita: Sure, Mr. Tribianni and Mr. Phone Service...I know when I'm not wanted. (she leaves)
 Chandler: So, what's new?
 Joey: Everything, man! I miss everyone, but my career's soaring! Haven't you seen me in any movies?
 Chandler: No, ever since Brandon came along I really haven't had much time for movies.
 Joey: Where is the little guy, anyway?
 Chandler: With Kathy.
 Joey:, what's up with the guys? What happened with them? When you become famous, you kinda lose touch with people.
 Chandler: Well, as you know, Rachel moved to Seattle. I think she's some fashion designer...I saw her name in the paper a while ago. Ross...all I know is that he still works at the museum. You know that Pheebs got engaged, right?
 Joey: Yeah, and she moved to Montauk.
 Chandler: Mm-hmm.
 Joey: (after a long pause) What about Monica?
 Chandler: I have no idea whatsoever. Once we broke up, we totally lost contact.
 Joey: Oh. (pause) Ya feel like playing some foosball?
 Chandler: You bet! (they exit the room)
 Scene: Laguardia Airport
 Rachel is exiting a plane as she slings her briefcase over her shoulder and tucks a portfolio under her arm. She stands there, looking around, then her face lights up.
 Rachel: Ross!! (runs over and hugs him)
 Ross: Rach! Oh, God, you look great!!
 Rachel: Wow, so do you! I can't believe it's actually you, I haven't seen you in so long!
 Ross: I know...(points at portfolio) What's that?
 Rachel: Oh, just some sketches I was working on on the plane ride. Also some pictures from photo shoots I've got to organize.
 Ross: Wow, you're pretty into your work. What's your job?
 Rachel: (stunned) Do you read the newspaper at all?! I'm a really big name in fashion! I'm a wedding gown designer...Satin N' Silk? Ring a bell? We just held a show in White Plains a couple months ago.
 Ross: And you didn't visit?
 Rachel: I didn't go to the show, I had some work to do in Seattle. Man, I miss New York!
 Ross:, let's get your luggage, and then we can talk all the ride home! (puts his arm around Rachel, and they leave)
 Scene: Monica's apartment
 Monica and a bunch of people are standing around (including Gunther, who is all aglow) One man tries to taste a bit of frosting on a cake, and Monica slaps his hand.
 Monica: No tasting! Everything has to be perfect...this is Rachel we're talking about!
 Gunther: Duh! Get your filthy paws off that cake! (to Monica, quietly) Do you know if, um...she...uh, has a boyfriend?
 Monica: No clue...(looks through the peephole) They're coming! (she flicks the lights off)
 Ross: (from outside) Glad you like my place, Rach. I can't wait till Monica sees you...I didn't tell her that you were coming.
 Rachel: Really?! Wow! (he opens the door and flicks on the lights)
 All: SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Rachel: (jumps and smiles, almost crying) Oh my God, you guys! This is so great! Ross...
 Ross: Maybe I DID tell a FEW people...
 Monica: Rachel!
 Rachel: Mon! (they squeal and hug) How have you been?
 Monica: No time for that now, you've got presents to open!
 Rachel: Really? You didn't have to...
 Ross: (puts his arm around her again) No way, of course we did! (pulls Charlotte over to her) Rachel, this is Charlotte, Charlotte, Rachel!
 Charlotte: (sticks out her hand) Wow, I've heard SO much about you, Rachel, it's great to finally meet you!
 Rachel: (shakes her hand, fake smiles) Really? That's funny, cuz, no offense or anything, but I haven't the slightest idea who you are.
 Charlotte: I'm Charlotte Harris...Ross' girlfriend!
 Rachel: (smile disappears for a second) Really...pleasure to meet you.
 Charlotte: Same here! (kisses Ross) You two must really have been good friends. He talks about you all the time!
 Rachel: Yeah, guess we really were close.
 Charlotte: It's so great that you're gonna be living with us!
 Rachel: (stunned) "Us"? You two live together?
 Charlotte: Oh, yeah, for a while now! He's just a cutie! And great in bed!
 Ross: Sharlee...
 Rachel: Yeah, I should know. You DO know that we went out for a year, right? And that we went out again...that he said MY name at his wedding instead of his fiance's? And that we got married and he decided to STAY married to me for months? That...
 Monica: (cuts her off) Are you gonna open your presents or not, you slowpoke?
 Rachel: (glares at Charlotte) Of course...
 -later, Monica's apartment-
 Ross and Charlotte are together on the couch. Rachel is sitting on the window seat, staring sadly out the window. Monica approaches her.
 Monica: What's wrong? What happened between you and Charlotte earlier?
 Rachel: You see, Mon, I was really excited. I was gonna see Ross again, and I'd finally gotten up the nerve to tell him that I still love him. Everything was going great. For THREE YEARS I didn't know about Charlotte.
 Monica: Oh. That's not good.
 Rachel: No, it's not. It sucks. I just got back, and now I'm stuck living with them...Ross isn't bad, but I won't be able to take it when they' bed, or something. You know?
 Monica: Yeah, I know. (pause) You could always live with me...just like old times!
 Rachel: Really?
 Monica: Really! It'll be so much fun!
 Rachel: Yeah. That would be great! Thanks, Mon!
 Monica: (Hugs her) No problem. (pause) You know, I've got some news of my own.
 Rachel: What?
 Monica: I'm getting married!
 Rachel: (squeals) You're kidding! To who?
 Monica: Richard!
 Rachel: Oh, wow, this is amazing! (pause) I could totally create the perfect wedding gown for you! You will literally be the most beautiful bride ever!
 Monica: That's awesome, thanks! (pause) Will you be my maid of honor?
 Rachel: Really? I mean, I just got back...
 Monica: Totally! You're my best friend, Rach!
 Rachel: Sure!
 Monica: Great! (smiles) So will you be okay?
 Rachel: Yeah. Can I bunk here tonight? I'll sleep on the couch...
 Monica: We turned your room into a guest room...guess it'll be your room again! Just stay in there!
 Rachel: Oh, thanks,'re the best! (hugs her, there's a knock at the door and Phoebe walks in)
 Phoebe: Hi everyone!
 All: Pheebs!!!!!
 Rachel: Phoebe, what are you doing here?
 Phoebe: What are YOU doing here?
 Rachel: I moved in with Monica!
 Ross: What? But I thought you were staying with me and Charlotte...
 Rachel: (snaps at him) Yeah, well, things change, Ross.
 Phoebe: I moved back! Mike's parents gave us their old apartment. We're back!
 Monica: That's so great! Now all that's missing is Joey...
 Ross: And Chandler.
 Rachel: Why don't we give them a call? Do you have their numbers?
 Monica: WHY would I have Chandler's number?! Enough with the third degree!
 Phoebe: Well, SOMEone's aura's abnormal...
 Ross: I've got Chandler's number.
 Rachel: Good call him.
 Scene: Chicago
 Joey and Chandler are watching "Die Hard" at Chandler's place. The phone rings.
 Brandon: (runs in) Let me get it, Daddy, let me!!! (picks up the phone, politely) Hello, Bing residence...
 Ross: (on phone) Hi, this is Ross Geller...who's this?
 Brandon: This is Brandon Bing. Did you want to talk to my Daddy?
 Ross: (on phone) Who's your Daddy?
 Brandon: Chandler Bing. My Mommy's Kathy...
 Ross: (on phone) I'd like to talk to your daddy.
 Brandon: Yes sir. Daddy, it's for you.
 Chandler: (takes phone) Hello?
 Ross: (on phone) Hey, Chandler!
 Chandler: Ross?
 Ross: (on phone) Yep! How's it been?
 Chandler: Hold on, let me put this on speaker phone...Well, guess you've met my son.
 Ross: You and Kathy?
 Chandler: Yeah, it's a long story. We got a divorce, and I have full custody of Brandon. Kathy lives in Salt Lake City with her new husband.
 Ross: That's too bad, man, I'm sorry.
 Chandler: Thanks.
 Ross: I know this sounds kinda wierd, see, Rachel was just transferred and moved back here, and so did Pheebs. We miss everyone...would you maybe...consider moving back?
 Chandler: Move back?
 Ross: Yeah.
 Chandler: I don't know. I've got no place to stay.
 Joey: We can stay at my place! Hi Ross!
 Ross: Joey?!
 Joey: You betcha, the one and only!
 Ross: Wow!'d move back too?
 Joey: To be with you guys? You bet!
 Chandler: Well, guess that's a yes, then...
 Ross: That's great!
 Chandler: I guess we'll talk to you later...
 Ross: Yeah! Wow, it'll be all of us together again!
 Joey: Yipee!!!
 Scene: Rachel's studio
 Rachel is sitting, sketching a gown design.
 Rachel: (to herself) Too much sequins...? Yeah, too much. Okay, we're going for sleek and sheer...long...(draws and erases) Hmm...
 Ross: (appears at her door) Can I come in?
 Rachel: Oh! Yeah, sure!
 Ross: Rach, why didn't you stay at my place?
 Rachel: Well, I guess I'm...not big on change. So I'm gonna be with Mon...just like the old days...
 Ross: I don't get it. Do you not like Sharlee or something?
 Rachel: Who's "Sharlee"?
 Ross: Charlotte.
 Rachel: Oh. Her.
 Ross: Well?
 Rachel: No, she's's just that...
 Ross: What?
 Rachel: It's hard, Ross! Living with you and your girlfriend? I used to be your girlfriend, don't you remember? I couldn't take it, it's too awkward.
 Ross: Are you sure?
 Rachel: Yeah. I'm sorry, but I'll be fine in my old room. I miss it here. It's great to be home.
 Ross: Yeah...(looks at her)
 Rachel: What? Is there something in my teeth? (runs her tongue over her teeth)
 Ross:'s just you. There's something different about you.
 Rachel: It's the dress...It's new.
 Ross: No, not that. Success, maybe? You're gorgeous, Rachel.
 Rachel: Thank you. (sighs) Wanna see what I'm doing?
 Ross: Sure. (looks over her shoulder)
 Rachel: See, this is the veil...and the dress. It needs something...
 Ross: Uh, how about...a train? You know, maybe transparent or something?
 Rachel: Hmm...(sketches it) Yeah, that'll work! Thanks, Ross! (kisses his cheek) That just spared me a migraine and an aspirin! (laughs to herself)
 Ross: You wanna go and grab a cup of coffee? Looks like you could use it.
 Rachel: Sure!
 Scene: The next day, outside Central Perk
 Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, and Charlotte are walking together.
 Charlotte: I'll call a cab.
 Rachel: I'm telling ya, Mon, it's perfect! You'll love it! I worked extra
hard designing this one for you. I'm calling it "The Elegance of Monica".
 Monica: Really? I have a gown named after me?! That's so cool!
 Charlotte: Here, guys, we've got a cab. (they all get in it, Charlotte, Phoebe, and Monica in the backseat, Rachel in the front with the driver)
 Phoebe: So tell me, Rach, what got you into the whole "wedding gown" area?
 Rachel: I don't know. I was experimenting with different things, and, poof! I was really good at it, and I got really into it. And here I am today, running my own corporation...
 (pause) Oh my God!!
 Scene: Ross' apartment
 Chandler and Joey are there, and the three are having a "guys night in", watching corny movies and such. The phone rings, and Ross leans over to answer it.
 Ross: (picks up phone) Hello? (pause) WHAT??!! Oh my God! Okay, I'll...I'll be right there. Thank you...bye. (hangs up phone, has a stunned expression on his face) Guys, this is NOT good. I just got a phone call from the hospital...and there's been an accident. Rachel, Monica, Charlotte, Phoebe, and the cab driver were all hurt. Rachel and Monica got it the worst...Charlotte made it out with only a broken arm and bruised rib...and Phoebe got a dislocated thumb and broken leg.
 Chandler: What about Monica and Rachel? What happened to them?
 Ross: (clears his throat) Well, um, Monica is in the E.R. She has a fractured skull, and some broken bones. She's conscious, though, thank God. But...Rachel...
 Joey: What?
 Ross: Rachel was in the front seat. She has a...a punctured lung, and internal bleeding. To top it off, she's unconscious...maybe a coma...(voice cracks and falters) The doctors aren't sure...if...well, she's injured so badly that she
 Joey: Oh my God.
 Chandler: We gotta get to the hospital right away. Oh, man...(they all grab their coats and leave)
 Scene: Hospital
 Ross, Chandler, and Joey run into the waiting room, as Charlotte and Phoebe are being wheeled into the room.
 Joey: (runs to Phoebe) Pheebs!
 Phoebe: Joey! You're back! (takes a hold of his hand)
 Ross: (goes to Charlotte) Sharlee, are you okay?
 Charlotte: Yeah, I'm fine...oh, but my head is killing me. They say we can go home...will you take me?
 Ross: I wish I could, but Rachel and Monica...
 Charlotte: What happened to them? They wouldn't tell us...
 Ross: Monica's conscious, but she'll need some definite recovery...and...Rachel may...die...
 Charlotte: Oh my God...that sucks...
 Ross: No kidding! I'm gonna stay here...Joey, can you take them home?
 Joey: Yeah, no problem...(the three say goodbye and leave)
 Ross: (to receptionist) Okay, do you know where a Miss Rachel Green is? Or a Miss Monica Geller?
 Receptionist (the name's long, so I'll call her Meg): Um...Monica Geller is in room 243...and Rachel Green is in room 760...I'm afraid Miss Green can only have one visitor for now. Any immediate family?
 Ross: Well...I'm her ex-husband...
 Meg: That's alright, then, you can visit her...but she'll be here for quite some time. Perhaps you might like to stay with her overnight?
 Ross: Yeah...yeah, I'll do that.
 Chandler: I'll visit Mon.
 Ross: Yeah, I'll see to Rach...(to Meg) Thanks...(Meg hands him some kind of a pass/ID card thing)
 Meg: You'll need this to pass to her room.
 Ross: Thanks again. (they leave to the 2 rooms)
 Scene: Monica's hospital room
 Chandler: (knocks on the door) Knock, knock...can I come in?
 Monica: (weakly) Chandler! You're here!
 Chandler: do you feel?
 Monica: Not real head...
 Chandler: Yeah...I wanted to talk to you about something, but maybe now's not the best time.
 Monica: No, go ahead.
 Chandler: What's this I hear about you and Richard getting married?
 Monica: (looks away) Oh, that...
 Chandler: Do you really want to?
 Monica: Of course I do!
 Chandler: Okay...
 Monica: Why?
 Chandler: Ya know...I was...just wondering, I guess.
 Monica: No...(peers closely at him) Oh my God, you still love me!
 Chandler: What?! (in his Chandler-like way, when you know you're right, and he's pathetically trying to hide it...)!
 Monica: Yu-huh, you still love me!
 Chandler: Nu-uh...okay okay. You got me. Yeah, Mon, I haven't been able to
stop think about you. I got a divorce because of you.
 Monica: I don't know what to say. I think...I'm gonna go to sleep. (she closes her eyes and turns the other way. We see Chandler slap his own forehead. We then see Monica open her eyes and glance out the window, and sigh to herself.
 Scene: Rachel's hospital room
 Rachel is hooked up to a respirator and has a lot of tubes and wires connected, along with a heart monitor. Ross looks shocked when he sees all this. He walks into her room and gently places down a small pair of lobsters. Ring a bell? Although to him, it's just a fond memory. He sits and clears his throat.
 Ross: The doctors told me that you can still hear me, even though you're in a coma. So, uh, here goes. Well, um, okay. It's like, you JUST got here. I finally am with you again. Rach, these years have been hell without you here. You just got back, and it's like, now I might lose you forever. I can't even think about what that would be like. (laughs to himself) Huh, funny thing is...I got in here cuz I'm your ex-husband. Now that I think more about it...I kinda wish we hadn't gotten divorced, ya know? I mean, it's YOU, Rach. (pause) Well, I'm gonna stay by your side every day till you wake'll make it, Rachel, you will. (Savage Garden's "I Knew I Loved You" starts playing softly in the background. Ross takes her hand and looks really confused...) (whispers) Am I falling for you AGAIN?!
 Scene: Monica's apartment
 Joey leads Phoebe and Charlotte in and sits down; flicks the TV on. Charlotte lays down on the couch and Phoebe goes into Rachel's room and closes the door.
 Joey: Hey Pheebs, ya sure it's ok if you go in there?
 Phoebe: What do I care? It's not like she's coming home anytime soon. (pause, comes back out) I'm going into Monica's room--there's no bed in here!
 Scene: the next morning, Rachel's hospital room.
 Ross is sleeping in a chair, his head bobbing up and down. As he wakes up, he glances intensly at Rachel and gets "that look"...ya know, seeing her hooked up to so much. He stands up, gently brushes a strand of hair behind her ear, and kisses her cheek.
 Ross: Please wake up, Rach...I couldn't live without you. (looks at her again, then starts to leave) I'll be back really soon, I just need to get breakfast...don't think I'm leaving you, Rachel, cuz I'll never, EVER leave you.
 Scene: Monica's hospital room
 Monica is lying in bed, her eyes open. Chandler comes into her room, stirring a cup of coffee.
 Chandler: (takes a sip, gets a disgusted look on his face) This coffee tastes like CRAP!
 Monica: (slightly laughs) And you JUST discovered that?
 Chandler: Uh...(sets the cup down) Can I get anything for you? Fluff your pillows? Bring you ice chips?
 Monica: Chandler, I'm not in labor, I'm in the hospital. That's all.
 Chandler: Oh, right, so...scratch the ice chips.
 Monica: Uh...could you maybe...bring me the newspaper? And an update on Rachel...maybe?
 Chandler: (hands her the paper, but shakes his head.) Sorry, but only Ross can see Rachel.
 Monica: Why Ross?
 Chandler: He's the "ex"...
 Monica: Oh. Is he still there?
 Chandler: I'm not sure. I think I saw him down at the cafeteria.
 Monica: That's so sweet! He spent the night with Rachel, and she's unconscious...
 Chandler: Hey, hey! I spent the night here too!
 Monica: Oh, thanks then!
 Scene: Rachel's hospital room
 Ross is standing by her bed, just looking at her, then he starts to cry.
 Ross: Okay, Rach, I know this isn't easy for you...cuz it's really killing me. I can't see you like this...and it's really made me think. I miss "us"...I don't know how you feel, or if I'll ever get an answer from you. The doctors tell me you aren't doing any better...and if you get any worse, they say it would only be humane to take you off life support. I can't do that, Rachel...I can't! But if you're suffering, I'll have to. So Rachel, if this is goodbye...(cries harder, leans over and kisses her lips) goodbye. (he looks at her again, then turns around and sits in the chair, looking at his feet. He looks up, then down, and suddenly, stunned, up again...we see Rachel's eyes gently fluttering open!!! Yay!!! He stands up...
 Ross: Rachel?! Rach!!!!
 Rachel: R...Ro...Ross...
 Ross: Oh my God...I'll be right back...(runs out, calling the doctor excitedly...Dr. Turner comes in, and smiles, completely shocked)
 Doc: Rachel, you're awake, you're conscious!
 Ross: I just...
 Doc: I don't know what you did, Ross, but whatever it was, it made her fight to live...
 Ross: Wow...really?
 Doc: Yeah, it's kinda rare among coma patients, but it looks like you did the right I said, she can hear you when you talk to her...
 Ross: Yeah, yeah...I talked a lot...
 Doc: I have to go...I'll pop in on her, and we'll move her to recovery. She'll be just fine now, Mr. can stay with her, and talk to her, but let her rest, too.
 Ross: Yeah...thank you, Doctor...(she leaves, he turns to Rachel and takes her hand) Rachel..
 Rachel: is Mon...Monica?
 Ross: She's fine; Chandler's with her now.
 Rachel: Where is every...everyone?
 Ross: They only let me in...I've stayed with you night and day, don't know how happy I am now...
 Rachel: I heard what you said, Ross...
 Ross: I can't help it...ever since you came back, I can't get you out of my mind...
 Rachel: I don't know what to say. I mean, you and Charlotte really have something special...the accident kinda...put things into perspective for me...and I don't want to be the kind of person to get in the way of something like this. Just think about it, Ross...please.
 Ross: (looks longingly at her) Alright.