The One With The All The Time That Has Passed, Part 2

*If you haven't read part 1, you DEFINITELY should before going on with this one*

scene: Rachel's hospital room
Ross is sitting in a chair, holding Rachel's hand. The doctor is standing, going over some things.
Doc: Okay. Now, Rachel's body has been through a lot of trauma and it will take a great deal of recovering. You will be able to go home tomorrow, but I'm afraid you won't be able to work for a while. You need to relax, I dunno, go out with your boyfriend or friends, something to take your mind off the accident.
Rachel: I don't have a boyfriend. Could we go to Central Park and stuff?
Doc: Yes, get some fresh air. Just drink a lot of water and sit down every so often.
Ross: That seems ok...
Rachel: Yeah.
Doc: You seem to be doing fine, Rachel. I'll see you tomorrow before you're discharged.
Rachel: Thank you, Doctor. (she leaves, Rachel sighs) No work...I can't live without my work!
Ross: But you get to spend some more time with us.
Rachel: (looks at him, makes a face) How long have you been wearing those clothes?!
Ross: Well, I've been with you ever since you came here.
Rachel: Ross! Go home...change, shower...(soft) I can't believe you've been with me all this time.
Ross: Yeah, well...
Rachel: Thanks. (pause) Go on, Ross!
Ross: Yeah, okay.
Rachel: I'll see you soon, then.
Ross: Alright. (leans over and kisses her cheek. Their faces stay close for a few seconds and they just stare longingly at each other. Their faces inch closer and closer together and their lips meet, kind of a soft brush against their lips. Ross tries to kiss her again, but she pulls away)
Rachel: No, Ross, you're dating Charlotte...we can't do this.
Ross: Why? I'll break up with her, I promise...I want there to be an "us" Rachel.
Rachel: Ross, we've already been through this. I can't.
Ross: But Rachel...
Rachel: Just go, Ross. Go home to HER. She was in the accident too, you know.
Ross: (pause, looks defeated) Fine. (he goes, she looks hurt)
Rachel: (to herself) Come on, Ross. You know we can't.

scene: Monica's apartment
Monica is lying on the couch...yes, they discharged her. She has a cell phone on her lap, and she keeps looking at it, and out the window...she finally takes a deep breath and calls...we don't know who...
Monica: Hi, it's me...(ooh, the tension...who is it?!)

scene: Ross' apartment
Charlotte's lying on the couch, watching TV and munching on some chips. Ross comes in. She makes a face.
Charlotte: Where the heck have you BEEN, Ross?! I've been worried SICK about you!
Ross: (yawns) With Rachel...
Charlotte: For over a week?! You didn't even call! I thought you were dead or something!
Ross: Please, Charlotte, I'm really not in the mood...
Charlotte: (cuts him off) Not in the mood?! Ross, I'm sorry, but you scared me to death! Did you even think about how I might feel?!
Ross: I'm sorry, don't have to be so touchy!
Charlotte: You know what Ross, I'm leaving...why don't YOU call me when YOU grow up...(she glares and starts leaving)
Ross: Yeah, well...I think we should break up!
Charlotte: (stands, shocked, looking like she's been slapped...kinda whispers) What?
Ross: I'm sorry, Charlotte, you're a great person and all...but my heart belongs to someone else.
Charlotte: (glares) Who?
Ross: I really don't want to say...
Charlotte: (thinks, then looks mad...soft and angry) Is it that...that Rachel girl?!
Ross: Well...(looks away, guilty)
Charlotte: Yes, it is!!! I can't believe you would do this to me!!!
Ross: Look, I really don't want to...but when I was in that hospital with her...I just...
Charlotte: (cuts him off again) Listen, I don't want to hear anything about her! I'm going...goodbye Ross...I'll start looking for an apartment first thing in the morning. (she leaves...Ross looks at the phone and reaches for it...then he gets it...and...)
Scene!!: (hehehe, knew I'd do another cliffhanger thing, right?) :) Monica's apartment
Rachel comes into the living room from her room, rubbing her forehead and looks at Monica who has the phone up to her ear.
Rachel: Mon, what are you doing?
Monica: Nothing! (into phone) I gotta go...bye. (quickly hangs up) So how are you feeling?
Rachel: Ugh...confused...I didn't sleep a wink last night...
Monica: Why?
Rachel: Well...I talked to Ross...and he said he still loves me and he'd break up with Charlotte for me...
Monica: That's so great for you guys!
Rachel: But I told him's not right, I'd feel too bad.
Monica: But he just can't stay with someone he doesn't love!
Rachel: That's why I'm so confused! I love him too...but...
Monica: But what?!
Rachel: I don't know Mon, I don't know!
Monica: Rachel...
Rachel: No, we can't! Okay, just live with it! It's not gonna happen.
Monica: Fine, but when you're miserable, don't come crawling to me, crying about it. Okay?
Rachel: (Starts sobbing) No...I love him, I can't help it, I do! It's just, he was so sweet, and he stayed with me for a week...and I just can't forget about what it was like when we were dating...and I love him, Mon, I love him!
Monica: (puts her arm around her) Honey, tell him that, he doesn't love Charlotte, so why shouldn't you be together?!
Rachel: I don't know...I'm just so confused!!!

scene: Ross' apartment
Ross: (picks up the phone) Hello?
Voice: Yes, Ross...okay...this is Charlotte...
Ross: but you just left!
Charlotte: I know, I'm on my cell phone. I just wanted to say that you should go and get Rachel...well, what I mean, is ask her out again...I can see that she loves you, every time she looks at you, I can see it in her eyes. I want you to be happy, Ross, I really do...and so, I just wanted to say...go and get her; be happy.
Ross: I don't really know what to say, Charlotte...but...thank you. For this past year...and for everything. I'm sorry it didn't work out.
Charlotte: Goodbye, Ross. (they both hang up)

scene: Monica's apartment
Rachel: (sitting on the window seat, looking over at Ross' apartment. suddenly, he comes to the window...) Oh, Ross...(he waves enthusiastically, and she smiles a bit and waves a little, Ross smiles holds his hand up like it's a phone, then mouths "I'm gonna call you. He disappears from the window and returns holding his phone. Rachel's phone rings, she gets it) Hi Ross. *we cut both to Ross and Rachel so we can hear what they're saying*
Ross: Rach, Charlotte and I just broke up.
Rachel: Ross...
Ross: I wanna be with you, Rachel. I love you...
Rachel: (smiles a little and leans back in the window seat) I don't know what to say, Ross.
Ross: Please say you'll give us a chance.
Rachel: I like how things are now, Ross...being friends with the close relationship we've got.
Ross: But remember how good it was when we were together?! That was the best time I've ever had in my life.
Rachel: (looks shocked) What did you say?
Ross: Rachel, please, I love you.
Rachel: (pause) Give me some time to think. (pause again) Goodbye. (hangs up, looks at the phone with a pained expression on her face) Ross, why do you have to do this to me?

scene: Phoebe and Mike's apartment
Phoebe is sitting on the couch, her guitar in her lap. Leslie (played by the Pepsi girl), Baby Chandler (played by the little girl in "Madeline"), and Frank Jr. Jr. (played by the little kid from "Big Daddy") are sitting on the floor in front of her.
Frank Jr. Jr. Come on Aunt Phoebe, play something!
Phoebe: Okay, okay, okay...(clears her throat and sings) I found you in my bed...How'd you wind up there? You are a mystery...
Kids: Little black curly hair!
Alice: (runs in from the kitchen) Phoebe, not THAT one! Sing the one about the cat!
Little Chandler: Ohhhh, but we like that one Mom!
Frank Jr. Jr. and Leslie: Yeah!
Phoebe: Come on, now...(sings) Smelly Cat, Smelly cat...(motions for kids to continue)
Kids: What are they feeding you?
Phoebe & Kids: Smelly cat, smelly cat, it's not your fault!

scene: Chandler & Joey's apartment
Chandler's on the couch watching Looney Toons with Brandon. (for those who didn't read part one, Brandon is his son and is played by the kid from Jerry McGwire & Stuart Little) Joey's at an audition. There's a buzz at the door.
Chandler: (gets up to answer it, Brandon does a really cute version of Bugs Bunny's "What's up, Doc?", Chandler smiles) Yeah, who is it? Person: It's me.
Chandler: Mon?
Mon: Can I come up?
Chandler: Uh, yeah...(goes over to Brandon) Hey son, would you mind playing in your room for a little while?
Brandon: (shrugs) Okay, Daddy. (leaves making car noises, there's a knock at the door)
Chandler: (answers it, it's obviously Monica) Hey...(she kisses him passionately) Okay...hello to you too...
Monica: I couldn't help it...I can't live without you, Chandler! (they kiss again)
Chandler: (hugs her and smells her hair) Oh, you don't know how long I've been waiting to hear you say that!!! (they smile and rub noses...aww, such a cute moment!)
Monica: So are we back together?
Chandler: Oh, you'd better believe it! (takes her into a powerful and passionate kiss, she giggles)

scene: Joey's audition
Joey: (is holding a script & reading it) Kaitlin, I can't live without the (looks up and gets a thoughtful look on his face) the scent of your piercing eyes and the sight of your perfume...wait, that's not right...
Director guy: Next?

scene: Rachel's room
She's holding a love bug (from "TOW all the jealousy") and has photos of her and Ross spread around her on her bed. She keeps looking at them lovingly, picking various ones up and glancing at them. There's a knock at the door, she throws the stuff on the floor and shoves it all under her bed)
Rachel: Who...who is it?
Voice: It's me.
Rachel: (pause, kinda quietly) Fine, come in.
Ross: (comes in, closes the door behind him, sits beside her on the bed) So...
Rachel: So.
Ross: Listen, Rach...
Rachel: I don't want to hear it! (turns her back to him, and we see her brush a falling tear from her cheek)
Ross: But, I can't help how I feel, and I'm not gonna give up until you come to your senses!
Rachel: (turns around) Ross, I...
Ross: (cuts her off) You're crying?!
Rachel: Oh, uh...I just...chopped onion, yeah, that's right!
Ross:'re crying...over me?
Rachel: NO!!!!
Ross: It's because of me...
Rachel: No it's not...maybe...I just...(Ross leans over and wipes another tear from her cheek with his thumb. He takes her face in his hands and they look longingly at one another. Then he kisses her. They break, and SHE leans over and kisses him back! They just keep kissing and kissing and fall on the bed kissing...)

scene: Later, Monica and Rachel's apartment
Monica and Chandler come in, laughing.
Monica: Ah, thank God Joey came back to BABYSIT!!! (they kiss) Let me just tell Rachel not to come into my room...I'll sure be busy...(giggles and walks into Rachel's room; scene cuts to Rachel's room. Ross and Rachel are asleep together under the covers in her bed...apparently something...happened...ya know what I mean?) OH MY GOD!!! (Rachel wakes up and groans)
Rachel: Monica, you're back? Oh, God...
Monica: This is how you and my brother get back together?!
Rachel: Listen, it won't happen again...MOM...I was really confused and it just...happened. I didn't intend on it.
Monica: But, Rachel, every time you're confused, you can't make Ross think you wanna get back together unless you really DO! Think about what this is gonna do for your friendship!
Rachel: Yeah, well look at you and Chandler! This is how YOU started! So you're one to talk!
Monica: Yeah, well...fine then...I'll leave you two "lovebirds" alone. (slams the door, and Rachel, exasperated, leans back on the pillow and turns toward the window. *Her back is to Ross*)
Ross: (begins massaging her back) Hi honey...
Rachel: Oh my God...Ross.
Ross: So, are we back...ya know, back together?
Rachel: No...maybe...I...I don't think we CAN be.
Ross: After last night?!
Rachel: I know, last night was...was great...but it was a mistake.
Ross: A mistake?
Rachel: Yes...I'm supposed to be angry at you. I mean, you SLEPT...
Ross: (cuts her off) I'm sick of hearing that, Rachel! You know how sorry I am. You know how I feel about you! So it's really up to you. What do YOU want?! Don't keep leading me on like's wrong.
Rachel: Just give me a little time...please.
Ross: Fine. You know I'll wait for you. I'd better tell Monica I'm going. (the 2 get dressed, and we see him walk out the door, pause) GET OFFA MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monica, you're ENGAGED! And you...don't even START me with you!!!

scene: Central Perk, the next day.
Rachel is sitting, alone, at the counter, sipping a cappucino.
Rachel: Gunther, can I ask you a question?
Gunther: (runs over, excited) Yes, Rachel?
Rachel: I've kinda got a problem. You know how Ross and I broke up?
Gunther: (a little too happily) Yeah! (clears his throat after she gives him a hurt look) Oh, I mean, yeah.
Rachel: Well, he wants to get back together, and I don't know if we should or not. I mean, God knows I want to...but...I'm just really confused! What should I do?
Gunther: (firmly) Don't.
Rachel: Why not?
Gunther: Because you shouldn't. He slept with another woman, Rachel! You don't deserve that at all. Who says he won't do it again?! (*don't you just hate how Gunther can be so insensitive?! Even though it's sometimes funny...*)
Rachel: I don't know...I mean, it's Ross!!!
Gunther: Exactly. (under his breath) Scum! (Ross enters, Gunther rushes up to him) Get out. (holds up that sign, "We Reserve the Right to refuse service to Anyone")
Ross: What? But I'm ALWAYS in here!
Gunther: I don't care. Get out. (starts pushing Ross away, Rachel looks up and notices. Gunther puches Ross)
Rachel: GUNTHER!!! (runs to Ross, who has his hand over his nose) Oh my God, Ross, are you okay? (to Gunther) Why did you do that?! He wasn't doing anything wrong! (helps Ross up and sits with him on the couch) Here, let me see that...(Ross takes his hands off of his nose and it's bleeding.) Oh, a tissue and hands it to him)
Ross: Thanks Rach.
Rachel: (looks long and hard at him, with his head back in a ridiculous position) Ross?
Ross: Yeah?
Rachel: I love you. (kisses him)
Ross: (stunned) Huh?
Rachel: I love you so much, Ross...and I'm sorry for ever hurting you.
Ross: What made you realize that?
Rachel: I don't know...the fact that Gunther hit you for no apparent ridiculous you look right now...(laughs)
Ross: I love you too, Rachel! (kisses her and laughs too)
Rachel: (smiling, after a pause) So should we tell everyone?
Ross: We probably should...after all, here we are again...
Rachel: Okay. Are you sure you're alright?
Ross: Yeah, now that I'm with you. (*aww, how sweet!*)

scene: Monica and Rachel's apartment
Monica and Chandler are making out on the couch, when Phoebe and Joey walk in.
Phoebe: Ewww, I don't wanna see this! (covers her eyes)
Joey: You're back together?! What happened to Richard?
Chandler: What do YOU think, Einstein?!
Monica: I broke up with Richard. (to Chandler) Well, that spoils OUR plans for the night.
Joey: No, no, keep going, I'll watch!
P, C, & M: Joey, gross! (R&R walk backwards through the door, kissing and already getting pretty...steamy...)
Phoebe: You, too?!
Joey: Pheebs, since everyone ELSE is pairing up, ya wanna go out with me?
Phoebe: What? What about Mike?
Joey: Oh yeah...(sheepishly) I forgot.
Monica: You're together?!
Rachel: Yeah...Monica, did you break up with Richard? (she nods) Oh, so I guess my wedding gown won't be put to use...(to Ross) uh, honey, do you wanna go to YOUR place?
Ross: Good idea. Bye guys!
Rachel: See ya! (they leave, kissing)
Monica: Hey, Chandler, that sounds like a good idea, do you wanna go to YOUR place?
Chandler: (pause) Bye Pheebs, bye Joey! (they leave too)
Phoebe: So what do ya wanna do, Joey?
Joey: We could eat!
Phoebe: Eating's good!

scene: Ross and Rachel's apartment
Ross and Rachel are together on the couch, cuddling. :)
Rachel: Ross, I'm so glad we worked things out. We sure haven't done THAT lately...
Ross: NOOOO, we haven't...(kisses Rachel)...but I'm glad we did!
Rachel: Ohhhh, me too. (pause) I can't believe Monica broke things off with Richard!
Ross: I can't believe I'm dating a celebrity!
Rachel: (laughs) Ross, when I got here, you didn't even know what my work was! And I'd HARDLY call myself a celebrity!
Ross: I're a talented artist...brilliant designer...wonderful, gorgeous, caring, sensitive person...
Rachel: (cuts him off) And I have THE best boyfriend EVER!!! (laughs) You may be a paleontologist, PROFESSOR Geller, but you certainly don't seem it.
Ross: Huh?
Rachel: Hey, are you boring? (pause) Well, that might not be the best question to ask...(they laugh) You're a true always know the right things to say at just the right times! (she smiles)
Ross: Wow...I'm really quite touched, Rachel!
Rachel: God, Ross, I was kidding!
Ross: (frowns) Oh.
Rachel: (laughs) Oh my God, you are SOOOO gullible! Of course I was telling the truth! (he smiles, a little embarrassed) I soooo had you!
Ross: I was acting. You never fooled me for a second!
Rachel: Did so!
Ross: No...
Rachel: (gets up and starts chasing him around the room, the 2 of them arguing playfully. They end up in the exact same position as "TO at the Beach"...only this time they end up kissing) I love you...
Ross: Shh...(kisses her again, and we fade out as Mandy Moore's "I wanna be with you" starts to play...this song is perfect for Ross and Rachel, at least I think so! If you haven't heard it, go and listen to it, cuz it's soooo good!) :)

scene: Ross' Museum
Ross is sitting, talking with a fellow paleontologist, who we'll dub "Ken" after my 4th grade teacher, Ken Hine, who is virtually my role model in every way!!! *Luv ya Mr. Hine, thanks for everything!* I'd say Ken would be played by Tom, Mr. Hine, I'm not joking, I really think Tom Cruise should play your part! hehehe :)
Ken: So, how're things for you and Charlotte?
Ross: We broke up.
Ken: (stunned) Oh, man, I'm sorry.
Ross: Don't just wasn't meant to be, y'know? Anyway, I'm dating this...
Ken: (cuts him off) You're dating again already?
Ross: Well, she's the ideal girlfriend. She's smart, and funny, drop-dead gorgeous...and not to mention, she's famous!
Ken: Who is she?
Ross: Rachel Green.
Ken: Stop pulling my leg. Rachel Green, the fashion designer, is going out with you? Yeah, right, in your dreams! She could have BRAD PITT if she wanted!
Ross: I know, but, I'm not lying, I'm seriously going out with her!
Ken: Gail always throws a fit whenever she sees one of those Satin 'N Silk gowns...I could never afford those, they cost a fortune!
Ross: Get over it man, it's really happening to ME!
Ken: Yeah, well, I'll believe it when I SEE it.
Ross: Fine. She should actually be here any minute. We're going out to lunch together. I'm really thinking she might be..."the one".
Ken: (laughs) Oh, sure, you're gonna propose to worldwide famous Rachel Green...hello, earth to Geller! People magazine put her as #2 on the "Hottest Celebrities" list...she broke a record cuz she's not even an actress or singer! How blind can YOU be?!
Ross: Whatever, Ken...(they go back to work, Rachel appears at the door and knocks) Well, would ya look at that?! Here she is NOW!! (Ken just has his mouth hanging open...)
Rachel: (kisses Ross passionately) Hey you...(pause, looks at Ken) Who's this?
Ross: Oh, Ken, this is Rachel, Rachel, this is Ken.
Rachel: (sticks out her hand) Pleasure to meet you!
Ken: Wow, the pleasure's ALL mine! (pause, nervously) Could...could I have your autograph for my fiance?
Rachel: Sure! (signs a piece of paper, hands it to Ken)
Ken: Wow, Gail's not gonna believe this one!!! (turns around, just staring at it)
Rachel: Well, sweetie, ya ready to go?
Ross: Sure! (puts his arm around her)
Rachel: It was very nice meeting you, Ken.
Ken: Yeah...same here! (she smiles and they leave)

scene: Museum cafeteria
The segregation thing still exists at this time. Ross goes and sits down with the white coats, ushering Rachel over.
Ross: (to white coats) Uh, guys, we're gonna have a visitor at our table.
Rachel: (points to middle table) Why not that one? There are plenty of seats there.
Ross: (laughs) No, honey, you don't wanna sit there.
Rachel: Why not?
Ross: Gift shop.
Rachel: So? What's the matter?
Ross: Well, it's just a known rule! Only white coats sit with white coats, and blue blazers sit with blue blazers, and gift shop sit together.
Rachel: (looks coldly at him) Well, I don't have a white coat on...
Ross: No, but you're my girlfriend.
Rachel: Oh, thank you! That makes everything different!
Ross: Well, it's just a known rule!
Rachel: Well, since I don't have a "white coat" on, I think I'll sit RIGHT HERE at the middle table. (sits, gift shop people look in awe of her. Ross looks between Rachel and the white coats) Ross!!!
Middle table
lady: Hey, aren't you Rachel Green? I saw you on the cover of "Vogue" magazine! Another
lady: Yeah, me too!
Rachel: (blushes) Yeah...
Middle table lady: And you're sitting with US?
Rachel: Why shouldn't I?
Another lady: Cuz you're a celebrity!
Rachel: Really, I'm not...I'd be very happy to sit at your table! (the two ladies look at each other and giggle. All the blue blazers and white coats look at one another and cram into the middle table, leaving Ross standing, alone) Well, Ross, rules can change...(looks coldly at him and starts talking with museum workers)
Ross: Rachel...(tries kissing her cheek, but she turns her head like she did in "TO Where Noone's ready")
Rachel: (to a man in a blue blazer) Who did you say this was to?
Man in B.B.: Eliza.
Rachel: Alright...To Eliza...(signs a paper, hands it to him)

Man in B.B.: Thanks sooo much, Miss Green!
Ross: Where am I supposed to sit?!
Rachel: That table, right over there. I just don't get you, Ross. (Ken enters and sees Rachel pointing bitterly to another table, he bursts out laughing)
Ken: Told ya it wouldn't last, Geller! (exits, laughing. Ross glares at the door, puts his tray down, and puts a hand on Rachel's shoulder)
Ross: Rach, I'm sorry.
Rachel: (looks guilty, puts a hand to her forehead, and sighs) Me too. (she gets up, they kiss, and the whole cafeteria applauds) Cafeteria people: Yay, go Ross, go Miss Green! Alright! etc (they smile and we cut to 5 months later)

scene: Ross & Rachel's apartment (yes, she moved in with him)
Rachel is sitting (at night) by the dim light of a desk lamp, sketching another wedding gown. Ross comes up behind her and massages her back, but she looks sick...
Ross: (notices) Honey, are you okay?
Rachel: I'm not sure...I feel pretty sick...(gets up and runs to the bathroom)
Ross: (worried) Honey?!

scene: Central Perk, the next day.
Everyone is there except Rachel, who is at work. Ross, Monica, and Phoebe are on the couch, Chandler is in the comfy chair, and Joey is at the small table. Ross is really quiet and keeps staring at his coffee cup.
Monica: What's the matter, Ross?
Ross: Rachel is acting really funny...she's been sick a lot lately. I'm getting really worried about her!
Phoebe: Yeah, her aura's been kinda out of wack lately...(everyone stares at her) What?
Monica: Have you talked to her about it?
Ross: She either snaps at me, or starts crying, or is all nothing's the matter.
Phoebe: (chews on her hair) That's funny.
Ross: What is?
Phoebe: Well, I was just like that when I was pregnant.
Ross: (laughs) You think Rachel's pregnant?!
Phoebe: Hmm...kinda, yeah.
Monica: That DOES make sense...she's having mood swings, and she's sick...
Joey: Yeah, that DOES!
Chandler: Wow, something actually makes SENSE to JOEY?!?!?!?!?!
Ross: No, you guys, you're wrong. We've been REALLY careful.
Monica: There's never a complete guarantee, no matter HOW careful you are.
Phoebe: She's pregnant! (all agree and are talking excitedly)
Ross: You guys, she's not pregnant! You're dilusional or something. (Rachel walks in, and Ross kisses her cheek)
Rachel: Really, sweetie, I'm just not up for it right now.
Ross: What?
Rachel: You mean you don't it?
Ross: No!!!! You got THAT from a kiss on the cheek?!
Rachel: (starts crying) See? I'm just so confused lately, and I'm not pretty enough...
Ross: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You are THE MOST gorgeous woman I've ever seen!
Rachel: No! Otherwise you'd want to do it with me!
Ross: Well, sure, if you want...
Rachel: Only cuz I asked! You see, nothing's going right for me anymore!!! (buries her face in Ross' chest and sobs. The gang mouths "pregnant" and "you see?", stuff like that.)
Ross: (whispers) Maybe...(Rachel continues to sob)

scene: Ross and Rachel's apartment
Ross is pacing, trying to think of what to say to Rachel. She comes in, holding her files and wearing very stylish glasses...(remember in "TOW Ross & Rachel...Ya Know" where Rachel said she wore glasses?)
Ross: Hi honey.
Rachel: What do you want?! (she's obviously in a very "snippy" mood)
Ross: I was thinking...maybe you should sit down for this. (she sits) You know how you've been sick lately? (she nods) And how you've had all those mood swings?!
Rachel: (stands) What?! I am soooooo not moody! (starts to cry again, in a whiny tone of voice) You think I'm moody!!!!!!!
Ross: Honey...I don't think you're moody...okay, here me out. (she nods and her chin trembles as she attempts at composing herself) I think you need to go to the doctor about it.
Rachel: What?!
Ross: Please, honey, I think there might be a possibility that you're pregnant.
Rachel: (stunned) WHAT?!
Ross: Rachel, please do it, for your best interest, PLEASE...
Rachel: Uh...I, I guess, if you really think it's necessary.
Ross: I do.
Rachel: Okay then...I'll make an appointment.

scene: Doctor's office.
Rachel is sitting in a chair, and Ross is sitting on the "spinning stool", spinning around on it.
Rachel: Honey...(Doc comes in)
Doc: Hello, Rachel Green, I presume? (she nods) And this would be Mr. Geller? (he looks ridiculous as he spins, she stares at him and clears her throat) Um, Mr. Geller, can I have my stool?
Ross: (stops spinning, kinda sheepish) Oh, sure. (pulls a chair up next to Rachel.
Doc: Now Rachel explained the situation to me, and I think it would be best to perform some tests. Okay?
Rachel: Sure, Doctor. (Ross nods)
Doc: Alright then, let's get started!

scene: Monica and Chandler's apartment (yes, he moved in again)
Brandon, Monica and Chandler are together on the floor, Phoebe and Joey are on the couch. Ross and Rachel come in, Rachel holding an envelope in her hand.
Monica: Did the results come today?
Ross: Yeah. (to Rachel) Do YOU wanna open it?
Rachel: You.
Ross: No, you...I can't, I'm too nervous.
Rachel: Fine...(takes envelope, takes the letter out and reads it)
Phoebe: What's it say? (she holds up a finger and keeps reading it)
Monica: Well?
Rachel: Oh my God...oh my guys...I'm gonna be a mother!!! (they all scream, the audience goes wild, Ross, hugs her and kisses her, and then they all have a giant group hug)

scene: a few months later, Monica and Chandler's apartment
Monica and Chandler are cuddling on the couch. Phoebe and Joey are together on the floor, Phoebe is reading his palm. Ross and Rachel (who is starting to show) come through the door, Rachel carrying a bunch of shopping bags from Baby Gap, Bloomingdale's, and Macy's. Ross is carrying a few from the Disney Store. (you'll see why, it's totally Ross!) :)
Monica: Have fun shopping without me?
Rachel: Mon, you didn't want to come! But, yeah, Ross and I had a GREAT time!
Ross: Yeah right! (she glares at him and he looks scared) Uhh...just kidding...heh heh heh...(she smiles and hugs him)
Phoebe: So what'd ya buy?
Joey: (excitedly) Did ya get me anything?!
Ross: Uh, no...
Joey: (disappointed and whiny) Ohhhh...
Rachel: (sits on the couch, Ross helps her down) Ross, I'm pregnant...I'm not gonna explode or anything!
Ross: Rach, the doctor said to take it easy, and I want to make sure that you and our baby are okay!
Rachel: (sighs) Okay, thanks. I love you. (they kiss)
Chandler: Okay, enough with that already!!!!
Monica: Come on, seriously, what'd you buy?
Rachel: Okay...(takes various items out of bags and holds them up...holds up a really fluffy brown teddy bear, Monica and Phoebe "ooh") Isn't this sooooo cute?! (continues, holding up baby blankets, booties, various baby toys, rattles, bottles, and bibs...Monica, Phoebe, and Joey go crazy, while Chandler pretends to sleep and Ross studies Rachel) This baby's gonna be spoiled rotten!!!
Joey: Okay, Ross, what'd YOU get?!
Ross: Uh, alright...(pulls out the Disney Store bags, and empties them, covering the coffee table with stuffed animals, clothes, and other miscellaneous items related to Disney's new movie "Dinosaur". It's SOOO Ross!!!) :)
Chandler: Oh, come on! (everyone groans but R&R, who kiss)
Rachel: Hey, lighten up, nobody's perfect! (Ross gets this look on his face like when he realized the "does it?" part in Rachel's letter in the episode "TOW the Jellyfish")

scene: The obstetrician's office
Rachel is lying on the examining table, wearing a hospital gown. Ross is sitting beside her, holding her hand. The doctor is applying this jelly onto her stomach area, then we see a sonogram of the baby.
Rachel: Oh...Ross...that's ours...
Ross: I know, it's amazing...
Doc: So have you decided to find out the sex of the baby yet?
Rachel: We want to know. (Ross nods)
Doc: Alright then...(*I don't really know what happens during these examinations, so bear with me, ok?* There are a bunch of beeps and a sheet is printed out with the results) Hmm...(looks at the screen, then looks back with a start)
Ross: What?
Doc: I don't believe this...this is so odd...
Rachel: (scared) What's wrong with my baby?!
Doc: Nothing...nothing's wrong...with your babies...
Rachel: Excuse me?
Doc: That's right...normally we would have identified it by now, I don't know why we haven't. But congratulations, you're going to be parents of twins!
Ross: Twi...twins? We're having...twins?!
Doc: That's right!
Rachel: Oh, honey, can you believe this?! (Ross just looks stunned) What are the sexes?
Doc: Well, it looks like it's two girls...
Rachel: (excited) Two girls?! Oh, Ross!!! (kisses his hand, he still looks stunned)

scene: Ross and Rachel's apartment
Rachel is sitting on the couch, reading a book of baby names. Ross walks in from the kitchen, wiping his hands on a towel.
Rachel: Honey, what do you think of Kaitlin?
Ross: Umm...I think I used to date a Kaitlin...yeah, she dumped me for Chandler.
Rachel: Sweetie, you never told me this!
Ross: Yeah, she was great...(starts daydreaming, Rachel glares at him) But she was nothing compared to you! (smiles guilty, sits, and kisses her cheek)
Rachel:, Kelly? (he shakes his head) Kerry? (shakes his head) Kristin? (shakes his head again) Kristina?
Ross: Let's stay away from the "k"s.
Rachel: Okay...(reads) Lane?
Ross: (bursts out laughing) Is that even a name?!
Rachel: Hey, it's what the book, I have a cousin named Lane. Stop laughing!
Ross: Okay...(tries to contain himself, but bursts out laughing again, she rolls her eyes)

scene: Central Perk
The whole gang is sitting around the coffee table.
Monica: I still can't believe you're having TWINS!!!
Rachel: I know, it's amazing!!! (Ross appears really thoughtful) Honey, are you okay?
Ross: Actually, no...(sighs, bends down on one knee) Rachel Karen Green...will you marry me?

OK, I know I said no continuations, but it's gotta be done. Sorry everyone!* :)