The One With All The Time That Has Passed Part 3

*First of all, I'd like to give a special thanks to Tina, Kristen, and Andrea
for all your help with these! Ya know how much I luv ya all!!! :)*
*Warning: This is a really dramatic if you hate drama, I wouldn't
read it. And again, if you hate R&R, I also wouldn't read it...*
*Alright, where we left off, Ross proposed to Rachel. Now I PROMISE, no more
continuations!!!!!!! So on with the fanfic!!! :)*
Ross: Rachel Karen Green, will you marry me? (the audience screams and goes
wild...I sure would!!!!!!)
Rachel: (is shocked and crying) Oh, Ross...(pause) Before I answer, I need to
know one thing. (he nods) Are you asking me this because I'm the mother of
our children?
Ross: Yes and no...I think you are the most spectacular person in the world,
and you're also carrying our babies...I mean, who WOULDN'T want you?!
Rachel: (cries harder and smiles) Yes! Yes, I'll marry you, Ross!!! (he gets
up and they hug and kiss, the audience goes even MORE crazy!!! The whole gang
is excited and touched...they have a group hug and stuff)
-Opening Credits-
Scene: Central Perk
Ross and Rachel are together on the couch. Rachel has a glass of water. Ross
is drinking a cappucino. They have a book between them and are reading
through it.
Ross: Okay, so we've narrowed it down to ten possibilities.
Rachel: Right.
Ross: Hmm, I dunno...I kinda like Lauren and McKayla...
Rachel: I like those names, too, but...oh, I got one, I got one!!!
Ross: What?
Rachel: Bethany! Oh, isn't it so pretty?! Bethany Geller...
Ross: Why don't you name one and I'll name the other?
Rachel: Okay, but make a good choice! (they work hard, writing down possible
names, and the rest of the gang comes in)
Joey: What are you 2 doing?
Rachel: Got mine!
Monica: What?
Ross: We're choosing names for our daughters. What's your name, honey?
Chandler: It's Chandler, what's yours?
Rachel: Okay...Bethany Elizabeth Geller.
Ross: I like it, it's really nice! (pause, thinks) Okay, got mine!
Rachel: What is it?
Ross: McKayla Rose Geller.
Rachel: Wow, that's great!
Monica: No fair! I want kids!!! (starts crying into Chandler's shoulder)
Ross: Don't worry, Mon...
Chandler: Yeah, if we get married, you'll have Brandon!
Monica: Yeah, where is he?
Chandler: (realization hits him that Brandon's not there) Good God, my son!
(gets up and rushes up, runs out of Central Perk, then comes back in) Oh,
that's right, he's in Salt Lake City with Kathy. (takes a deep breath) Thank
Scene: Monica and Chandler's apartment
Ross and Rachel are sitting together in the comfy chair, and Monica and
Chandler are cuddling on the couch. Phoebe's sitting, looking disgusted
beside them.
Phoebe: I hate couples...
Rachel: Pheebs, what about Mike?
Phoebe: Oh, right, we broke up.
All: What?
Phoebe: Yeah, we're done with, I'm single, finis kaput...
Monica: We're so sorry!
Phoebe: It's ok...(Monica hugs her)
Rachel: Honey, I'd get up and hug you, but I'm carrying my twins.
Ross: Yeah! (kisses her belly)
Rachel: Ross!
Phoebe: That's ok, I'll come to you!
Rachel: Yay! (Pheebs comes over and hugs Rachel)
Joey: (comes in) Hey!
All: Hi, hey Joey! etc
Joey: Guess what?!
All: What?
Joey: I got a date with this reeeeally hot girl...
Chandler: What else is new?
Monica: Chandler!
Phoebe: Tell us about her!
Joey: Okay, her name's Shelley. She and I met at an audition, she's this TV
Ross: And she's going out with you?
Joey: Yeah, she said I was really hot and asked ME out!!! I'm so happy! (gets
this look) But then again, who wouldn't want the Joey love?
Monica: Not me.
Rachel: Me neither. I want my Ross lovin'! (kisses his nose)
Phoebe: I dunno, he's a good kisser.
Joey: Really Pheebs? Ya wanna go out?
Phoebe: Joey, what about this Shelley girl?
Joey: Oh yeah.
Scene: Ross and Rachel's apartment, at night
Ross and Rachel are cuddling on the couch, and we see the TV screen as
"Stepmom" begins (SUCH a good movie, btw!!!!) Rachel begins crying.
Ross: Honey, what's wrong?
Rachel: It's the movie!!!
Ross: But we only saw the previews!
Rachel: Yeah, but I KNOW something sad's gonna happen!! (cries even harder)
Scene: R&R's apartment, later that night
We see the end credits of "Stepmom" and then we focus on the couch and floor,
which has tons of wadded-up tissues. Rachel sighs.
Ross: (looks oddly at Rachel) Um...honey...?
Rachel: Wow, what a movie! (pause) Do we have any ice cream?
Ross: Um...I think there's some cookie dough in the freezer...
Rachel: (bounces up, kinda perky) Thanks!!! (runs to the freezer, takes out
the ice cream and a spoon, and sits at the kitchen table eating it)
Ross: (skeptically) Good?
Rachel: Oh, yes, very good!!
Scene: C&M's apartment, the next morning
Rachel is at the table eating ice cream, wearing sweats. Ross comes in,
Ross: (calls) Mon, Chandler, have you seen...(sees Rachel) Rachel!!!
Rachel: (looks up) Hi...
Ross: Honey, where were you, you almost gave me a heart attack!
Rachel: Well, I AM here...
Ross: Yeah...eating ice cream?! But...(looks at his watch) It's 9 in the
Rachel: Yeah, so? I feel like it! (looks down at the ice cream, calls) Hey
Chandler, you're out of ice cream!
Chandler: (comes out of his and Monica's room) What? But we just bought 2
tubs yesterday...
Rachel: Well, they're gone now! (Ross and Chandler look at each other)
Scene: C&M's apartment, the next day
Rachel is sitting in the comfy chair (sketching a wedding gown), Ross is on
the couch along with Joey and Chandler. Monica's sitting on the floor near
Chandler, and Phoebe's sitting in the kitchen eating a salad.
Rachel: (looks at her sketch and smiles) All finished! Ya guys wanna see my
latest gown?
All: Sure, yeah! etc
Rachel: (holds it up) What do you think? Ta da! (we see the gown, which is
really very nice)
Ross: (looks carefully at it) I don't know, it's pretty good.
Rachel: (glares at him) PRETTY good...?!
Chandler: (stands up, nearly knocking Monica over) Uh-oh...
Rachel: My gown is PRETTY GOOD?!
Chandler: Ya know, I think I'm gonna get some coffee!
Rachel: (yells) Chandler, get BACK here!
Chandler: (scared) Uh, yes ma'am! (salutes)
Rachel: (we see Ross try sneaking away) Not so fast, mister!!! (he looks
guilty) I worked reeeeally hard on this gown, Ross, I was going to wear this
at our WEDDING!!! But if you're too much of a BIG SHOT to even think of all
the time and effort I put into this, you might realize that it's better than
"PRETTY GOOD"!!! I mean, I don't see YOU going and getting famous, huh? Am I
right?! TELL ME I'M RIGHT!!!
Ross: (scared, too) Yes, honey, you're right...(she glares really hard at
him) Um, perhaps you might be a little bit moody...
Rachel: (looks stunned, kinda whispers like it's a curse) Moody? You think
Chandler: Just a tad!
Ross: (shoots him a look) Um, kinda.
Rachel: (starts crying, sounds whiny and really sad) You think I'm
Scene: Central Perk
Rachel and Ross are sitting, enjoying their coffee and talking.
Rachel: Sorry, Ross, but you know my doctor said I'd have cravings and mood
Ross: I know, but it was all so sudden! You were totally at my throat!!!
Rachel: Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry!!! (kisses him...we, the audience, see
outside, a crowd beginning to gather...ya know, people with cameras...mostly
from well as reporters from TV shows with microphones and
camera crews...all pointing towards Rachel and Ross, but they don't notice)
Are you ready to go? (places down her coffee mug)
Ross: Sure! (they kiss again as they stand up, their eyes closed, and it's a
very...yummy...kiss, and they're obviously savoring it! hehehe I love that!
=D Then Ross opens his eyes and notices everyone outside, and his eyes widen)
Um, honey...
Rachel: What? (notices the crowd) What the...?! OMG, I can't believe it!!!
Who told them? I was trying to keep it a secret...
Ross: Huh?
Rachel: The media must've found out that I'm engaged and pregnant...oh no...I
can't BELIEVE this! I knew it was too good to last!
Ross: All this over you...and,!
Rachel: Yeah, and they all just saw us kiss like that...oh, God, and our
parents don't even know we're engaged, oh, my mom's gonna KILL me, having to
find out like this!!! Believe me, she will...(groans and leans on Ross for
support) How are we gonna get out, we have to pass by them!
Ross: Well, we'll just make our way through...(gets Rachel's trenchcoat and
his own, and puts his arms around her, kinda hugging her close to him so they
can push their way through...) Ya ready? (she nods, nervous, and cameras are
already flashing...they open the doors to Central Perk and everyone outside
cheers, calling "Miss Green! Over here!" and stuff like that. Cameras are
practically blinding them, they're flashing so madly! Rachel and Ross push
their way through as quickly as possible, and they hail a cab quickly...even
though it's uncommon in NY, hey, it's my fanfic!!! hehehe :) Anyway, the
media chases the cab for a bit, and then they all stop, frustrated, but
congratulate each other on the footage already taken)
Scene: C&M's apartment, the next day
We first focus on the TV, which is turned to "Entertainment tonight".
Guy: And now for our top story. Just yesterday it was found out that hot
designer Rachel Green is engaged! Yes, all you eligible bachelors out there,
we're sorry to tell you that. Apparently she is going to be married to one of
her best friends, Ross Geller (chuckles) even though we obviously know now
that he's a bit more than that! Now she is not only engaged...she's
apparently PREGNANT with twin girls! I'm sure you all envy that lucky nobody
by the name of Ross Geller...(chuckles again to himself) In fact, we've
received a description of the man...let's see...(reads from a paper) He is a
few years older than Miss Green, and aparently is a...I can't believe I'm
reading this correctly, viewers...but it says here that his profession is a
paleontologist!, anyway, we wish only
happiness upon the lucky couple in their future wedding. And now for footage
taken at a local coffeehouse just yesterday by our camera crew! (the footage
is shown of Ross and Rachel kissing inside Central Perk, and then them seeing
the cameras, and pushing their way through the media) One must wonder if he
actually loves her, considering he's a nobody...and now he's famous! Well,
that is ONE lucky guy! Anyway, on to our next story, apparently Leonardo
DeCaprio is...(Monica reaches over and shuts off the TV. Ross, Rachel, and
the whole gang is sitting, stunned)
Rachel: (angrily) I can't believe those...those...
Phoebe: (cuts her off before she can swear) Now watch your tongue, missy!
You've got babies in there!!!
Ross: (stunned) How could they possibly think I don't love you?!
Rachel: Honey, the media just wants to make our lives miserable! But we won't
let them, Ross, we're gonna raise our daughters to be good people...please,
please don't listen to them, sweetie, I don't think that. I think it's great
that you're a paleontologist...and I love you more than anything! (kisses him)
Ross: I know...but...
Rachel: Ross, I'm sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen to you...I really
didn't, and I hate seeing you hurt...but please, let's just carry on our
lives like this hasn't happened...because I can't deal with all this...and
the last thing I want is to hurt our babies, please...
Ross: Alright, honey...(they kiss again)
Scene: a couple months later, R&R's apartment
Rachel is towards the end of her eighth month, and is reeeeally showing!
She's lying on the couch, it's June 7th...sorry, but I HAD to use that, cuz
it's my birthday! hehehe, I couldn't resist! :) Shoot, did I just give away
what's gonna happen?! Oh man...
Rachel: (we see her look down and a worried expression overcomes her face)
Ross: (comes into the room) Yeah, honey? Do you need anything?
Rachel: Um, kinda. Can you call a cab?! Uh, cuz my water just broke...
Ross: (shocked) Huh?
Rachel: Ross, I'm going into labor, our babies are finally coming! Hurry,
Ross, come on!
Ross: OMG, our children are coming! (pulls out a cell phone and Rachel grabs
her packed suitcase for the hospital) (on phone) Mon! Okay, get to the
hospital, Rach is going into labor! (pause) Yeah, okay, call Pheebs and Joey,
ok? (pause) Thanks, bye! (they go down the stairs and we see them kinda brace
themselves at the door) Okay now, this can't be good...(we hear a lot of
yelling from outside the door) Great, what is it NOW?!
Rachel: I don't care, just get me to the hospital safely, NOW!!!!! (they come
outside and, yes, cameras are flashing)
Reporter #1 in crowd: Miss Green, where are you going with that suitcase?
Ross: (yelling) To the hospital, leave us alone! (hails a cab really quickly
again, and the 2 get in)
Scene: Hospital
Rachel is being wheeled in with Ross beside her, the gang is already in the
waiting room.
All: OMG, I can't believe it's finally happening! etc
Phoebe: Ooh, I wrote a song for you, Rachel!
Rachel: Okay, but kinda make it fast, I'm in labor, ya know!
Phoebe: (clears her throat, sings) Ya felt a big rush and you looked down
And ya saw that your water had broken ya know...
And ya rushed to the hospital with your fiance, Ross...
Now your babies are coming and you'll be the boss...
And soon they'll grow up and then you'll say goodbye...
As they run off to college in the blink of an eye!
And you cry and you cry and you cryyyyyyyyyy!
Lalalalalalalalalalalala (softly) Ya cry!!!!!!!!! (by now Rachel's sobbing,
says) So ya got the point of the song, I take it?! Yay!
Monica: Phoebe!!!!
Ross: Okay guys, if ya wanna come on in...(they all clamber out of their
seats)...after she's all settled, I mean...(pushes Rachel out of the waiting
room, and btw, she's still crying)
All: (eyes turn to Phoebe)
Phoebe: What?! So she cried at the song, that's kinda the point! I mean, the
title IS "Ya Cry"!!!
All: (shake their heads simultaneously)
Scene: In Rachel's hospital room, a little later...let's say when she's about
to start pushing (I don't feel like going through the whole labor!!!)
The whole gang is crowded into the room...I had to let them stay, they're all
like family! Joey's trying to sneak towards the doctor that' get
the gist...
Ross: (glares at him) Joey, you're sick! One more, and you're outta here!
Joey: But it's a part of nature!
All: Joey!
Doctor: Okay, the sick guy and the rest of you idiots, out! (hehehe, never
Monica: But I'm gonna be the aunt!
Doc: Fine! The aunt and dad can stay, but you three, out! (they all mutter
and leave, to Rachel) Okay, Miss Green, are you ready to start pushing?
Rachel: Um...ok...(squeezes Ross' hand really hard)
Ross: Circulation, honey, circulation!!!! (she lightens up a bit)
Doc: Okay...1...2...3...push!
Ross: Come on honey, let's go, come on, push, push! You're doin' great!
Monica & Ross: Come on, Rach, just a little more! Harder! etc
Doc: The first one's crowning! (Ross moves to the end behind the doctor)
Ross: Oh...omg...
Doc: Okay...push a little harder, hon, you're doing great! (we hear Rachel
pushing and then stops, a little relieved) And it's a girl!!!!! Great job,
Rachel, wonderful! (a nurse comes and puts it on a blanket, then shows it to
Rachel, who just breathes in amazement)
Rachel: That's...that's baby?! omg, I can't believe it...I'm a
mother...(suddenly lets out a pained noise, grabs Monica's hand) I think the
other's coming!!!!
Doc: Okay, now...1...2...3...push!!! (Mon and Ross continue to cheer Rachel
on...then when Rachel lets out her sigh of relief...there's a moment of
silence from the doctor.
Rachel: (worried) What?! What is it?!
Doc: Nurse Evans, examine the child.
Rachel: What's wrong with Bethany?! (the doctor doesn't answer, and we see
the nurse turn away and there's just a moment of silence)
Nurse: I'm sorry, is...
Doc: Oh no...
Rachel: (practically screaming) No!!! What's wrong?!?!?! (by now Ross,
Monica, and obviously Rachel are crying)
Doc: Please, calm down...I'm sorry...but you had a stillbirth...
Rachel: No!!!!
Doc: The baby didn't survive...
Rachel: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sobs really hard and screams) No, my baby! God,
my baby, please, God, bring her back!
Doc: I'm sorry, Rachel, there's nothing we can do...but you're gonna have to
push...the placenta...(we only focus on Rachel's pained expression and red
face...after the placenta is out, the nurse brings in McKayla, who's alive,
and hands her to Rachel. Rachel just stares at her baby and kisses the top of
her head, then strokes her cheek with one finger)
Rachel: Please, leave me alone...with my baby...(cries a little softer)! (hugs McKayla close to her body and is shaking as she
cries) Leave me alone!!!!!! (Ross, Monica, and the doctor along with the
nurses gradually leave)
*Author's note: Sorry this had to be so dramatic, but I really liked this
idea (thanks again, Kris!) and it was only right to include drama for it.*
Scene: out in the waiting room
Monica and Ross enter silently, crying, holding each other. The rest of the
gang stands up.
Joey: What's wrong?
Monica: (crying, but Ross is crying harder, so she talks) Um...well, the
first baby is McKayla Rose Geller...and she's in there with Rachel...the
second...(takes in a breath really fast and kinda chokes as she tries to stop
crying) The second, Bethany Elizabeth Geller...she...she...(cries harder)
Ross: (crying, finishing her sentence) She didn't make it...
P, J, & C: Oh no...
Ross: They said it was a stillbirth...and Rachel's not taking it well...
Monica: They couldn't do anything...(Phoebe starts to cry and Joey and
Chandler look really depressed) Rachel's in there with McKayla, and they say
you can see her soon...but please, PLEASE be careful around her...she really
is doing horribly mentally...and we can't upset her any more...
All: Okay...sure...etc
Scene: 6 months later, R&R's apartment
Rachel is still depressed about Bethany...and she is just sitting on the
couch looking out the window. Ross and Rachel decided to wait a while for the
wedding...and Ross is really doing most of the motherly work. By now,
McKayla's on the bottle...and we see Ross in the background feeding her w/it.
Ross: Honey...(Rachel doesn't reply) Honey, you've got to get over
this...we've got to get on with our lives...
Rachel: (angrily) What?! My daughter is DEAD...and you want me to GET OVER
Ross: Rach, we can't make our lives miserable, it isn't right for McKayla and
for ourselves...
Rachel: Right?! You're telling me what's RIGHT?! What's right is that my
Bethie should have been alive...THAT would've been right!!! But no, instead
she's taken from us before we got the chance to know her! That's not right at
all!!! That was my baby girl, why, God, why did you take her from us?!
(starts crying again)
Ross: (walks over to Rach, yes, McKayla is still in his arms) Rach, Rach,
Rachel! Get a hold of yourself! I know it doesn't seem right now, but
everything has a purpose, God must have had a reason, and our Bethany
wouldn't want us to dwell on her death forever, sweetie! We have a daughter,
and you've barely been paying attention to her! No, Bethany would have wanted
you to love her still, but love McKayla too! She is still our daughter!
Rachel: (looks guilty, and after a moment of silence, reaches out for
McKayla) I'm sorry, Ross, it's just been so hard for me!
Ross: (hands McKayla to her) I know, sweetie, it was hard on me, too, it
still is! Not a day goes by that I don't miss her!
Rachel: I know...(soothingly to McKayla, who starts to quietly cry) Shhh,
it's alright, Kay-Kay...shhhh, shhhh...Mommy's here...everything will be
Ross: Because I'll be there for you...
Rachel: Cuz you're there for me too...(they kiss)

The End

Now, I know that wasn't as long as the others, but I felt that was a good
moment to end it on...I really had fun with this trilogy, I'm gonna miss it!