TOW The Audition

This is part 3 of TOW The Mixed Tape it will be longer than the last two just a warning there are some spoilers from TOW Ross Dates a Student.


[Scene Central PARK Ross and Rachel have left the club they are sitting on a park bench making out, Rachel is on Ross's lap. Rachel starts giggling]

Ro: What? I didn't touch your butt.

Ra: No, no it's just it's like we're trying to make up for three years in five minuets. (they laugh then continue making out. Suddenly it starts to rain. They look up at the sky irritated.)

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[Scene: Monica and Chandler's, next morning  Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler are eating breakfast as Joey enters.]

J: Hey Chandler! Yknow that girl you went to college with who-who became a movie director?

C: Oh yeah, Dana Keystone. She was in my Movement class.

P: Whats a Movement class?

M: Its Chandlers way of pretending he didnt take mime.

J: Oh well listen, anyway shes directing the new Al Pacino movie. You gotta get me an audition!

C: Oh, I dont know man. I havent talked to her in like ten years.

J: No-no-no, please-please Chandler I-I-I would owe you so much!

C: You do owe me so much. You owe me three thousand, four hundred

J: Hey-hey dude, why are you changing the subject? Why? Will you make the call or what?

C: Oh okay, Ill-Ill try.

J: All right! Thanks! Youre the best! Now listen, the last day of auditions is Thursday. Okay? So I gotta get in there by Thursday. Okay? Just remember Thursday. Thursday. Can you remember Thursday?

C: Yeah so, Tuesday?

J: (angrily) Thursday! Look if you need help remembering think of like this, the third day. All right? Monday, one day. Tuesday, two day. Wednesday, when? Huh? What day? Thursday! The third day! Okay?!

C: (sarcastically) Thank you.

J: Okay.

[Scene: Monica and Chandler's,later Chandler is on the phone as Joey enters.]

C: God, its great to catch up! I cant believe how long its been!

J: Chandler, is that (Mimes someone using a movie camera and Chandler nods yes.)

C: (on phone) Oh thats great! Good for you.

J: Hey-hey listen (Chandler waves him away.)

C: Okay! So yeah, maybe we can get together umm (Joey mimes throwing something in the air, catching it, rolling it out, putting it in an oven and cutting it.) Can you hold for one second please? (To Joey) What?!

Joey: When youre off the phone, do you wanna get a pizza?

C: (on phone) Hi! Im back. (Goes to hang up the phone.) Yeah, that sounds great. (Listens) Okay. Well, well do it then. (Listens) Okay, bye-bye. (He hangs up the phone and turns around to see Joey standing close to him and screams.)

J: Hey listen, so whens-whens my audition? I mean I know its Thursday, but what time?

(Monica enters.)

C: Hi.

M: Hey!

C: (To Joey) We didnt get to the audition. Im gonna take her to coffee and then well do it then.

J: Ah-ha!

M: Wow! So, now youre going on a date with this girl?

C: Honey, it is not a date! I havent talked to her in ten years! You cant just call up somebody you havent talked to in ten years and ask them for a favor. There are rules, yknow? You gotta, you got to put in some time.

M: Youre right, Im sorry. Its not like youre yknow, going out with an ex-girlfriend.

C: No, we only went out once.

M: You dated her!

C: Not once!

M: All right, well why dont I go out with an ex-boyfriend and do Joey a favor?!

J: Hey, you wanna do Joey a favor, maybe you go out with Joey. (He turns around to see Chandler glaring at him.)

[Scene: Central Perk, Chandler is having coffee with Dana.]

C: (laughs) Oh thats great, my friend Joeys in the movie business.

Dana: Yknow who I ran into from school? Howie.

Cr: (giggles) My friends name is Joey.

Dana: Apparently Howies editing now. Yeah, he-he-he calls me up and asks me if he can edit my new movie. Can you believe that?! Yknow I-I-I havent spoken to him in like ten years and he asks me for a favor!

C: Yeah, Ive always hated that Howie.

Dana: No, no "How you doing?" Man, I mean not even a cup of coffee first!

C: The nerve huh?

Dana: Yeah!

C: Refill?

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[ Scene Ross's there is a nock on the door. Ross comes out of his bedroom wearing a towel, {note: My friend Tina would love to see that! Don't worry Tina I would too!} Anyway he answers the door it is Rachel (I know predictable)]

Ra: Hi I.........(notices his lack of clothes) Umm, my did I come at a bad time?

Ro: Oh no I just got out of the shower, come in, come in

(lets her in, they sit down on his couch, During this we can see his back only)

Ra: Yeah I just wanted to talk to you about what happened last night.....I Ross

Ro: What?

Ra: Cross your legs.

Ro: Oh god umm why don't I go get some clothes on.

Ra: Okay (he goes to do so)

Ra: (in her mind) Oh jeez Rach how could you have such incredibly bad timing

( Ross comes back in with clothes on, quick dresser isn't he?)

Ro: So you wanted to talk

Ra: Yeah, I just want to know how you feel about it, do you regret it or what?

Ro: Well I don't regret it, I umm, I think that I still love you

Ra:(shocked) Uhh Ross, I, I don't know what to say I think I should go......

Ro: No wait you said you wanted to talk about this so lets just sit down talk   (Rachel sits back down) now there is obviously something between us so I think we should try to work this out and give us another try. I love you Rach

Ra:(crying) We already tried that and it didn't work, I went through that hell twice I don't think I could do it again, I'm gonna go, (starts to leave)

Ro: Rach wait-

Ra: No Ross, no I can't (runs out)

[Scene Rachel is walking down the street crying, suddenly she bumps into someone]

Ra: Oh sorry I.......daddy?

Dr.G(reen): Hi baby, your crying, what's wrong?

Ra: Umm, well.....(cries some more)

Dr.G: Why don't we go to lunch and you can tell me all about it.

Ra: (still crying) Okay

Dr.G: Okay

[Scene: A Restaurant, Chandler is having lunch with Dana.]

C: Great story again! The yarns that you weave! Woo-hoo-hoo!

Dana: Yknow uh, actually I-I-I should get going.

C: Oh no-no-no! Stay! Stay! Because you-you should you-you-you should stay!

Dana: Wow. Oh, I am really flattered, but I just I dont feel that way about you.

C: Oh no-no-no, thats notNo-no-no!

Dana: Im sorry Chandler, yknow you are such a sweet guy and I, I dont want to hurt you. Oh, I wish there was something I can do to make you feel better.

C: No-noReally?!

Dana: Of course!

C: (breaking up) Well, it just hurts so bad. I uh

Dana: Ohh, Im sorry.

C: Well maybe there is one thing you can do.

Dana: What?! Anything! Anything!

C: Well, I umm, I mean this is just off the top of my head now, umm but I have this friend. This actor friend and he would kill me if he thought I was doing this umm, but umm would it be possible for him to get an audition for your movie say on Thursday?

Dana: Absolutely! But you-you would really feel better about me rejecting you if your actor friend can audition for my movie?

C: Well, the heart wants what it wants. Ill see you later. (He runs off and leaves her with the bill, which the waiter promptly delivers.)

[Scene: Another restaurant, Rachel is having lunch with her dad]

Dr.G: So, what's wrong

Ra:(sighs)Well I've been having.....guy trouble

Dr.G: Who is he I'll kill him?!

Ra: No, no not like that it's just ya know....

Dr.G: Awww it will be okay you'll see, hey why don't you down to a friend of mines summer house just for a while, to relax.

Ra: Thanx I think that would really help me out.

[Scene Joey's, enter Chandler]

C: So Joe, you busy Thursday?

J: Oh, very funny. I dont know if you remember, but my audition was supposed to be Thursday. (Chandler doesnt say anything until Joey figures it out.) You got me the audition?! Lets hug it up! (They hug.)

C: Okay. Okay. (Joey puts him down.) What are you gonna do for me if you get the part?

Commercial Break

[Scene: A street, Ross is walking down it, sees Rachel putting her luggage into a car, I guess it's her dad's]

Ro: Rach?

Ra: Ohh hi

Ro: What are you doing?

Ra: I'm going to a friends summer house, (gets in the car) Bye. (shuts the door and drives off)

Ro: Wait, wait Rachel!!  (looks after her car)

[ Scene M&C's Monica, Chandler, and Ross are there]

Ro: Anyway she said she was going to her friends summer home

C: Wow, so what are you going to do?

Ro: I don't know

M: Well I think you had better figure it out.

Ro: I'm gonna go for a walk (leaves)

[Ross is walking down the street, we see a bunch of R&R flashbacks, make up what ever you like just include all the new ones from my other fanfics. Ross continues walking then stops out side a building he waits for a moment them goes inside. Next day, the summer house Rachel is outside using the garden hose to wash the car. Suddenly she stops and look toward the road, we see a taxi drive up into the drive way. Ross gets out. They just stare at each other for a minuet then, go to each other and share the most passionate kiss in the world. Then they hug Ross whispers something in her ear but we cant hear what it is, she smiles at him then they kiss again.]

[Scene the bedroom of the house, next morning, Ross and Rachel are asleep. Ross wakes up smiles at her then tenderly kisses her shoulder.]

Ra: (Waking up) Mmmmm

Ro: Good morning beautiful.

Ra:(laughing) Hey (they kiss again)

[Scene: Joey's apartment, Joey is eating pizza as Chandler enters.]

C: Hey!

J: Hey!

C: So?!

J: So?

C: Its Thursday! How was the audition?!

J: Wh? Monday, one day. Tuesday, two day. Wednesday, when huh what? Thurs(He gasps in horror.) Oh! (Runs out and Chandler just shakes his head. After a second Joey runs back in to grab a piece of pizza and runs back out.)

[Scene: Inside Phoebe's cab, Ross is driving, Rachel is in the passenger seat. They stop out front of P&R's apartment]

Ro: Well here we are. I'll see you later, I love you.

Ra: Ross aren't you at all scared? I mean what if we don't work out again?

Ro: Yes I'm scared, but your worth the risk.

Ra:(smiling) So are you. (and yes they kiss)


[Central Perk Ross is there, enter Rachel]

Ra: Hey you

Ro: Hi (they start kissing Gunther sees them)

Gunther: So your, your back together?????

Ra/Ro: Yeah  (they hug)

Gunther: Oh......will you excuse me for a moment?  (goes toward the bathroom)