The One Where They Go Back To The Beach House

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, as much as I wish I did. They belong to Marta Kauffman, David Crane and
Kevin Bright.
(everyone is at Central Perk)
(itís Thursday)
Phoebe: Hey, guess what?
Rachel: What?
Phoebe: Weíre going back to the beach house!
Ross: Alright!
Joey: We are gonna have lots of fun this time. Right dude?
Chandler: Yeah! We can party! I mean, could this be any more fun?
Monica: Joey? We donít have to play strip poker this time, okay?
Joey: Weíll decide that later.
Rachel: When are we going?
Phoebe: This weekend!
Rachel: You mean 2 days from now?
Phoebe: Actually, weíre leaving tomorrow afternoon!
Rachel: We are? Oh, no, I have an important meeting tomorrow night.
Monica: Oh no, it wonít be any fun without you.
Rachel: I could come by myself Saturday morning, but I donít know how to get there. How long are you planning on staying?
Phoebe: All week!
Chandler: Well, maybe we could all go on Saturday morning.
Phoebe: Yeah!
Rachel: Well, okay! But no extra visitors. (she looks at Ross)
Joey: Girls, pack lightly okay?
Monica: Why?
Joey: So that thereís room for us in the car.
Ross: Yeah.
Chandler: I donít think you should be complaining Joey.
Joey: Why not?
Chandler: You used to pack 4 bags for a 3 day trip.
Joey: How would you know?
Chandler: Your old girlfriends tell me.
Joey: They do?
Phoebe: What girlfriends?
Joey: Ha, ha, very funny.

(opening credits, the song, and commercials)

(Saturday morning comes)
(outside Central Perk)
Rachel: Well, letís go.
Chandler: Do you really need the hat again?
Ross: Yeah, I mean, I gave it to you.
Rachel: Yeah, you did. Here Monica, have a hat.
Monica: Thatís okay, itís too tacky for me. Maybe Phoebe wants it.
Rachel: Pheebs?
Phoebe: No thanks, itís too big, maybe Denise wants it. Iíll ask her when we get back.
Rachel: Okay, well, Iíll run upstairs and put it in the apartment.
Monica: Here, Iíll do it.
Rachel: Okay.
Monica: Chandler, come with me.
(they walk upstairs)
(Monica & Chandlerís place)
(Monica throws the hat on the couch)
Chandler: Isnít this nice?
Monica: Yeah, going to the beach for a week.
Chandler: I got you a present, Iíll go get.
Monica: Okay!
(he goes in his room)
(he comes back)
Chandler: Here you go.
Monica: (opens it, and sees a purple shirt) Oh thank you! I love it!
(she goes in her room and puts it on)
Monica: It even matches my pants today!
Chandler: So you like it?
Monica: Of course I do. Did Ross help you pick it out?
Chandler: Nope, picked it out all by self. Oh, we better go downstairs, theyíll go without us.
Monica: Oh, yeah.
(they go outside)
Rachel: What took you so long to throw a hat on the couch? And whereíd you get the shirt? Itís nice.
Monica: Itís a present from Chandler. I love it!
Joey: Great shirt man!
Ross: Nice, I like it.
Phoebe: Awesome! Now letís go or weíll be late.
Ross: Late for what?
Rachel: Yeah, I thought we had all day.
Phoebe: Oh, um, I, uh, kinda invited Denise with, sheís going to meet us there.
Joey: What? I thought it was just going to be us.
Monica: Yeah, I was looking forward to hanging out with just you guys.
Phoebe: Iím kidding, donít worry.
Chandler: Oh good. Well, letís go.
Phoebe: All right.
(they all get in the cab and drive away)
(time lapse, 2 hours later)
(in the car, about halfway there)
Monica: Oh, Rach, how was your meeting last night?
Rachel: Oh, great!
Joey: Really?
Rachel: Yeah, I got a chance to tell them my great advertising idea and everything.
Ross: Well, thatís good.
Monica: Yeah.
(they stop talking)
(time lapse, another 2 hours later)
(at the beach house, getting out of the car)
Phoebe: Well, here we are!
Joey: Iím so happy, I could cry.
Chandler: (quietly) Baby.
Joey: I heard that, Iím not a baby. I was being sarcastic.
Chandler: (unconvincingly) So was I.
Phoebe: Letís go in.
Ross: Okay!
(they walk in)
Rachel: What? Why is the sand still here?
Phoebe: Um, yeah. They couldnít get someone to get it out. No one within, like, 100 miles does anything like that, and they
donít come up here very often anyway, so they thought it would be fun.
Ross: Okay, strange.
Chandler: Oh, well, itíll be fun.
Rachel: Yeah, and I made sure to bring some nail polish.
Ross: Uh oh.
Joey: That reminds me, I made sure to bring some cards.
Monica: What for? Oh, donít tell me, you think weíre going to play strip poker donít you?
Joey: Maybe.
Chandler: Joey, Joey, Joey.
Ross: Hey, it was your fault we had to play last time.
Phoebe: Yeah, it was.
Chandler: Uh, letís go unpack.
Monica: Same rooms as last time?
Rachel: I also brought some margarita mix.
Ross: What? So you can try again to get me drunk?
Rachel: I donít need to try too hard.
Ross: Very funny.
Joey: I thought so.
Rachel: Did you really?
Joey: Of course.
Rachel: Ok then. Iím going to make some margaritas now who wants one?
Monica: Iíll have one.
Phoebe: Me too.
Ross: Yeah sure.
Joey: You can count me in.
Rachel: In for what Joey?
Joey: Uh, having a margarita.
Chandler: Uh, Iíll have one.
Rachel: Okay, one for everybody. Now, I brought lime and strawberry. Who wants which?
Monica: Uh, how about we make one at a time so it doesnít make such a mess? Weíll take a vote. Who wants lime? Raise your
(Monica, Ross, Chandler, and Phoebe raise their hands. Joey starts to but then sees Rachel didnít, changes his mind)
Monica: All right, Weíre making lime first. Rach?
Rachel: Yeah?
Monica: Duh, you can make them now.
Rachel: Oh, kay.
(she starts making them)
Chandler: Hey Joey, since weíre not going to play strip poker this time, what are you going to do?
Joey: I donít know, play cups?
Chandler: All right.
Ross: Anybody want to hear a joke?
Rachel: I donít really wanna hear a joke.
Chandler: Not after last time.
Joey: No.
Phoebe: Letís go unpack now, like we said.
Ross: Oh, nobody wants to hear my joke.
Monica: Iíll listen.
Ross: Okay! Why do birds fly south in the winter?
Monica: I donít know, why?
Ross: Because itís too far to walk!
Chandler: (sarcastically) Good one man!
Monica: Letís go unpack now, or weíll never get it done.
Rachel: Theseíll be ready by the time youíre done.
(the rest go upstairs)
(time lapse, about 5 minutes later)
(they come down)
Rachel: Okay, your margaritas are on the table. Iím going to unpack now.
Joey: Oh, yeah.
(Rachel gives him a weird look and walks away)
Chandler: What are you doing Joey?
Joey: What are you talking about dude?
Phoebe: Oh, please isnít it obvious?
Monica: Yeah, I mean, she says sheís going to unpack and you jump in with ďOh yeahĒ
Joey: UmÖletís play a game.
Ross: Okay, as long as itís not strip poker.
Joey: Um, all right.
(Rachel comes back and Joey blushes, she gives him a weird look)
Rachel: So, what are we going to do?
Phoebe: I know! Weíll do what we did last time-
Monica: I thought we just decided we werenít going to play strip poker.
Phoebe: You didnít let me finish. Iíll spin around and point to someone, then they decide what we should do.
Monica: Oh.
Chandler: But if Joey gets picked, he canít choose strip poker.
Ross: Yeah, you got that Joey?
Joey: What? Oh, yeah! Got it!
(Phoebe starts spinning)
Phoebe: Okay, Rach, you get to choose.
Rachel: (looks at Mon & Pheebs) Okay, weíll paint the guysí nails.
Chandler: Oh, no.
Ross: What?
Phoebe: Yeah!
Joey: Uh, oh, run!
(the guys run to Joeyís room and try to lock the door)
Ross: Hey! It doesnít lock!
(the girls catch up)
Phoebe: Yeah, I know.
(they get it open)
Rachel: You guys, we have to do this. Those are the rules.
Joey: Yeah, well, rules are meant to be broken.
Monica: Not these ones, come on.
The guys: Oh, all right, etc.
(the guys go downstairs)
Monica: We each get a bunch of nail polish, kay?
Rachel: Okay.
Phoebe: Can I get pink?
Monica: Uh, yeah Pheebs. Sure.
Phoebe: Okay!
(they go to their rooms)
Phoebe: I get to do Ross!
Monica: Iím getting Chandler!
Rachel: Iíll get Joey.
Joey: (quietly) Yes!
(they start)
Phoebe: Ross, which of these colours do you hate?
Ross: Um, the hot pink.
Phoebe: Okay, hot pink it is!
Monica: Chandler, which do you hate?
Chandler: Uh, the light blue.
Monica: Okay, no light blue for you, Iíll use bright purple.
Rachel: Joey, which colour do you like?
Joey: Anyone you like.
(she looks at him funny)
Rachel: Okay, Iíll use the neon green.
Chandler: When can we take this off?
Monica: Tomorrow, as long as Rachel brought the nail polish remover.
Rachel: Um, I was supposed to bring it?
(she winks at Monica & Phoebe)
Phoebe: Oh no!
Monica: Rachel! I canít believe you forgot it! No, wait, I can believe it.
Rachel: Hey!
Phoebe: Now what? Theyíll have to go around with nail polish on for the rest of the trip.
Monica: Hey, whatís so bad about that?
Phoebe: Hey yeah!
Joey: Oh, no!
Ross: What? You forgot it?
Chandler: Oh, crap, this is almost as bad as the time I ran into Susie.
Monica: Woah, relax! Itís only nail polish.
Rachel: Yeah, come on, donít be so immature.
Ross: You canít call us immature.
Rachel: Why not?
Joey: BecauseÖbecauseÖChandler?
Chandler: Because, weíre not immature.
Phoebe: What a comeback.
Ross: It was.
Rachel: Yeah, sure.
Chandler: I canít believe you guys are doing this.
Monica: Really? ĎCause weíre not.
Ross: Youíre not what?
Monica: Weíre not gonna make you wear nail polish that long, weíre kidding.
Joey: Thatís good.
Chandler: Yes!
Ross: Alright!
Monica: She just forgot the cotton balls to take it off with.
Joey: Uh, oh, run!
Phoebe: No, you guys arenít going anywhere, weíre kidding again.
Chandler: Jeez, enough already.
Monica: Joey, what good would running have done anyway?
Joey: Um, I dunno.
Ross: After weíre done, can we style your hair?
Monica: I guess itís only fair.
Joey: Hey, you made a rhyme!
Monica: So?
Joey: Iím just saying.
Rachel: Okay, Iím done. There you go Joey.
Joey: Wow, thanks, Iím so grateful.
(Chandler laughs)
Rachel: What? You didnít want it done in the first place.
Joey: Uh, quick! Go get some hair stuff!
Rachel: What is wrong with you?
Joey: Um, hormones, now go, quick!
(she goes, but first gives him a weird look)
Chandler: (laughs) Hormones? Oh, brother.
Monica: Hold still. (pause) There, all done. Now wait for it to dry.
Chandler: Okay.
Phoebe: Iím done.
Monica: Come on Pheebs, letís go get some hair stuff.
Phoebe: Kay.
(the go)
(Rachel comes)
Rachel: Iím ready. Letís wait for Monica and Phoebe.
(time lapse)
(they come and Monica has a really big basket full)
Chandler: Hey Monica, did you bring enough stuff? Weíre staying for a week, not a month.
Monica: I know, I just want to look good.
Chandler: You donít need all that to look good.
Monica: Awe.
Phoebe: Okay, letís start.
Ross: Chandler, you mind if I do Monicaís hair?
Chandler: Um, okay, Iíll do Rachelís. Actually, Joey, you can do Rachelís.
Joey: Okay, you do Phoebeís.
Rachel: (whispering to Monica) Oh no.
Monica: (whispering back) You poor thing. (quickly, to the rest) Well, letís get started.
Ross: Monica, Iím going to try a french braid.
Monica: Okay.
Phoebe: Hey, when weíre done, we all have to stay like this for the rest of the day.
Joey: Like what?
Phoebe: Leave your nail polish on, and weíll leave our hair like this. Okay everybody?
All: Yeah, okay.
Joey: Rach?
Rachel: Yeah?
Joey: Iím gonna put it in one of those big clippy things, only one on each side.
Rachel: Okay.
Chandler: Pheebs? Iím gonna put your hair in 3 ponytails.
Phoebe: Really? I always wanted to try that!
Chandler: Okay!
Monica: Ross? Youíre not making me look stupid are you?
Ross: No, it looks fine.
Monica: Would someone please get me a mirror?
Ross: Not until weíre done, those are the rules.
Monica: Yeah, well, like Joey said, rules are meant to be broken.
Ross: Like you said, not these ones.
Monica: Oh, fine.
Joey: Hey Chandler? Am I doing a good enough job?
Rachel: You better be.
Joey: I thought you would know.
Rachel: How would I know? Itís not like I have a mirror or anything.
Joey: Thatís not what Iím talking about.
Rachel: What are you talking about?
Joey: Youíll see.
Chandler: Youíre doing fine Joe.
Joey: Thank you.
Phoebe: Hey Mon, your shirt has nail polish on it.
Monica: It does? Oh, no.
Phoebe: Yeah, itís purple.
Joey: Then it matches your shirt.
Monica: Oh, I better go wash it off in the bathroom.
Ross: No, no, no, let me see. (pause as he looks) I donít see anything, where is it Pheebs?
Phoebe: Hehehe, I was juts kidding, you guys are so easy.
Monica: Oh good. I love my new shirt.
Chandler: (quietly) Yes!
Joey: (he gives Rachel a mirror) So, Rach, do you like it?
Rachel: Wow, it looks great! I thought itíd look stupid.
Joey: Hey!
Rachel: No, I didnít mean the style, just how itíd come out.
Joey: (sniffs) I canít believe you didnít trust me.
Rachel: Please, itís not like your hair ever looks this good.
Joey: Hey, my hair is cool, donít diss it.
Rachel: Donít diss it? You sound like a teenager.
Joey: Isnít that good?
Rachel: What do you think?
Joey: I think you-
Chandler: Doesnít Phoebe look great?
Joey: Dude, donít cut me off, Iím not done.
Phoebe: Shush, be quiet! What were you saying Chandler?
Chandler: Your hair is done, see?
(he gives her a mirror)
Phoebe: Oh, it looks great!
Chandler: Why, thank you.
Phoebe: Itís so good you should do my hair everyday.
Chandler: Wow, really?
Phoebe: Yeah, sure!
Chandler: Youíre not kidding?
Phoebe: Yeah, but it is really good.
Chandler: Okay.
Ross: Mon, Iím done.
Monica: Good. Let me see. (she takes the mirror from Rachel) Woah, Rachel, look at my hair!
Rachel: Wow!
Phoebe: Ross, where did you learn that?
Monica: Monica taught me.
Chandler: Is that true?
Monica: Yep, pretty good huh?
Joey: Yeah! Good job man.
Chandler: Awesome.
Monica: This is weird. I thought weíd all look stupid but we donít, we look awesome!
Rachel: Yeah!
(they all high five)
Joey: Now, what should we do?
Chandler: How about we playÖcups?
Joey: Why? You want to lose more money?
Chandler: Oh, I wonít lose.
Joey: Come on dude, face it. Youíre no good at cups.
Chandler: Care to make this interesting?
Joey: Sure.
Ross: Hey, I wanna play too.
Chandler: Sorry dude, itís a 2-person game.
Ross: Oh, all right, I can play poker with the girls and take their money.
Monica: Hey, I could kick your butt at poker anytime.
Ross: Really?
Monica: Yeah, definitely, want to lose some money right now?
Ross: All right, youíre on.
Monica: Okay, letís go play in my room.
(they go)
Chandler: Joey, go get your cards.
Joey: Okay.
(he goes)

(commercial break)

(he comes back and gives Chandler the cards)
(Chandler deals the cards)
Chandler: Oh, would you look at that! I got the silly cup card! (he shows him the ten of spades) Thatís worth 20 bucks!
Joey: Awe, man, here you go. (he gives him a 20)
Chandler: Thank you. Okay, letís play 1 more round.
Joey: Okay.
(Chandler deals again)
Chandler: Do you have 1 of the eeb cards?
Joey: I dunno, which ones are those?
Chandler: The red 3ís.
Joey: No.
Chandler: I do. You owe me 50 bucks.
Joey: What? I donít remember that.
Chandler: Sorry dude, those are the rules.
Joey: Okay. Here. (he gives him the money)
Rachel: Great. Iím going to bed now, Iím tired. (she yawns)
Phoebe: Yeah! Iímí tired too.
Chandler: Are you sure you girls are going by yourselves? (he wiggles his eyebrows)
Rachel: Yes, and donít forget about Monica.
Chandler: All right, she can come too if you want.
Rachel: Chandler! You know what I mean.
Chandler: I know, Iím kidding. Donít worry, I wouldnít cheat on Monica.
Phoebe: I hope not, you guys are such a good couple.
Chandler: Really? Cool. Well, Iím going to bed now. Good night.
Rachel: Good night.
Phoebe: Donít let the bedbugs bite.
Joey: (shocked) There are bedbugs?
Phoebe: Yeah, they bite you in your sleep.
Joey: Oh no!
Rachel: Joey, no they donít. Phoebeís just trying to scare you.
Chandler: Joey, you know better than to believe something like that. Especially from Pheebs.
Phoebe: Hey!
Chandler: Good night.
Rachel: ĎNight.
Phoebe: Sleep tight.
Joey: (inquisitively) How do you sleep tight?
Rachel: Joey! You donít, itís just an expression. Go to bed already.
Joey: (scared) But there are bugs.
Chandler: No there isnít, donít worry!
Joey: (in a small voice) Okay.
Phoebe: Good night.
Rachel: Good night.
Chandler: See you in the morning.
Joey: Good night.
(they all go upstairs)

(commercial break)

(the next morning)
(Chandler goes to Monicaís room, sheís still sleeping, he has flowers)
Chandler: Hey, Monica, wake up, I have good news.
(he tickles her toes and she wakes up)
Monica: Hey! That tickles!
Chandler: I know, how else were you gonna wake up?
Monica: Whatís behind your back?
Chandler: These.
(he gives her the flowers)
Monica: Oh, thank you, theyíre my favourite!
Chandler: (mocking being shocked) Really? I had no idea!
Monica: You are a terrible liar, you knew very well.
Chandler: Yeah I did. Hey, I have good news.
Monica: Yeah? What is it?
Chandler: Last night, while you were kicking Rossí butt at poker, Phoebe said we were a good couple.
Monica: Really? Awe.
Chandler: Yeah, so did you take lots of Rossí money last night?
Monica: Actually, it was pretty close, I only took 20$.
Chandler: Hey, itís better than nothing.
Monica: Yep. Well, letís go downstairs. As soon as we get dressed.
Chandler: Okay, see you in a few.
(he leaves)
(time lapse, about 5 minutes later)
(they are going downstairs, and run into each other)
Monica: Hey.
Chandler: Hey. So, uh, you notice anything strange with Joey lately?
Monica: No more than usual. (they laugh) No, but seriously, heís got a big crush on Rachel.
Chandler: Just what I was thinking.
Monica: Really?
Chandler: Letís talk about this later.
Monica: Okay.
(they continue walking downstairs)
(everyone is there but Rachel)
Monica: Hey everybody!
Ross: Hi.
Phoebe: Hi.
Chandler: Good morning.
Joey: Hey!
(Chandler goes to the cupboard and gets chips for breakfast)
(Rachel comes down in her pyjamas)
Rachel: Hey, whoís up for a margarita?
Joey: Me!
Ross: Itís, like, 8:30. Whatís wrong with you?
Rachel: Iím kidding, donít worry.
Monica: I hope so. I hope youíre kidding too Joey.
Joey: Um, yeah!
Monica: Good, hey Rach, why are you up so early? You usually sleep till 10, unless you have to work, of course.
Rachel: Huh? (she looks at the clock) Itís only 8:30? Are you sure you guys arenít playing a trick on me?
Joey: Why would we do that?
Rachel: I dunno. Huh. Itís gonna be a long day now.
Chandler: Oh yeah, really long, a whole hour and a half longer. My god, what are you going to do?
Rachel: Very funny. I donít think itís right to be this sarcastic so early in the morning.
Chandler: Oh, actually I can, I have a special license for it.
Rachel: Okay, sure whatever.
Phoebe: So how is everyone enjoying the trip so far?
All: Itís great, fun, etc.
Phoebe: Good, so who wants to go to the beach today?
Monica: I do!
Rachel: Um, yeah, letís go. We can work on our tan.
Joey: Make sure you donít have any tan lines from your straps Rach.
Monica: Why? And why just Rachel?
Chandler: He wants her to take her bikini top off.
Rachel: Oh, Joey, stop it!
Joey: What?
Ross: Joey. Get a life!
Monica: Okay, letís just forget Joey ever said that and finish eating our br- (looks at Chandlerís plate) food.
(time lapse, 30 minutes later)
(still in the kitchen)
Chandler: So, Joey, anything new going on with you lately?
Joey: (suspiciously) Why?
Chandler: Woah, Iím just asking because Iím wondering.
Joey: Okay. Actually, thereís this new girl I like.
Monica: What do you mean by new?
Joey: One I didnít like in that way before.
Ross: (in a disgusted voice) Joe, is it one of these girls? In the room?
Joey: Maybe.
Monica: Oh, Joey. Is it me?
Phoebe: Yeah right, he knows youíre taken, itís me.
Monica: (gives her a dirty look) That wonít stop him.
Rachel: Whatever, We all know itís me.
Joey: You will all know by tonight. Or else just the one I tell.
Chandler: I canít hold it in anymore.
Rachel: What? What is it?
Chandler: I know who it is.
Phoebe: Who? Tell me!
Chandler: Joey? Can I tell them?
Joey: No, weíll tell them tonight, say around 8:00?
Rachel: Deal. Weíll be there. In the living room. 8:00 sharp.
Phoebe: Yeah, we arenít missing Joey tell everyone he likes me.
Monica: And who says itís you?
Rachel: Yeah, maybe itís me.
Phoebe: You didnít let me finish. I was going to say, me, Monica or Rachel.
Monica: Whatever. (pause) Hey Pheebs, you dropped your pocket.
Phoebe: (looks down) Hey! Wait a minute! How can you drop your pocket?
Monica: (laughing) Hehehe, thatís funny. Itís just a joke.
Chandler: Hey good one! Youíre catching on well.
Monica: Why, thank you.
Phoebe: Oh, I get it. Hey Rach, you dropped your pocket.
Rachel: (sarcastically) Really?
Phoebe: No, Iím just kidding.
Rachel: (sarcastically) Again, really?
Phoebe: No, I mean, how can you drop your pocket?
Rachel: I donít know.
Chandler: Anyways, are we going to the beach or not?
Monica: Weíre going. But Iím wearing my sandals everywhere. (mumbling) I hate jellyfish.
Joey: Okay. So, everybody get dressed and meet down here in, say, 10 minutes?
Ross: Woah, woah, woah, these girls arenít going to be ready in 10 minutes. How about half an hour?
Monica: Sounds good to me.
Rachel: Okay.
Phoebe: Sure.
(they all split up and go to their rooms)
(time lapse, 15 minutes later)
Ross: I guess we took longer than we thought.
Chandler: Yeah, but the girls will probably be late.
Joey: Letís just hope they donít take forever.
Chandler: Yeah. So, Joey, can I tell Ross about your crush thing?
Joey: HmmÖ
Ross: Oh, please, tell me please?
Joey: Okay.
Ross: Yes! So what is it and whatís happening?
Chandler: Well, itís Rachel.
Ross: (obviously not happy about this) What?
Chandler: Itís Rach-
Ross: (still not happy about it) I heard what you said, Joey likes Rachel?
Joey: No.
Ross: Yeah, but Chandler just said-
Joey: Yeah I know, we sorta made a bet kinda thing.
Ross: Oh. So what exactly is going on here?
Chandler: WellÖI bet Joey that he couldnít pretend to like Rachel for the week.
Ross: And?
Chandler: Well, Joey owes me some money because he ruined it by making me tell everyone.
Joey: I made you tell everyone? You only told Ross.
Chandler: Oh, yeah, um, how about we keep this to ourselves for the rest of the week?
Joey: Yeah, but the girls think theyíre going to find out tonight.
Chandler: Donít worry, Iíve got a plan. Just follow my lead.
(the girls arrive in bikinis, towels and sandals)
Joey: Okay man.
Rachel: Okay what?
Joey: Um, uh, okay Iíll have a sandwich for lunch.
Monica: Chandler, that was a dumb question.
Chandler: What was?
Monica: Asking Joey if he wanted a sandwich.
Ross: Yeah, it was dude.
Chandler: Did I say that? Wow, itís early in the morning.
Phoebe: And thatís an excuse?
Chandler: Yes it is.
(he falls backwards onto the couch, as if fainting)
(slight pause as everyone watches him)
Monica: Oh jeez, not again.
(she runs over to him and gives him a kiss)
Chandler: Oh, thanks. Donít worry about me folks, Iím okay.
Rachel: We didnít.
Chandler: (sarcastically) Thanks.
Ross: Are we going to the beach or not?
Monica: We are. I just have to do one more thing.
Phoebe: Whatís that?
Monica: Tell everyone who Joey likes!
Rachel: Who?
Phoebe: Yeah, who?
Monica: Iíll just tell Rach and Pheebs on the way, Ross, you can suffer.
Ross: Nuh uh. I already know.
Monica: Thatís not fair, you have to tell us now.
Joey: I thought you already knew.
Monica: Honestly Joey, youíre so obvious. Itís Rachel!
Rachel: It is?
Joey: Monica!
Monica: What?
Joey: Whatíd you do that for?
Monica: Hey, you told Ross, itís only fair that I told them.
Rachel: You really like me?
Chandler: Actually, he doesnít, not that way.
Rachel: What do you mean?
Joey: Chandler bet me that I couldnít pretend to like you for the whole week.
Phoebe: Well, so now what?
Joey: Chandler owes me money.
Monica: How do you figure? Youíre the one that told.
Chandler: No, no, no, no, no, we were in the living room and I asked Joey if anything new was going on, and you said that
you liked someone! So there itís all your fault!
Joey: Yeah, but you told Ross.
Chandler: And Monica told Rachel and Phoebe.
Joey: Yeah, so Monica owes us both some money.
Monica: What?
Joey: Yeah, you couldnít keep your big mouth shut, so now you owe us some money.
Monica: Hey, if you werenít so obvious I wouldnít have figured it out.
Joey: Oh right, Iím supposed to do that without being obvious.
Monica: Yeah, you do have a point there.
Rachel: Hey! How aboutÖyou guys stop fighting, no one owes anybody money, and we go to the beach now?
Monica: Okay, sounds good.
Chandler: All right.
Joey: I guess.
Rachel: Good. Now letís go to the beach. Weíre all ready, and have been for quite awhile.
Monica: Yeah, letís go.
(they go)
(time lapse, 20 minutes later)
Joey: (whispers to Chandler) Hey Chandler, I bet you couldnít pretend to like Monica for the rest of the week.
Chandler: Joey! Why-what? I-I already do.
Joey: What? (short pause) Oh, yeah! I forgot!
Chandler: Oh Joey.

the end