The one where its always been Ross

This my very first fan fic for Friends so bare with me please!!!!! The time period of the story is after the S9Finale in Barbados...its been about 2weeks since they have been back.Emma is staying with Ross' parents for the story because I couldn't think of a way to write her in. (sorry) Rachel and Joey are dating, but its kinda a childish relationship and Monica doesn't see it working. Ross and Charlie have also been seeing eachother but they decided to keep it on a friendly level. Phoebe and Mike are still together. Monica and Chandler are happy as can be except Monica insists on buying a Ping Pong table. This is kinda Ross and Rachael story but I included everyone because it wouldn't be friends without the "friends" and what can I say I love all of them!!! :)

Scene 1- Central Perk about 5:15
(everyone is there except Phoebe, Mike, Ross)
Rachel: Monica will you help me plan something later on tonight?
Monica: Sure I'd be glad to....*kinda confused*
Chandler:What are we planning? *jokingly*
Rachel: Is your name Monica? Didn't think so...just keep Joe busy! *Smiles*
Joey leans over and kisses Rachel
Joey: what about our plans for tonight?
Rachel: Joey! Its for you so I think you should back off and let me do it. *She leans in close to him*
Joey: oooh what is it?
He kisses her softly..
Rachel: Be at your place at about 8.
She gets up and gets ready to leave...and turns around to Monica
Rachel: C'mon Monica lets start planning.
Monica: Alright, bye honey I'll be home later! If you need me you know where I am at. Keep Joey busy till 8, shouldn't be a problem...
*she kisses Chandler goodbye and laughs*
Joey:whats that supposed to mean?
They laugh as Rachel and Monica walk off.

Joeys apartment- 5:30
(Monica and Rachel start planning this surprise for Joey)
Monica: So what is that we are planning? *still kinda confused*
Rachel: I don't know, I just wanna do something special for Joey.
Rachel sits on the couch and Monica follows.
Monica: What do you wanna do, make dinner and a movie or something different?
Rachel: Mon...I don't know...I want him to feel special.
Monica: Are you ok Rach?
Rachel has her hand on her forehead. Looking confused and just weird, like somehtings wrong.
Rachel: Yeah I am fine, I just want Joey and I to have a relationship. I mean when I liked and I was chasing I guess you could say I felt it more there. Now I just feel like we aren't a we are just friends who kiss and stuff. You know?
Monica: Yeah I know what you mean....its a childish kinda relationship. You want to have a serious moment together.
Rachel smiles in amazement.
Rachel: Yeah, exactly...but I don't know what to do to get that....
Monica gets up and goes to kitchen to get a drink.
Monica: Do you think you and Joey can have that? Rachel can I tell you something and you promise you won't get mad?
Rachel: Yes of course.
Monica walks back towards the couch.
Monica: I don't think you and Joey belong together, you don't have any chemistry. It just seems weird. I don't see you and Joey having anything close to you and my brother....I mean come on yall have been this way since 9th grade. Just think about what I am saying....
Rachel looks stunned....
Rachel: yeah well, I don't know Monica. I really like Joey, but I think you may be right. I don't know about me and Ross right now though. But for now could you help me with making Joey dinner.
Monica: Of course.
They hed into the kitchen and start cooking....

Central Perk 6:30
(Joey, Chandler, Ross)
Everyone is just sitting looking very bored.
Chandler:Wow guys, we must be some of the most boring people to just sit in a coffee shop all day long.
Joey: This isn't just a coffee Shop...this is the Central Perk.
Ross: what are yall doing later?
Joey and Chandler laugh slightly.
Chandler: Well we don't know, I am suposed to entertain Joey until 8.
Ross: lucky you, and why is that?
Joey: Rachel is planning something for me, we don't know what. Monica is helping her.
Ross: oh *looks away....still kinda akward about Joey and Rachel's relationship*
Ross: I am gonna go for a walk and maybe go catch a movie....
Chandler and Joey: alright to you later

On ross' walk...6:45-7:30
Ross is walking along some lake thinking to himself
Ross: I wonder how I ever let it get this far, I mean I can see us having a relationship but we have been through so much its unreal. And we even have baby Emma, I love her so much.( talking about Emma) I never thought I could love someone so much until I met Rachel. And then we had our Daughter, and I have Ben. We could have been a family. Now she is with my best friend. I love Joe to death, but he's no good for could I have ever been so stupid???
* he stops at a bench along the lake and sits..still thinking to himself*
I mean I tryed to move on, I am not gonna sit here and lie to myself...sure I was attracted to Charlie and we had stuff in common but I mean I am still very much in love with Rachel. Like I have always said and I repeat this to myself every day, its Rachel its always been Rachel. I loved her then, I love her now...but I fear its to late.

Central Perk-7:30
Phoebe walks in to where Chandler and Joey are still looking bored and almost asleep with boredom.
Phoebe trys to scare them
Phoebe: HEY GUYS!!!
Chandler: you scared us.
Joey: yeah...
Phoebe: Wheres Monica and Rachel?
Chandler: Planning a surprise for Joey!
Phoebe: Screw this, where at?
The guys look stunned...
Phoebe:well...I don't wanna fall asleep in a coffee shop!
Joey: at my place!
She gets up and walks off...
Joey: are we really that boring?
Chandler: Well we have been here doing absolutely nothing for about 2-2 1/2 hours.
Joey: what time is it?
Chandler: 10 till 8.
Joey: I think I am gonna go now...
Chandler: No she will think you have been waiting all this time...don't let her know that.
Joey: But I have been waiting for all this time..*laughs*
They start to leave.

Joey's apartment-8pm

Rachel gets the Pizza out of the oven.
Monica comes back in from her apartment....(Rachel decided she wanted to cook it alone)
Monica: OMG Rach, Digorno frozen pizza....*she laughs*
Rachel: well I couldn't think of anything. QUICK QUICK he should be here any minute. GO HOME!!!
She hurrys her out and apologizes for her rudness.
Joey asks if he can come in yet.
Rachel still cutting the Pizza..
Rachel: yeah go ahead.
He comes and sees her cutting the pizza..and giggles.
Joey: How thoughtful, you baked me a Pizza.
Rachel obviously dissapointed in herself.
Rachel: Honey I'm sorry, I was gonna cook for you but I didn't know what to make.
Joey wraps her in his arms...
Joey: Its okay, as long as your here with me.
He kisses and.....

Monica and Chandlers Apartment
Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler.
They are all in the living room
Chandler: What was the big surprise?
Monica: Oven baked pizza!!!
The 2 laugh..
Phoebe: your kidding, thats soo romantic, I always wanted my bf to do that.
They laugh some more.
Ross walks in....
All: hey
Ross: hey guys... Monica can I talk to you for a sec.
Monica: yeah sure...lets go to the balcony.
Chandler and Phoebe stay in the living room talking about the pizza thing. while Monica and Ross go out to the balcony.
Monica: Ross, whats up?
Ross looking nervous walking back and forth.
Ross: I can't take this anymore, Monica....Rachel is it. She is the one. I know it, I can feel it. You know it too! Its her, its always been her.
Monica: Give it time...I know what you mean. I talked to her today. I don't give her and Joey much more time.
Ross: I can't stand ot hear him talk about her. Monica, I need her.
Monica: I know, and I know that she is looking for someone to compare to you, I see her coming 'home' soon. Lets go back inside. Its gonna be okay!
Ross: I don't know if I can take it much longer.
Monica hugs him,
Monica: Ross, its gonna be I said give it time. Lets go back inside.
Ross: okay, thanks sis.
They go back inside.

The next day...3pm
Central PerkRachel is sitting on the couch with Monica.
Rachel: Monica, I don't know what to do.
Monica: About what?
Rachel: Joey, I don't think we are gonna work. Last night I tryed to do something special. I ended up baking Pizza and it almost burned.
Monica: Do you see yourself having a future with him?
Rachel puts her head in her hands and looks at the floor.
Rachel: I....I wish that I could say yes....but truthfully..
Monica: Truthfully, where are your feelings?
Rachel: No, I don't. I just had a fling I guess for him. I was attracted to being attracted to him.
Monica: Rachel.....then what are you doing?
Rachel looks up again and looks kinda relieved that she finally got that off her chest.
Rachel: I don't know, I am gonna have to tell him. I don't know how though.
Monica: Do whats right....
Joey and Chandler walk in talking about something.
Monica: But in the mean time, I have to convince Chandler to buy me a Ping Pong Table.
Chandler: NOOOOO!
Monica: Honey please!!!!
Joey sits next to Rachel and kisses her on the cheek. And Chandler sits next to Monica.
Joey: So whats going on guys?
Monica: Nothing just talking about nothing.
Rachel: Yeah, hey Joey we need to talk.
Monica: Well Chandler lets go shopping I got something I wanna show you.
Chandler: Yeah, I bet. *Monica gives him a look of lets go* But I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a look.
Joey: Whats wrong? *kinda worried*
Chandler and Monica leave.
Rachel: Joey, you know I love you to death right?
Joey: Already, wow...*he smiles kinda relieved.*
Rachel: No, I am not in love with you....but I do have love for you.
Joey: Oh.....*kinda disapointed* what are you getting at?
Rachel: I think we should just be friends again...I mean I think that we are better off that way.
Joey: OMG, Rachel.....noooo. Why? What did I do wrong?
Rachel starts to look around and put her thoughts together...Joey starts to get a sad look on his face.
Rachel: Joey, I just don't think we have any kinda future ahead of us. I think this is for the best.
Joey puts his head down....
Joey: Yeah, okay. I guess.....but we have to stay friends. I don't want things to be akward for us.
Rachel: Yeah of course.
Joey: But I don't think I can stay here right now....bye Rach. I'm glad we atleast gave it a shot.
Rachel: Yeah, me too!
Joey: Bye...*he gets up and walks outside and starts the How you doin thing to every girl who walks by*
Rachel laughs from inside.
Rachel says to herself: I hope your okay Joey.....
Phoebe walks in....noticing Rachel all alone.
Phoebe: Hey girl, why are you here all by yourself....Joeys outside. Want me to get him?
Rachel: No, I just broke up with him.
Phoebe: Why?
Rachel: Its just not there for me and him, like it was for..nevermind.
Phoebe: Ross? Does it have something to do with him?
Rachel: Of course not, I mean ...I don't think so.
Phoebe: He's your lobster, you know?
They laugh....
Rachel: Phoebe, I don't know.
Phoebe: stop hiding it, Rachel you want him you know its true. You've always wanted him.*coughs* Emily *coughs*
Rachel: Yeah I know. But I don't know if its the right time.
Phoebe: Shut up! What are you doing right now thats productive anyways?
Rachel: Nothing why?
Phoebe: Lets go shopping..
THey take off to shop!

Joeys apartment 5:30pm
Joey is sitting on the couch watching TV.
Ross walks in.
Joey: Oh hey man.
Ross: hey.
Joey: do you need something?
Ross: I was wondering if you knew where Monica was at?
Ross goes and sits down.
Joey: Oh yeah her and Chandler went shopping.
Ross: Why aren't you with Rachel?
Joey looks down.
Joey: She broke up with me....
Ross looks stunned....
Ross: Really, what happened?
Joey: I don't know, she just said that it was there for us.
Ross: I'm sorry man.
Joey: Yeah, I could never be like you were for her.
Ross: Why do you say that?
Joey: What can I say man, your her lobster.
Ross: I am gonna leave you here you need to be by yourself.
Joey: I guess....
Ross: I'll talk to you later!
Ross leaves the apartment

Hallway-After Ross leaves Joeys apartment.
Ross closes the door and then kinda leans in front of it.
Ross: I have a chance.....
He jumps up happy and then leaves. Monica and Chandler come in at the same time..
Monica:Hey Ross!
Chandler: Hey
Ross: Hey guys guess what?????
Ross is still excited.
Monica: what?
Ross: Joey and Rachel broke up!!!
Monica: Oh yeah, she was talking to me about it earlier.
Ross: You knew?
Monica: Yeah, but what does that matter...its happened! Well we are gonna go inside, you wanna come.
Ross: No, I think I am gonna go home!
Chandler: Go for it!
Monica and Chandler go to there apartment and Ross leaves towards his.

Shopping Mall- Rachel and Phoebe 6:00
Rachel: Pheebs, does this look okay?
She holds up and ugly pokey dotted black and pink shirt.
Phoebe: Sure if your in the circus.
They laugh.
Rachel: I know, I just thought I'd see if you liked it.
Phoebe: WHy me?
Rachel: Joking.
Phoebe: So what are you going to do tonight?
Rachel: I don't know yet. I think I am gonna talk to Ross.
Phoebe: Yeah I think you should to, but be careful about Joey.
Rachel: I know. Do you think its time we should get going.
Phoebe: Lets go to Monica's place first before we go our seperate ways.
Rachel: Yeah..good idea. Lets buy her a mini Ping Pong table.
Phoebe: yeah...
The girls go and look for the Table.

Ross' apartment- 10:30pm
Ross is asleep on the couch.
There is a knock on the door...Ross jumps up!
Ross: Who is it?
Rachel: Its me, sorry its so late.
Ross: Oh no, its okay.
Ross quickly opens the door inviting her in.
Ross: Is everything okay?
Rachel comes in and stands...
Rachel: Yeah everything is fine.
Ross: Would you like to sit down, and coffee?
Rachel: Yeah thanks.
Ross goes to the kitchen to make some coffee and talk so to through there.
Rachel: Me and Joey broke up.
Ross: Yeah he told what happened?
Rachel: I don't know, I just didn't feel anything there between us. It was like a fling I guess. I was attracted to being attracted to him. Its weird. Its just not that same as...*she pauses*
Ross: Same as what?
Rachel: Well.....its not even close to the way I felt when I was with you.
Ross comes in and hands her a cup of coffee and sits down next to her.
Ross: What do you mean?
Rachel: I mean, well...I think I am still in love with you.
Ross turns around and kinda smiles a little bit. Then the phone rings....
Rachel looks disapointed because she didn't get a response.
Ross picks up the phone,
Ross(on phone):Hello?
Monica: Hey, do you know where Rachel is at?
Ross: Yeah she is over here.
Rachel looks at him, like what.
Rachel: (whispers) who's that?
Ross: (whispers) Monica.
Rachel: oh...
Monica: Tell her to come by tomorrow.
Ross: okay, is that all?
Monica: What are trying to rush me?
Ross: Bye monica.
Ross hangs up.
Ross: I'm sorry, what were you saying....(pretending he doesn't remember.)
Rachel: Nothing, maybe I shouldn't have came. I think I am gonna go....I guess I'll...*she gets up as she is saying this and starts to walk towards the door*
Ross gets up in a hurry
Ross: No, don't go. Rachel, I have been waiting for you to say this for so long.
Rachel surprised turns around: what?
Ross: I have been in love with you since 9th grade.
Rachel: what about, Carol, Emily....and all of them.
Ross: I don't know, but they have all been leading back to one place.
Rachel: Ross, I'm soo sorry that I ever had to put you through everything that I did. I wish I could have just been with you instead of taking breaks or trying to move on. We have lost so much time.
Rachel takes his hands in hers.
Rachel: I have always loved you, even though sometimes I didn't realize it. And, you know what...I still remeber when you told me that its always been me...
Ross: It has.
Rachel: Well, its always been you Ross. I realize that now.
Ross kisses her, and wraps his arms around her. Rachel pulls back
Rachel: I want Emma and us to have a family. And Ben too.
Ross: I have wanted that for along time.
They start kissing again, and they start walking backwards kissing into Ross' room.

The next day-Monica and Chandlers apartment. 2:00pm
Monica and Rachel and Phoebe are there.
They are sitting at the kitchen table talking
Rachel: So what happened to Mike?
Phoebe: Oh, he is gone for a little while. Something to do with work.
Rachel: wow, thats weird. I guess.
Monica: So Rachel, what happened yesterday?
Rachel: Well I'm back together with Ross, but this time I'm not letting him go.
Monica and Phoebe: YEY!
Monica: waht about Joey?
Rachel: Keep it down low for awhile, I don't want him to get upset cause its so soon. But sooner or later he'll have to except it.
Phoebe: yeah, Ross is your lobster...he'll have to know that Shrimp and Lobster don't mix...Lobster and Lobster do.
They laugh,
Rachel: I guess, but Joey's not a shrimp...he just not my lobster. He's someone elses Lobster.
Monica: Yeah.
Ross and Chandler walk in.
Girls: Hey guys!
Ross and Chandler stand at the door.
Chandler: Monica honey, I have a surprise for you. (The guys look out of breath.
Monica stands up and starts to walk over to them.
Rachel: Ross?
Ross: Oh, you'll laugh at this...
Chandler: Turn around.
The girls turn around.
Chandler and Ross bring in the surprise and set it up!
Monica and Rachel are whispering back and forth.
Monica: What could it be?
Rachel: I don't know...Pheebs?
Phoebe: I didn't have anything to do with it.
You here a loud noise in the background. Like something fell.
Monica: What was that?
Chandler: hang on almost done.....okay done!
They turn around!
Monica: CHANDLER!!!! YEY! A PING PONG TABLE!!!!! *She runs and hugs him*
Rachel starts laughing...:wow, the happiness of a Ping Pong table!
Phoebe: Ohh, man wheres Mike when you need him???
Ross walks over to Rachel and hugs her.
Ross: I told you that you would laugh! Monica has been wanting this.
Rachel: Yeah, oh my god.
Rachel kisses him.
Monica: Chandler, I love you!!! Can we play now?
Chandler: uhhh....crap! I forgot that I am busy right now.
Monica: uhh, Chandler!
Chandler: Just kidding honey, I guess we could play!
Chandler and Monica start playing.
Phoebe acts like she is getting turned on. And Chandler starts letting Monica win.
Ross: Lets go back to my place...*still holding Rachel in his arms.*
Rachel: Okay, lets go....* They kiss again*
Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe were watching...
Chandler, Monica, Phoebe: Awwwie, the Lobsters are back!
Ross and Rachel start blushing...They kiss again.
Ross: Alright guys well we are gonna to you later.
Rachel: bye guys..
Chandler, Monica, Phoebe: Bye!
Ross and Rachel leave the apartment holding hands....

The End!

This was my first fan fic, sooooo please give me a break! :)