TOW all the Best Men
By Amy

I own none of the character but i do own the story. This takes place after TOW the Proposal
Rachel is sitting on the couch in her and Pheobes apartment .
Pheobe : What is your idea of the perfect guy ?
Rachel : Someone who understands the feeling of being romantic , someone who will never stop loving me , no matter what I do , someone I have known my whole life and already have a friendship with .
Pheobe :Sounds  to me like you just described Ross
Rachel : I canít believe you even mentioned that ! I havenít thought about Ross that way for years ! Years I tell you!
Pheobe : Then why did you want him as your back up instead of Joey ? Iím just trying to help you realize what you want Rachel.
Rachel stood, she didnít have anything to say ,and she trembled : I donít know . I need to go somewhere . Iíll be back later ok ?
She walked out of the apartment and grabbed a set of keys
Phoebe just stood there and then
Pheobe: I know they were lobsters

Opening Credits
They all dance around the fountain except now Chandler and Monica are sitting next to each other in the end, with their arms locked around each other. Rachel and Ross stare at each other from the other side of the couch. Joey and Phoebe are in their usual places .

At Monicaís apartment
Rachel slowly opens the door and goes to that window where they can see Rossís apartment. She lays down and cries
Rachel: Why after all this time canít I just get over him ? What is it that is so different in him?
Monica tip toes in.
Monica: Rachel?
No response but a sob and
Rachel: Please donít tell Chandler
Monica comes up and hugs her
Monica: Not if you donít want to, what wrong honey?
Rachel: I was thinking, as I saw you and Chandler, and then I realized that night .
Monica: What did you realize?
Rachel: I tried and tried to see that happing to me and all I could see was Ross.
Over and over. I got up at about 3 and Pheobe came in and asked me whom my dream man was. Its Ross, thatís whom I want to marry.
Monica gave her a hug
Monica: So what are you going to do?
Rachel: I canít tell him, he has gotten completely over me. I so hoped I had too. But I never will. I will always love him.
Monica: Rachel if he doesnít love you he is stupid. You are my best friend, no matter how close I will be with Chandler, he could never take your place . You deserve to be just as happy as us .
Rachel sniffs and dries her eyes: I knew I would be ok if I talked to you. Pheobe, she isnít the same. We will always be best friends.
Monica: Which is why Iím going to ask you to be my Maid of Honor
Rachel :Of course I will be your maid of Honor!
Monica: Ohh thank you so much!
Rachel : Have you told your parents?
Monica :No , I guess I should
Rachel breaks down again as she sees Ross across the way
Rachel: I donít know how much longer I can go on like this
Monica : I will try to find how he feels doll . Just try and wait a little longer .
Rachel : Can I stay here for a while ? Please ?
Monica : Yes , as long as you need to . Come on , its time to go to bed
She leads a broken Rachel into her old room .
Rachel : It has a bed still ?
Monica : Yeah we turned it into a guest room .But it will always be waiting for you to come in to turn it alive again
Rachel lies down and falls asleep , and Monica pulls up the covers around her

She returns into her and Chandlers room and says
Monica : We are so lucky to have each other . Never leave me .
Chandler : OK Mon .(then he returns to falling asleep )

Next Day at the Coffe shop . Pheobe is playing that game again .
Monica, Ross  , Chandler , and Rachel are there with her .
Pheobe : Chandler who is your dream girl , like what qualities do you want in her ?
Chandler looks across the room at Monica who is coming down with Rachel to join  them for coffe
Chandler : That her name be Monica Geller
Phoebe looks disgusted :You arenít any good at this  , Ross what about you ?
Rachel turns around and stares at him, waiting for his answer
Ross : Someone that is kind of laid back , realizes that a relationship is about me too , not just all her .. a blond ..someone who lives here and not in England .. some one I know will always love me ...
Pheobe : You have a list donít you ?
Ross : No , its just I have seen all these things in people and I know thatís what I want . I just donít know how to get it
Rachel sits down slowly ..
Rachel whispers to Monica: Do you think he is talking about me?
Monica : shhh
Ross stands up , : Wow look at the time , we need to go to Momís for lunch now , come on Mon
Monica : Chandler its time to tell them about us
Chandler: Yeah , bet they just think Ross is getting married.. .again
Pheobe : oh oh who is your best man ?
Chandler thinks , : Iím not sure , you know , I am great friends with Joey and Ross .. It will be a hard decision
Phoebe turns to Monica : Who is your Maid of Honor?
Monica : Rachel of course ! Hey do you want to be a bridesmaid ?
Pheobe looks a little let down: Sure

At the Gellers
Monica walks up the her mom
Monica : Mom , I have something important to tell you
Mís Mom : What you lost your job again dear ?
Monica : Nooo! Iím doing well  at my job .
Monica lets her hand with the ring rest on the counter
Mís Mom : Well that good dear
She goes on chopping onions
Mís Mom: So Ross brought Chandler today? We havenít seen much of him lately . Are they still friends?
Monica sighs: Yes mom they are .
Mís Mom: So is this good news or bad news?
Monica lights up: Good news ! Best ever
Mís Mom finally looks up from her onions and sees Monicaís hand, she picks it up and says: Oh my gosh! Are you?
Monica: Engaged, to Chandler
Mís Mom: Honey, we get to throw another wedding!

Later on the terrace outside Monicaís the Gang is inside and Rachel is still sitting in the window staring out
Monica : Ross when I saw Richard I felt nothing .. And I used to be in love, well almost, with him . Do you feel the same way about Emily and Rachel?
Ross : Well you know I have been thinking about that lately
Monica gets a little smile: Really?
Ross : I think if I saw Emily now .. I realized she doesnít care about me as much as I did for her . I lost my respect for her after that..
Monica : And Rachel?
Rachel: head turns around and she is staring intently at Ross (laughing in audience)
Ross : I will always feel something for her . I just donít know what it is. It would be so hard to start from scratch with her, you know? We have that whole history
Monica: But if she still loved you, would you love her back?
Monica walks inside as Ross realizes what this questioning session was about. Inside all the friends disappear except for Rachel, who still is sitting in the window.
He walks inside and says, "Rachel?"
Rachel lifts her head, and says, "Ross? "
Ross asks ,as if he is afraid of breaking a glass by his voice , ď Is there anything you need to tell me ?Ē
Rachel says, ď Oh I have no idea how to say this Ross, but I am still in love with you. I have been trying to hide it , and deny it for so long . But it keeps staying at the back of my mind, I compare any man I date up to you, and no one ever will. I just wish I could go back and start everything over with you. I wantÖI want you more than anything else. You mean more to me than anything, and I would do whatever to get you back.Ē
Ross sits on the couch and says, ďWow .I really donít know what to say to that Rachel.Ē
Rachel says, ďWait let me finish, I thought my whole life that material things were what mattered. Until I realized that the only thing that matters is if I am with you, I donít care how long you take to figure out if you love me too. I will always be waiting, no matter what your answer is. I realized how lucky Chandler and Monica are to be together , I would give anything to be that way with you .Ē
Ross stands, ď I am so surprised, there really is no word for it. I Ö need time. I will get back to you on that.Ē
Rachel watches him go out the door, and asks to no one in particular ď What did I do wrong?Ē

Inside Monica and Chandlers room an entirely different discussion is going on. Phoebe , Joey ,Chandler and Monica are inside
Joey: Hey Chan Man, I am going to be your best man right?
Chandler: Umm I think I might Ö not have a best man, just you know.. Have better men because then you can have two of them instead of just one .
Joey: Mann why didnít Ross think of that? You would have thought by a couple times he would know enough about doing this to help you.
Phoebe : Monica why did we have to leave Ross and Rachel alone together ?
Monica had her ear pressed against the door . ďNo reason , in fact you all need to leave right now !
Chandler gets a ďme too?Ē face .
Monica : Including you ~ and I canít tell you why until later . Shoo!
All of them creep out the door , and only Chandler notices Rachel standing looking at the door
Monica : He said ?
Rachel: He has to think about it , what is there to think about ? I love him! He didnít know what to say back . I would hope he can talk Ö when someone says I love you , you say I love you . If I told you I love you what would you say ?
Monica : I love you too
Rachel throws up her hands and says : See its that simple !
She points to Ross window and says , ďI Love You !Ē
Chandler walks in and says ,Ē I love you Monica ď
Rachel says ,ĒSee he can say it ! And I know Ross can. ďShe falls to the ground,ĒI heard him say it Öa long time ago..Ē
Chandler whispers,ĒWhatís wrong?Ē Monica ďShe loves Ross, I have never seen her this shook up before. Iím worried for her.Ē
Chandler: I never knew that my best friend was so stupid; I am going over there right now!
He storms out the door.
Rachel: Where do you think he went?
Monica: I donít know, but lets get yourself together ok?
Rachel nods and says :Ok
She then gets up with the help of Monica and goes to the couch
Rachel: Do you think he will come back? Truly, do you think you will ever be my maid of honor at my wedding?
Monica sits down next to her,: Yes I do .I always have thought that . I know he will come back, maybe not tonight or tomorrow, but one day he will wake up and realize he still loves you.
Rachel lays her head down on Monicaís lap,: I donít know why I was so blind before , if only I had never ever let him  go .
The door opened and Monica accidentally turned on the radio, where the song I want to be with you, comes on
Ross says: Rachel can I talk to you on the porch?
Rachel: How about we stay in here? I donít feel like going outside right now.
Monica and Chandler creep out the door to join Phoebe and Joey in the coffee shop

Joey: Hey man, what is it with you and your girlfriend? Are you trying to ditch us two or something?
Phoebe: Now that I think about it... They have been gone a lot lately
Joey : Yeah and whereís Ross and Rachel , are you trying to capture them into your little scheme too ?
Chandler says : Nooo nothing is going on
Pheobe: I do not believe that , I am getting a vibe that there is something going on here I don Ďt know about .
Joey makes a face and says : Yeah we deserve to know whats going on
Monica sits down : I will tell you if anything comes of it . But now it is too soon to say anything about it .
Pheobe : Well ok then , I have a question for you Monica , what would your dream man be like ?
Monica looks lovingly at Chandler: He is sitting right there
Joey looks surprised : ME! I always knew I was better than you man .
Chandler says : I think she was talking about me .
Monica : I was
Monica turns around and says : What about you Pheobe ?
Pheobe : I donít know exactly , all I know is I want a relationship like you and Chandlers
Chandler : They know Iím great
Monica : Oh you better come and show me why your so great
They both go upstairs to the apartment to ..
Joey and Pheobe
Joey : Man now he gets everything , and I am
Pheobe : what ?
Joey : Not the stud man anymore
Pheobe: You will always be the stud man to me
Joey says : Really ?
Pheobe : No Joey I will not ~
Joey: But Iím your back up!
Pheobe : Do I look 40 to you ?
Joey: No but I was hoping
Pheobe: Nope nada , you are going to just have to let Chandler be the stud for a while
Joey : Man I am really looking forward till when I am 40

Fade out to Monicaís apartment where we left off before
Ross : Look  I know this may seem a little .. silly...but I would really like it if we could just pretend none of our past existed , start from square one
Rachel : You know we can never forget whatís already happened Ross
Ross : But we can try to .
Rachel get that look in her eyes .
Ross : Want to go try that right now ?
Rachel : Do you even have to ask ?
They go into the room
Rachel : YOU know if you want to get my mid off the past you better make this realllyy good .
Ross: I will try
Monica and Chandler come in as Ross and Rachel go into the bedroom
Monica : I wonder how it went with them ?
Chandler : I have no idea , but lets go make that love everyone is talking about
Monica: You know they arenít saying that you are the one that makes it good
Chandler : So I will just have to try harder then
Monica : I will always be game for that
They dissaper into the bedroom also

In the Bathroom , Rachel and Monica
Rachel : Did you move them ?
Monica : No why do you want them?
Rachel: Why do you think
She nods, Monica : Who do you have in there?
Rachel : Ross
Monica : Ok you get it.. I will just take my chances
Rachel: I love you Mon !

Next Day Ö
Chandler is sitting eating breakfest
Ross walks in
Chandler : Ross how did it go ?With Rachel ,are you two together again ?
Ross : I donít know
Chandler : Do you want to be?
Ross : Yeah . I love her
Chandler : She wants you too , so whatís the problem?
Ross : I have bad luck with women . If we donít get together I canít mess it up
Chandler : You mess it up because you will always love Rachel , and before that scared her . Now she is ready for you
Ross: So you say I should go for it ?
Chandler: Yeah man ! Thatís what I mean!
Ross: Chandler is telling me to commit Ö boy have you changed.
Ta Da the Ending
The cute little last scene is Ross and Joey fighting over who can be the best man .
Joey: I have been his roommate
Ross: Monicas brother , childhood friend
Joey: Already been in 3 weddings
Ross: Will I never live that up?
Everyone else : Nope !
Chandler: Joey wins