The Bings and The Gellers Parts 1-4


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The Bings And The Gellers
Part One: The One Where Rachel Steals Someone’s Thunder

"Sierra Karen Bing," Chandler watched his oldest daughter go across the stage to receive her MS graduation certificate. A lump formed in his throat. His little Sisi- so much like his Monica- was growing up fast.

He felt Monica squeeze his hand and smiled up at her. She was crying so he brushed her tears away with his hand.

"Ewwww," their youngest daughter Taylor cried. "Why do you guys always have to do gross things in public?" Chandler and Monica just rolled their eyes at their new pubescent daughter and went back to watching the ceremony.

Chandler's mind wandered to his favorite memories of Sierra- he could still remember the day she was born. It had been a peaceful November night until Monica woke up screaming, "Ow Baby! Ow Baby!" He laughed to himself when he remembered how he had completely freaked out and even went to the hospital without Monica. The sounds of screaming brought Chandler sharply back to reality.

Rachel was grasping her pregnant stomach and screaming. Monica immediately jumped up and started heading Rachel toward the exit. "Chandler, go find Ross he's up front somewhere with the video camera," Monica looked at Taylor and her middle daughter Madison "You girls get up there and tell your sister what is going on! Maddi! Taylor! NOW!!!" Both girls sprung into action.

As Madison approached the platform Sierra hissed at her " Maddi get away from here! You are going to be embarrass me!"

"Aunt Rachel just went into labor-"

"NO!" Sierra screamed, "How dare she? This is supposed to be my day- my moment!" She gasped when she realized that everyone in the room had grown silent and was staring at her.

Chandler glared at all three girls and they followed him and their Uncle Ross out to the car. When they had all gotten in the car Ross turned and looked at Sierra, "Monic- I mean Sierra can you please not mention to Aunt Rachel anything about stealing your thunder? She's already unhappy about this baby."

Sierra looked down at her feet, "Sorry, Uncle Ross, sure I won't mention it. But how come people keep calling me Monica?"

"You are just so much like your Mom," Chandler smiled at her.

Sierra smiled back at him. She loved her Dad so much they were as close as a father/daughter could get. She had often heard him tell her she was so much like her Mother. She was built like Monica, had her dark hair, her smile and her love of neatness. There was very little of Chandler in her. Her sisters were different, on the other hand. Madison looked so much Dad it was uncanny. Her bangs even parted the same way and she was always cracking jokes whether it was good time or not! Taylor was kind of the mix in the family with a little bit of both parents and a whole lot of herself. She was blonde, which definitely wasn't inherited from either parent, and was quiet and reserved. Except for her new puberty phase where everything their parents did was gross, she rarely had a bad thing to say about or to anyone.

They pulled into the front of the hospital and Ross dived out of the car and ran in the door. It was easy to find his wife; he could hear her screaming all the way down the hall. When he got in the room Monica smiled meekly at him and mouthed "She's not OK."

Ross went over to Rachel and kissed her forehead. He grasped her hand in his, "How you doing Rach?"

"Don't you even try and take that Johnny Soldier out of your pants ever again, you hear me?! He's officially retired Ross Geller!"

"Rach, you know you don't mean that-"

"Want to bet? Owwwww!" she screamed. The Doctor came in and looked at Rachel's chart

"Okay, Mrs. Geller are you ready to meet your new son or daughter?"

"Only if you promise me I never have to do this again. I'm too old for this."

The Doctor smiled at her "I'm going to get a nurse to help you get prepped."

"Oh Lord, Monica, I can't believe I let him touch me again! Ow!!! Like having two boys for him wasn't good enough! No!!! He just flashes those puppy dog eyes and I give in like such a sucker."

"I know," Monica said "Men just don't appreciate how much we go through to have their children."

"HELLO! I am standing right here!" Ross interrupted.

Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, and the kids are all waiting in the waiting room. Chandler feels a small tug on his arm seven year-old Travis eyes him cautiously. "Uncle Chandler, is my Mommy going to die?"

"No, Travis she's going to be just fine. She's just having a baby. You want to sit with me until your Dad comes?" Travis crawled up into his lap willingly.

Meanwhile in the labor room Rachel is pushing "Ohhh this hurts like hell! Ross I am so serious don't you ever EVER touch me again!"

Ross squeezed her hand and said "After going through this four times with a woman I don't think I have any sexual desires left."

Rachel screamed louder and gritted her teeth, "Any chance you had left just went bye-bye."

Ross smirked at her and then drew his hand out of hers "OWWW! Do you have to squeeze the crap out of my hand?"

The Doctor said, "Okay, Rachel, the baby's head has crowned so I need you to take a big breath and with the next contraction you are going to give me a really big push ok?"

"I can't, oh my Gosh, I can't" Rachel moaned.

Monica grabbed Rachel's right hand and Ross grabbed her left. "Okay Rachel, here comes the contraction. Big push!"

Rachel yelled and pushed with all her might. And in a few seconds a loud, lusty baby's cry filled the room. "Congratulations! It's a girl!" the Doctor said as he handed Rachel her daughter, "big and healthy!"

"Oh!" Rachel took one look at the tiny little bundle and burst into tears "Ross, sweetie, come here and look at her, she is just the most beautiful-"

"Oh, so now I am sweetie?" he asked.

"Don't push it!"

"Oh, she is beautiful! Ross exclaims "Oh Rach, I love you so much!"

"Look at what we did honey," she smiled at him as he leaned in to kiss her. Monica chose this moment to quietly slip out of the room.

She made her way into the waiting area. Both of her nephews pounced on her "Is Mom ok? Is Dad with her? Is it a boy?"

"It's a girl! You boys have a sister!"

"Great! A girl!" fifteen year-old Nick sighed.

"A sister! A sister!" Travis was running around the room singing and dancing.

Chandler came and put his arm around Monica "You wanna go for number four? She asked sexily making him turn to putty on the inside.

"As tempting as it is," he kissed her deeply, "and it is tempting- Hell no!"

Monica punched him playfully and went and sat in between her daughters. "Sierra I am so sorry about you and the rest of us having to miss your ceremony. I know it must be very disappointing for you."

"It's okay Mom. How's Aunt Rachel? Knowing her she got pretty mad at Uncle Ross in there."

Monica chuckled "Yeah she did. Terrible pain brings out the worst in the best of us. She'll forgive him pretty quickly."

Ross entered the room beaming. "I have a beautiful 8 pound 1 ounce baby girl! Who would have thought after three boys we would have an accident baby and it would be a girl! A girl! I am so happy!"

"Hey dude weren't all your kids accidents?" Joey joked.

"Ben wasn't- anyway I am so happy!" Ross said.

Everyone went over to congratulate and hug him. Ross scooped up Travis and put his hand on nick's shoulder, "Do you want to go see your Mom and sister?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever." Nick said.

Ross took them into the room. Rachel smiled at them when they came in. "Hi guys! Oh come here and give me hugs." She reached her arms out to them. Travis ran into them gladly and hugged her tight. Bur Nick stayed away just glared at her and finally said "Mom, you look like hell!"

Without thinking Ross grabbed him hard by the shoulders "Don't you ever let me hear you say something like that to your Mother again She's just had a baby. Now you show her some respect-"

"Fine yeah whatever" Nick said as he stormed out of the room and bumped into his Aunt Monica on the way out.

Ross stuck his head out the door and yelled "Nicholas Ross Geller we are going to have a talk about this when we get home!"

Nick ran out of the hospital and into the warm spring air. He stood there fighting back both his tears and his anger. Suddenly Phoebe was standing net to him "What's up Nick?"

Nick just ignored her avoiding her concerned stare. "Nothing just didn't want my parents to have another kid. I mean it's like every seven or eight years they decide to do it and she gets knocked up."

Phoebe stared at him in utter shock not sure how to respond to this outburst. She loved this kid so much, like one of her own but yet she also knew he wasn't and she would have to choose her response carefully. "Nick honey, what is this really about?'

Nick started to cry "I already told you Pheebs I am mad at my-" he broke into sobs "myself. I am mad at myself! Jessie's pregnant. And I am so friggin scared and watching Mom and Dad today makes me sad because I know have disappointed them so much and because I didn't want to have a baby with her, it just sorta happened."

Phoebe hugged him tightly to her " Oh honey don't cry. It'll work out I promise," she soothed.

Rachel tried to hide the pain on her face when Monica and Chandler came in the room. "What the hell was that all about?" she asked.

Ross patted her on the shoulder " I don't know honey, I just don't know."

Part Two: The One Where Ross and Rachel Find Out

Ross opened the door to their apartment and smiled as Chandler, Monica, their nieces and their sons jump out from the closet and yell "Surprise!"

"Welcome home Lauren Rachel Geller! My beautiful little niece." Monica cried and ran over to hug Rachel and the baby.

Soon everyone was clamoring over to get a look at the newest little Geller.

Ross whispered something in Rachel's ear. She smiled at him knowingly and nodded. He kissed her forehead, the tip of her nose, and then deep on the mouth.

From the corner of the room Nick grunted and said menacingly "Hey Mom, isn't that how you got knocked up?"

Everyone froze in shock. Ross felt the blood come into his face as he turned into Red Ross. "That's it!" he stormed towards Nick "I have had all I can take! You had better watch that hateful mouth! You have ruined your sister's homecoming. You have been acting like a spoiled child!"

"Whose fault is that?" Nick snapped.

Before Ross could even stop himself he smacked Nick in the mouth. Everyone just stood there staring at the father and son, mouths dropped in disbelief. Nick grasped his mouth and stared at his father with hate in his eyes.

"Nick, honey, why don't you come with me to your room and we can talk about what's bothering you?" Rachel coaxed.

"Go to hell Mom!" Nick threw his glass on the floor and fled the house slamming the door so hard the windows rattled.

Everyone just stood there for a moment trying to decide what to do. Finally, Rachel put a smile on her face and said, "Maybe we could Lauren her room." They were all relieved for the distraction and they spent the next few hours getting to know Lauren Geller. Rachel and Ross were both very worried about Nick, and they kept casting glances at each other from across the room.

Soon Chandler, Monica and the girls were ready to go home for dinner. Monica went over and gave Rachel a hug "Honey you'll figure out what's bugging him- it's just not like him to talk to you like that. And it's certainly not like Ross to hit him."

"I am so worried, Mon. What am I going to do?" Rachel started to cry. "I have a brand new baby at 44 years old, I have like a 100 stitches there, it's been like 10 years since Ross and I have done stuff, and my now oldest son just told me to go to hell."

Monica could tell Rachel was starting to get the baby blues and that the added stress was only making things worse. "Look, Rach, why don't you let us take Travis tonight? That way when Nick gets home you can talk to him."

"Oh, Mon, I've already had two nights away from Travis."

"Rachel, do you really want Travis here for World War III when Nick comes home?"

"Oh alright." She hollered to Travis, "Travis, go get your jimmies and go with Aunt Monica and Uncle Chandler you are going to stay with them tonight."

"YEAH! Can Taylor paint my toenails again?"

Taylor groaned, "Forget it twerp. I am too mature for you now."

"Aww please," Travis begged her as he went into his room and got his things.

Within a few minutes Ross, Rachel, and Lauren were completely alone in their apartment. Lauren was asleep in the crib in her room and Ross and Rachel were snuggled on the couch.

"Ross I am trying to make sense of what happened this afternoon."

"I know, Rach, I know. For God's sake I slapped him. I just couldn't take him talking about you like that. Like you are some kind of tramp. No wife of mine is a tramp."

Rachel kissed him, "Defending my honor, huh?"

"Til I die." Ross leaned in for another kiss. Their kisses began to heat up just as Nick walked in.

"Figures," he slammed himself down on the couch next to them. "You two are always making out."

Rachel touched his shoulder and tried not to notice his flinch at her touch, "Sweetie, your Dad and I love each other very much."

"Yeah! Yeah! Well you don't have to love someone to have sex with them. You can get caught up in the moment and just give into your raging hormones-"

"Nick are you trying to tell us something? Because whatever it is we will listen and we will still love you."

"If Dad doesn't like what I have to say is he going to slap me again?"

"Look Nick, I am sorry about that." Ross said, "I just can't have anyone talking

about your Mom that way- especially not her son."

"Yeah okay, whatever." Nick said his eyes were on the floor "Jessie's pregnant," he barely whispered.

Ross' jaw dropped and tears filled Rachel's eyes. "What did you just say? Did you just say- is it yours?"

Nick just looked at the floor.

"Answer me Nicholas! Is it yours?"

"Yeah it's mine." Nick broke down. Rachel's instinct was to hug him. Ross wanted to beat the crap out of him. Neither of them followed their instincts- they freaked out.

"How could you? Haven't we talked about safe sex? How you should really wait until you're married." Rachel was sobbing now.

"Yeah, like either of you did that." Nick said hatefully. "You two only got married because Dad knocked you up."

"That's not true, Nick, your Mom and I have always loved each other. Having you just brought us back together."

"Well at least you two have some feelings for each other-" Nick was sobbing now. "Jessie and I just got caught in the moment. She wanted to make Ryan jealous and I fell for it. I was so stupid and now what do I do?"

Rachel took him in her arms and stroked his hair in comfort. Tears were streaming down her face. Ross was standing in front of them and he looked like he was angry but also very sad. Rachel began to rock Nick in her arms like a baby. "We'll figure it out, Nick. We'll figure it out."

Part Three: The One With Sierra’s Date and Jessie’s Parents
Sierra checked her reflection in the mirror again. She fixed her lipstick again and sighed. It was a perfect as it was going to get. Her Mom opened the door "Hey Sisi, Justin is here. You might want to get out there cause he's alone with your Dad."

"Oh geesh! He'll never want to go out with me again." Sierra burst into the living room and put on her best "Monica" smile. "Hi Justin are you ready to go?"

"Hey Sierra you look hot-" he saw Chandler eyeing him "nice. You look nice."

Chandler started to lecture them about staying with the group, not touching, and having her home by ten o'clock. Sierra groaned and rushed out the door.

Monica slid her arms around Chandler's neck and kissed him passionately. "That is because you love our girls so much." She deepened the kiss and moved her hands up his shirt, "and this is because I love you so much." They fell onto the floor in the heat of passion.

Sierra and Justin were in his car driving to the bowling party. "So are the rumors true?" he asked.

"What rumors?" Sierra asked cautiously.

"About your cousin Nick Geller, he is your cousin isn't he?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Cause is everybody is saying that he slept with Jessie Moore and she's pergnant with his kid."

"WHAT???" Sierra was horrified.

"Well, is it true?"

"I don't know- I don't- you know what suddenly I don't feel like going out please take me home."

"Oh, c'mon Sierra it's just a rumor. I'm sure it isn't true. Don't let it get you down, I was just making conversation-"

"Yeah well take me home NOW."

Justin sighed and muttered "Big mouth!" under his breath and turned the car around.

A few minutes later Sierra burst through the door of her apartment only to completely startle her parents who were still laying on the floor recovering. Chandler had only his boxer shorts on and Monica had only her shirt on it but was completely unbuttoned. Chandler jumped in surprise when the door opened. Sierra just looked at them and said, "When you two are decent come get me." She went into her room and quietly shut her door.

Chandler and Monica quickly dressed both relieved that it had been Sierra who had found them. She was the only of their girls who didn't freak out about the idea of that her parent's had sex. Monica went into Sierra's room with Chandler close behind her.

"Sierra, honey, what's wrong?"

"Hey, did that punk sixteen year old kid try something?"

"No it's not that. It's just he said something really horrible about Nick. He said that Nick got a girl pregnant."

"What? Our Nick? Wha-"

"That would explain some things," Monica muttered to herself.

Sierra burst into tears and Chandler stayed to talk with her. Monica went to talk to Rachel.

She knew as soon as Rachel opened the door it was true. Rachel's eyes were puffy and red. Ross didn't look much better.

"Hey, Travis went for ice cream with Phoebe, Madi, and Taylor. Sierra had a date- and she heard something about Nick that I didn't think could be true. But I see that it is."

"Come in Mon."

The next few days were like a walking nightmare at the Geller house. Rachel cried some and took care of Travis and Lauren. Ross spent a lot of time with Nick trying to be there for him. They were both disappointed in their son.

It got much worse when Jessie's parents found out. Mr. and Mrs. Moore paid a very unpleasant visit to the Geller household. They had some very unkind things to say about Nick Geller.

"Look Mr. and Mrs. Moore, we know how very disappointed you are with this. I know Rachel and I are too. But we have told Nick that he has to own up to his responsibility. We will do whatever we can financially or any other way to help." Ross explained.

"We do not need your money Dr. Geller!" Mr. Moore snapped, "just keep your son away from our daughter. He is not to call her, talk to her at school, or anything else."

"But how can he take responsibility if you don't allow him to be a part of-"

Mr. Moore interrupted "He's already done enough. Our family will handle this. His name is not to be mentioned by her and if she does keep this baby Nick is to have nothing to do with it. His name will not even be on the birth certificate."

"Excuse, Mr. Moore," Rachel was trying not to get frustrated, "But if Jessie keeps this baby it will be our grandchild too. Is it really fair to ask us not to be involved in this child's life? Doesn't the child deserve to know both sides of its family? After all, we shouldn't punish the child for the sins of the parents."

"Well you should have taught your son to keep it in his pants!"

"Well, you listen here Mister! Your daughter was a willing partner in this! It is not like Nick forced her into something she didn't want to do. In fact, I understand that it was her idea!" Lauren let out a wail; Rachel touched Ross' arm and went to get her daughter.

"Oh, is that one of Nick's kids? Does he do this to every girl he meets?"

It was all Ross could do not to completely lose his temper. "No, dammit that's not Nick's baby. It's his baby sister. She belongs to Rachel and I."

"Oh well no wonder he jumped into bed with our daughter he probably gets exposed to enough sex."

"All right that's it! Get the hell out of my house! There's the door! Please come back when we can discuss this like the mature adults we are supposed to be. Our kids are having a baby, we don't need to act younger than them." And with that said Ross slammed the door on his guests.

He went into the room where Rachel was feeding Lauren. Travis was sitting next to her on the bed reading her a book. "Rach, what are we going to do?" He stroked Lauren's head as she ate. "It's so hard to believe that our little Nicky made a baby." They just sat there for awhile both listening to Travis read lost in their own thoughts.

Part Four: The One Where Things Get Worse

For the next segment of our story we are going to go to four months later...
Lauren is growing like a weed and Travis just celebrated his eighth birthday. Nick and Jessie are still forbidden by her parents to see or speak to each other.

One night during dinner there was a knock on the Geller door. Ross opened it and greeted his nieces. "Hey Auntie Rachel, Uncle Ross can we hang out here for a while?" Taylor pleaded. "Mom and Dad are fighting again."

"Sure c'mon in. Have your Mom and Dad been fighting a lot lately?"

"Yeah, they have." Madison rolled her eyes, "You know how obsessive Mom gets sometimes-"

"Nooooooo!" Rachel joked in her classic style.

"Well anyway, Mom's obsessing about adopting a baby-" Madi crossed her arms in front of her chest "and let's just say that we have heard Dad say hell no like a jillion times this week."

Ross and Rachel grinned at each other; "You can stay over here until your Mom comes looking for you."

"Yeah! Where's Lauren?" The three of them went off in the direction of the youngest Geller's bedroom with Travis right behind them.

"You know, Mrs. Geller?" Ross moved toward Rachel and kissed her neck "We haven't had any time alone since we brought home our lovely little daughter."

Rachel started to get into his kisses, "Well maybe we should change that Dr. Geller" She found his lips with hers and they kissed passionately. Just as things really started to heat up they could hear Taylor's voice "EWWW! You guys are like grosser than my parents!"

Ross and Rachel broke the kiss embarrassed. Rachel whispered in Ross' ear "To be continued Mr. Rachel."

"You'd better believe it Mrs. Ross," he whispered back.

The girls and Travis plopped down in front of the TV. Rachel offered her nieces sandwiches and popcorn and then started to clean up supper flirting with Ross with her eyes.

He finally walked up behind her and said as low as possible, "You are so getting it tonight!"

She moaned low in her throat, "I hope so!"

About eight o'clock Monica knocked on the door. She glanced at Rachel said, "I take it my daughters are here?"

"Yeah they are watching some videos. I made them sandwiches and popcorn."

"Oh, thanks Rach. Listen, do you think we could go to lunch tomorrow? I could really use a good talk."

"Sure that would be nice."

"Great! I'll call you in the morning cause I can tell you two are dying to be alone." She laughed at Ross making the eyes at Rachel from across the room. "Sierra, Madi, Taylor let's go home."

The girls ignored her and kept watching the videos. "Sierra Karen Bing! Madison Noelle Bing! Taylor Ellen Bing let's move now!" The girls continued to ignore their mother and made no moves toward the door." NOW!!!!" Monica shouted the girls sprung to their feet and ran out of the door before their Mother could yell at them some more. Monica winked at Ross and Rachel "You two kids have fun!"

"Oh we will-" Ross looked sexily at his wife and she blushed.

Once the door was shut and locked Ross walked over to Rachel and kissed her hungrily. "Ross- Ross" she broke the kiss "What about Travis? And Nick could be home any minute."

Ross just leaned in and kissed her more passionately. "Travis fell asleep on the couch ten minutes ago and Nick said he would be home by ten o'clock so we have like-" kiss "two" deep kiss "hours. But just one question did you really mean what you said in the hospital about my Johnny Soldier being retired?"

"Oh that!" Rachel slid her hand down his chest and undid his pants. She than began kissing his neck and unbuttoning his shirt. As it hit the floor she said, "Does this answer your question?"

"Oh yeah!" Ross growled and they kissed all the way into their bedroom.

A little over an hour later ( they were in the living room cuddling on the couch watching reruns of Mad About You. Nick came in the door shut it rather loudly and then kicked off his shoes.

"Nicholas!" Ross warned, "Travis and Lauren are asleep. If you are going to come home this late and make this kind of noise I will make your curfew earlier."

"Can it Dad!" Nick fell on the floor as he tried to come into the living room.

"Oh my! Ross! He's drunk!" Rachel exclaimed. "Nick, where were you?"

"I was out with Jeff."

"Out where-"

"None of your damn business!" Nick yelled, "I'm sure you're glad I was gone cause you guys got to be alone and probably did stuff."

"Nicholas!!" Ross was very stern "I have three things to say to you. I advise that you just keep your mouth shut and listen. One; you are grounded from everything until further notice; no friends, no parties, no football and no driving test next month. Two, your amount of chores just increased since you will be spending so much more time at home. And three; I do not appreciate your comments about your Mother and mine's romantic life. That is a private issue between us that doesn't concern you."

"It concerns me when I can HEAR it!"

"Go to your room NOW NICK!"

Nick stormed off and Ross said "Damnit that kid! I am going for a walk!" he slammed the door behind him.

Rachel sighed she knew there was no use going after Ross when he was that ticked off. She picked up Travis who had somehow slept soundly through the incident and carried him into his room. Once he was tucked in bed, Lauren was starting to stir so she went into the nursery and changed and fed her little daughter. Once Lauren was fed and back asleep she went to check on Nick. He was passed out on his bed with his earphones blasting into his ears. Rachel shut off the stereo and threw a blanket over her son. "He is going to have one hell of a hang over in the morning." She thought to herself.

She waited up a bit longer for Ross, but she finally gave up and went to bed herself. A few minutes later she heard the door open and then felt Ross slip into next her. "Good night Rach." He kissed her cheek.

"Ross I think we need to talk. I don't like it when you go to sleep this angry."

"Look Rachel, I am not in any condition to talk about this right now."

"Not even to me?"

"Not to anyone. I'm sorry honey; I'm just too pissed right now to think straight. I promise we'll talk about it tomorrow. I love you. Goodnight." He kissed her on the lips this time.

"Night sweetie." Rachel turned away from him reluctantly. They both fell into a fitful sleep.