Camp Cucamonga

Hi, it is me again Melanie. This is my Second fic. I was bored so I started writing this. I donít of these characters this is for fun. I want to thank everyone who has helped me especially, David. I really appreciate it a lot. This fic takes place when the gang is in high school. Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey are seniors and Rachel and Monica are juniors. It is three weeks until school starts again, for them, and they are going to the annual school camping trip. Ross makes a very huge mistake. Rachel is having trouble finding what she wants until she looks on to a certain friend, causing herself more pain. Chandler and Joey are trying to pull the biggest camp prank. Monica is going hot for guys and Phoebe is just trying to make it through camp with all her insane friends. Oh, this is mainly Ross and Rachel. Oh these characters do not belong to me but to BKC.

[Scene: Monica and Rossí house]
(7:58 a.m.)
(We focus on the stairs we see an excited Monica coming down the stairs screaming)
Mon: Mom, Dad, come on we have to go I want a good seat. Where is Ross?
(We see a very hot and sexy new Ross coming down the steps looking sleepy)
Ross: Mon what is wrong with you?
Mon: We have to go. Where are your things?
Ross: Upstairs?
Mon: Go get them and come out to the car.
Ross: Whatever.
(Leaves. Monica goes rushing into the kitchen)
Mon: Mom come on we have to go.
Mom: All right, I am coming.
Dad: Monica the paper said you are leaving at 10 oíclock it is only 8.
Mon: Dad if you want a good seat you have to be there before. So come on.
(She runs out of the kitchen and goes to the bottom of the steps)
Mon: Ross!!!!
(She runs out the front door followed by her parents. We see Ross coming down the steps with a backpack and a duffle bag and a pillow. He walks out the door to the car and puts his stuff in and gets in the car, and they drive off.)

[Scene: Chandlers house]
(8:10 a.m.)
(We see a young Chandler eating breakfast when his Mother comes in)
Cís Mom: Chandler finish up, we have to leave soon because I have to go on another book tour a 9:30 so hurry.
Chan: Ok mom.
(He runs to his room and gets his duffle bag and a army bag)
Chan: This is going to be one camp no one will forget.
(He runs down his steps and out the house to a BMW.)

[Scene: Joeyís house]
(8:30 a.m.)
(We see Joey still packing his duffle bag. He puts in a toothbrush and some shirts and a purple and blue penguin. He closes his bag and smiles and heads to his car)
Joey: Here I come hot girls!

[Scene: Phoebeís house]
(8:40 a.m.)
(She is already at the car putting in her guitar and her bags. She takes off with her Grandmother)

[Scene: Rachel's house, her bedroom]
(9:20 a.m.)
[We go inside and see a calendar it reads August 6. Then we see a sound asleep Rachel.
Then we hear a bang and we see a middle age woman storm in and pull the sheets off Rachel.
She wakes up with a start.]
Sandra: Rachel...Rachel
Rachel: What...what...what?
(She starts going back to sleep)
San: Rachel Karen Greene if you don't remember correctly, but is it not the day that you are suppose to be heading off to camp.
(Rachel bolts out of bed running around throwing clothes and things everywhere.)
Rach: Oh my god mom why didn't you tell me?
San: Well I was trying to but you wouldn't wake up. It ain't that easy to wake you up.
Rach: ok enough with the arguing. What time is it?
San: (looks at her watch) uh it is 9:24.
Rach: Oh no. The buses are leaving at 10 and I have not packed! Mom HELP!!
San: ok, ok calm down. I will get yours sisters in here to help you.
(She leaves)
Rach: Yeah like that will every happen. (She starts getting out her suitcases and taking clothes out her closet and is just throwing them in. Then she gets to her bathroom, wipes her arm over the counter wiping all of her cosmetics, and soaps in a bag. Then she goes to her shoes and starts throwing them in a bag. She does that with a lot more things until she is packed)
Rach: Mom I am done let's go!!!
(Her mom walks her with her sisters and they see her room is basically spotless.)
San: Ok.

[Lincoln High School]
(We see about five buses with loads off people. People are running everywhere trying to get stuff loaded and trying to get on the buses. It is total chaos. Then we see Rachel getting on one of the buses)

[The bus]
(She is in a very crowded bus and she spots Monica.)
Mon: Hey Rach. I saved you a seat.
Rach: Thanks Mon.
(She goes and sits down)
Rach: Wow! This place is so crowded. I could hardly fit my stuff in the wagons.
Mon: That is because you are so late. What happened?
Rach: I forgot camp was today and slept in and I was not even packed, so my stuff is all a mess because I just threw everything in different bags.
Mon: That is why I told you to pack a week ago, but no you never listen to me.
Rach: blah, blah, blah ok donít lecture me.
Mon: Whatever.
Rach: So where is everybody?
Mon: They are on the bus somewhere. They probably can't move.
Rach: Did everyone come?
Mon: Yeah.
Rach: Even Ross.
Mon: Yeah. He just got back from Los Angeles yesterday, but he said he wanted to come. But oh my god you are not going to recognize him when you see him. He does not look like himself anymore.
Rach: What do you mean?
Mon: He is totally changed, he has a tan, he is built, and he colored his hair. Trust me if he was not my brother.
Rach: Whoa there Monica. If he is that changed I have got to see it.
Mon: Trust me you won't realize it is him.
Rach: Ok Mon.

[Scene: Camp Cucamonga]
(All the kids are getting off the buses and getting their luggage. Rachel and Monica already have theirs, though Rachel is having a hard time keeping balanced, so she is wobbling)
Mon: You all right there sweetie?
Rach: No I actually need a lot of assistants here.
Mon: (laughs) you look so funny.
Rach: Thank-you. You are a wonderful friend.
(Monica and Rachel go on looking for the rest of there gang)
Mon: Oh, oh there they are come on Rach.
(Monica goes running after them leaving Rachel with her luggage. Rachel is dragging her luggage along trying to catch Monica until she feelings something pulling her luggage back)
Rach: What the.........(she looks up)
(Yes it is a guy. Yes it is Ross although Rachel does not know that. He is wearing gray jeans, an orange shirt, and orange glasses and orange and gray shoes to match)
0Rach: ummm excuse me, but could you please stop pulling my luggage.
Ross: I am just trying to help you.
Rach: Yeah, that's ok. I got it.
Ross: (laughing) From what I see you don't (mocking her) got it.
Rach: I am glad I make you laugh, but could you leave now?
Ross: Rach, I am just trying to help you.
(She looks at him like "how do you know my name" and then she realizes it is Ross)
Rach: oh my god ROSS!!
Ross: Yeah. Itís me.
(She drops her luggage and hugs him)
Rach: Oh my goodness Mon was right I don't recognize you. Look at you.
Ross: Well yeah I have changed a little, but hey you.... You look.... gorgeous.
Rach: (smiles) Thanks.
Ross: So may I help you with your bags now?
Rach: oh uh yeah.
(He picks up most of the bags and they leave to the others. They arrive at a cabin door. Everyone is just hanging out by it.)
Rach: Hey thanks Mon for abandoning me.
Mon: (smiles) Oh you are welcome. Glad to help.
Rach: (to the gang) Hey everyone.
All: Hi, hey, how have you been.
Joey: Hey Rach, I havenít seen you in awhile. (Hugs her)
Rach: Yeah I know where were you guys this summer Monica and I were so alone.
Pho: Well I went to Kansas with my grandmother, because she wanted to meet the Wizard of Oz.
(Everyone just looks at her)
Rach: ok. What did you do Joe?
Joey: Oh I went to Italy with my parents. Boy there were alot of chicks there and they are so nice.
Chan: I went forced by my mom on her book tour.
Ross: Well everyone knows I went to LA.
Chan: Oh yeah man looks like you got a very nice tan. (Everyone just stares at him) did I just say you have a nice tan? Oh god I am turning into my father.
(Everyone laughs)
Ross: You guys we can talk later they are having an assembly.
Rach: Oh I have to unpack.
Mon: me too.
Ross: Well we'll go and meet you later for supper then.
Mon: ok. Bye.
(They leave Rachel and Monica)

[Scene: Monica and Rachel's Cabin]
(They are putting away their things)
Rach: Mon you are right Ross has changed, he is hot.
Mon: See what did I tell you.
Rach: Is he seeing anyone, you know like does he have a girlfriend?
Mon: Nope, but the girls are all over him.
Rach: Oh.
Mon: Even though is cute now he is still Ross.
Rach: Hey come on now, he was cute before he left. He was that puppy dog cute.
Mon: Whatever. So you spot any cuties you like?
Rach: No, not really.
Mon: Wow this is a first for you.
Rach: Oh shut up. What about you?
Mon: Well you know that new Brazilian guy, he is pretty hot.
Rach: ooh. (Laughs)
Mon: Yeah. Hey come on we can go scope out guys.
Rach: Mon I really donít want to.
Mon: What the Hell is wrong with you are you using those sleeping pills again.
Rach: No Mon I justÖI donít know.
Mon: Yeah. Whatever letís just unpack so we can go have some fun.
Rach: Ok.

[Scene: Outside on some bleachers]
(We see Ross and two other guys hanging out and talking)
Guy1 (Matt): Ross it is great that you are going to join the football team; you have totally changed my man.
Guy2 (Brett): Yeah man.
Ross: I guess.
Matt: Well the ladies seem to like you.
Ross: Yeah that is better; I think I can get just any girl now.
Brett: What! Man I doubt that.
Ross: Bet I can, just name one, and I will have them as my girlfriend by the dance and take them.
Matt: Ok. Letís see who is tough to get. (Thinks)
Brett: Oh, Rachel Greene.
Matt: Yeah she is a toughie.
Ross: Sure this will be simple. I have got an advantage. But what do I get if I win?
Brett: Ok you can have my spot as team captain and Matt and I will jump in the lake naked.
Ross: Excellent!
Matt: But, if you loose you have to wear nothing but a thong all day and give 50 bucks.
Ross: The bet is on.
(They shake hands)

[Camp Cafeteria]
(All of the gang plus three guys and two girls we do not know are sitting at a table and talking just having supper. Ross is sitting by Rachel who is next to Monica)
Ross: So Rach how have things been? I mean we have not talked in a while.
Rach: There great just been hanging here and there you know.
Mon: (to Ross) Why do you care?
Ross: Cause she is my friend and I am interested on how her summer has been.
(Monica mocks him)
Ross: Anyway I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk?
Rach: (surprised) Who me?
Ross: Yes you. Come on.
Rach: Ok I guess.
(They get up and leave)
Mon: Hey you guys want to go canoeing before it gets to dark?
All: yeah/sure/that sounds fun/etc.
Mon: (she looks at Chandler and Joey) Are you all coming?
Joey: No we are just going to hang out, catch some girls, you know.
Mon: Ok. Bye.

[Scene: Camp grounds]
(Ross and Rachel are walking and talking)
Rach: So why did you decide to go to LA?
Ross: I just wanted to go and have so fun without being known or made fun of.
Rach: Oh. So did you have fun?
Ross: Yeah there is a lot of sun out there as you can tell. I don't know I guess I made myself realize I am not a total loser and I started working out and going to the beach alot and hanging out at parties I was not even invited to.
Rach: (laughs) Sounds fun.
Ross: Yeah the girls even liked me there, before I changed.
Rach: I liked you then too.
Ross: They liked me in a different way. You liked me as a friend, but hey liked me as a guy. (Silence) SoÖ you have anyone special in you life.
Rach: No. Everything is so superficial, it's fake. Guys are just sick now. They only want you for stupid reasons. No not because they like you no, they want you to sleep with them so they can brag to their friends or so they can get to one of your friends, and the girls I mean they are as bad as the guys. They jump all over the Jocks just to be known, and practically kill themselves to be Miss Popularity.
Ross: Wow, did something happen while I was gone, did I miss something.
Rach: What?
Ross: Miss Queen of Popularity speaks. What happened to you? You have changed, you are the Queen of popularity. You rode on the quarterbacks motorcycle, you had his letterman's jacket, you are the head cheerleader, and you can get anything. Why the sudden change.
Rach: Because it is all fake. The guys the girls, it's not real, I want something real, I meanÖ Don't you?
Ross: Yeah, I guess.
(They are walking to the lake. She sees the water and starts running to it. He just watches her and smiles)
Rach: Come on in itís fun.
Ross: No-no-no I want to stay dry.
Rach: Ok.
(He walks over and sits on some upside-down canoe)
Ross: So you mean to tell me you are going to give up all that stuff.
Rach: (looks up from the water) What stuff?
Ross: (Watching her every move) You know Miss Popularity.
Rach: Believe me it is not something you can just give away.
Ross: Yes it is. I gained it, but I could easily give it up. All I would have to do is go to Alaska and eat all the time. All that stuff is just an image.
Rach: (goes up to him out of the water) Oh so now I am just an image to everyone.
Ross: No that is not what I mean.
Rach: (kinda upset) Yes it is. You think I am some pompom-wearing-rich girl-with a pretty face. Is that my image?
Ross: (smiles at her) No. Look now you are upset.
Rach: (mad) I have a right to be.
Ross: (laughs) No you donít.
Rach: Oh so this is just a big joke to you. Urgh you know what I am going to find the guys. (Walks away)
Ross: Rach!

[Scene: The dock at the other side of the lake]
(The gang is there except Ross and Joey)
Chan: Rach where did you leave Ross?
Rach: I donít know we were talking and he is just being rude so I got angry and left.
Chan: (sarcastic) Oh I see.
Mon: So what were you guys talking about?
Rach: Just our summers.
Phoe: How can you get in an argument talking about summer?
Rach: (upset) It was nothing ok, we just had a disagreement.
Mon: Ok.
(A camp counselor comes to them)
CC: All right you guys time to head to your cabins.
The kids: awwwwwww
CC: (faking tears) Yeah I know, so sad.
Chan: Well I guess I should be heading out I got a long walk and I am going to get tired.
Phoe: Yeah I got to get to my cabin. Nighty night.
(They leave)
Mon: Well we better go to.
Rach: Mon?
Mon: Yeah? (Turns around to see Rachel with her arms out)
Rach: Carry me?
Mon: You have got to be joking cause I am not.
Rach: Awww come on Mon.
Mon: No.
Rach: Mon?
Mon: No.
Rach: Monni?!
Mon: Rach I said no, and donít call me that.
(They go back to their cabin with Rachel chasing Monica)

[Scene: Mon and Rachís Cabin]
(They share their cabin with three other girls: Shannon, Alicia, and Mandy. They are all changing into their pjís. Monica is wearing a purple tank with yellow and purple pants. Rachel is wearing a blue tank with white Tommy Hilfiger boxers. They get into their beds Monica is on bottom Rachel on top.)
Mon: (in a whisper so only Rachel can hear) Rach?
Rach: (whispering too) What?
Mon: You sleep.
Rach: No.
Mon: Good. (Pauses) Anyway, What was up with you and Ross and why did he want to talk to you?
Rach: Because like he said I am his friend and he just wanted to know how I was.
Mon: Why? When did you two become so chummy?
Rach: It was before he left, I was waiting for you before the Janet Jackson concert and we started talking and he was really sweet and we just talked.
Mon: You guys have talked before. You act like you never knew him. We grew up together.
Rach: I know we just never had those serious get-to-know-each-other talks before. He never really talked to me since he went to the ninth grade.
Mon: Oh. So what did you guys talk about that made you so mad?
Rach: Nothing. Once I think about it, itís stupid really.
Mon: Ok. Just wanted to know. Goodnight.
Rach: Night.
Time Lapse.
(The girls are waking up to the sound of a horn. The other three girls get up but Monica and Rachel stay in bed.)
Time Lapse.
(It is about two hours later it is only Monica and Rachel in the cabin still sleeping. Until a very loud Phoebe comes in yelling)
Pho: Wake Up!!!! Wake Up You sleepy heads!!!!
(Monica groans and Rachel bolts out of her sleep, and they stare at Phoebe)
Pho: Welcome to the first morning of camp. You have already missed breakfast but I saved you guys an apple and some pop tarts.
Mon: (While getting out of bed) (sarcastically) Why thank-you Pheebs you shouldnít have.
Rach: (still in bed) Yeah shouldnít have woke me up! (Turns away from them putting her pillow on her head)
Pho: Wow! You are not a morning person.
Mon: No she is not.
(Monica starts getting dressed. There is a knock at the cabin door.)
Pho: Who is it?
Ross: It is Ross, is Rach up, I need to talk to her.
Pho: Uh hold on. (Goes and shakes Rachel awake) Rach, Ross is here he wants to talk to you.
Rach: (half sleep) What?
Pho: Never mind. (She goes to the door) Ross, she is sleep and she isnít gone wake up.
Ross: Ok I will try to get her later. Bye.
Pho: Yeah bye. (Pauses) I wonder what he wants.
(Monica comes out of the bathroom all dressed and ready. She is wearing a red shirt with khaki Capriís, and she sees Rachel is still in the bed.)
Mon: Oh no missy you are getting up. (She starts shaking Rachel, but she wonít move.) Ok then two can play at this game. (She takes Rachelís pillow and starts hitting her with it. Rachel again bolts awake.)
Rach: What? (Sees Monica with her pillow) What are you doing, are you crazy?!
Mon: (smiles) No, now get up.
Rach: (groans) Alright. (She goes into the bathroom. About and hour later she comes out in a sky blue tank and white flare jeans. She sees Monica eating)
Rach: Ok I am done. Where are we going?
Mon: (looks up at Rachel) Finally! Phoebe already left we are going to go play football with the guys.
(Rachel shoots her a look)
Mon: Ok, ok we are going to go watch the guys play football.
(Rachel smiles at her)
(As they are leaving)
Mon: You know I could whoop all their Asses.
(Rachel rolls her eyes.)

[Scene: A field]
(There are a bunch of guys playing football and even some girls. We see a set of bleachers where a bunch of girls are. We see Phoebe, Monica and Rachel and some other girls talking)
Girl 1(Sandy): Oh there are so many cuties here this year.
Girl 2(Shannon): Oh I know, I mean there are so many to choose from.
Girl 3(Alicia): I got my eye on one. (Smiles)
Mon: Oh yeah which one?
Ali: Matt Frawling.
Mon: Yeah he is a hottie.
Shan: Carry Lockhart.
San: Oh yeah.
Ali: Jeff Morgan.
Mon: Sweet.
San: What about Ross.
Mon: Ewe no.
Shan: Oh come on Monica that is because he is your brother.
San: Yeah cause he is hot, now. What did he do all summer?
Mon: He went to Los Angeles.
Ali: Maybe I need to go there and check out the guys cause if they look anything like he does, wow.
Mon: Eh, I guess.
Ali: (to Rachel) What about you Miss Quiet.
Rach: (coming out of a daze) Uh?
Shan: What is up with you Rach, you seem out of it.
Mon: Something is wrong with her donít mind it.
Rach: (looks at Monica) Nothing is wrong with me. I am fine.
Mon: Ok we are sorry, we are going to back off now. I think I am going to go play with the guys.
Rach: Monica no, you have to stop trying to be one of the guys.
Mon: No I donít. Come on you guys want to play.
Ali: Sure it would be something different.
Mon: Yeah all you have to do is stand in the field and you can even flirt with the guys.
Shan: Ok we will play.
Mon: Rach, you coming?
Rach: No, I think I am going to stay here and just watch.
Mon: Ok. Bye.
(They leave and Rachel is just sitting on the bleachers. Someone comes out from behind her. Yep is it Ross)
Ross: Hey.
(She looks and sees him then looks back at the field)
Rach: Hello.
Ross: Listen about last night I am sorry, ok. I wasnít calling you an image. I just meant people put you as an image and you canít replace that image unless you do something they donít like and it seems people always like what ever you do. Ok, I donít think you are some pretty-faced-rich-girl. I think you are a gorgeous-faced-rich-girl.
Rach: (laughs and looks at him) Thanks that makes it better. But also I am sorry too, I was being really bitchy to you.
Ross: Itís ok.
Rach: So why arenít you playing football.
Ross: I was but it got boring really fast. The guys were fighting so I left.
Rach: Oh.
Ross: So where are the other girls.
(She points to the field)
Ross: Oh. Why arenít you with them?
(She gives him this look)
Ross: Ok donít answer that. Well since we are just sitting here maybe we could go do something.
Rach: Like what?
Ross: Letís go paint.
Rach: What?
Ross: Yeah come on it will be fun.
(Takes her hand and drags her off the paint)

[Scene: An abandoned shed]
(We see inside buckets of paint, sheets, and other tools. We then see a table and two guys. Yep Joey and Chandler)
Chan: Come on Joey think. This has got to be the best prank ever. What could we do?
Joey: We could steal all the girlsí clothes.
Chan: It has been done.
Joey: We could paint the field.
Chan: Joey come on think big. I want something no one will forget.
Joey: We could go set traps in every cabin.
Chan: Yes excellent. We will do it on the camping trip. We can scary everyone.
Joey: How?
Chan: Oh just a few diversions here and there.
Joey: Already!

[Scene: A pavilion]
(Ross and Rachel are set a one of the picnic tables painting)
Ross: What do you think of my painting? (Hold up what looks like a turtle on top of a giant bird)
Rach: (Looking at it weird) What is it suppose to be?
Ross: Tyrannosaurus rex.
Rach: (Laughs) Really? It looks like a turtle on top of a giant bird.
Ross: (looks at it sad)
Rach: Oh. Sorry.
Ross: (smiles at her) So let me see yours.
Rach: Ok. (She so him a picture of a clouds)
Ross: (sarcastically) Wow what beautiful clouds.
Rach: Hey at least they are better then you turtle-bird. (Laughs)
Ross: (sarcastic) Oh so funny (takes his paintbrush and wipes it across her forehead.
Rach: Hey!
(She takes her paintbrush and wipes it across his face. He grabs it from her and throws it. Then he takes some paint in his hands and hurls it at her. She turns this red color and starts grabbing paint and throwing it at him until it turns into a paint war.)
(Later: Ross and Rachel are washing themselves with a hoe on the side of the pavilion.)
Rach: I canít believe what you did to me this was a very expensive shirt.
Ross: (sarcastic) I am so sorry about that. (Laughs)
Rach: Yeah right.
Ross: But come on it was fun.
Rach: No it wasnít. I was far from fun. Being painted is not my definition of fun.
Ross: (smiles) You know it was fun you just canít admit it.
Rach: (smiles) Ok it was a little fun.
Ross: Yeah it was!
Rach: (Rolls her eyes)
Ross: We better hurry up because opening day celebration is going to start at 6 and it is 5:30.
Rach: Ok.
(The go on cleaning themselves while talking)

[Scene: Mon and Rachís cabin]
(Monica and Phoebe are there just getting ready to leave)
Mon: I wonder were Rach went I feel bad for leaving herÖyou know.
Pho: Yeah.
Mon: Maybe she went off with some other girls.
Pho: Yeah. She is a big girl she will find her way back to us.
Mon: Yeah letís go.
(They are about to walk out when they see Rachel and Ross walking toward the cabin.)
Pho: I wonder why she is with him.
Mon: Yeah I would like to know too. Quick hide.
(They hide. Monica goes on the other side of the other set of bunk beds and Phoebe hides in one of the closets.)
(Ross and Rachel walk in talking)
Rach: Ross I just need to get changed and then we can go, so will you wait for me.
Ross: Ok, but I am only giving you five minutes.
Rach: Ok (smiles at him) thanks.
(She goes into the bathroom and he sits on one of the beds. They are still talking)
Rach: (o.s.) Do you think it is going to be cold?
Ross: No.
Rach: (o.s.) Ok. By the way thanks for being with me today.
Ross: No problem. Besides, who wouldnít want to spend the day with you?
(Cuts to Rachel in the bathroom smiling in the mirror)
(Cuts back to Ross He looks around at what the girls have in their room. He stands up and puts his hand on the bedpost to lean, and he feels something on his hand, which is a bra. He looks at his hand and sees it. He panics. Monica and Phoebe see it all and are trying hard not to laugh. Ross throws it off and it lands right at Rachelís feet as she is walking out of the bathroom. He gets this scared face, she does not see the bra and walks right over it. Ross sighs in relief.)
Rach: I am ready.
Ross: Ok letísÖletís go.
(They walk out. Monica and Phoebe come from their hiding places)
Pho: (Laughing) Did you see Ross?
Mon: (laughs) Yeah. (Turns serious) I wonder what is going on with those two.
Pho: Maybe they are plotting something mischievous to do to us.
Mon: Yeah right. Letís just go, I will see what they are up to later.
(They leave also)

[Scene: A huge camp meeting]
(We see like a bunch of kids seated around a stage like thing, with people on stage talking)
Announcer: All right welcome to opening day at Camp Cucamonga. This is going to be a very exciting camp year.
We have all sorts of day to day activities for you such as: swimming, canoeing, painting, horseback riding, walks, mountain climbing, scavenger hunts, sports, paintball, trips to go shopping, camp outs in the woods, campfire meetings and more for you. This is going to be excellent, and of course the annual Cucamonga Games and Dance which kicks off the back to school celebration.
(All the kids cheer)
Announcer: So the consolers and myself are going to make this the best camp ever. Thank-you for listening.
Now I am going to let you kids enjoy opening ceremony so let the party begin. There is food and entertainment.
(All the kids cheer again)
(We then go through the crowd and find Ross with Matt getting drinks)
Matt: Hey man how is it going with the Little Princess?
Ross: Man I have this in the bucket already be prepared to back down from your rein as Captain.
Matt: Sure.
Ross: Just warning you. I got to go man she is waiting for me.
(Ross walks back over to where Rachel is waiting for him, she smiles when she sees him coming and he hands her a drink, and also smiles at her)
Rach: Thanks. (Gestures to the drinks)
Ross: You are very welcome. (Smiles)
Rach: Well this should be an interesting camp, donít you think.
Ross: Yeah.
(The rest of the rest of the gang is coming to join them.)
Mon: Hey Rach, Where have you been all day I have been looking for you?
Rach: Oh sorry, I was with Ross. We were painting. (Ross and her laugh)
Pho: Why would you go painting, this is camp.
Ross: Hey! It was fun and messy.
Mon: Sure. So what have you and Joey been up to Chandler?
(Chandler and Joey look at each other)
Chan: Not much just hanging around.
Joey: (Not too sure of himself) Yeah just hanging.
Mon: Interesting. (Just looks at them) Anyways what do you guys want to do now?
Pho: Oh, letís go play the night games.
Rach: Pheebs, what are the night games?
Pho: You know the night games like, freeze tag, hide&seek in the dark (Stresses it) You know the Night Games.
Mon: Oh that, donít you think it is kinda kiddish.
Pho: No everyone plays them you guys just go to sleep to early.
Rach: No we donít. We go to sleep around 1 AM.
Joey: Whoa that is way to early for the night games.
Ross: Ok we will play. When do they start?
Pho: At 1:30 a.m. so be prepared. (Starts making ghost noises)
Mon: Ok, but what do we do right now?
Joey: I donít know about you guys but I am getting someone of this food before they find out I didnít pay for it.
(Chandler looks at Joey like ďyou idiotĒ)
Ross: Joey it is free food man.
Joey: Well if that is the case. Bye.
(He leaves running. The rest just laugh)
Chan: Ok, what do you guys want to do?
Mon: Letís go mingle with people.
All: Ok
(They all walk off and start talking to different people)

[Scene: outside]
(It is in the middle of a hide and seek game, so everyone is trying to find places to hide. There are about 30 people playing. Phoebe is hiding under a bench, Monica and Rachel are barely hiding, but think they have the best spots and Chandler and Ross are hiding behind trees. Joey is it, what are the oddsJ, we go over to Monica and Rachel)
Mon: I wish he would hurry up it is 2 oíclock. He has been it for an hour and a half.
Rach: I know I can barely keep my eyes open.
Mon: (Yells loud) Joey you donít have to count to a hundred just come on.
(Rachel starts laughing. Then Joey stops counting and comes after everyone. (Author: This now is going to be in slow motion) He is chancing people, but they all get to base. Now it is only the gang left to catch. Joey spots Phoebe and sees she running toward base he goes after her, but she keeps running in circles and he gets tired. Then he sees Monica and Rachel making a break for it, so he goes after them. Monica screams when she realizes he is chasing her and grabs Rachelís hand and pulls her so they can both make it to base, but as they are running Joey trips over a tree branch and they make it to base.
Ross and Chandler are the last two so they decide to split up. Ross runs out first and Joey spots him so he gets off the ground and starts going for him, then Chandler comes out and Joey sees him so he starts to get confused and goes after Chandler since he is slower. But then Ross as Joey is running for Chandler comes over and sticks his foot out and trips him so Ross and Chandler run to base, and everyone congratulates them. Joey still on the ground starts crying cause he is itÖAGAIN.)
(This is in slow motion also) Now it is 3 oíclock and they are playing freeze tag. There are lots of people stuck in different positions it looks really funny. Monica is frozen and Ross comes along and tags her and she gets up and starts running to find people to unfreeze. Joey is running from Rachel. Rachel is running from Chandler, who is it. Phoebe is going along untagging people. Joey is running and he falls and then Rachel comes colliding into him falling on him. Chandler sees them down and goes after them he tags them both and they are frozen on top of each other. Chandler starts laughing and goes on chasing people. Ross sees Rachel and Joey and goes unfreeze Rachel and pulls her along with him leaving Joey in a funny position on the ground. Monica comes along and unfreezes Joey and the run some more.)

Time Lapses
(After the game Ross is walking Monica and Rachel back to their cabin)
Mon: Ross you know you didnít have to walk us back here.
Ross: I know, but I wanted to.
(They get at the cabin door)
Mon: Well here we are bye.
Ross: (mocking her) Bye.
(She looks at Rachel)
Mon: Arenít you coming in?
Rach: Uh..Yeah.. One sec.
Mon: Ok.
Ross: Bye. (Waves to her)
(She goes inside)
Ross: SoÖ
Rach: SoÖI-I wanted to thank-you again for staying with me today it was really sweet and you didnít have to but you did.
Ross: (smiles sweetly at her) Well I wanted to and I had a great time. It was fun.
Rach: Well ok goodnight.
Ross: Yeah night.
(She goes inside)
Ross: This is going to be great
(He smiles and walks off)

[Scene: Morning: Cafeteria]
(The gang minus Rachel and Monica are sitting at a table eating and talking. Monica and Rachel come in and walk over to get food and go and sit down. I love clothes so I am going to tell you what they are wearing. Monica is wearing denim shorts with a white tank and a button up orange shirt with blue sandals. Rachel is wear a pink tub top and denim shorts with pink sandals. Anyway back to the fic.)
Mon: Good morning everyone.
All: Hey/ Morning/ ect.
Ross: Ok now that you guys are here. We have decided that we should go water skiing.
Chan: Yeah, and sorry we decided without you, but we were thinking of you.
Mon: Ok I am fine with that. What about you Rach?
Rach: I donít know maybe IÖ.
Ross: (Cutting her) Come on Rach it will be fun (Smiles at her)
Rach: (Smiles back) Ok.
Pho: Ok good then it is settle we go skiing.
Joey: When are we going, cause you know they say you shouldnít swim right after you eat.
Ross: Well we will wait a little while then go ok.
All: Ok.
Ross: Oh, uh excuse me. (He gets up and we follow him over to the table with Matt and Brett.)
Brett: Hey man, how is it going today?
Ross: I told you I already won the bet.
Matt: Sure man. So anyway what are you doing today?
Ross: Oh, I am going water skiing with the guys.
Brett: sounds fun.
Ross: You guys can come if you want, Joeyís cousin is a consular and he has a speed boat and is letting us borrow it, so come along the guys wonít mind.
Matt: Sure we will come we have nothing to do.
Ross: Ok come on.
(They get up and go back to the gang)
Ross: Uh guys it is ok if Matt and Brett come, right.
Mon: Yeah sure!

[Scene: The boat]
(It is a nice size boat and the gang is somewhere out on the lake. The lake is very big it goes into the city, but they are not that far out. They are just riding around Phoebe and Chandler are taking their turns skiing. Joey is driving and talking to Ross. Monica and Brett are flirting and Matt is trying to flirt with Rachel.)
Ross: So you think it is a romantic movie?
Matt: Oh yeah, I watched it three times.
Rach: I watched it about a thousand times.
Matt: Well three is a thousand in guy times.
(Rachel laughs)
Rach: I guess.
Matt: So you are a romance girl. (Pokes her in the stomach)
(She laughs. Ross sees this and comes out of the captains room)
Ross: Hey!
Rach: Hey Ross.
Matt: Hey man.
Ross: (To Matt) Can I talk to you man.
Matt: Sure.
(They walk away)
Ross: (upset) Man what are you doing?
Matt: (sly) Talking to Rachel.
Ross: Why man?
Matt: I thought maybe you needed some competition.
Ross: No thanks man.
Matt: You canít stop me.
(He walks away. Ross walks after him toward Rachel)
Ross: Hey Rach letís take our turn.
Rach: Ok. Sure.
(They go and put on life jackets and go for their turn. Meanwhile Monica is getting it on with Brett.)
Mon: So you want to go together for a ride
Brett: Sure.
Mon: You are different for Matt.
Brett: (smiles) Yeah. How so?
Mon: Well you arenít rude, you are nice, and I like that.
Brett: I am glad.
Mon: Me too. Come on letís go before we go back to shore.
(They leave back)

[Scene: Montage]
(They are eating dinner Monica is flirting with Brett. Joey is stuffing his face. Chandler and Phoebe are talking. Ross is talking to Rachel, and Matt is interfering. We see Ross flirting with Rachel them having a great time together.)
(Ross is with Rachel on a Go Cart flying around really fast scaring her)
(We see the gang playing Paintball. Joey and Rachel get out first with paint all over them)
(We see Joey and Chandler planning stuff.)
(Monica is making out with Brett.)
(Phoebe playing her Guitar and the gang sings)
(The gang swimming. Ross and Rachel are splashing and dunking each other. Joey looks like he is drowning.)
(The gang going mountain climbing. Chandler is breathing hard, and Monica almost falls down)
(Ross and Rachel spending a lot of time together, and even holding hands, laughing)

(One Week later)
[Scene: On the docks]
(The gang including Matt and Brett are all sitting on the docks hanging. Monica and Brett seem to be having a very good time. Ross and Rachel are close but are friendly about it. Chandler and Joey are whispering and Phoebe has on a headset, and Matt is tanning)
(Ross and Rachel Ė Ross is kinda touching Rachel but no one else notices. She is trying to make him stop.)
Rach: Ross stop!
Ross: Stop what?
Rach: Touching me. The guys are around.
Ross: So what. They are not watching.
Rach: You are so full of it.
Ross: Nahuh.
Rach: uh huh.
Ross: Ok I will stop. (Kisses her cheek really quick)
(Chandler and Joey)
Chan: Alright man I got everything that we need.
Joey: Great so we are all done with the planning, because I am missing out on all the girlies here.
Chan: Oh whatever.
Joey: Have you found someone to take to the dance?
Chan: No. I think I will go stag.
Joey: I am taking Pheebs.
Chan: (sarcastic) Youíre a lucky man, treat her well.
(Monica and Brett come over to all of them)
Mon: Guys the lunch bells sounded so, are we going to head over there?
Pho: Yeah.
Mon: Ok.
Rach: Oh I need to change first I am still wet from when Ross through me in.
Ross: Yeah I am wet too.
Mon: Ok change and we will see you there.
R/R: OK.
(They leave)

[Scene: In Rossís Cabin]
Ross: Ok now I have to get changed.
Rach: Ok.
(She sits on the bed and waits for him to come out. He comes out and she stands up and smiles)
Ross: What?
Rach: Nothing.
(He approaches her)
Ross: So I have been thinkingÖ(puts his arms around her waist)
Rach: About what? (Puts hers around him)
Ross: You and I. Us.
Rach: (smiling) Yes?
Ross: Well you know how close we have been lately? (Kisses her nose)
Rach: (nods) uh huh. (Kisses his lips)
Ross: So I was thinking do you want to, be with me?
Rach: I thought I was already with you.
Ross: I mean like an official couple.
Rach: What would happen if we were and official couple that is already not happening now?
Ross: Well you would be my girlfriend.
Rach: Oh, well uh yeah. I would like that. A lot.
Ross: Me too.
Rach: Ok. So now we are an official couple. I donít feel any different.
Ross: I do (he leans in and kisses her and they fall on his bed)
(NOTE: They are just fooling around donít get to serious about it)

[Scene: Outside after lunch]
(We see Ross and Rachel walking hand in hand walking and talking)
Ross: So are you sure you donít want to tell people yet?
Rach: I mean I would love to tell people, but not now.
Ross: Why?
Rach: Because (pauses) never mind.
Ross: No, tell me.
Rach: Itís nothing Ross, I just donít want to tell them or anyone yet. Please?
Ross: Ok. Sorry.
(He stops her and makes her look at him and grabs her other hand so they are close to each other)
Ross: Iím sorry.
Rach: (looks up at him) I know.
Ross: Are you mad?
Rach: No.
Ross: Upset? Sad?
Rach: No, I am fine. Ok.
Ross: Ok.
(He kisses her and they keep walking)
Ross: Do you want to find the others?
Rach: Yeah, I guess. They will be wondering where we went.
Ross: Yeah, I mean how long does it take to go get changed. (They laugh)

[Scene: Monica and Rachelís cabin]
(It is nighttime all you can see are two figures really close together. Zoom in and see Ross and Rachel kissing. It is really intense. Rachel breaks and they look at each other.)
Rach: Ok well I have to go inside.
Ross: Ok, Listen I had a really great time today Rach.
Rach: (Smiles) Me too.
Ross: Well letís do it again sometime, say tomorrow.
Rach: Sure. (Smiles at him and he leans in for one more goodnight kiss.)
Rach: (Breaking) Ok night.
Ross: Goodnight. (He walks away)
(Rachel goes into her the cabin smiling. She finds Monica right in front of her. She jumps.)
Rach: Ah! (Whispering) Monica what are you doing?
Mon: (whispering) That should be my question?
(OK they will be whispering until I say)
Rach: What?
Mon: Why were you outside with my brother and kissing him?
Rach: Huh? Mon what are you talking about?
Mon: Oh my god, donít try to lie Rach I was looking out the window. What is going on with you two?
Rach: (lying) Nothing.
Mon: (sarcastic) Oh right and I like Joey. (Serious) Are you two a couple?
Rach: (smiles) Well sorta.
Mon: Oh my god!!!!! Why didnít you tell me!!
Rach: Monica calm down. We havenít told anyone yet.
Mon: Why?
Rach: (looks uncomfortable) Because, I donít I-IÖeveryone will be all ďOh she is just going out with him because he is cute now.Ē
Mon: What?! Rach! No one will be like that.
Rach: Yes they will and I donít want Ross to think that, because I really like him and want to be with him. He is so sweet, smart, funny, and gentle not to mention sexy. But people-
Mon: (cutting her) Who cares what everyone thinks you guys like each other.
Rach: Yeah, I guess.
Mon: So how long have you two been a couple, and am I the first to know?
Rach: Well we were an exclusive couple last week Friday after we went swimming, and yeah you are the first to know.
Mon: (excited) Really?! Wait Friday is that when you guys left and went on a walk?
Rach: (smiling) Yeah. We were just talking last week we made it official Friday.
Mon: (excited) Yeah my best friend and my brother how cute!
Rach: Yeah, but I am sleepy so I am going to bed just donít tell anyone.
Mon: Ok nighty night Rachie.
Rach: night Monni.

[Scene: Monica and Rachelís cabin]
(Ross, Monica, and Rachel are there Rachel is packing and Monica is yelling at her while Ross just sits back and watches)
Mon: I told you this on Saturday. I told you to start packing!
Rach: Mon I got it I amÖ
Mon: (cuts her) You never listen to me I am always telling you what to do!
Rach: Monica I-
Mon: (cuts her again) I have to be like your brain, because you donít use yours!
Rach: Monica! (Grabs her and shakes her) I got it. I am sorry ok I will listen next time!
Mon: (calm) Thank-you.
Ross: (laughing) That was funny.
Rach: Shut up (hits him playfully)
Ross: Hey! That hurt.
Mon: (sarcastic) Right. So Ross I know about you.
(Ross looks at Rachel)
Ross: What?
Mon: Yep I know.
Ross: (to Rachel) I thought we werenít telling anyone?
Rach: We arenít she found out herself. She saw you kiss me last night.
Ross: Oh.
Mon: I am sooo happy for you guys.
Ross: Thanks.
Mon: I mean who would have thought my big brother and my best friend. (Emotional) I think I am going to cry.
(Ross smiles and puts his arm around Rachel)
Ross: Ok, but we better get going or we will get left.
Rach: Ok.
(They leave)

[Scene: The Woods]
(The gang is close together all with their knapsacks on. They are walking to their campsite.)
Chan: Ow I feel my lings collapsing.
Mon: Chandler you are such a wuss (Pauses) Have you been smoking again?
Chan: (lying) No!
Joey: He is right this was a long way away from camp now we canít go back.
Ross: Uh Joe I think that was the point.
Pho: I think it is fun we were all cooped up in the cabins.
Rach: Hey! I liked the cabins there are to many bugs out here. (Sprays bug spray)
Mon: (coughing) Rach you are going to kill us.
(They keep walking till they reach their sites and a consulor speaks up)
Counselor: Ok boys and girls separate. I want boys to go to my right girls on my left. Ok boys you will set up your tents over there (points) and girls over there (points) No boy is to be in a girls tent and no girl in a boys am I clear!
(No one says anything) Am I Clear!
All: Yes!
Counselor: Ok. (Yells) Slipped up!
(They all go in different directions. We follow Monica, Rachel and Phoebe. They well Monica sets the tent up)
Mon: Ok it is all done.
Rach: Great now we can go swim in the lake.
Pho: How are we going to get changed?
Mon: In the tent Pheebs!
Pho: I mean who is going first?
Rach: I will.
(She goes in while Phoebe and Monica talk)
Pho: So Mon. How are things with you and Brett?
Mon: Oh yeah we are good. He is great and he is sweet and a good kisser.
Pho: So you are not on your search anymore?
Mon: No I donít think I am we might continue this thing when we get back home.
Pho: (smiles) Ohh wow!
Mon: (giddy) Yeah I know.
Pho: I think it is great. I havenít found anything worth my while.
Mon: Oh really.
Pho: Nah.
Mon: Rach?
Rach: Yeah?
Mon: What is taking you so long?
Rach: I canít decide which bathing suit.
Mon: Urgh! Ok what do they look like?
Rach: One is a top yellow and green top with matching shorts. One is a multi-blue two-piece, and the other is a red one piece.
Pho: What kind of person would bring that many bathing suits?
Mon: (to Phoebe) Rachel. Ok Rach I think you should go with the blue one ok. Now hurry up!
Rach: Ok thanks.
(She comes out)
Pho: Finally.
Mon: Ok Pheebs you go next.
(She goes in the tent)
Rach: Ok Mon I am going to find the guys so meet us down by the lake.
Mon: (smiling) Donít you mean you are going to find Ross so meet you two by the lake.
Rach: Yes. No. Look, meet us by the lake ok.
Mon: Ok bye.
Rach: Bye.
(She leaves at Monica smiles happy for her)

[Scene: The boys tent (a.k.a Ross, Chandler and Joeys)]
(Ross is on the outside and Rachel comes by and grabs him and pushes him over in the trees and kisses him hard. After a minute or so Ross breaks)
Ross: Hmmm hey you.
Rach: Hey. Sorry to be so brutal.
Ross: Itís ok (Wraps his arms around her waist) I liked it.
Rach: Oh really?
Ross: Yeah.
Rach: SO are going to be here how long?
Ross: Just today and tomorrow we are going back to go shopping for the dance. Isnít it cool that they are taking us shopping for clothes for the dance?
Rach: Yeah I guess.
Ross: So are youÖuhÖgoing with me?
Rach: (thinks) Uh (smiles) Of course silly.
Ross: Oh good good. (Kisses her again. She breaks this time taking his hands off her)
Rach: Come on I told Mon we would meet her by the lake. Where are your swim trunks?
Ross: I am wearing them.
Rach: Oh, breeze uh?
Ross: (laughs) Oh yeah.
Rach: Ah come on. (Drags him away)

(Time Lapse)
[Scene: By a Fire]
(The gang is eating supper)
Mon: I canít wait to go shopping. I already know what my dress is going to look like.
Chan: (sarcastic in a girly voice) Ooo me too. I am going to be bright pink.
(The guys laugh)
Mon: Shut up.
Pho: So, who is everyone going with?
Ross: People. Anyway uh Joey this girl Marissa from cabin 6 wants you to meet her at the docks at 1 am tomorrow.
Joey: Oh yeah I have been waiting for her call.
Chan: How does he do this?
Rach: Aww its ok Chandler. (Rubs his head)
Chan: Right in a hundred years.
Pho: Hey guys I am all done you want to tell ghost stories?
Mon: Oh yeah I love ghost stories.
Chan: Who is going to start?
Brett: I will I got one.
All: Ok.
Brett: About three years ago {1997} there was a group of college kids{Jenna,Donald,Eric,& Amber} going on a camping trip. Eric's parents owned a log cabin off in the woods about 8 miles from town. Since there was nothing except woods around that area, they thought it would be a good idea to stay a weekend there. Come Friday they all packed up and started for there weekend of bliss. When they got to the cabin they sat down and started to plan what they were going to do that weekend. It was already late and starting to get dark so they decided to talk about it in the morning. Eric and Donald went out to get firewood so they wouldn't freeze that night. When they got back Jenna and Amber swore that they heard something moving around in the attic. Eric said that it was probably a rat, and there was nothing to be scared about. They agreed and went to bed. That night Jenna started hearing the same sounds as earlier. (The gang looks kinda supious) Since Eric and Donald's room was on the other side of the cabin, she woke Amber and told her to sit up with her for while. After about five minutes the sound came back. It sounded like something big moving in the attic. They both jumped up and ran into the boys room. Donald told them that there just hearing things. Jenna demanded to sleep with them. so they did. The next morning they were woke by a police officer at the front door. The police officer told them that there was a search warrant out for an escaped convict from an insane asylum near by. He told them not to worry but to be careful and stick together. That night around a campfire, Donald started telling scary stories. The girls immediately became frightened, and begged him to quit. The boys took their fright to advantage and started cuddling up with the girls. They decided to go inside and immediately they were killed.
Chan: Amateur.
Pho: Ok well it is late so I going to our cabin.
Mon: Wait where are Ross and Rachel?
(Everyone turns around to find no Ross or Rachel.)
Joey: Hey lets go find them and scare them.
Chan: Yeah they are probably trying to scare us lets get them first.
(They all go off looking for Ross and Rachel. A little ways into the woods they find them making out on a tree trunk, and Joey screams. Ross and Rachel break startled and see the gang. Everyone is shock except Monica)
Pho: Oh my gosh!
Chan: Whoa!
Joey: What is going on here?
Rach: Oh well might as well tell them.
Ross: Ok Rach and I are going out. We are a couple and have been one since Friday.
(Ross sees Brett looking at him remembering the bet and smiles)
Mon: I already knew.
Pho: What?! Rachel?
Rach: She saw us kiss I had to tell her.
Pho: Right.
Ross: Ok now that everyone knows can you please go away?
All: Yeah/sure/whatever/Score!
(They leave and Ross and Rachel go back to making out)

[Scene: Girls tent]
(Phoebe and Monica are in it about to go to sleep when they hear Ross and Rachel. So they open the tent a peek to see)
Ross: Well I guess we can tell everyone now, if they donít already know.
Rach: Yeah.
Ross: So after we go shopping come canoeing with me tomorrow ok.
Rach: Sure.
(Ross kisses her and she breaks)
Ross: Goodnight.
Rach: yeah.
(She goes in her tent and sees Monica and Phoebe pretending to be sleep)
Rach: Alright you guys I know you arenít sleep.
Mon: (acting tired) What? Oh Rachel you are back.
Rach: Oh whatever. I know you were listening.
(Both Monica and Phoebe sit up happy)
Mon: Yay! Now that Pheebs knows we can talk about it.
Rach: Ok what do you wan to know.
Pho: How?
Rach: Ok it happened Friday we got together, but before all of that it happened when Ross was leaving for LA we talked and I kind of liked him. H e did not know though. When we got here Ross and I you know talked and then it all started. We hung out by ourselves and he was so sweet, except when he called me an image, but that was resolved. Anyway we just got closer and closer and he kissed me one day and we have been kissing ever since.
Mon: Wow! I am so happy for you.
Rach: Yeah I finally find a real boyfriend I can trust. That will talk to me and treat me well.
Pho: Awwww how sweet.
Rach: Yeah, but Mon whatís with you and Brett?
Mon: Uh he is sweet and nice. He is nothing like I thought.
Rach: A jock.
Mon: Yeah but totally opposite.
Rach: Great.
Mon: It may continue at home.
Rach: Oooh. Pheebs who are you with?
Pho: No one. But I am going to the dance with Joey.
Rach: (sarcastic) Lucky you.
Pho: (serious) I know.
Mon: Ok you guys letís call it a night.
Rach: Ok night.
Pho: Night.
Mon: Goodnight.
(In the middle of the night we see two figures walking around on hurries in different directions. It is Joey and Chandler they are setting traps everywhere on everyones tents except theirs)
(Time Lapse - Morning)
(The kids are getting up and some scream girls and guys are running out of their tents and falling everywhere. They have honey and paint and feathers and molasses on them. When they run out of their tents some fly into the air and are hung on a tree by their feet. Some trip and fall over ropes it is total chaos and Joey and Chandler are sitting in high trees laughing. People are crashing into other peopleís tents and knocking them down.)
(Time Lapse)
(Everyone is cleaning up and packing what is left of their things Joey and Chandler are spotless and are the first ones ready. The counselor notices this and questions them Joey cracks and she leads them off to the directorís office. The whole camp is mad at them)

[Scene: The walk back to camp]
(All the gang is together except Chandler, Joey, and Ross who is with Matt)
Ross: So man Looks like I won this bet. I get the girl and all that other stuff.
Matt: Man half the bet you have won but no all of it. You still have to take her to the dance.
Ross: Well whatever I am still going to win, I mean she is my girlfriend. I like her too. I liked her since 9th grade.
Matt: I thought you were never going to get her.
Ross: Thought wrong Mattie my man, cause I got already got the girl, and now I am going to be captain of the football team and I get to watch you guys humiliate yourselves in front of the entire camp.
Matt: Whatever.
Ross: I got to go catch up with the guys see you.
(He walks back to the girls. But there was this girl behind him watching him suspicious)
(Time Lapse Ė Back at Camp)
(They get there and get ready and go to the buses to go to the Mall. Phoebe and Monica are together and Rachel and Ross are together. We go to the front of the bus we see the girl that was watching Ross whispering something in a girls hear. Her eyes go big. Back to the guys)
Ross: So I guess I will go with Matt while you girls go pick out your dresses.
Rach: Ok. So then after we will meet back at camp by the lake.
Ross: Yes. (Kisses her)
(The bus stops and they all get off. Chandler and Joey have to go with a counselor on a count of what they did.
(Time Lapse)
(The girls are around the Mall picking out numerous dresses and trying them on till they get the right one. The guys are in the arcade cause they already found stuff.)

[Scene: Back at camp]
(Monica and Phoebe are sitting in Monicaís cabin when a girl runs in)
Girl: Hey guys this is urgent!
Mon: What is wrong Shannon?
Shan: Well you know how Ross and Rachel are going out now.
Pho: Yeah. Whatís up?
Shan: Well Debbie from your cabin Phoebe told me that Jessie Garden told her that she over heard Ross and Matt Frawlings talking.
Mon: Yeah.
Shan: And she said that they were talking about a bet.
Pho: What was the bet?
Shan: Well Ross made a bet with Matt saying he could get any girl since he has changed and all.
Mon: Yeah soÖ
Shan: So Matt said Rachel and if Ross wins the bet he gets Mattís spot as captain of the football team and Matt and Brett have to jump in the lake naked.
Pho: So you mean Ross is just using Rachel. That is not like him.
Mon: Maybe all this attention was not good for him. (Pauses) Wait a minute did you say Matt and Brett?
Shan: Yeah.
Mon: What does Brett have to do with anything?
Shan: Apparently he is apart of the bet also.
Pho: Oh no.
Shan: But the bet is not over Ross still has to take Rachel to the dance.
Mon: (very upset not only for Brett but at Ross) I cannot believe Ross would do that. Rachel actually likes him a lot.
Pho: Oh I am going to kill them.
Mon: I am going to kill Brett then Ross.
Shan: It is sad.
Mon: I donít want to tell Rach. She has been heartbroken like all year her parents split up her boyfriend broke up with her before school prom to go with her other friend. Her other boyfriend told half his class he slept with her and her sisters are being pains. This is going to rip her apart cause she really like Ross. Urgh I am so mad. She is out with him right now thinking he is the best boyfriend in the world.
Pho: You know we have to tell her right. (No answer) Right Mon?!!
Mon: Yeah ok I will tell her.

[Scene: the canoe]
(Ross is rowing and Rachel is leaned back on him)
Rach: This is so great.
Ross: Really.
Rach: Yeah. You are the best boyfriend and friend. You are not trying to take advantage or me or lying to me. You are the best.
(She turns around and kisses him then turns back around. He looks down and make a sad face then looks back up)
Ross: Rach?
Rach: Umm.
Ross: I really like you. I liked you before I left and years before that.
Rach: Really?
Ross: Yeah.
Rach: Why did you never tell me?
Ross: Because I thought you only liked Jocks and stuff.
Rach: Well ok I know I was superficial for a while but as this year was ending I realized it was all fake. You didnít notice I was nicer.
Ross: Well I just left you alone cause the other years you never wanted to be bothered with me.]
Rach: Awww I am sorry. (Turns around and hugs him) If it makes it any better I started liking you before you left.
Ross: When?
Rach: Remember that day we talked.
Ross: Oh.
Rach: Yeah, but then you left so..
Ross: OH I am sorry I left.
Rach: No, itís fine. Everything is fine now. (Pauses) Ross?
Ross: Yeah?
Rach: I love you.
Ross: (pauses and smiles) I love you too.
(She kisses him again and they stay that way, just kissing in the middle of the lake.)

[Scene: Monica and Rachelís cabin]
(Shannon is now gone and Monica an Phoebe are trying to figure out a way to tell Rachel)
Mon: Man this sucks I donít want to do this.
Pho: Mon come I donít want to tell her. Besides you are her best friend.
Mon: You are too.
Pho: You are more of one than I am.
Mon: True.
Pho: And plus he is your brother.
Mon: Fine I will.
Pho: Good.
Mon: I am just so mad at Ross and Matt and Brett.
Pho: What is going to happen to you and Brett.
Mon: I donít know.
(Just then Ross and Rachel walk in laughing)
Rach: Oh hey guys,
M/P: Hey Rach/hi
(They stare madly at Ross)
Ross: Whatís up guys?
Mon: Nothing.
Pho: Nothing. (Pauses) I am going to go.
(She leaves in a hurry)
Rach: what is with her?
Mon: I donít know.
Ross: Oh well. Listen Rach I am going to go meet you at the cafeteria.
Rach: (kisses him quick) Ok.
Ross: Bye.
Rach: Bye.
(He leaves. Rachel falls on one of the beds. Monica looks worried.)
Mon: Ok. Rach?
(She sits up)
Rach: Yes Mon?
Mon: I need to tell you something. You are going to want to sit down.
Rach: Mon I am sitting down.
Mon: Oh well then ok. (to herself) Breathe Mon breath.
Rach: What Mon. Oh Ross told me he loves me. Isnít that great. (Hugs her)
Mon: (feeling sorry for her) Yeah. Great.
Rach: (breaking the hug) Oh what is wrong Mon? Is it Brett?
Mon: No. Well yes but not only him.
Rach: What?
Mon: Ok listen Shannon told me that Debbie told her that Jessie Garden told her that she overheard Ross talking to Matt and she said that they said that Ross bet with Matt that he could get any girl since he has changed and all, and so Matt bet him that he couldnít get you. (Rachel starts getting teary eyed and so does Monica) So if Ross gets you, which he already did and takes you to the dance, he wins. He gets to be football team captain and Matt and Brett have to jump in the lake naked.
Rach: (crying softly) What?
Mon: I know.
Rach: I donít believe this. Ross would never do that.
Mon: I thought that to butÖ
Rach: (crying still) Oh my god. He (starts hyperventilating) thatÖthat jerk!
Mon: Rachel calm down.
Rach: (very angry) No! He I told him I loved him. I told him he was the best boyfriend ever. He lied.
(She stands up and storms out of the cabin running. Monica follows her)

[Scene: Cafeteria]
(All the guys are there including Joey and Chandler they are on probation. Phoebe is there too. Rachel all of a
Sudden comes in and goes over to them follow by Monica.)
Ross: Sweetie.
Rach: You jerk. (She takes his tray of food, which is hot spaghetti and pours it into his lap and does the same to Brett and Matt. She turns and starts to leave. Ross gets up and follows her and grabs her just before he reaches the door.)
Ross: Rach!
(She turns around and slaps him hard in the face he lets go and grabs his face bending a little. BTW all eyes and ears are on them)
Rach: (really loud) I was a Bet! (Hits him as she says this) I was a stupid bet! God Ross!
(She leaves the cafeteria and he follows her and Monica follows him. He catches her they are outside)
Ross: Rachel come on.
Rach: No! Ross you lied to me! I mean how could you! You-I I poured my heart out to you! I told you about all the horrible boyfriends! I told you I loved you! Yet you still do this. You played along with it! I trusted you!
Ross: I know Rach I love you. I liked you before all this.
Rach: Then why did you do it!
Ross: I t was a stupid mistake.
Rach: How can you make that kind of mistake when you care about a person!
Ross: Rach it was stupid I wasnít thinking.
Rach: No! You were thinking you were thinking about being captain. You were picking up that jock ego thing. I canít believe you! I canít believe I fell for this. I canít believe you would do something so mean and hurtful. (Starts crying)
Ross: Rach I wouldnít do anything to hurt you.
Rach: Oh then why didnít you break the bet if you liked me?
Ross: I donít know.
Rach: Yes you do. Itís because you wanted to be one of them. They are stupid arrogant pigs, and you are too. I hate you Ross.
Ross: No Rach! I am sorry. I was stupid to do it. I wasnít thinking. Rach I really love you.
Rach: No you donít you are just like all the rest of them. The sad thing is this has not only ruined our relationship, but I donít think I can be your friend after this.
Ross: Rach come on please?
Rach: No Ross.
(She runs to her cabin leaving Ross there. Monica comes behind him and slaps him across the head and kicks him)
Mon: You are a jerk, and I am sorry to say you are my brother.
Ross: Mon tell her I am so sorry please.
Mon: (softly) I will.
(Back at Rachelís cabin she is crying her eyes out on Monicaís bed. Monica comes in and rubs her back)
Mon: He said he was sorry.
Rach: (softly) I know.
Mon: You should go to sleep.
Rach: Ok.
Mon: Night.
(She leaves)

[Scene: The bleachers]
(Monica is there with Brett)
Mon: I donít think we should be together anymore.
Brett: Why?
Mon: Because of what you did. You guys hurt Rachel she has been through a lot.
Brett: I hardly did anything.
Mon: You were in on the bet.
Brett: So?
Mon: So I think this is over.
Brett: I am sorry it is.
Mon: Me too.
(He gets up and leaves. Chandler walks over and sits down)
Chan: Hey.
Mon: Oh hey.
Chan: Did you call it quits?
Mon: Yeah. I canít believe what has happen.
Chan: Yeah me either. Ross would never do something like this. You see what peer pressure does.
Mon: (laughs a little.) I needed that. So I see you and Joey pulled of a great prank.
Chan: Yeah. My work her is done.
Mon: Nice work, but you didnít have to get me.
Chan: Sorry we had to. But we got caught.
Mon: Well now your names will go down in history.
Chan: Yeah. (Pauses) Do you think this will get better in a couple of days?
Mon: I donít know. I hope so.
Chan: Yeah me too. They made a cute couple.
Mon: Yeah.
Chan: So are you going to play the tournament games?
Mon: Depends on how everything is maybe.
Chan: Cool.
Mon: Yeah well I got to go back to check on Rach. But thanks Chandler you cheered me up a little. (Kisses his cheek)
Chan: Anytime.
(She leaves)

[Scene: Monica and Rachelís]
(Rachel is waking up to find Phoebe and Monica talking)
Pho: I t is so das they were a cute couple.
Mon: Yeah, but what Ross did was horrible.
Pho: Yeah. But whoa did she flip out yesterday.
Mon: Well she was mad and hurt. She really trusted him. She has been through a lot.
Pho: Yeah, but I think Ross rally did like her, but he just did something stupid.
(Rachel starts moving to make them think she just woke up. Her eyes are all red.)
Mon: Oh hey sweetie how are you feeling?
Rach: (softly) I donít know.
Pho: We brought you food.
Rach: I am not hungry.
Mon: Rach you need to eat you didnít eat dinner last night.
Rach: Not now Mon!
Mon: Ok sorry. So what do you want to do today?
(She doesnít answer)
Pho: Aww Rach it will be ok soon.
(Rachel starts crying)
Mon: Pheebs!
Pho: Sorry.
Rach: Itís ok Pheebs I am alright, I guess.
Mon: Do you want to stay in here? We will stay with you.
Rach: No donít stop from having fun because of me.
Mon: It is alright sweetie.
Pho: Are you going to play in the tournament games?
Rach: Probably not.
Pho: Come on you canít stay trapped in here forever.
Rach: I wonít (tries to smile at them)

[Scene: Montage of the next three days]
(The gang looks depressed they are hardly talking)
(Ross tries to talk to Rachel but she ignores him)
(Monica and Phoebe are trying to comfort Rachel)
(Chandler and Joey are trying to comfort Ross)
(Matt telling Ross he loss)
(Chandler and Joey hitting on girls)

[Scene: Cafeteria]
(It is the day before the dance. It is the day of the tournament. The gang except Monica and Rachel are in the cafeteria and look better. Then Monica and Rachel come in. Rachel spots the gang but sees Ross so she goes to an empty table. Monica looks at the gang but goes with Rachel.)
Rach: Mon you didnít have to come with me.
Mon: Come on Rach I didnít want to leave you alone.
Rach: Mon I am fine.
Mon: Are you going to play the games?
Rach: Maybe.
Mon: Are you going to the dance?
Rach: I donít think so.
Mon: At least you are better than a few days ago.
(Phoebe comes over)
Pho: Hey guys come sit with us.
Mon: Were fine.
Pho: Come on this has got to end. Us being split up like this is not going to help. Come on Now!
(She grabs Rachel and Monica follows with a smile. They walk over to the guys. Ross looks at Rachel, but she looks in a different direction. Phoebe pushes her down and her and Monica sit. So it is like this one side is Ross, Chandler, AND Joey. Other is Phoebe, Monica then Rachel. Ross is still staring at her)
Chan: (trying to break the tension) So uh hey Rach.
Joey: Yeah hey
Rach: (quietly nervous) Hi.
Chan: How are you doing?
Rach: Fine.
Chan: Good.
Joey: Uh Rach we need another person on our team will you do it?
Rach: Who is uh, who is on your team?
Joey: Mon, Pheebs, Me, Chandler, and uh Ross.
Rach: (She looks at Ross quickly) I uh I-I (Monica elbows her hard) Sure! (Gives Monica and evil look)
Mon: Good then it is settle all we need is a name.
Pho: What do you guys think of ďFriendsĒ?
Mon: What?
Pho: That is what our name should be.
Mon: Oh (thinks) Yeah.
Joey: Yeah.
Rach: Why should we have a name that is lying about us?
Chan: What do you mean?
Rach: Well (looks at Ross) we are not all friends.
Ross: Rach I said I am so sorry.
Rach: (sarcastic) Thatís great.
Ross: I-
Pho: (cutting them) Ok! So ďFriendsĒ it is, letís go.

[Scene: Out in the field]
(The gang is getting ready. They are in sports clothes. Monica is directing everything.)
Mon: Ok we are playing 8 games. I will read the list. The Long Jump, 500-meter run, Javelin throw, sack race/wheelbarrow, Basketball game, Volleyball game, and the relay course. Ok Rach you do the jump. Iíll do the run, and Ross does the throwing and weíll pick partners for the other stuff.
(Rachel does the jump and gets 3rd. Monica does the run and gets 1st. Ross throws and gets 1st. Now it is the wheelbarrow and sack race.)
Mon: Ok Chandlerís my partner.
Pho: Joeyís mine.
(Ross looks at Rachel)
Ross: I guess that leaves us.
Rach: Mon?
Mon: Rach come on we need the guys to carry us.
Rach: (upset) Fine!
Mon: Ok. Break!
(They all get with their partners and the girls get on the ground. After the game Rachel gets off the ground and walks away from Ross he looks down. Next is the sack race. Monica and Rachel team and win 3rd. Then the Basketball game they loose. The volleyball games goes well and they win 2nd. The Relay race is up and they do a funny job. Phoebe is the starter she has to crawl through six tunnels and she gets stuck in the last one but still tags Joey. Joey runs to a wall and has to walk up it on a rope. He does but keeps falling down. He finally gets over it, but falls on the ground and Monica tags him and she does the Monkey bars successfully she then tags Chandler and he hops through a bunch of tires but falls and tags Rachel anyway. She jumps in the lake and swims to Ross. She lightly tags him and he looks at her, but then startsí running at the end of his run the gang is there and they win 2nd place. They cheer and hug. Well not all of them.)

[Scene: Monica and Rachelís cabin]
(It is the day of the dance. Monica and Phoebe are getting ready in the cabin while Rachel is helping them. She is doing Monicaís hair)
Mon: Rach please come. You bought that beautiful dress donít let some guy ruin this.
Rach: Mon I already told you no matter what I am not going.
Mon: Why not he did this not you. You should come it will be fun.
Rach: I donít have a date.
Mon: Me either.
Rach: Mon you are going with Chandler.
Mon: But not as a date. He will probably go hit on other girls. Come on!
Rach: No!
(Phoebe walks in she is wearing a yellow sleeveless dress it poufs out a little. Oh and Monica is wear a purple sleeveless short dress.)
Rach: Aww Pheebs you looks beautiful.
Pho: I know. (Pauses) Rachel?!
Rach: (alarmed) What?!
PhO: (screaming) Where is your dress. I have been on the bathroom for an hour and you are still not dress.
Rach: Pheebs calm down. I am not going.
Pho: huh. Why not?
Rach: Pheebs I already told you I donít want to go!
Pho: Ok. Fine.
(The guys as in Chandler and Joey walk in)
Chan: Howdy folks.
Mon: Hey.
Joey: Are you guys ready?
Pho: Yeah.
Mon: Rach are you done?
Rach: Yeah.
Chan: Ok then.
Rach: Oh uh Chandler is uh Ross going?
Chan: Yeah we finally convinced him to come. He is just now getting dressed.
Rach: (sad) Oh.
Mon: Sweetie will you be alright?
Rach: Yes (hugs Monica) Now have fun.
All: Ok/ Bye Rach/ See ya.
(They leave. Rachel just lays on Monicaís bed thinking. Then she gets up and goes into the bathroom. When she comes out she is wearing a sky-blue long sleeveless dress, her hair is half up, half down. She looks at herself in the mirror picks up something and leaves.)

[Scene: The Dance]
(We see everyone there and lots of other people everyone is having a good time. Rachel walks in and looks for someone. She finally spots Ross, he is dancing with some girl and he is just pulling out of a kiss with her and sees Rachel, She gets this sad and hurt look on her face and runs out of the dance. Ross follows her knowing what she is thinking. Rachel she runs out and stops on the dock by the water. Ross slowly approaches her.)
Ross: Rach?
Rach: (crying) Ross leave me alone.
Ross: No Rach, I wonít I want you to talk to me.
Rach; No Ross!
Ross: Rach in there what you saw it is not what you think. I didnít kiss her she kissed me I pulled back immediately.
Rach: Right Ross.
Ross; Rach I am telling the truth!
Rach: Why are you telling me this I donít even care? You are not my boyfriend. I donít care if you kiss someone else! I came in there to tell you I was sorry. But you-you just move right along donít you.
Ross; Rach look I am sorry ok. What I did was horribly wrong. I-I donít even know why I did it.
Rach: I still canítí believe you would do something like that. That hurts Ross and you still did it after I told you about all those other guys that hurt me.
Ross; I know and I am so so so sorry. Come please forgive me be my friend?
Rach: (smiles) Can I be your girlfriend instead?
Ross; Yeah I like that better. (Kisses her and then breaks) Oh I forgot here.
(He gives her a white rose thing that she can tie around her wrist)
Rach: Awww thanks. I got you one too. (Gives him a white rose and he puts it in his front coat pocket) I didnít want you to wear one of those big carnations.
(They laugh)
Ross: This has been one hell of a camp.
Rach; Yeah. Do you want to go to the dance?
Ross; No, I like it better out here. (Puts his hand out) May I have this dance?
Rach: Yes you may (Takes his hand and they out their hands around each other and start dancing) Ross?
Ross: Yeah?
Rach: What happens if you and I donít go to the dance together?
(The scene cuts to the next day)

[Scene: By the buses]
(The whole gang is just standing around and everyone is looking and laughing at Ross. He is wearing a red thong that says sexy on the front of it.)
Chan: It suits you man.
Joey: Watch out ladies you have got competition.
Ross: Yeah.
Mon: Ross I have a question?
Ross: What?
Mon: How did your butt get tanned too?
Ross: (shy) Nude beaches.
(The whole gang laughs and Rachel kisses Ross)
Pho: Wait a minute are you two back together?
Rach: Yeah.
Mon: Yay!
Joey: So Does the thong hurtÖ.you know?
Ross: No Joey, but is does feel like I am flossing my ass.
(Everyone laughs. The buses start-up)
Mon: Oh the buses are starting. (pause) Rach is my sitting partner.
Pho: I call Joey.
(They all walk on to the bus. And the scene fades out with a sign of Camp Cucamonga)

The End

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