The Challenges In Love

Disclaimer: The characters from the television show FRIENDS do not belong to me. They belong to Bright, Kaufman, and Crane. This is for entertainment purposes only.

Background Information: First of all, this is my first fic written in script form, so please keep that in mind. This fic is not connected with The Bings and The Gellers, or The Couples of FRIENDS. The story takes place in the future in the year 2020. It is all Ross and Rachel with a few parts about the other characters, but not much. Ross and Rachel are married with 5 kids: Julia 18, Kathryn (Katie) 16, Olivia (Livy) 14, Amelia 12, and Jaime 9. Chandler and Monica have 4 kids Hannah 17, Liam 15, Campbell 13, and Jackson 12. Joey and Phoebe have 2 teenagers Lilly who is 17 and Joey Jr. who is 16. They all live in Scarsdale within a few blocks of each other. The Gellers and The Bings live in houses, while the Tribbiani’s live in a condominium. Please let me know what you think!

The Challenges in Love

Scene: A large, busy kitchen in Scarsdale. Rachel is at the counter putting slices of toast onto a plate. There are kids running everywhere.

Girl1: Where is my purple sweater?
Rach: I don’t know Julia look in your hamper.
Girl2: Mom, did you sign my permission slip?
Rach: Yes, Katie, it’s down here with your lunch.
Girl3: Can I stay home today? I think I’m getting that flu that is going around.
Rach: Nice try Amelia Lane Geller! You’d better be ready in ten minutes! Jaime?
(A little boy enters the kitchen with half his shirt tucked in and the other half hanging out).
Boy: Mommy can you help me with my shirt?
Rachel helps him tuck in his shirt and gives him some toast and a glass of juice.
Rach: Girls, breakfast has to be now!
Ross enters the kitchen dressed in his dark blue suit. He goes over to Rachel and gives her a kiss.
Ross: Good Morning, beautiful!
Rach: Good Morning to you too! (She straightens his tie and gives him another kiss).
(Katie comes into the kitchen) Kate: Do you two ever give it a rest?
Rach: Amelia! Julia! Olivia! Breakfast!
(Amelia and Julia both run into the kitchen) Amel/Jul: Sorry Mom
Rach: Where’s Olivia?
Amel: When I went into take my shower she was still asleep.
Rach: Again? Damn! What am I going to do with that girl?

(Rachel runs upstairs and finds Olivia still asleep in her bed. Rachel throws the covers off Olivia onto the floor). Rach: Olivia Grace Geller!
Oliv: (opens one eye sleepily) What??
Rach: What? What? It’s time to get up! You bus is going to be here in five minutes!
Oliv: Damn! (She jumps out of bed)
Rach: You watch your mouth young lady!
Oliv: What am I going to do Mom? I’m gonna be late for school!
Rach: Well, if I take you to school again it’s going to cost you your allowance this week.
Oliv: Mom! That’s not fair!
Rach: Don’t you tell me what’s not fair! I have been late for work twice this week already because I’ve had to take you to school. Now I suggest you skip the make up this morning and get moving! My car is leaving in twenty minutes.
(Rachel goes back to the kitchen. Everyone else is sitting at the table laughing. The bus for Evensbrook Middle School pulls up).
Rach: (handing Amelia her lunch) Bye sweetie!
Amel: You gotta take Livy again today?
Rach: Go! (She points at the door and Amelia runs out).
(Julia stands up and puts her juice glass in the sink). Jul: Katie, if you are riding with me we got to leave now cause I promised Joey and Lilly we would pick them up.
(Kate and Julia grab their stuff and leave. Ross ruffles the hair on Jaime’s head) Ross: Go get your stuff tiger.
Rach: I can’t believe I let you talk me into having 5 kids!
Ross: You know you love them and you’re happy.
Rach: Only cause I beat Monica at something! Don’t forget to pick up Julia’s graduation present today.
Ross: I’m on it don’t worry or I’ll have to do something to get you to stop worrying.
(He leans into kiss her and it turns into a very deep kiss).
Jaime: Ahem! Dad! Let’s go!
Ross: (looks at Rach lovingly) I love you Mrs. Geller.
Rach: I love you too.
(Olivia comes into the kitchen scowling. She stands at the door with a grouchy look on her face. Rachel hands her an orange).
Rach: Wipe the attitude off your face Livy.
Oliv: I’m tired!
Rach: Well maybe if didn’t stay up all night on the internet you wouldn’t be so tired.
Oliv: Damn school!
Rach: (in a warning tone) Olivia!
Oliv: Chill out Mom! I promise not to say it at school.
(Rachel sighs as they leave the house).

It is later that day around 4 p.m. at the Geller house.
Rachel is just getting home from work. Jaime is sitting at the kitchen table doing his homework.
Rach: Hey James, where are your sisters?
Jaime: Julia went to the mall with Lilly and Hannah. She said she will be home in time for dinner. Katie is in her room talking on the phone to her boyfriend. Amelia is in the TV room.
Rach: Oh okay. She puts her keys down on the counter and takes a box of macaroni out of the cupboard.
(Katie enters). Kate: hey Mom
Rach: Hey sweetie. How was your day?
Kate: Not bad I got a B on my biology exam. Can I go to the movies with Joey tonight?
Rach: Is your homework done?
Kate: Yeah and my chores are done.
Rach: Be home by eleven.
Kate: Mom—
Rach: Kathryn, I can make you ask your father what time he would like you to come home.
Kate: Eleven it is. Thanks Mom!
(Ross comes in the door about an hour later. Rachel is at the stove stirring dinner. Ross goes over to her and kisses her neck).
Ross: Hey beautiful.
Rach: Hey you (Ross keeps kissing her) Ross, stop it the kids want to eat.
Ross: I had a rough day (kisses her) and I was hoping to enjoy my evening with the most beautiful woman in the world.
Rach: She might be able to arrange that later (she slaps him playfully) now go get ready for dinner!
Ross: Yes ma’am.
(A few minutes later they all come into the kitchen for dinner. Ross notices two empty chairs).
Ross: Hey Rach where are Katie and Livy?
Rach: Katie went to the movies with Joey. Olivia is- I haven’t seen her this afternoon. Girls, where is Olivia?
Amel: She got off the bus at Jen’s house.
Ross/Rach: What? /Why the hell didn’t you tell us?
Amel: She said you knew that you had given her permission.
Ross/Rach: What?
Amel: Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.
(Ross gets up and goes over to the phone) Ross: (otp) Hello Mrs. Johnson, this is Ross Geller, Olivia’s father. Is she over there? Have you seen her? Amelia says she got off the bus with Jen. (pause) Well, thanks for checking. If you hear from her will you tell her to call her home? Thanks again. (He hangs up looking dejected not wanting to tell Rachel).
Rach: Ross! Ross! Tell me!
Ross: Mrs. Johnson says Jen came home from school about an hour late. Olivia wasn’t with her. Mrs. Johnson said Jen was late because she went to Morgan’s house to get her sweatshirt. Jen said she doesn’t know where Olivia might be.
Rach: Well maybe we should call Morgan’s house.
(There’s a knock on the door. Ross looks at Rachel and answers the door. There is a policeman standing on the porch).
Police: Are you Dr. Ross Geller?
Ross: Yes, yes I am.
Police: I am Officer John Suko, NYPD. Do you know an Olivia Grace Geller?
Ross: Yes, she’s our daughter. She didn’t come home from school. My wife and I have been calling all of her friends looking for her.
Police: Well, Olivia is in my squad car.
Ross: Oh thank God! Is she all right?
Police: I think we should have a talk.
Ross: Okay let’s get Livy inside and I’ll get my wife.
Police: All right.
(Ross goes into the house and tells Rachel what is going on. Rachel gets Julia to take Amelia and Jaime to the TV room. Officer Suko comes in with a very quiet Olivia).
Rach: (rushing to hug her) Olivia we were so worried.
Ross: (a little less sympathetic) Where in the hell have you been?
Police: Mr. And Mrs. Geller I found Olivia in the park with a young man in a predicament.
Ross: What kind of predicament?
Police: They were undressed-
Ross/Rach: WHAT?
Police: I made them come with me to the station. The boy was very cooperative. Olivia at first gave me a false name and phone number. So when I finally got her real name out of her, I decided to escort her home.
Ross: (glares at Olivia) I don’t think we need to say that we are very disappointed in you Olivia.
Police: I warned your daughter that she could end up in front of a judge or in juvenile hall for her behavior tonight. I decided this time, since she is only 14, to let you take care of this offense at home, but if it ever happens again there will be no mercy.
Ross: Thank-you Officer for bringing her home. I assure you that this will not ever happen again.
Police: (standing) I will be on my way. Mrs. Geller, it was a pleasure to meet you. I am sorry it was under these circumstances.
Rach: (crying) Thank-you so much Officer.
(Ross walks him to the door. Rachel just stares at Olivia still crying. Olivia is slumped down on the couch obviously ashamed of herself. Ross comes back and sits down next to Rachel.)
Ross: I think you know that you are in serious trouble young lady.
Liv: (begins to cry) I know I am so sorry.
Rach: Olivia, you are only 14 years old. You are supposed to be having sleepovers at your girlfriend’s house not sleeping with a boy in the park.
Liv: We didn’t sleep together.
Ross: You were naked, what the hell else were you doing?
Live: We just fooled around. We didn’t actually….you know.
Rach: You were going to?
Liv: I don’t know maybe.
Rach: Answer me truthfully Olivia Geller!
Liv: Probably I mean we both wanted to, so yeah I guess.
Ross: But you didn’t
Liv: We didn’t
Ross: And you are still
Liv: Yeah Dad. That’s kind of a private question.
Ross: Well, missy your right to privacy just went out the door. From this moment on you have no privileges at all. No TV, no computer, no phone, no after school activities. You are to come straight home from school. If you do not come home on time your Mother and I will arrange it so that one of us can chaperone you to and from school everyday. Am I clear?
Liv: Yes, Dad.
Ross: Well, what do you have to say for yourself?
Liv: Just that I deserve the punishment and I am very sorry that I betrayed your trust. I will work very hard to try and win it back. I love you Mom. I love you Dad.
Ross/Rach: We love you too.
Rach: Now go make yourself a sandwich and go to your room for the evening.
(After Livy leaves the room Ross and Rachel hug tightly)
Ross: What are we going to do with her, Rach?
Rach: I guess love and discipline her like we have been. Figures we would have two go through their early teen years without much of a hitch and the third time that is supposed to be the charm turns out to be the most challenging.
Ross: (sighs) I just can’t stop seeing her with that boy.
Rach: I know. She’s so young to be doing stuff with boys.
Ross: She will always be to young to do stuff with boys.
Rach: (leans in and kisses him) I love how protective you are of your women.
Ross: I have five of them, if I don’t look after them someone else might.
Rach: How about I show you my appreciation later, Dr.?
Ross: I am all yours.