TOW Cheating?


Monica: So, how did your conversation with Ben go?


Rachel: It was great! Yea, he called me mom!


Ross: really? Thatís great! Wow, it is great to see you two bonding.


Chandler: Oh, I have to go to work. (Kisses Monica)


Ross: Oh, I have to get going too. (Kisses Rachel)


Joey: Iíll join you, the set needs me. (Kisses Phoebe.)


  (All of the guys exit.)


Phoebe: Ok, I need a divorce.


Rachel/Monica: What???


    [Rossí Work] (He is uncovering a bone

Ross: (Singing to himself) Oh! The neck bones connected to the skull boneÖ.

Woman: Ross?

Ross: Julie?

Julie: Yea! Hi! How are you?

Ross: Iím great! Yea, uh, what are you doing here?

Julie: I was transferred. I canít believe you still work here

Ross: so, how long are you going to be here?

Julie: Oh, a couple months, if that. So, are you seeing anyone?

Ross: Rachel.

Julie: still?

Ross: What-what does that mean?

Julie: oh, I just thought you wouldnít have still been together after all of these years.

Ross: well, we are. We are actually trying to have a baby.

Julie: oh, well, thatís great. I actually have three of my own. Brian, Suzy and Olivia.

Ross: wow. So, it was nice running into you.

Julie: Well, if you and Rachel ever want to go out for dinner, just call. (Hands him her #) Bye.


[Monica and Chandlerís] (Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica)

Rachel: what do you mean you need a divorce?

Phoebe: When you start finding lipstick on his shirts, and womanís numbers in his pockets, itís OVER!

Rachel: Oh, my God? Phoebe, be reasonable. Heís an Actor! How do you know what the lipstick isnít from the set and the numbersÖ?

Monica: How do you know the numbers arenít from his coworkers? Or fans! Some fans give numbers thinking that the actor will call them!

Phoebe: I guess. Well, ok. I will give him the benefit of the doubt. But if it happens much longer Iím kicking his ASS!

        [Rossís Work] (Ross is talking to his friend from work, Oscar, who is played by Owen Wilson.)

Oscar: yea, so then I was like, ďJohn, you canít print that on a cup!Ē and her was all like, Whoa, RossÖ

Ross: (Looks up from his paper work) Yea?

Oscar: You have lipstick on your coat. Is it Rachelís?

Ross: Oh! Crap! I hugged Julie, and her lipstick must have rubbed off. Rachel is going to freak!

Oscar: Oh, just explain it to her, if she asks that isÖ

Ross: Ok, well, I have to get home. Do you still want to go out to dinner with Rachel and me tomorrow night?

Oscar: Yea, Iíll be over at six. Bye.

                [Ross and Rachelís] (Nobody is home, at least Ross thinks, sheís in the shower.)

Ross: Rachel? Are you home? (No response) Ok. (He takes off his coat and hides it under the bed.)

Rachel: (From bathroom) Ross? Iím in the shower!! (Ross goes into the bathroom) Hey baby will you hand me the shampoo? (He hands her the shampoo)

Ross: so, how was your day?

Rachel: Oh, the usual, but hey! (Gets out of the shower and wraps a towel around herself)  I ran into one of the highest fashion designers who asked if I was a model. But thatís not all. She asked if I would model for her winter line. I declined, but it was a huge compliment. (She hugs him) If I want, I get to sign a contract for modeling. I told her I would rather design, and she said with this contract, I could do both!

Ross: Thatís excellent! Wow, so uh, letís celebrate! Are you still going out to dinner with me and Oscar tomorrow night?

Rachel: oh, definitely.

           [Phoebe and Joeyís]

Joey: so, Phoebs, are you sure you donít want to go to the set with me?

Phoebe: NO!

Joey: What is wrong with you lately?

Phoebe: youíre cheating on me, huh?

Joey: I would never EVER cheat on you!

Phoebe: yea, thatís what they all say! Then itís all: I was drunk, or, or I she was so hot, or, WE WHERE ON A BREAK.

Joey: Ok, the we where on a break thing belongs to Ross, and I would not cheat on my wife! Look at my mom and dad!

Phoebe: OK. But what about the perfume, and lipstick and-and, Numbers!

Joey: those are all from the set1 I swear!

Phoebe: Really?

Joey: I love you phoebe.

Phoebe: I love you too.

         (They kiss and land on the couch.)


[Ross and Rachelís] (Ross isnít home, but Rachel is getting ready for their dinner out.)

Rachel: (Singing) ÖWhen you are next to me, breathe in the air I breathe we donít haveÖ (Comes across Rossí jacket with lipstick on it, then smells it) Oh my GodÖ(Reaches into the pocket and pulls out the number) YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!


[Ross and Rachelís] (Ross is just getting home. Rachel is pissed)

Ross: Hey honeyÖ

Rachel: Donít hey honey me. Where have you been?

Ross: I had overtime, Rachel, whatís wrong?

Rachel: Lipstick marks on your coat.

Ross: Rachel IÖ

Rachel: A womanís number in you pocket. Perfume drenched!!!

Ross: Rachel itís not like that, I swear!

Rachel: Ross, I want you to leave for the night.

Ross: No, Rachel. Hear me outÖ

Rachel: I promise, I will let you explain yourself tomorrow. Ok? NO we are not on a break. Just go to a hotel.

Ross: Fine, Iíll go. (He leaves, almost crying.)

     (Rachel sits on the couch and cries. A moment later there is a knock on the door. Rachel gets up and answers it.)

Rachel: Hey, Oscar.

Oscar: hi Rachel. Are, uh, we still going out to dinner?

Rachel: Iím sorry Oscar; there was a change of plans. You can come in, if you like.

Oscar: whereís Ross?

Rachel: a hotel. Heís cheating on meÖagain.

Oscar: oh, Iím sorry. You deserve much more than that Rachel. (Without thinking, he kisses her, and then realizes what heís done.) Iím so sorry!

       (Rachel then kisses him back, very passionately)

Oscar: Rachel, I canít do this. Ross isnít cheating. The numbers belong to a female coworker and the lipstick and perfume was from when they hugged. Ok?

Rachel: Wow, I made a huge mistake.

Oscar: Iím sorry. I swear, I wonít tell Ross about the kiss if you donít.

Rachel. Crap, I need to find him right now!

Oscar: OkÖwhy?

Rachel: Iím pregnant. You canít tell him yet!

Oscar: OK, Iíll help you out. We got to get himÖ (They rush out.)

                          TO BE CONTINUED.