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Previously on FRIENDS

Scene: Semi-Private Room

(Ross has just proposed to Rachel)

Ross: Rachel Karen Green will you marry me.

Rachel: What do you think? (Nods her head slowly)

Ross: I'll go hurry and tell the others. (Kisses her stomach which is quite big now)

Scene: Waiting Room

(A gullible Ross practically dances his way back to the waiting room)

Joey: Dude are you all right.

Ross: You guys won't believe this Rachel said YES when I proposed to her!

The Gang: Congratulations!

Ross: I just can't believe it soon I'll be holding in my arms Mrs. Ross Geller.

Phoebe: So when's the big day.

Monica: Phoebe I mean they just got engaged and haven't had their child yet and here your asking them when they're wedding is.

Phoebe: Well you know I've never been married before so I get so excited when people have babies but aren't married yet.

Joey: And if Ross dumps Rachel later in the years guess who will be asking Rachel out then.

Ross: Get your gritty hands off my finance buddy!

Chandler: Way to tell him dudes.

Ross: Well I have to get back.

The Gang: Good Luck!

Scene: Semi-Private Room

Rachel: Hey honey.

Ross: Any calls from our immediate family.

Rachel: Oh yeah your parents called there coming down from Oregon.

Ross: Great!

(Dr. Jekins enters)

Dr. Jekins: How's everything going.

Rachel: Well everything seems to be going ok if only my baby would just come out!

Dr. Jekins: Give it time Rachel labor takes longer these days.

Rachel: But doc I've done everything is there anything I can do.

Dr. Jekins: I'm sorry Rachel but there's nothing we can do. I'll check in later.

(Nurse shows another couple into the room)

Nurse: This should suit your particular need.

Leonard: Thank you Ma'am.

Laura: Thanks!

Ross: We're Ross and Rachel (Points to her)

Laura: Rachel is this your first.

Rachel: Yes!

Laura: Well little Andrew here is our third so if you have any questions are some advice just ask.

(Scene: Waiting Room)

Joey: Boy I just hope Rachel's ok in there you never know what they'd be doing to her.


Joey I can't stand it any longer. (Makes a beeline for the door and hurries off to find where Rachel's room is.

Nurse: May I help you sir

Joey: Yes I'm looking for my girlfriend Rachel Green

Nurse: I'm sorry but she came in earlier this morning with her fianc? Ross Geller.

Joey: (Looks heartbroken)

Nurse: But I guess I can tell you what room she's in.

(Scene: Semi-Private Room)

Joey: (Bursts in out of breath)

Ross, Rachel: (Are astound to see Joey barge in)

Joey: I'm here to tell you Rachel that I'm in love with you and want to be the one for you.

Rachel: Joey I am with Ross can you ever understand that!

Joey: (Is hurt)

Authors Note: Sorry I've just always hated Joey

(Scene: The waiting room)

Joey: (Looks back at the gang and hurries off.

Phoebe: I wonder what happened.

Chandler: I bet I know what happened. (Hurries after Joey)

(Scene: Semi-Private room)

Rachel: I just can't believe he did that didn't he know that you've already proposed!

Ross: I can't believe him either honey!

(Scene: Outside the Hospital)

Chandler: You ok Joe.

Joey: No I'm not ok Chandler the woman I'm in love with doesn't love me back!

Chandler: I'm sorry man but these things happen. You knew Rachel had an on and off relationship with Ross.

Joey: Man what am I'm going to do.

Chandler: Just get over her and head off on vacation and meet a woman.

Joey: Easy for you to say you have the woman of your dreams.

Chandler: Go for a walk and think about it Joe.

(Scene: Waiting Room)

Monica: I hope everything's ok with Joey.

Phoebe: I'm sure Chandler found him and is talking to him.

Monica: Look here comes Ross.

Ross: I want a word with Mr. Tribbiani!

Monica: Chandler's with him.

Phoebe: We'll go stay with Rachel.

(Scene: Outside the hospital)

Ross: Tribbiani don't you DARE touch my finance EVER again!

Joey: Say your prayers!

(They start a BIG FIGHT)

Doctor: None of that in here buds take it outside.

(Scene: Semi-Private Room)

Rachel: Where can he be?

Monica: He's talking with Joey Rachel.

Phoebe: I'll go and see what's taking them so long.

Scene: (Outside the hospital)

Phoebe: Oh my god Ross! (We see Ross put on a stretcher and wheeled into the emergency room)

Police Officer: Ma'am here's the criminal.

Phoebe: Joey Francis Tribbiani!

Police Officer: There was a fight between these two young men.

Phoebe: Just keep Mr. Geller there and I'll be back.

(Scene: Semi-Private Room)

Monica: What happened Phoebe!

Phoebe: Ross broke his back and Joey's sentenced in jail.

Monica: How'd Ross break his back?

Phoebe: Well he and Joey got into a fight and it seems that Joey has feelings for Rachel that's how it all started.

Rachel: My husband's DEAD!

Monica: No sweetie he just has a broken back.

Rachel: I'd kill Joey for doing this to him!

Monica: Where is he now Phoebe:

Phoebe: They took him into surgery after the accident.

Monica: What about Joey:

Phoebe: Put him in jail sentence for a month.

(Dr. Jekin's enters)

Dr. Jekins: You're about to become a mother Rachel.

Rachel: (Has tears of joy in her eyes) Where's Ross?

Ross: Don't worry I'm here! (A nurse just has wheeled Ross into the room)

Dr. Jekins: The husband should be the only with her the rest of the family out.

(Scene: Delivery Room)

Dr. Jekins: Push. Push. C'mon push for five seconds. 5…4…

Rachel: 3-2-1 oh!

Dr. Jekins: Okay, the next contraction should be in about twenty seconds.

Rachel: I can't. I can't push anymore, I can't.

Ross: Sweetie you're doing great.

Dr. Jekins: Here we go! Okay, keep pushing! Wait! I see something.

Ross: What? You do? You do? (Looks) Oh my God!

Dr. Jekins: It's the baby's buttock, she's breech.

Rachel: : Oh God. Is she going to be okay?

Dr. Jekins: She's going to be fine. Okay, she's in a more difficult position so you're going to have to push even harder now. Go! Push!

Ross: Go!

Rachel: I'm sorry I just can't.

Ross: Sweetie just do it for me. One final push! 1…2…3! (Rachel pushes so hard her head snaps up head-butting Ross and getting a bruise on his forehead.)

Dr. Jekins: Good!

Rachel: Are you ok.

Ross: You have no idea how much this hurts.

Dr. Jekins: Here we go!

Ross: Oh! Oh my God oh! Oh my God she's here.

(The newest friend cries.)

Ross: Oh she's…she's perfect.

Rachel: Where'd she go?

Ross: They're just wrapping her up.

Rachel: Okay. Well be careful with her, she's really tiny.

Dr. Jekins: Here she is!

(Dr. Jekin's hands her to Rachel)

Rachel: Oh hey you. Thanks for coming out of me. (The baby cries.) I know. Oh. Yeah. Oh, she's looking at me. Hi! I know you.

Dr. Jekin's: Do we have a name yet?

Rachel: Yes, she will be Cameron Jude Geller.

Dr. Jekins: Good, I will leave you three alone. (Dr. Jekin's departs and the rest of the gang enters)

Ross: Everyone we'd like you to meet Cameron Jude Geller.

The gang: Can we hold her.

Ross: (Picks Cameron up from Rachel but then starts to cry)

Rachel: I guess I better just keep her now.

Scene: The Semi-Private Room- later on)

Ross: (Is taking pictures of the gang and Cameron)

Monica: I can't believe I'm an aunt!

Ross: (Motions everybody to leave as Cameron drift off to sleep)

Rachel: Oh Ross isn't she beautiful!

Ross: Not as beautiful as you. (They lean towards each other for a passionate kiss)

(Janice ENTERS)

Janice: Little Johnny wants to meet his future bride. (Does the laugh)

Ross: Did you hear Janice we're engaged.

Janice: No way! (Does the laugh)

Rachel: Look Cameron there's Johnny. (Picks Cameron of higher so she can see little Johnny)

(Dr. Jekin ENTERS)

Dr. Jekin: Time for our first lesson on feeding your baby. Lady out!

Janice: Bye Bye

(Janice exits)

Dr. Jekin: Ok Rachel get in a comfortable position to feed your daughter.

Ross: Cameron must be hungry.

Rachel: How long do I have to feed her like this?

Dr. Jekin's: Four to six weeks possibly.

Ross: Don't worry I'll give you all the help you possibly need.

(Semi-Private Room-Later on)

Nurse: The doctor said you could take your wife home today.

Ross: We'll have everything packed before lunch.

Nurse: No need to hurry take your time.

Ross/Rachel: Thank you!

(Nurse exits)

Ross: Well I'll start gathering up our stuff and then I'll tell the others we're leaving today.

Rachel: Good I'll start getting Cameron ready.

(Ross exits)

Rachel: Well I guess I better start bundling you up.

(In ten minutes Rachel had her Cameron bundled up and were waiting for Ross)

(Ross enters)

Ross: Are some ladies waiting for a ride home back to Never Land.

Rachel: Your daddy can be so silly.

Ross: I told everyone else to meet at us back at our apartment.

Rachel: You'll get meet our friends and family today.

(Cameron looks up at Rachel with a hopeful expression babies always have)

Ross: I have a surprise for both of you ladies outside.

(Outside the Hospital)

Rachel: Ross you shouldn't have. (There's a sleigh outside the hospital)

Ross: Chandler's Dad had this out back in his shed.

Rachel: But Ross you shouldn't have.

Ross: Rach with all the trouble you went through you deserved this. (They kiss as they head off in the harsh winter day)

Rachel: (Looks down at her daughter) I'll love you darling and I'll always be there for you.


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