TOW Ross's Christmas Gift

Ok, this is a Christmas fan fiction, and it's set in the eighth season. Ross and Rachel are finally together and are going strong. Chandler and Monica are married and going strong as well. Phoebe and Joey...well...there Phoebe and Joey. ENJOYE!!!

C&M Apt:

Scene: Chandler, Monica, Ross, and Rachel are there. Monica is making Christmas cookies, Chandler is reading the paper at the table, and R&R are cuddling on the couch watching TV. The house is decorated for Christmas, and the tree is in the same spot it has been every year

Chan: (To Ross and Rachel) So what are you guys doing tonight for Christmas Eve?

Ross: Rach and I are going out for a romantic dinner. (kisses Rach)

Rachel: What are you guys doing?

Chan: (Looking at his paper) Nothing.

Ross: (Turns around and looks at Chandler surprised) Nothing?

Mon: Well, I have to work tonight so.... (trails off making a "What can you do" gestures.)

(Joey and Phoebe enter dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus)

Chan: (seeing them) Don't you think your a little bit early delivering my presents Santa?

Joey: (Ignoring Chandlers comment. Excited) Phoebe and I are going to play Santa and Mrs. Claus for the children at _____. (don't know any hospitals in NY). (Joey sits down at the kitchen table)

Phoebe: (Who is all exited as well) Yay!!

Chan: (Gets up) Well, let me be the first one to say. (Sit's on Joey lap) I want a pony for Christmas and a big red bike and...

Joey: (annoyed, pushes Chandler off his lap) Camon! I get to bring joy and happiness to little kids who can't be home for Christmas.

Phoebe: (looks at her watch) Oh, speaking of children we have to go. Camon Joey or should I say Mr. Claus?

Joey: I'm right behind you Mrs. Claus. See ya guys. (All of a sudden ss soon as he stands up his pants suddenly fall down. Joey quickly picks up his pant visibly embarrassed.)

Chan: Yeah that's a good gift to give to the kids. Years of therapy

(Joey very embarrassed quickly leaves the apartment.)

Rachel: (Claps here hand together) Thank the lord he was actually wearing underwear today.

(They all agree.)

(Later on at Chandler and Monica....)

Scene: Rachel and Monica went somewhere. Chandler and Ross are sitting on the couch watching a Ranger game on TV.

Chan: (His eyes glued to the TV) So what did you get Rachel for Christmas?

Ross: (Also staring at the TV but smiling) You'll find out tomorrow.

Chan: (Takes his eyes off the game and becomes very curious) Camon, tell me.

Ross: No

Chan: (wining now) Camon, tell me!

Ross: (Giving in) Ok, (heads to his coat) but don't tell a soul, not even Mon. (pulls a little box out of his coat pocket and heads back to the coach) Take a look at this. (opens up the box and reveals a very gorgeous engagement ring)

Chandler: (takes the box from Ross in amazement. Standing up now all excited) OH MY GOD! You’re going to ask Rachel to marry you!

Ross: (All giddy and excited.) YEAH!!

Chan: (Calm, but still very excited and happy) Wow, congradulation man. (Hugs Ross).

Ross: Thanks man

Chan: (Letting go) Just think you and Rachel finally getting married. (Pretends to cry) I'm just so happy for you. (Hugs him again)

(As soon as they start to hug Rach and Monica enter. Ross and Chan notice them standing there and quickly break. Chan hands Ross back the box behind his back. Both of the girls are just standing there looking at them weird.)

Mon: (Shocked and confused on what she just saw) Is there something that Rach and I should know?

Ross: (Embarrassed and trying to think of some coverage) Chan just told me a very sad Christmas story.

Mon: What sad Christmas story?

Chan: (Does the pretend crying thing again) I don't want to talk about it. (Sits back down to watch the Rangers game again.)

(Rach and Mon just stand there looking even more confused.)

Joey and Phoebe at the Hospital

Scene: Joey is coming in on a sleigh on wheels. Phoebe is sitting next to him with her guitar.

Joey: (Waving to the little kids) HO! HO! HO! Merry Christmas. (Seeing all the kids cheering with bright smiles he whispers to Phoebe) Isn't this great?

Phoebe: (smiling at Joey) I know.

(The sleigh stops and Phoebe gets off before Joey. Before Joey can get a chance to step off the sleigh Phoebe stops him.)

Phoebe: Oh, Joey.

Joey: Yeah?

Phoebe: Makes sure your pants don't fall down this time.

Joey: (annoyed and does the Joey "I know look.") I did. (Gets off the sleigh and when Phoebe walks away he quickly checks his pants.)

Phoebe: (now at the microphone) Is this thing on? (realizes it is) Oh...good.. (she get's her guitar ready) Ok. Before we begin the whole "Santa present asking" I have a little song to sing today (all the kids cheer. Phoebe starts to smile when she hears it) Kay. (Starts singing)

Song:Christmas is the time of year to spread around joy and cheer. Santa Claus is riding his sleigh with all your presents coming your way. But when your mother suddenly dies, Santa Claus doesn't arrive. (Smiling) La, La, La, La....

Little while later

(You can see that everyone has a shocked look on their faces, including Joey.)

Phoebe: (Song) Living on the streets is not so great, especially on Christmas day. Wh...

Doctor: (Interrupts) Mrs. Claus everyone! (Claps) (Hardly anyone is clapping) Ok...

Phoebe: (upset) But I'm not finished with my song.

Doctor: (quietly to Phoebe) Yes you are Miss. Buffey. (Turns back to the kids) Do you know what time it is?!

Phoebe: (quickly bumps the Doctor away from the mic) I know! I know! Time for me to finish my song. "Christmas is the..."

Doctor: (Grabs her guitar. You see Joey make a "Uh, Oh" look.) Please Phoebe. Stop it or we are going to be force to have you escorted out. (See's Phoebe is going to cooperate) Good, now please start bringing the kids up to Santa.

Phoebe: (Still upset) Alright. (Doctor leaves. To herself) Next time he touches my guitar I'm gonna be forced to kick his ass.


Scene: Ross and Rachel enter. Rachel looks beautiful. She is wearing a grayish/bayish outfit, with spaghetti straps. It's long and it has the extra fabric in the back. Her hair is up in a french twist (it's next season, it should be long enough), and she is wearing dangling diamond earrings, with a diamond necklace. BTW she is wearing a coat so you won't get to see her outfit yet if it was an actual episode. I mean camon it's December and they’re in NY. Ross looks yummy as usual. Rachel seems very impressed.

Rachel: Wow, Ross this place is so...(can't think of a word) so...

Ross: (Trying to be a wise ass) Expensive?

Rachel: (Smiling up at Ross) That and very, very nice. How did you manage to get reservations?

Ross: (In a flirty way) Oh, I have my ways. (Rachel starts to walk away thinking Ross would follow, but Ross, who was holding her hand the whole times, brings her back close to him) By the way did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?

Rach: (wrapping her arms around him. Smiling up at him) About a million times.

(They look deeply into each other eyes and kiss passionately)

Rach: (After they break) We better go get our seats now.

Ross: (Not really wanting to at that moment, but agrees) Yeah.. Ok

(They head towards the hostess with the reservation book.)

Hostess: Hi can I help you.

Ross: Yes, Geller for two.

Hostess: (Looking at the book) Geller...(finds it).. Oh, yes. Right this way.

(They follow the hostess to their table, but are stopped by a familiar voice.)

Voice: Pumpkin!

(Me: I'm telling you these guys on Friends have the worst luck proposing to there girlfriends lol If you know what I mean.)

Rachel: (Knowing who it is but not wanting to turn around) Is that who I think it is?

Ross: (Feeling the same way, but manages to turn his head far enough to see her father sitting at a table not far from them) Yes, it is.

Rachel: (Takes a deep breath and turns around with a fake smile, pretending to be happy to see him) Daddy! (walks over to him. Dr. Greene stands up and gives her a kiss) How are you?

Dr Greene: (Still standing) I'm doing great. You

Rachel: (Still surprised and pretending to be happy) Good....Good.

Ross: (Nervous and feeling uncomfortable) Hello Dr Greene. (holds his hand out)

Dr. Greene: (not excepting his hand.) Ross. (Ross then brings his hands back slyly feeling dejected) (Dr. G sees Rachel looking at his date) Oh, this is my date Claudia. Claudia this is my daughter Rachel.

Claudia: (Gets up and starts to shake Rachels hand) Hello nice to meet you.

Rachel: (Still shaking) Nice to meet you too. This is my boyfriend Ross.

Claudia: Nice to meet you too.

Ross: (Skakes her hand) Nice to meet too.

Ross: (Really wanting to leave) Well.. Rach, I think we better get to our seats.

Rachel: Yeah we better.

DG: (I'm going to start to use initials for his name): Nonsense! You two will join us. (Both about to say something, but DG starts talking before they can say anything) No. No. I insist. There is a table over there. Will put them to together and will all have nice dinner. All four us.

Rachel: (Giving in) Oh .. uh .. ok. (Ross shoots her a "What the ..." look. Rachel can only can look at him guilty) Wouldn't that be nice Ross. (Gives him a camon look)

Ross: (Looking at her angrily, but gives in) Yes, of course

DG: Great (Calls the waiter over)

Waiter: Can I help you?

DG: Can you put these two tables together?

Waiter: Yes, sir. (quickly puts them together).

(Ross and Rachel sit down at the table.

DG: Isn't this great. Having Christmas Eve with my little sweet pea.

Rachel: (embarrassed) Dad.

DG: (Looks at Ross) So, Ross how's the library?

(Ross looks at Rachel with a death stare, while Rachel looks at him nervously.)

Monica's Restaurant

Scene: Monica is really busy cooking, while everyone is rushing around doing what they have to do.

Mon: (Shouting so all of them can here her) Ok, I need two pieces of lamb and four pieces of filet!

(Chan enters)

Mon: (See's him. She's happy to see him, but to busy to stop) Hey honey. What are you doing here?

Chan: Well, everyone has plans and I was so lonely back at the apt. Plus it's Christmas Eve and no one should be by themselves on Christmas, so I decided to stop by and say hi. (Pulls a rose out from behind his back) Hi.

Mon: (Excepting the rose and is flattered, but still has no time to chat) Oh, thank you honey. I really appreciate flower and you coming down, but I have no time to spend with you.

Chan: (Upset, but understands) Yeah, ok. See you at home. (Kisses Mon and is about to leave)

Mon: (Feeling guilty) Chandler, wait. (Chandler turns around) Do you want to help out here? I mean you said it yourself that you don't want to be by yourself tonight.

Chan: Really?

Mon: Yeah. You can be...(thinking of what he can do) uh... dicer. (realizing she came up with something good) Yeah that 's it.. a dicer! You can dice and chop all the mushrooms, peppers, onions.

Chan: (Happy) Ok!

Mon: Ok the knives are right behind you.

Chan: (Turns around and knocks all the knives on the floor. Embarrassed) I'll just pick these up.

(Monica shakes her head yes.)


Scene: Joey is with a kid on his lap and Phoebe is standing in front of the line waiting for the kid to get done. BTW the kid is taking a really long time and all the kids are getting very angry.

Phoebe: (Trying to calm the kids down) Ok, he'll be done any second. Just be patient.

Kid in line: But he's been up there for an hour.

Phoebe: It's been eight minutes! God you kids are so impatient.

(Flip to Joey)

(Let's say the little boys name is James and he is five years old.)

James: (holding his teddy bear) I also want a TV, sony playstation two, a puppy...

Joey: (Who is very tired of listening to his list cuts in) Are you done yet?

James: No, I still got lot's to go.

Joey: (Had enough) OK! Times up. (Picks the kid up and puts him on the floor)

James: But, I'm not done yet.

Joey: I'm sorry. But there are a lot of kids waiting in line to see me. (Goes into his bag and pulls out a present) Here is your Christmas Eve present. (hands him the present) The rest will come later on.

James: (Still upset that he couldn't finish his Christmas list) You’re a mean Santa! (Kicks Joey in the shin and runs away)

Joey: (In pain) OUCH!!! YOU LITTLE...! (Composes himself before he says anything he'll regret.) NEXT!

Flip back to Phoebe

Phoebe: OK!! Who's... (Turns around to see a kid in front her who was supposedly ten kids behind) Hey, weren't you further down in line?

Kid: (lets say his name is Nick): (Acting like he's done nothing
wrong) No

Phoebe: Yes you where. I remember you where in front of (points to some kid in line) that kid.

Nick: NO..I..WAS..N'T!!!

Phoebe: YES..YOU..WERE!!

Nick: NO, I WASN'T

Phoebe: (getting pissed) YES YOU WERE! NOW GO BACK WHERE YOU WERE!

Nick: (Looks up) Hey, what's that?

Phoebe: (falling for the trick looks up) What?

(Nick them stomps on her foot)

Phoebe: (In pain) AWWW! HEY GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT!!! (rubbing her foot) I can't BELIEVE I fell for that.


Scene: Ross is looking very bored and upset while Rachel is actually having a good time listening to Claudia. She just got done telling Rachel about all the places she lived.

Rachel: God you practically lived everywhere in the world.

Claudia: Oh, I forgot. I also spent two years in Africa living with Gorillas.

(Ross now becoming interested.)

Rachel: Wow. That must have been amazing living with gorilla's.

Claudia: Oh my god it was wonderful. I mean it is amazing how much they resemble and act like human beings.

(Ross now getting involved into the conversation)

Ross: You know being a palien...

Dr.G: (Interrupting) So where is the waiter? I want to get some desert. Do you want anything pumpkin?

Rachel: (a little upset that her father interrupted Ross but acts like she isn't) No thank you daddy, but you just interrupted Ross.

Dr.G: Oh, I'm sorry Ross. (not meaning it) What were you about to say?

Ross: (Being the shy Ross we grew to love) No, it was nothing.

Dr. G: (Very quickly after) Ok. Waiter four deserts menus please.

(Ross throws up his hands like he gives up.)

Monica's Restaurant

Scene: Monica is still rushing around along with fellow employees. Chan is now doing dishes.

Chan: (To Mon who is grabbing some clean plates next to him) I can't believe you put me on dishwasher duty.

Mon: Well, first of all you cut your finger, second of all you weren't cutting the vegetables the way I showed you, third of all you almost stabbed someone.

Chan: (Defending himself) Hey, that was an accident! You don't sneak up on someone like that especially someone with a knife.

Mon: She just tapped you on your shoulders for you to move! (Chandler is about to say something) You know what it doesn't matter. Just finish the dishes.

Chandler: Ok. (under his breath) You royal majesty.

Mon: (heard what he said) Chandler. This is MY kitchen, and when you are working in MY kitchen you do as I tell you do you do.

Chan: Fine! No wonder why you have a problem with the staff

Mon: WHAT!

Chan: (Realizing what he just said) Nothing

Mon: Ok Chandler was it your idea to come down here? Now if you have a problem with the way I handle my staff then just just go home.

Chan: I'm sorry Mon, but..

Mon: GO!

Chan: FINE! (Takes his gloves off) I'll leave. Serves me right to want to spend some time with my wife on Christmas Eve. (Goes to throw his glove in the sink but instead knocks a batch of dishes on the floor breaking a lot of them. Embarrass) I'll just go now. (Quickly leaves)

(Monica just stands there feeling guilty)


Scene: Phoebe is pretending to be a Sergeant and it's actually working. Joey is with a child.

Phoebe: (Going up and down the line with her hands behind her back) OK, LISTEN UP AND LISTEN GOOD!! THERE WILL BE NO WINING, NO CRYING, NO FIGHTING, AND ESPECIALLY NO CUTTING! (To a little boy) DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?

Kids in line: YES SIR!! (Phoebe gives
them a look, and the kid’s notice) MAM!!

Phoebe: That's better. (sees that Joey is done with a child. She goes to the first kid in line) YOU! LITTLE GIRL!

Little Girl (Amanda): (Softy) Yes?

Phoebe: How old are you and what is your name?

Amanda: Four and my name is Amanda.

Phoebe: Well, your next

(Phoebe brings her to Joey)

Joey: Ho Ho Ho (Picks up Amanda) Why hello.. ( Looks at Phoebe who is mouthing her name) Amanda.

(Amanda starts to cry)

Joey: (Nervous and doesn't know what to do) Amanda, don't cry. I'm Santa! I'm a good guy who brings you gifts. (Amanda is still crying. Joey looks up at Phoebe for help) Phoebe..I mean Mrs. Claus. I need your help here.

Phoebe: Hey, Amanda if you stop crying I will give you a lolly pop. (Amanda looks up at her and when you think she stopped crying she starts up again. Giving up) Yeah, I can't help you Joey. Sorry (Quickly walks away)

Joey: (Doing the Joey wine) MRS. CLAUS! COMAN!

(All of a sudden Joey stops wining and his eyes go very wide. Phoebe notices it)

Phoebe: What's the matter Joey.

(Joey signals her to come closer. Phoebe does so)

Joey: (Wispering to her) She peed on me and I can't move.

Phoebe: (not hearing him) What?

Joey: (Desperate and doing the Joey whine) She peed on me and I can't move! GET HER OFF ME!

Phoebe: (Shocked) Oh my god!


Phoebe: Oh. (quickly gets her off)

(Joey after that manages to quickly get up.)

Joey: EWWW! Get me something to wipe the pee off!

Kids: (hearing what he said) EWWW!! (starts laughing)

Joey: (Turning around) Hey! It's not funny! (At that moment his pants fall down)

(The kids are all in shock. Joey, also in shock could only stand there for a second very embarrass. He soon after picks up his pants does the Joey smirk we all love and quickly runs off. BTW the little girl is crying the whole time. )

Hallway of Rachel and Joey's apt

Scene: You can see Rachel and Ross walking up the stairs. Rachel is looking like she had a good time, but Ross seems really bummed. I mean come on he was suppose to have propose to her for god sakes.

Rachel: Wasn't my fathers girlfriends great Ross? I mean she lives a fascinating life. Living here and living there. I ...(see that Ross is upset) Honey, what's the matter.

Ross: Nothing, I just wasn't expecting spending the whole time during what was suppose to be our romantic dinner with you father and his girlfriends.

Rachel: (feeling guilty) Oh, I'm sorry sweety. (Puts her arms around his shoulders) It's just that... well you know how my father is. He would have kept on insisting and bugging us until we gave in.

Ross: (Still very much upset) Well it's about time you started saying no. I mean your 30 years old Rach and the only time I ever saw you say no to you father was when you first moved here to the city. (smirking) I mean it worked our good for me though.. (getting serious) but I'm sick of it!

Rachel: (getting upset and taking her arms off of Ross) Ross, he is my father and..

Ross: I don't want to hear it Rach. I also really think he purposely ruined our dinner cause he hates me.

Rachel: First of all he didn't ruin our dinner on purpose, second he doesn't hate you, and third I can say NO to him!

Ross: Please Rachel! The man hardly talked to me, let alone looked at me!

Rachel: Ok, fine! He doesn't like you! So what?! You had the chance to..

Ross: Please don't give that "Bigger Man" speech again! Maybe I don't want to be the bigger man. Maybe for once I would have liked to have my girlfriends stick up for me!

Rachel: I did!

Ross: Please! (doing a imitation of a innocent Rachel) "No thank you daddy, but you interrupted Ross."

Rachel: (annoyed and very angry) You know what Ross. You do deserve a girl who will stick up for you, and I guess I am not that girl.

(Rachel goes into her apartment and slams the door in Ross face.)

Ross: (realizing what just happen) Rach! (tries to open the door but it is locked."


Ross: Rach, open up. I'm sor..

Rachel: (OS) Go home Ross! I'll talk to you tomorrow, if you're lucky!

Ross: Camon Rach! Open..


Ross: (Give up) FINE! I'M GOING!

(Heads to M&C)


Scene: Chandler is sitting on the coach depressed. Ross enters and slams the door making Chandler jump sky high.

Chandler: ( Still a little bit startled) Dude, could you slam the door a little bit harder! (quickly goes back to his depressed slump)

Ross: Sorry. (Slams his coat on the table)

Chandler: (realizing something) Why are you here with me on your engament night? I would have have assumed you would be either over there (pointing to Ross's place) in that bedroom or over there (pointing to Rachel’s) in that bedroom. (Ross doesn't answer ) Well (turns around and sees Ross is very upset) Are you ok?

Ross: (snaps) Does it look like I'm ok?

Chandler: Look I'm not in the mood for you yelling at me so if..

Ross: Ok, I'm sorry man. Rachel and I had a fight.

Chandler: So what's new? (Ross gives him a look.) So I guess you didn't propose to her?

Ross: (Walks over to the couch and slumps down on the it) I didn't get a chance to. (doesn't give an explaination.)

Chandler: (waiting for one) So you just didn't get a chance?

Ross: Well I was going to but her father was there and lets just say ruined it for me.

Chandler: Ah, memories. (Thinking about the frist time he was suppose to propose to Monica, but Richard ruined it for him. Realizing Ross is looking at him weird. Embarrassed) So, why didn't you propose to her in front of him?

Ross: Why couldn't you propose to Mon in front of Richard?

Chandler: Hey that was different. Rachel wasn't madly in love with her father.

Ross: (gives him a "Whatever look") I just couldn't ok. The man litterly hates my guts, especially after what I did to Rach when we first went out. (puts his hands on his face) UGH!! What am I gonna do about.

Chan: Do what Mon did after my first attempt at proposing.

Ross: Chandler I don't have that many candles and plus all the stores are closed.

Chandler: You don't have to do the exact same thing, just make it somewhat romantic. I mean personally I think it's a lot more special and romantic when it's done in private.

Ross: (stands up) You know your right. I'm going to propose to Rachel tonight and it's going be a hell of a lot more romantic then when I was going to do at the restaurant. (grabs his coat and turns to Chan) Oh and Chandler.

Chandler: Yeah

Ross: Thanks man. .

Chan: (sincerely) You welcome. Now go make your dream come true

(Ross just smile (let me say it's one of those smiles that would just melt your heart ) and leaves. You see Chandler just looking at the door grinning happily.)

Chandler: (softly to himself) Congradulations.

(Chandler is about to turn around but then Joey and Phoebe enter.)

Chandler: (noticing the pee stain) Joey I thought we got that potty training down already.

Joey: (Gives Chandler a look, but shrugs it off. Doing a Joey whine) Some kid peed on me man!

Chandler: (he winces at what Joeys said) So besides that incident how did it go?

Phoebe: Nothing went right for us. I mean both of us got kicked, and after (gives Joey a look) Joey’s pants fell down we were asked never to come back to that section of the hospital again.

Joey: (Defending himself) Like you helped with your song.

Phoebe: There was nothing wrong with my song Joey Tibbianni!

(Before they got into a big fight, Chandler not wanting to here them bickering, )

Chandler: (very annoyed. Stands up) WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP!! (P&J look at him in shock) I am having a very bad day ok and I am not in the mood to here you guys fight. So if you don't mind (pushes them to the door) Please leave. (opens the door and pushes them out. Both trying to say something, but Chandler stops them) Good night and Merry Christmas. (Closes the door on them.)

Ross's Apt

Scene: You see him sitting down on the coach. You just see him from the chest up and he is on the phone. (Ok this is going to be a flip thing. So when I say Ross the camera will be on Ross, and vise versa).

Rachel: Hello.

Ross: Hey it's me.

Rachel: (You can tell she calmed dowm a lot and is happy to hear from him) Hey you.

Ross: Listen, I'm sorry for what happened before in the hallway. I was an ass. I was just upset because I wanted to spend tonight with you and you only.

Rachel: I'm sorry too. I should of put my foot down and told my father no. Plus your also right, I should of stuck up for you tonight.

Ross: You know we can keep on apologizing to each other over the phone or you can come on over here and we can make up in person. I have a big surprise here for you.

Rachel: (in a flirty voice) Ooh, a surprise. I love surprises.

Ross: (Being flirty back) So, are you coming over?

Rachel: I would love to come over. I'll be there in five minutes.

Ross: Can wait. Bye

Rachel: Bye

(They hang up.)

C&M Apt.

Scene: Chan is still on the coach. Let's just say he is watching "It's a Wonderful Life." Mon walks in.

Chan: (Turns around) Hey.

Mon: (softly) Hi


Chan: (Get's up) Listen, I'm sorry for what happen down at your restaurant. I just wanted to be be with you tonight. I hate being a long on Christmas. (I don't know about you but don't you wish Ross had said that to Rachel when Rachel got home in season 3. God just remembering that scene and the next episode just makes me want to cry. Maybe because it's late, I’m tired and "How Do I live" by Leann Rimes is playing LOL .) You were busy and I should have respected that.

Mon: Don't be. I was being a bitch to you and I should not have kicked you out the way I did.

Chan: I shouldn't have come down in the first place. Like I said before I just wanted to be with you.

Mon: (Puts her hands on his shoulder) Well, I'm here now. (Kisses him passionately)

Chan: You know I love you.

Mon: I love you to Chandler. Merry Christmas

Chan: Merry Christmas.

(They kiss and Chandler picks her up, carries her to the bedroom and shuts the door.)

Ross's Apt

Scene: You can only see the door and there is a knock. (I wonder who it can be LOL ) Ross them comes into the picture. He is out of his suit and dressed very comfortable but very nice as well. He opens the door and you see Rachel standing there (of course lol ), who is also dressed very comfortable, but also looking stunning.

Ross: Hey come on in.

Rachel: Thank you. (She enters to see a few candles on the coffee table, and a bottle of wine and glasses. on it. BTW he didn't go all out like Mon did, but there is a Christmas tree in the scene and it's also snowing out side which to me makes it nicer and just as romantic. I would assume being that Ben probably goes by the religion that celebrated Christmas so Ross would eventually put one up. Not to mention I think they are half Jewish and half Catholic I believe.) Wow. Candles and wine (Puts her arms around Ross neck) How romantic. (She kisses him)

Ross: (After they break) Why don't we have a seat

Rachel: (She smiles lovingly at him) Ok

(They both sit down on the couch. He pours wine for both of them and hands her on.)

Rachel: Thank you

(They both take a sip. BTW "Gift is playing in the background by 98 degrees. I love this song. It's a very pretty. )

(Slight silence)

Ross: (Breaks the silence) Rach, I have something to say.

Rachel: What is it sweety?

Ross: (Clears his through) Um.. I know I apologized before, but there was a reason I upset tonight. Eight years ago when Carol left me I was basically in hell. I thought I hit rock bottom and that I would never be happy again, especially with another woman. Then one day when I needed it the most an angel came walking back into my life wearing a wedding gown and I fell in love with her. It was like god had answered my prayer. (You see Rachel is getting tearing eyes) You see Rach, I've been in love with you ever since the ninth grade. I never loved anyone as much as I love.. Not Carol nor Emily. You’re the only women that I ever wanted to be with. Even when we were in denial about our feelings for each other, deep down inside I was still in love with you and when I finally realized it, it hit me hard and it was stronger then ever. From that day on I knew it has always been you. Besides Ben you are my life, and I cherish every moment we had together, good and bad. I want to spend the rest of my life together with you and grow old with you. What I'm trying to say is. (goes on his knees. You can see both of them now. Rachel is now crying knowing what he is doing) Rachel will you marry me?

Rachel: (Crying tears of happiness shakes her head up and down) Yes .

Ross: (excited and happy by hearing her say yes, picks her up and swings her around) YES!! (After he puts her down they kiss very passionately) (After they break he look deeply into her eyes) I love you so much Rachel.

Rachel: (You know how a person sounds after they cry, well she sounds like that) I love you so much too Ross.

(They kiss again . The camera is now outside and drifting away from the window.)

(You can now see flashbacks. (YES FLASHBACKS!) LOL The song "Gift" is still playing btw. )

The first one is from the very first episode. They are sitting back together by themselves and confesses he had a major crush on her in HS.

The scene from the last episode TOW Rachel Finds Out where they’re at the coffee house looking at pictures of Ben. Rachel gets very close to Ross to see one of the pictures and says something and he answers her while looking at her lovingly. Aww it was so sweet .

The first ever kiss at Central perk in TOW Ross Finds Out.

The kiss that made them into a couple the first time around

The hug before Ross get's married to Emily. (I really think this was important, because it showed what real love was about when Rachel told him "Congratulations" instead of thinking about herself and telling him how she felt.

Finally (even thought it hasn't happen yet.) the kiss that reunited them as a couple.

Scene: The teaser at the end, but it's not a real teaser. You hear "Silent Night" by 98 Degrees. Yes, another 98 Degrees song lol . In this part you are peeking into each of there windows.

You first go into J&R. You see Joey asleep on the couch holding his Hugsy his bedtime penguin pal . Phoebe is also sleeping on the other side of the couch with her guitar. They both have peaceful smile on their faces.

You them peek into C&M apt and you see them under the covers asleep just cuddling.

Last but not least we head to Ross's Apt where you see that they are still up. They are Cuddling in front of the Christmas tree with there glassed of wine, just talking while looking lovingly at each other. They kiss and the scene fade and a message appear.

Merry Christmas

from the cast