The One With Closure


This is the finale of the 8th season. It works both as a series finale and a season finale. Since they say the 8th season will most probably be the last season, this is meant for that.

Rachel has moved in with Ross because he felt he should be more involved with the baby. Rachel is now 8 months pregnant.

[Scene: Rachel and Ross' apartment. Rachel wakes up and walks into the living room where Ross is drinking coffee and reading the paper on the couch.]

Ross: Hey Rach! How are you?

Rachel: Okay I guess. I didn't sleep very well last night.

Ross: Did you have cold sweats? Or were you restless? (He takes a sip of coffee)

Rachel: No, I heard you and Mona.

(Ross spits out his coffee. He starts nervously picking at the blanket on the couch)

Ross: (nervously chuckles) Oh, that.

Rachel: Don't worry about it Ross! I have just a little tip for you.

Ross: What's that?

Rachel: (smiles maliciously) Well, I heard you more than Mona. I suggest you fix that! (She walks into the bathroom)


[Scene: Monica and Chandler's apartment. Monica and Chandler are eating breakfast and Joey walks in]

Joey: Hey guys!

Chandler: Hey buddy! How are you doing?

Joey: Not too good. I miss Rachel.

Monica: Oh Joey, you have to move on. This isn't good for you!

Joey: I know, but I love her!

Monica: Are you sure?

Chandler: Yea, it could just be that you want a relationship with someone who's close to you, like Rachel.

Joey: I don't know you guys! What should I do? I need to get over her!

Monica: Start going out on dates like you used to!

Joey: Thanks you guys. By the way, do you guys have anything I can eat on the go? I have to run.

Chandler: Why didn't you just get something at your apartment?

Joey: Like I have anything in my refrigerator!!

Monica: (tosses Joey a granola bar) Here Joey.

Joey: Bye guys!!

(Joey walks out)

Chandler: Poor Joey. He's not taking this whole Rachel thing well.

Monica: I know.

Chandler: Now with the baby coming along, I don't even think Rachel would go out on dates.

Monica: That's right...Speaking of babies...I was thinking...

Chandler: No No No!! Don't even go there!

Monica: Why not? What's wrong with having a baby?

Chandler: I don't want to!

Monica: We're not getting any younger! I don't want to have a baby and then when I take my child to school their teacher would think I'm their grandmother!!!

Chandler: Nah, you're not that old!

Monica: You're hopeless!

(Monica leaves into the bedroom)

[Scene: Ross and Rachel's apartment. Ross and Mona are kissing on the couch. Mona stops]

Mona: Ross, let's talk.

Ross: Okay.

Mona: Well, I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy with you!

Ross: Really, you are?

Mona: Yes, and I think we should move up to the next level.

Ross: What's that?

Mona: I want to move in with you.

Ross: I don't think that's such a great idea right now. Rachel is living here and my baby is about to be born. It's just not the right time!

Mona: I just don't understand why Rachel has to live here if you guys aren't even together.

Ross: I want to be in the baby's life more. I don't want what happened with Ben to happen this time too.

Mona: It doesn't mean it will happen. You can still be a part of the baby's life, but you have to think of our future too!

Ross: I'm going to have to give more thought into that Mona!

Mona: Okay Ross, call me when you have decided. (She leaves)

[Scene: Joey's apartment. Phoebe opens the door and finds Joey moping in front of the T.V with a bag of chips in his hands.]

Phoebe: Hey Joey!

Joey: (sadly) Hi Pheebs.

Phoebe: (sits on the arm of the chair) I hate seeing you sad Joey!

Joey: I can't help it Pheebs, how do you expect me to smile with a broken heart?

Phoebe: Glue your heart back together!!

Joey: I don't think that will work.

Phoebe: Why don't you go and try to find someone who can maybe replace Rachel?

Joey: Who can replace her?

Phoebe: Maybe someone who you feel close to. You know, a friend.

Joey: But Monica is already married!

Phoebe: NO JOEY! ME!

Joey: You?

Phoebe: Sure why not? Maybe I can help you feel better.

Joey: What do you have in mind?

Phoebe: Okay, pretend I am just someone who you thought was attractive and try to hit on me!

Joey: Okay. (Clears his throat and sloppily says-) Hey, how you doin?

Phoebe: Ooh!

Joey: I've lost it! I've completely lost it!!

Phoebe: No No! Keep on!

Joey: (clears throat again) Hey, how you doin?

Phoebe: Now that one made me go weak at the knees!!

Joey: Joey's back!

Phoebe: Keep on...

Joey: The moment you walk into this room, your beauty amazed me!

Phoebe: Wow...

Joey: (starts leaning in) You have beautiful eyes and your lips are so full, I can almost kiss them.

Phoebe: Well what are you waiting for?

(She leans in and kisses Joey. Then they stop.)

Joey: Wow!

Phoebe: Oh My God!

Joey: That was one hell of a kiss!

Phoebe: I know! So, did it help?

Joey: Help?

Phoebe: Yes, did it help with you Rachel problem?

Joey: Rachel? Oh Rachel! Yea, it did!

Phoebe: I'm glad! Well, Joey I'm going to go visit Monica and Chandler. If you need anything, I'm over there.

Joey: (lays his hand on Phoebe's shoulder) No, stay!

(Phoebe giggles)

[Scene: Monica and Chandler’s apartment later that night. Phoebe walks in all dressed up.]

Phoebe: Mon, do you have any earrings that will match with my dress?

Monica: You look really nice! What’s the special occasion?

Phoebe: Oh nothing special. I’m just going home to watch some T.V.

Monica: (looks at her weird) Watch T.V.? In that dress?

Phoebe: Yes!

Monica: Why do you need to be dressed up to watch T.V., and why do you need my earrings?

Phoebe: Because I’m going to watch “Will and Grace”. That Will may be gay, but he’s still hot!

Monica: I still don’t believe you, but hold on, I’ll get you the earrings! (she walks into her bedroom)

(Joey sticks his head through the door)

Joey: (whispers) You ready?

Phoebe: Hold on, Monica is getting me earrings! Close the door!

(Joey closes the door. Monica comes out.)

Monica: Who were you talking to?

Phoebe: Oh, um…I was talking to my mom. I felt her presence!

Monica: Ok Pheebs!

Phoebe: Well, I gotta run!

(She runs out of the apartment and meets Joey in the hallway.)

Joey: You ready now?

Phoebe: You bet!

[Scene: Next morning, Central Perk. Chandler and Ross are sipping coffee.]

Ross: Yesterday, Mona asked if she could move in with me. She wants to take our relationship to the next level.

Chandler: What? But what about Rachel?

Ross: That’s the thing, I don’t want her to leave, but I don’t want to disappoint Mona.

Chandler: Give me a reason why you don’t want Rachel to leave.

Ross: Well, she is the mother of my child and if she leaves, I won’t be in my baby’s life as much as I would like to. That would totally defeat the purposed of her moving in the first place.

Chandler: Did you explain that to Mona?

Ross: I tried, but she said that I could still be a part of the baby’s life even if Rachel didn’t live there. She doesn’t understand why she’s living there because she says we aren’t even a couple.

Chandler: Well, that’s true!

Ross: I know it’s true, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance!

Chandler: Oh, I see where this is heading…

Ross: What do you mean?

Chandler: It’s so obvious! You’re still in love with Rachel! You are just using your baby as an excuse to keep living with her!

Ross: No I’m not! I don’t love Rachel!

Chandler: Ok, look me in the eye and tell me you love Mona and not Rachel.

Ross: (nervously chuckles) No problem! (he looks Chandler in the eyes) I love (shifts his eyes) Mona.

Chandler: You shifted your eyes!

Ross: No I didn’t!! Let’s do it again.

Chandler: Okay.

Ross: I love (shifts his eyes) Mona.

Chandler: You did it again.

Ross: One more time!! I love…Rachel. You’re right! I can’t hide it anymore!

Chandler: I suggest you talk to her about this before your baby is born.

Ross: I guess you’re right!

[Scene: Rachel and Ross' apartment. Rachel and Ross are going over pregnancy magazines]

Rachel: I can't believe our baby is almost here.

Ross: I know, our wonderful little girl!

Rachel: We still need to figure out a name!

Ross: Yea, but we can do that later. I need to talk to you about something.

Rachel: Okay.

Ross: Rachel, Mona wants to move in here. She wants to take our relationship to the next level, and I don't know what to do. I don't want you to leave.

Rachel: (hurt) Oh...I can always move back in with Joey.

Ross: I know you could, but I'm not sure I want you to go. I want to stay here with you and the baby...

Rachel: But you also want to be with Mona.

Ross: I guess I do, but it's not important to me now. My first priorities now are you and the baby.

Rachel: Me? Don't say me Ross.

Ross: Yes, you. I would rather have you than Mona any day.

Rachel: Don't say anymore Ross...please.

Ross: (stares at her) I have made my decision! You're staying here.

Rachel: I don't want to be in the way Ross! I can move and you can still be in the baby's life. I'll only be in the next building.

Ross: It's not just the baby, I want you here. I want to be with the mother of my child.

Rachel: But Ross...

Ross: No buts Rachel. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go break up with Mona.

Rachel: What?! No Ross, not because of me!

Ross: Rach, this decision has helped me realize that I want to be with you...not Mona.

Rachel: You didn’t even ask me how I felt about this!

Ross: Okay, how do you feel?

Rachel: I don't know. We've changed! We went through so many things together...i don't want to be hurt by you again.

Ross: I've learned from my mistakes Rach! Things will be better this time!

Rachel: Don't do anything yet, I have to think things over.

Ross: No matter what you say, It will still be over with Mona.

[Scene: An apartment hallway. Ross knocks on the door and Mona opens it]

Ross: Hi.

Mona: Hi Ross...What are you doing here?

Ross: I wanted to talk to you about the whole moving in with me thing.

Mona: You didn’t call me last night.

Ross: I know, I’m sorry. I had to sleep on it! I have decided that you can’t move in.

Mona: What?

Ross: It's just not the right time in my life to be making such a commitment...that's why I also think we should stop dating.

Mona: Are you breaking up with me?

Ross: I'm sorry, but yes.

Mona: I can't believe this! You are just like any other man!

(She slams the door! Ross starts knocking on it)

Ross: Mona, I can explain!!

Mona: (faintly) Go away Ross! I never want to see or hear from you again!

[Scene: Monica and Chandler's apartment. Monica is glaring at Chandler with an evil face.]

Chandler: C'mon sweetie! Stop looking at me like that!

Monica: No Chandler! I want babies!

Chandler: But you have me!

Monica: I said I wanted babies, not a BIG FAT BABY!

Chandler: Come here sweetie.

(Monica sits on his lap)

Monica: What?

Chandler: If you want a baby, we can have a baby!

Monica: I LOVE YOU!!

(Monica starts kissing Chandler. Chandler stops it)

Chandler: Wait Wait Wait! If we keep this up, our baby will be more in 9 months!

Monica: Okay! (Chandler looks at her funny) I'm kidding!

(Rachel opens the door)

Rachel: Hi guys! Can I talk to you?

Monica: Sure!

Chandler: What's up?

Rachel: Well, Ross wants to break up with Mona to be with me.

Monica: Oh my god!

Rachel: But I just don't know what I want!

Chandler: First things first, do you love him?

Rachel: I've always loved Ross, but I just don't know if it's a good idea to get back with him. We went through so much and (she clutches her stomach) OUCH!!

Monica: What's wrong?

Rachel: Mon, you're gonna have to clean your couch! My water broke!!

Chandler: Okay! Monica, call Ross and try to find Joey and Phoebe! I'll get Rachel to the car!

(Chandler escorts Rachel outside. Monica picks up the phone and starts dialing.)

[Scene: Ross is opening the door to his apartment. His cell phone rings.]

Ross: Hey Mon...Yea...Oh my god! I'm on my way!!!!!!

[Scene: Joey's apartment. Phoebe and Joey are kissing. They hear movement outside so they jump to opposite side of the couch. Suddenly Monica enters.]

Monica: Joey, Phoebe!

Phoebe: We weren’t doing anything!!!

Monica: (confused) What?

Joey: Nothing, Nothing!

Monica: Well, Grab your coats you guys! Rachel is having her baby!

Joey: Where's Ross?

Monica: I called him and he's on his way to the hospital. Chandler is taking Rachel.

Phoebe: Okay, lets go!

(They leave)

[Scene: Hospital. Chandler and Rachel have arrived. They are trying to get service.]

Chandler: Pregnant woman here! Her water broke! HELP!!

Nurse: Calm down sir! (turns towards Rachel) How far along are you miss?

Rachel: 8 months! ouuch!!!

Nurse: Who's your doctor?

Rachel: Dr.Vartan.

Nurse: (turns to Chandler) Are you the father?

(Ross comes running in)

Ross: No, I'm the father!

Nurse: Okay, you two come with me.

(Ross and Rachel follow the nurse. Monica, Phoebe, and Joey come running in.)

Monica: What happened?

Chandler: Rachel and Ross just went in with the nurse.

Phoebe: I hope everything turns out okay.

Joey: So do I Pheebs. So do I.

[Scene: Hospital room. Rachel is already in a gown and in moaning in pain. Ross is trying to keep her entertained.]

Ross: Don't think about the pain Rach! Just think about our baby being born!

Rachel: Easy for you to say! You're not going to have a whole baby coming out of your vagina!!!!!!

Ross: Eww! You're right! (He looks around and finds the book "Heidi" on the table) Look, a book! Try concentrating on the little girl on the cover!

Rachel: That's a cute little girrrrrooooowwww!!!

Ross: Calm down…easy easy!

Rachel: (panting) Ross, I’ve been thinking about what you told me…

Ross: Yea, I wanted to tell you that I broke up with Mona, and that I’m sorry for throwing it at you all of a sudden!

Rachel: It’s okay, I just wanted to tell you that I…

(The Doctor walks in)

Dr.Vartan: Okay Rachel, you're ready to have your baby! You’re going to have to push! (turns to Ross) Do you want to stay?

Rachel: Yes! He wants to stay! Ross, hold my hand!

Ross: Okay!

Dr.Vartan: Okay Rachel, push on the count of three.

(She starts counting- you hear her faintly in the background.)

Rachel: (turns to Ross) I love you Ross!

Ross: (looks really shocked, but manages to say-) I love you Rach!

Dr.Vartan: PUSH!!!

Rachel: Ross, hold my hand!!!!!!

Ross: I am honey! C’mon now, push!

Rachel: (in between breaths) I am pushing!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!

Dr.Vartan: One more push!

(Rachel takes a deep breath and pushes really hard!)

Dr.Vartan: I can see the head!

(She keeps pushing and finally you hear a baby crying. The nurses wipe the baby and hand her to Rachel)

Rachel: Look at what we brought into this world!

Ross: What are we going to name her?

(Rachel looks at the book on the table next to her)

Rachel: Why don't we call her Heidi?

Ross: Heidi...I like it!! She’s so beautiful!

(There is a knock on the door)

Monica: (opens the door) Want some visitors?

Rachel: Sure, come in.

Chandler: (looks at Heidi) She's so cu-she's so red!

Joey: What are you talking about? She's beautiful!

Phoebe: I see a little bit of Ross in her.

Ross: Thanks Pheebs!

Phoebe: I never said that was a good thing.

Monica: So Rach, how does it feel to be a mom?

Rachel: It feels great! Those eight months were awful, but Heidi was worth it!

Ross: Nothing can get better than this!

Monica: Yes it can! Chandler and I are trying to have a baby!


(They all hug)

Chandler: Now, nothing can get better than this!

Phoebe: Yes it can! Uh huh! Tell them Joey.

Joey: Well, Pheebs and I are together!

Rachel: I always knew that would happen!

Ross: NOW, nothing can get better than this.

Joey: I can't believe we've all made it this far.

(Joey puts his arm around Phoebe and they rub noses.)

(Cut to: Chandler and Monica are hugging and Chandler kisses Monica on the forehead.)

(Cut to: Ross, Rachel, and Heidi. Ross kisses Heidi and then Rachel.)

Rachel: (looks around the room with a smile) Now that's what I call closure.

The End