TOW Rachelís Cold

written by Angel

I donít own these Characters yada yada yada!

This is at the beginning of season 7

Everyone in Central Perk

Rach:: Oh I canít believe you are being married!!
Phoe:: I know it's so great!
Ross:: Yea im happy for you guys, really ::looks kind of sad::
Mon:: What's wrong Ross??
Ross:: Nothing really, I just donít have anyone you know?
Rach:: Well, what about our pact Ross?
Ross:: Yea but the chances of you not having someone when your 40 is about as low as a marriage for me working out!
Joey:: Come on Ross donít be like that!
All:: Yea! Its OK!
Ross:: Thanks guys, well I have to go pick up Ben.
Rach:: Can I come with Ross?
Ross:: Sure I donít see why not!
Rach:: Thanks, I just have to use the rest room really quick! ::Runs in the
All:: smile at Ross::
Ross:: What?!
All:: Nothing, have fun!!
Rach::comes back:: (quick huh??) Ready??
Ross:: Yep! Bye guys
Rach:: Bye ::they leave::

Later R&R at a park with Ben playing on a slide R&R watching from a bench

Rach::looking kind of ill::
Ross:: Are you OK Rach?
Rach:: I just donít feel good, Ill be fine im sure!
Ross::worried:: are you sure your OK?? We can go home if you like?
Rach:: yea maybe we should go
Ross:: OK

Later R&Pís  R&R walk in  (Ross brought Ben back to Carol and Susan)

Ross::helping Rach to the couch::
Rach::practicly falls over one the couch and lays down::
Ross::covers her with a blanket:: do you want me to stay with you?
Rach::nods:: please??
Ross::smiles:: sure

Later same scene now Ross is sitting in the chair reading a magazine and Rach is asleep on the couch, Ross is kind of watching her sleep. Smiling.

Phoebe::walks in:: what are you doing??
Ross:: nothing
Phoe:: you still love her donít you??
Ross::watching her:: yea, but she doesnít feel the same, Iíve dropped many hints and she always says its the wrong time
*note: I have to explain the hints from the writers some how
Phoe:: well then you just have to try harder!! I HATE QUITTERS are you a
quitter, cause I donít want to hate you!
Ross:: no Pheebs ill keep trying
Phoe:: just tell her!
Ross:: NO!
Phoe:: why are you like some little kid who is to afraid to tell someone he has a crush on a girl???
Ross:: no im just afraid if I tell her, she wont say it back..........
Phoe:: then youíd be heartbroken?
Ross::nods, still watching her with a half happy, half sad face::
Rach::starts to wake up::
Ross:gets up, grabs his keys from the table:: bye Pheebs
Phoe:: see you later
Rach::now woken up:: Ross?
Ross:: yea Rach?
Rach:: thanks.....
Ross:: its OK, just as long as you get better ::smiles::
Rach:: ill try ::sneezes::
Ross:: bless you
Rach::smiles:: thanks
Ross::goes to kiss her cheek::
Rach::goes to kiss his cheek::
::and you guessed it! They meet in the middle and share a small kiss::
Rach::slowly pulls away::
Ross:: I should go......
Rach::nods:: goodnight
Ross:: you too ::leaves::
Phoe::smiling:: Goodnight!!
Rach::nods, kind of biting her lip::

M&Cís Rach is sitting at the table its a few days later, her cold is gone
and she has somehow avoided Ross all week, so they donít have to talk about
the kiss or about their feelings. She knows she loves him but doesnít think
he feels the same. Monica has told her ďStop being a wuss and just do it!!!Ē
Yet, she hasnít.

Ross::walks in:: Hey Rach
Rach:: Hi
Ross::sits across from her:: so......
Rach:: yea I should get going.......
Ross:: Rachel, are you mad at me or something?? Youíve been avoiding me all week!
Rach:: Im not mad at you itís just when we kissed, it kind of got me thinking!
Ross:: What about?
Rach:: well how thi.......
::Monica and Chandler come in::
Mon:: Hey guys!
Ross:: Hi!
Rach:: Hi
Mon:: Hey Rach, I have a question for you?
Rach:: whatís that?
Mon:: Will you be my Maid of honour?
Rach:: OMG!! YES!!!
::They hug::
Rach:: What about Phoebe??
Mon:: she can be a brides maid!
Rach:: OK!
Ross:: so Chandler, have you thought about whoís gonna be your best man?
Chan:: not really, but Mon can I talk to you for a sec?
Mon:: sure..... ::walks to the living room::
Chan::follows:: I want Ross to be my best man
Mon:: then tell him!
Chan:: but what about Joey??
Mon:: Well why do you want Ross?
Chan:: cause then him and Rach will be able to walk down the isle together they will be close again! Theyíd have to realise they love each other!!
Mon:: thatís so sweet
Chan:: well do you think Joey would understand?
Mon:: yea he would
Chan:: OK! ::Walks back to the kitchen:: Ross I want you to be my best man!
Ross:: really??
Chan:: yep
Ross:: thanks man!!
Chan:: sure
Ross:: I hope Joey doesnít get mad
Chan:: he wonít
Ross:: OK if you say so.......I should go bye everyone ::leaves::

A few days later everyone is in Central Perk (minus Rachel and Ross)

Ross::walks in:: hiiiiii (his special, sexy way)
Joey:: whatís wrong man??
Ross:: I got a job offer in California
Mon:: OMG
Ross:: I know! Its for a television show about dinosaurs. Itís what Iíve always wanted to do!!
Chan:: what are you going to do?
Ross:: I donít know! I cant leave Ben and you guys.......::says quietly:: and Rachel
Phoe:: coughs:: tell her!
Ross:: Pheebs, they already know!
Phoe:: oh
Mon:: but you should tell her you love her!
Ross:: no she wont say it back and I cant take that kind of hurt!
Mon:: Iím telling you she WILL say it back!!!
Ross:: you think?
Joey:: its so obvious Ross you guys love each other, just go for it!
Ross:: OK I will, where is she??
Chan:: where we all should be, work!
Ross:: Iíll tell her later then
Phoe:: NO NO NO donít put it off, youíll never do it then!
Ross:: no, I have an idea, bye guys

Rossí later that night

Ross::on the couch with a pad of paper:: OK pros and cons, cons first......if I tell her and she doesnít say it back, I tell her but she tells me to take the job and forget about her, I tell her and she says it back but says it wont work and she cant take that risk..........OK Pros....she says it back and I stay here, she says it back and I go and she goes with me.......damn it this is too hard!! ::Throws the pad on the table::

::someone knocks at the door::

Ross::gets up and gets it, its Rachel:: hey whatís up?
Rach:: Monica told me.....
Ross:: what did she tell you??
Rach:: about the job?
Ross:: oh
Rach:: are you going to take it??
Ross:: I donít know
Rach:: donít, please donít...
Ross:: why?
Rach:: cause, we wont see you every day, and that would be so hard!
Ross:: Yea I know, I cant imagine not seeing you everyday......
Rach::: yea......
Ross:: but I also thought I couldnít live without you as my girlfriend
Rach:: oh Ross.......
Ross:: its true, I donít think I could live without you in my life at all..........
Rach::starts crying a little::
Ross:: oh Rach, please donít cry.....
Rach:: no Ross its nothing you did, just what you said, made me think of that song you dedicated to me after you made that list......
Ross::: with or without you by U2.......
Rach:: yea
Ross:: Rach, im sorry, Iíve always kind of been a jerk to you! I think its because I love you so much and im always afraid if im normal around you wont like me at all cause well you know im basically the same I just probably......
Rach:: shut up Ross ::kisses him::

TO BE CONTINUED.....donít you hate that??

Well this probably sucked (wait it did!!) and its really short, give me a break I wrote it in one day, I was half asleep, and its my first one!

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