TOW Rachel’s Cold Part 3


Ross:: so where the hell am I? ::smiles down at Rachel::
Ross::holds his head a little:: man what is going on…….. ::closes his eyes and falls asleep::
Mon::comes back:: Rachel sweetie…….::shakes her a little::
Rach::wakes up, thinks he’s still in a coma and starts to cry:: Ross, I love you, hold on a little bit longer,
please……..::kisses his lips lightly, then sighs::
Mon::hands her  a cup of coffee:: here Rach……
Rach::takes it:: I cant bear to see him like this….the doctor said we can take him off life support……see if he survives,
::crying harder now:: and if he doesn’t the doctor says it would be better for him, then living in pain……he’s feeling pain
now? I can’t stand to think that he hurts, I just want to kiss him and make him better. I couldn’t take him off life
support, but that’s up to your parents…..cause I’m not married to him anymore….::dries her tears:: I kind of miss being
married to him, I always thought we’d get married and life would be perfect! ::crying again:: but now he’s going to die
Ross::wakes up a little, without opening his eyes and hears all this:: Rachel………
Rach::looks at Mon:: did you see that????
Mon::crying:: yea….
Ross:: Rach…..I l-love you too…….
Rach:: oh Ross…..::hugs him::
Ross::whinces in pain::
Rach:: oh sorry……
Mon:: I’m gonna go get the doctor……..
Rach:: are you ok??
Ross:: I’m having a hard time b-breathing, and I can’t feel my leg
Rach:: Ross, you’re leg is broken…….in four places…….
Ross::tries to sit up:: ouch! ::falls back down::
Rach::smiles:: hey, come on just stay still for awhile ::rubs his cheek with her hand:: I’m so glad you are alive
Ross:: m-me too, but man this hurts really bad……….::closes his eyes in pain::
Rach:: I’m so sorry Ross…….
Ross:: why are you sorry??
Rach:: it’s my fault……I told you to go, after we kissed……..
Ross:: Rachel?
Rach:: yea Ross??
Ross:: can you go see what’s taking Mon so long? I need a doctor, I cant breath
Rach::runs out and grabs the first doctor she sees:: I need you in Ross Geller’s room, he woke up but says he can’t breath….

Dr::runs in there to find Ross passed out and a machine beeping loudly:: damn it ::another doctor and a nurse comes in:: he
stopped breathing…… you want us to intabate or leave him?
Rach:: please, save him……..
Dr::they intabate him (ya know stick a tube down his throat to breathe for him)::
Rach::looks on in horror:: is he gonna go back into a coma?
Dr:: he could, since he’s of age, its his decision if he wants to be kept on life support or be a DNR which is a do not
resuscitate order, so if he stops breathing again, you all say your good byes and he passes away slowly
Ross::slowly wakes up:: I can’t b-breath…..
Dr::puts and oxygen tube into his nose::
Ross:: thank you ::breaths deeply::
Rach:: oh Ross……. I can’t stand to see you like this……….::Dr leaves:: Ross, you can have a do not resuscitate order….so if
you stop breathing, again, they let you die. It’s your choice…..
Ross::nods:: I want to be a DNR, I don’t want to live like this
Rach::starts to cry:: no Ross I can’t live without you ::crying harder with each word:: please, just stay with me, don’t
leave me, Ross……….
Ross:: shhhhh ::holds her hand:: I love you, and I want what’s best for you, and this way, we’ll both benefit ::moves over a
little:: lay with me?
Rach:: gets in the bed with him:: can I hold you?
Ross::wraps hi arms around her, kisses her:: yea you can….
Rach::does so::
Dr::walks back in:: Ok Mr. Geller, you have a broken leg, 5 broken ribs, 2 of which have punctured your lung, you have an
infection in your lung and its filling with fluid, your other lung has collapsed and that’s what the tube is for, you also
have a hemridge starting to form on your brain.
Rach:: So even with life support his chances are bad?
Rach:: oh god……::hugs him tighter::
Ross:: So, I’m probably going to die, but if I sign a DNR order, can I go home to die in my home, with my family and
Dr:: after we run some tests, yes you can……….
Ross::pulls Rachel closer and kisses her head:: Rach, I love you
Rach::crying she can’t even answer him, she just nods::
Ross::to the doctor:: how longer do you think I have?
Dr:: a few weeks maybe less, maybe more.
Ross:: ok, could you leave us alone for a minute?
Dr:: sure, just buzz if you need anything……..::leaves::
Ross::looks at Rachel:: I always figured we’d get back together, and get married and live happily ever after, have a few
kids or what not….
Rach:: I wish I had your baby, something to remember you by
Ross:: marry me
Rach:: now you’re just talking like a mad man!
Ross:: no we can have a private ceremony and we can spend my last days, together, married, and happy…..
Rach:: ok!
Ross:: really??
Ross:: is my luggage from the flight here?
Rach:: yea….why?
Ross:: go into the black bag, into the left side pocket and take out a box from it
Rach::does so and finds a small black box, her eyes widen and a smile comes across her face:: you were going to??
Ross::nods:: when we were dating…….
Rach:: awwwww Ross……….::brings it to him::
Ross::takes the ring out (BTW its absolutely the most beautiful ring in the world):: id get on my knee but……..::Rachel just
smiles:: Rachel Greene, will you marry me?
Rach:: yes, I will………::crying::
Ross::slips the ring on her finger and kisses her gently::
Rach::kisses back::
Ross:: did you mean what you said about wanting to have my baby?
Rach:: yes, of course
Ross:: even if I’m gone?
Rach:: to have a part of you to keep forever……I would love it
Ross:: we can try?
RacH::kisses him:: yea I think we can, if you’re up to it?
Ross:kisses her passionately and with so much love:: always…..::pulls her ontop of him::
Rach:: oh Ross……
::scene fades out::
the song ‘every breath you take” by the Police starts up and we see many scenes like Ross and Rachel’s wedding in it Ross is
in a wheelchair , we see them watching a movie with the guys Ross is laying on the couch with his head across Rachel’s lap,
then we go to another scene where Ross is in bed reading and we continue there with the song playing low in the background

Ross::reading, gets a pained face, he gasps for air and barely manages to get out:: Rachel!
Rach::comes running:: Ross! ::goes to him:: no, don’t go now, please just stay a little longer!! ::takes his hand::  ok
Ross, I guess this is it, do you want me to call everyone else??
Ross::shakes his head “no”::
Rach:: ok ::holds his hand tighter:: I love you
Ross::barely audible:: I love you too Rach
Rach:kisses him::
Ross kisses back:, with the only strength he has left::
Rach::rubs his chest:: I’ll miss you, I’ll miss you so much
Ross::just mouths cause he can’t talk so you can hear:: Don’t forget me
Rach:: never, I can’t, I’ll always love you Ross………
Ross::his eyes slowly shut and you can see his chest stops rising::
Rach::lays her head on his chest:: good bye Ross ::crying really hard (well wouldn’t you??? I practically am as I write!!)
::we fade out on this scene with the song::
The scene fades to a younger sleeping Rachel, but for god’s sake her nose looks fine :o)
Yrach::wakes up with a weird look on her face:: what the heck!! ::her hand covers her mouth as she realizes she’s back in
reality and she just dreamed the last 16 years of her life:: wow ::as she thinks of what all this means she focuses on why
did her and Monica’s older brother date in her dream, why did he die, what was this telling her, she had to talk to someone
about this, she went to Monica’s::

At Monica’s parents house in her room, early morning Fat Monica and young Rachel are there

Fmon:: WHAT!! Oh my god do you know what this means??
YRach:: no that’s why I asked you!!
Fmon:: You’re in love with Ross!
Yrach:: I am not! ::thinks:: ok maybe a little but is that such a bad thing? He doesn’t feel the same!
Fmon:: YES HE DOES! He’s liked you for a year
Yrach:: should I go talk to him?
Fmon: yea do it now, I’ll listen in!!
Yrach:: ok!! :goes to Ross’ door:: here goes ::knocks, a sleepy Yross answers (he looks better than he does in the flash
backs cause he’s younger than we’re seen him here he looks good and he’s just wearing boxers might I add)
Yross:: Rachel! What are you doing here??
Yrach:: we need to talk
Yross:: ok ::lets her in his room::
Rachel tells him the dream and he looks shocked
Yross:: wow so umm what does this mean….
Yrach:: I know you like me and I know I've been a jerk to you but I think we’d be great together I guess I’m trying to
change my destiny
Yross:: ok, I love you so I don’t care what happens if we are together……
Yrach:: aww Ross……::kisses him and he kisses back::