The One With The Invincible Confession

Written by: KC

Disclaimer: This is the first time I wrote a fanfic so please make considerations. These characters are owned by Bright, Kaufman, and Crane. This fanfic was just made for fun and is non profitable

(This happens right after The One With Joey's Porsche <the real episode>)

[Scene: Ross' apartment, Rachel finished packing her stuff. Ross came in comlpetely drunk]

Ross: (aparently drunk) What are (pointing at her) you still doing here?
Rachel: I was just gonna go, did you go to your lawyer's office
Ross: (in  very drunken way, overpronouncing each word doesn't know what he's saying) Yeah, Yeah, I did and you'll be happy to know that your not my wife no more (screaming) OK ? ? ?
Rachel: (looks hurt) You know that we can't stay married (pause) We're not even goin' out
Ross: Whatever, (looks at her and screams) GET OUT OF MY HOUSE ! ! !
Rachel: (shouts) Fine! I don't even want to see you EVER anymore, Goodbye (she leaves and slams the door)
Ross: (immitates Rachel) Fine! (He faints)

                        - - - - - - - - - -  Intro - - - - - - - - - -

[Scene: The street, Joey's collecting the boxes and the women were laughing at him]

Woman 1: (laughing hysterically) Oh my gawd! and to think he actually has a "Porsch"
Woman 2: yeah, maybe they were the boxes from the Porsch stuff he brought (pointing at Joey's clothes)
Joey: Hey, Its PORSCHE! how many times do I have to tell ya! and the guy took it to go (pauses) carwashing
Woman 1: Didn't you just wash it .........(Joey cuts her off)
Joey: HER, its not an IT it's a HER
Woman: whatever, look we gotta go
Joey: Are you still up for that drink?
(The woman exchanged looks)
Both women in unison: You WISH ! ! ! (they storm out laughing)

[Scene: Ross' apartment, He just woke up and feels very drowzy]

Ross:  What a nightmare, I screamed at Rachel to get out of my apartment (he laughs, sees a bottle of beer. He pauses and looks as if he had remembered something) Oh My Gawd ! ! ! It wasn't a dream alright. I can't believe it, now she probably hates me (pauses) no, no, no she DEFINATELY hates me (still a little drowzy) Oww! my head

He calls Rachel in the office, she hangs up. he calls her in her house, she also hangs up. after about 50 times of doing that he gives up. He doesn't eat nor sleep. He doesn't go to work for three days now. He puts on his sweats, (much like Chandler) sits in the sofa and just stares into space

[Scene: Chandler and Monica's, Monica and Rachel are there talking about what happened last night]

Rachel: (angry) I can't believe him
Monica: I can't believe he would do that
Rachel: Well he did, and he was drunk
Monica: That explains everything
Rachel: What???
Monica: He was drunk Rach, he doesn't know what the heck he's talking about and...(Rachel tries to cut her but Monica wont let her) Wait, let me finish (pause) You know for now that he loves you and would do anything to get you back. He just doesn't wanna face it right now. He even told me
Rachel: Really? (getting teary eyed)
Monica: Not me directly, Ross told Chandler then Chandler told me
Rachel: He kept calling me and I kept shutting him out
Monica: He probably wanted to apologize for what he had done when he realized it. Why don't you call him?
Rachel: (sobbs a little) He wont answer it plus I don't deserve him
Monica: Yes he will and yes you do
Rachel: (very confused) huh?
Monica: Trust me I know my brother, he'll answer it if it was you
Rachel: I'll think about it
Monica: Ok, I got to go meet Chandler at the park. You sure you'll be alright? Cuz if you want you could join us
Rachel: I'm gunna be fine and I don't wanna be the one to ruin your plans
Monica: No you wont. ok I'm going bye
Rachel: bye

(When Monica left, Rachel kept staring at the phone... she doesn't know whether to pick it up or wait for Ross' call)

[Scene: Central Park, Chandler and Monica are just walking through the park]

Monica: I hope Rachel calls Ross or vice versa
Chandler: Why?
Monica: Didn't you know? Ross screamed at her
Chandler: Why?
Monica: He was drunk
Chandler: Why?
Monica: We'll finish this talk later, you're very stressed out
Chandler: Ok
(They continue walking, Monica sees Phoebe roller blading with a guy)
Monica: Look! there's Phoebe with a new guy
Chandler: What?
Monica: Oh forget it, I'll never let you work 23 hrs straight
(Chandler falls asleep on Monica's shoulder)
Monica: Chandler, Chandler! wake up  WE"RE STILL IN CENTRAL PARK
(Everybody stares at her and she stared back at all of them and they got scared and looked away)

[Scene: Chandler and Monica's: Rachel is still staring at the phone]

Rachel: Oh I can't call him, he probably doesn't care about me anymore. I know this is silly but I still kinda have feeling for him. (pauses) Maybe (pauses) I'll go over there and apologize in person

(She leaves)

[Scene: Ross' apt, He's still there sitting on his sweatpants not eating just thinking and crying a little holding one of the pictures he took w/ Rachel]

(We can see Rachel in Ross' apt. hallway. When she was about to knock on his door, she heard him talking, she listens)
Ross: (looking at the photo) Why can't it be like before, when I could hold you in my arms and tell you how everything would be alright
Rachel: Who's he talking to (listens again)
Ross: (still staring at the photo) I want you back but I don't know if you feel the same. Rachel (she was shocked) if you could only hear me (pauses)I love you and I always will (Rachel faints) (he heard a loud thud from outside he ran and open his door and reveals who it is) Oh my gawd! Rachel!

T o  b e  c o n t i n u e d . . . . .

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