The One That Could Have Been
(Missing scenes)

I just want to say that I loved this episode, but I wished there was something about R&R.

[Scene R&R are in Central Perk while they talk about their marriages]
Rachel: Good day for married people huh?
Ross: I'm sorry your husband cheated on you.
Rachel: I'm sorry your wife is gay. I guess women aren't that great either.
Ross: Try telling my wife that. (They share a laugh) You want to go to lunch?
Rachel: Yeah, yeah that would be great. (They leave)

[Scene: Sorentino's!! (remember TOW Ross and Rachel.Ya know) Ross and Rachel are there having lunch. They seem to be having a good time]
Ross: Ya know I mean if Carol is really gay then well have to get divorced!
Rachel: Yeah
Ross: Oh god what about Ben?!
Rachel: Whose Ben?
Ross: Our son
Rachel: (choking on her food) You guys have kids?
Ross: Yeah do you and Berry?
Rachel: No, this is Berry were talking about I doubt we could even if we wanted to. But I didn't know you had kids though, thats bad..well not that you have them but, ya know.
Ross: Yeah I get it.
Rachel: God just feel so frustrated, and I wanna do something, like..I don't know just something to get back at him somehow!
Ross: Umm Rach
Rachel: What?
Ross: Hes right there
Rachel: What! (We see Berry come in he doesnt notice them) Oh god, hide me! Wha, what am I gonna do? (gasps) I've got it! Kiss me!
Ross: (choking) What!?
Rachel: If he sees me kissing another man he will get soooo jealous! Please, help me out here all you have to do is kiss me I'm not asking a lot.
Ross: (unsure) Ummm alright
(and yes he kisses her. After a minuet we hear a shattering sound. They break and look in the direction of the sound. Rachel looks surprised, not a Berry but Ross, not upset though)
Ross: Well looks like it worked, he broke the glass on the door
Rachel: Oh uh yeah.
Ross: Well I better go I gotta get back to work (pays the check) bye Rach
Rachel: (still in shock) What? Oh yeah bye (After Ross leaves Rachel touches her lips and yet still looks amazed)

[Scene Monica and Phoebe's, Monica is candles waiting for her boyfriend to come over, no Chandler her other one the doctor I can't remember his name. Rachel come in still kinda in a daze.]
Monica: Hey, Rach
Rachel: Oh hi (sits on the couch)
Monica: Is something wrong?
Rachel: Well uhh I caught Berry in bed with someone else.
Monica: Oh my god I'm sorry! Just now?
Rachel: No this morning, but then I went out with, with uhh..(looks at Monica) a friend of mine, and Berry came into the restaurant, and well I wanted to make him jealous so I kissed umm my friend, it's a guy. And it worked Berry was so mad.
Monica: So what's the big deal?
Rachel: Well it's complicated, so how did it go last night?
Monica: Well I'm now a virgin anymore
Rachel: Ahhh that's great! So how was it?
Monica: Great uhh yeah great
Rachel: Oh is he coming over, are you gonna do it again?
Monica: (uncomfortable) Yeah were gonna do it.
Rachel: Again right?
Monica: Yeah
Rachel: You didn't do it did you?
Monica: Yes and no, ( Rachel looks at her like what) Well it's complicated.
Rachel: How? I ohh uh Monica, sweetie it only counts if the person is real.
Monica: I know that! Just don't, ask!
Rachel: Already wish I hadn't! God I can't believe I kissed him!
Monica: So what you kissed your best friend, I slept with my best friend. (Gasps when she realizes what she said)
Rachel: What!?!? But I thought you had never, wait a minuet is that why its complicated? Oh my god who was it?
Monica: No Im not telling
Rachel: Monica, okay it wasn't Joey, oh my god was it that goofy guy, Chandy?
Monica: Chandler
Rachel: Yeah what ever was it him?
Monica: (lying miserably) N,n, no
Rachel: Yes it was, yes it was ha, god I wouldn't have thought he would be good in bed. Well I wouldn't have thought Ross would be such a good kisser either. (Gasps when she realizes what she said)
Monica: Ross? My brother Ross?
Rachel: (lying) Noooooo (Monica gives her a look. Giving up) Yes
Monica: That was the friend?
Rachel: Yeah I mean I just wanted too make Berry jealous but I didnt expect to like kissing him. It was such a shock. (a timer goes off)
Monica: Oh gosh maybe we can talk more later, Roger will be here any minuet
Rachel: Oh okay see you later (leaves)

The rest of the show continues, like the real one until the end when the new gang is sitting in Central Perk
Ross: So Rach where are you gonna live now?
Rachel: Well I don't know really hadn't thought about it I guess I should have.
Chandler: Well I have a spare room if you want, you can stay with me if you want.
Rachel: Oh thanks Chandler that would be great!

[Monica and Phoebe's Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Ross are in the living room]
Monica: Well we're going to bed. (Monica and Chandler go to bed)
All: Goodnight
RACHEL: Sorry-
ROSS: No no no, go-
RACHEL: No, you have it, really, I don't want it-
ROSS: Split it?
ROSS: Okay. (THEY SPLIT IT) You know you probably didn't know this, but back in high school, I had a, um, major crush on you.
RACHEL: I knew.
ROSS: You did! Oh.... I always figured you just thought I was Monica's geeky older brother.
RACHEL: I did.
ROSS: Oh. Listen, do you think- and try not to let my intense vulnerability become any kind of a factor here- but do you think it would be okay if I asked you out? Sometime? Maybe?
RACHEL: Yeah, maybe...
ROSS: Okay... okay, maybe I will...
Rachel: Uhh thank you for helping me out with Berry
Ross: Oh it was nothing, always happy to kiss a person in need.
Rachel: (Laughing) Were you always this cute?
Ross: (also laughing) I don't know was I? (by the way they are obviously flirting)
Rachel: I dont know I never noticed. (They look at each other for a minuet, and then kiss passionately.)
Ross: What would you say if I said I wanted to ask you out now?
Rachel: Well then I would say yes
Ross: Okay (they kiss again. The screen fades to black)

The End