TOW The Crossover

( This a Friends/Ally McBeal crossover, it may be sort of confusing but Ill try my best to explain everything, small TOW Joeys Porsche spoiler)

[Scene: Central Perk, the gang is there minus R&R]
P: Hey you are gonna love me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M: Why?

P: I got us tickets to TLC!!!!!!!!!!!!

All: Oh my god I love them/ great/ cool ect.

J: Wheres Ross and Rachel?

P: They borrowed my cab to go see Rosss lawyer in Boston

All: Oh

Opening Credits

[ Scene Allys (Calista Flockheart) office Ross, Rachel, and Ally are there]

Ally: You got married again?

Ro: Yes

Ra: We were drunk, and it was in Vegas, and well you get the idea

Ally: (looking through some papers) Yeah, well I think that, it would be best if we tried to get an annulment, it will just be easier that way.

Ro: Good, yes

Ally: Ill get us a time in court

Ra: Where is your bathroom?

Ally: Outside to your left

[Scene: The unisex bathroom, Rachel is there washing her hands, enter Richard Fish (senior partner)]

Ra: Excuse me!!!

Richard: Yeah?

Ra: What are you doing in here?

Richard: Same thing you are. This is a unisex

Ra: Oh..sorry

Richard: its okay

(touches her neck (he has a wattle {loose skin on your neck} fetish) Rachel looks at him weirdly)

[Scene: The TLC concert the gang, minus R&R, is there]

J: Man Im bored can we please go home now?

M: Joey we just got here! They havent even started yet!

J: Im goin to the concession stand anyone want anything?

M: Ill come with you

[Scene: The snack stand Joey and Monica are waiting in line ]

M: So what do you want?

J: I dont know I-

Jan(ice): Oh my gawd!!!!!! Joey, Monica!!!!!!!

J: Ju, Janice!

Jan: Hi (does her laugh) so is everybody here?

M: No just Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, and me.

Jan: Chandler!!!! Hes back from Yemen?!

M: (realizing her mistake) Ummm, ummm

Jan: Oh my gawd! My bing a ling has come back to me!!!

(runs away exited)

M: Oh my god Joey what am I gonna do?

J: What do you mean?

M: My boyfriends ex is looking for him and she wants to get back with him thats what I mean!!!

J: Oh I dont know.

(starts stuffing his face with pizza, Monica looks annoyed and worried)

[Scene: The courtroom Ally, Ross and Rachel are there]

Judge: And Mrs.Geller you have prepared a list of reasons why you should qualify for an annulment?

Ra: Yes your honor I have

(hands him a piece of paper)

Judge: (reading the list) You where drunk at the time of you marriage, Ross is gay-

Ro: What!?

Ra: Ross there is no reason to pretend just admit it and let your self be happy

Judge: Ross is a drug addict-

Ra: Yes, I saw him smoke LSD

Ro: Rachel you dont smoke LSD!

Ra: Well you would know!

Judge: Ross slept with your mother- I thought you said he was gay?

Ra: Oh did I say mother? I meant father.

Ally: Uhh your honor can I speak to my clients alone for a sec?

Judge: No, Ross is abusive?

Ra:(Fake crying) Yes your honor, he gave me this!

(shows him a scar on her neck)

Ro: Rachel thats from when you got you tonsils removed!

Ra: Yeah he told me to say that, and threatened to kill me if I didnt!

(Fake crying)

Ro: I did not!!!!!

Judge: Okay, okay thats enough! Now I dont know what the hell is going on, but Ive had it! You do not qualify for an annulment! Court is adjourned

(beats gavel thingy)


[Scene: The concert "No Scrubs" is playing, and the gang is listening]

M: Phoebe!

P: Uh?

M: I have a problem. Janice is here and she wants Chandler back!!

P: Oh my god!!

M: I know! But anyway I need you to run in to her and tell her he is already seeing someone.

P: Well okay but why cant you?

M: Because I already saw her and I dont want her to know its me hes seeing.

P: Oh okay

M: Thanks

(they leave)

[Scene: Allys office, Ally Ross and Rachel come in]

Ally: What was that?!

Ra: What I just wanted to make sure we got the annulment so I came up with good reasons.

Ro: Well why didnt you say some about your self then

Ra: So sue me! Its not a crime!

Ally: Yes it is its called perjury.

Ro: Oh great now Im getting my third divorce, and its all your fault!

Ra: My fault!

Ro: If you hadnt made up those stupid reasons we might have got an annulment!

Ra: Yeah well any woman would have to be drunk to marry you! Drunk or stupid!

Ro: Oh bite me whore!!!

Ra: Whoa!! What?

Ro: You are a slut! You sleep with men on the first date, you lost your virginity when you were like 12!

Ra: I was not 12 I was 17! And at least I can get sex with out first getting them drunk! Oh and I didnt hear you complaining when we had sex so early in our relationship!

Ro: Thats different!

Ra: How?

Ro: We had known each other for years! Its not like we had just met!

Ra: Well I dont cheat!

Ro: Oh really! You dated a married man!


Ra: I dont cheat on my boyfriends!

Ro: Oh well-

Ally: Hey, hey!! Okay enough! Now we need to decide what you want to do next

Ra: I dont care what he wants I am getting a divorce!

Ro: Yeah thats the way it always is with you, its nothing else matters as long as your happy right princess Rachel?!

Ra: Damn you!!

(stomps off, Elaine (Allys gossipy assistant,) crawls out from under her desk holding a video camera)

Elaine: This is better than anything that ever happens here!


[Scene: The TLC concert Phoebe and Monica are looking for Janice]

M: Hey did you find her?

P: No you?

M: No

P: Oh my god there she is!

(we see her tap Chandler on the shoulder)

Jan: Chandler?

C: What, I Janice!!

Jan: Oh Chandler your back!!! (hugs him) Hey can we go some where to talk its so loud here

(shes talking very, very loud! They go away form the crowd)

C: Listen Janice theres something you should know-

M: (her and Phoebe are trying to listen while still remaining out of sight) God I wish I could hear what they are saying! Wait

(walks over to a tree and starts to climb it)

(over with Chandler and Janice we see there is a branch above them, Monica is in it)

C: Im engaged, Im really sorry but I met some one else

Jan: Oh okay, well thats too bad but okay Ill walk away.

C: Okay

(they hug, a friendly hug, in the back ground we hear a scream and see Monica fall from the tree)


[Scene: Cage/Fish & Associates (the firm Ally works for) Ross and Rachel are in Allys office]

Ra/Ro: Listen uhh

Ra: You go

Ro: No you

Ra: No, no

Ro: Okay umm Im sorry I called you a whore

Ra: Okay fair, Im sorry I made up all those things about you. (enter Ally) Hey did you get us the divorce papers?

Ally: No, theres a problem I looked at your marriage license and you a term license.

Ro: What does that mean?

Ally: That means you are required to try the marriage for a year before you can get a divorce.

Ra: What, no, cant we like appeal it?

Ally: Thats not a judges ruling, its the law, we could try to change it but your chances of winning are about the same chances of lighting striking in the same place twice.

(BTW this was all made up)

Ra: Oh jeez

Ally: Might I suggest that you both think about what you really want before you do anything.

(looks at them sadly, R&R look at each other)


[Scene hall outside Mon and Rachs apartment, Chandler is helping Monica walk, Monica has a broken leg with a cast, they go inside and sit down]

M: Ohhhhhhh

C: Is it hurting?

M: No not much

C: Can I ask you something? What where you doing climbing a tree?

M: Well..I wasbird watching, yeah bird watching (Chandler gives her a look) Okay I was spying on you and Janice.

C: Yeah I know, how could you not trust me I mean there is no way I would leave you for Janice, I love you.

M: I know Im sorry I was being stupid and (looks at her cast) I guess I got what I deserved.

C: No, no you didnt deserve this, you didnt

M:(crying) Oh honey Im sorry I didnt trust you can you forgive me?

C: Yes, yes you totally forgiven (hugs her) shall we go to bed?

M: Chandler I cant my leg

C: Oh well then well just go to bed to sleep (pick her up and carrys her to his apartment)

The End

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