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MONICA & CHANDLER'S (Chandler & Ross are watching TV)

Ross: Would you please stop channel surfing, you're driving me crazy. Just pick a channel.

Chandler: Oh cool, Baywatch is on. (credits start to roll). Damn, itís over.

Ross: Well just see what's on next.

Chandler: Fine. But it won't be as good as Baywatch.

(From the Television)

Host: Hello, I'm Andrew Krasny and welcome to Crush, the show that decides whether friends should become lovers. Our first
contestant is Laura Greco, a school teacher from Danville, California.

Chandler: I'm changing the channel.

Ross: No don't. I want to watch this.

Chandler: Fine. I'm gonna go see Monica at work.

Ross: Alright, I'll catch you later.

(Time Lapse, Ross is still watching the show)

(From the Television)

Host: If you or somebody you know has a major crush, maybe you can reveal it on national television. If you're interested in
revealing your crush, give us a call at (310) 555-5675.

(Ross picks up the phone and starts dialing)

Ross: Yeah, hi. This is Ross GellerÖ


CENTRAL PERK (Everyone but Ross and Chandler are present)

Rachel: I got the weirdest call today from a television game show called Crush. Apparently someone I know has a major crush
on me and wants to reveal it on national TV.

Monica: You're gonna be on TV?

Rachel: Maybe. They said they'd fly me to LA, put me up in a nice hotel and pay for my expenses.

Phoebe: I think you should do it. You've been single for too long.

Joey: Did they tell you who it is?

Rachel: No that's part of the game. According to the rules there are three possible candidates, but only one has the crush.

Monica: Do you know who the candidates are?

Rachel: No, I just said that.

Monica: Sorry, no need to get testy.

(Ross and Chandler enter)

Chandler (to Monica): Hey sweetie. (Chandler kisses Monica)

Ross: Hey.

Joey: Ross, Rachel is going to be on TV.

Rachel: Joey! I said I wasn't sure.

Ross: What are you gonna be on TV for?

Rachel: Apparently someone I know has a big crush on me and wants to reveal it on national TV.

Ross: That's cool, I think you should do it.

Rachel: Really?

Ross: Sure. Why not? It's not like you're seeing anyone right now.

Rachel (a little mad): Well I could be seeing someone if I felt like it. Maybe I want to be alone.

Ross: I was just trying to be supportive.

Chandler: If you want to be supportive, you should be her Wonder bra.

CENTRAL PERK (Everyone but Ross and Rachel are present)

Chandler: I can't believe Rachel decided to go on the show.

Phoebe: I think it's romantic.

Joey: But what if her crush is ugly? Then she'll be embarrassed.

Monica: Joey, how shallow can you be?

Joey: What, you wouldn't be embarrassed if some ugly guy revealed his crush on national TV?

Monica: Ok. You've got a point there.

Chandler: By the way, where is Ross?

Monica: He said he had a business trip to UCLA.

Phoebe: Where is that?

Monica: Los Angeles.

Joey: Maybe it's a cover. Maybe he's going on the show with Rachel.

Chandler: Ross would never do something like that. Hell, it took him nine years to tell Rachel that he was in love with her.

Phoebe: I don't think Ross would do it either. He doesn't have the guts. After all that has happened between them, the last thing
he would do is humiliate himself on TV.

Monica: You're probably right, Ross has no spine.

Chandler: What time does the show come on?

Joey: In fifteen minutes.

Phoebe: We better go upstairs. I donít wanna miss this.

MONICA & CHANDLER'S (Everyone but Ross and Rachel are present. Joey, Chandler and Monica are sitting on the couch
and Phoebe is sitting on the chair. The TV is on, Baywatch is ending.)

Joey: Run Yasmine run.

Chandler: Isn't that pure poetry in motion?

Monica: Yeah if you dig chicks full of silicone.

Phoebe: Shut up guys, the show's coming on.

(From the Television)

Host: Hello, I'm Andrew Krasny and welcome to Crush, the show that decides whether friends should become lovers. Our first
contestant is Rachel Green, a buyer for Ralph Lauren from New York City, New York. Come on out here Rachel. (Rachel walks
out and shakes Andrew's hand)

Rachel: Nice to meet you.

Andrew: Rachel, tell us a little about your dating history.

Rachel: Well, my last relationship lasted three weeks until I found out the guy couldn't control his emotions.

(Cut to Monica & Chandler's)

Monica: She's talking about Paul, Elizabeth's dad.

Chandler: I thought Ross was Elizabeth's dad.

(Cut to Television)

Andrew: Well Rachel, behind that door are three guys who you've flirted with. Only one of them has a full blown crush on you.
Are you ready to play?

Rachel: I guess.

Andrew: Okay look at the door.

(A small cut out on the door is removed and reveals the person's lips behind the door. The person starts talking)

Person 1: Rachel, we first met a year ago when you started working at Ralph Lauren. I realized how sexy you are when I
dumped toner on you at the copy machine.

Andrew: Do you know who that is?

Rachel: Yes, that would be Brad.

Andrew: You're right. It's Brad.

(Brad enters and hugs Rachel and sits down on a couch)

(Cut to Monica & Chandler's)

Joey: Who's Brad?

Phoebe: He's yummy.

(Cut to Television)

Andrew: Alright, see if you recognize this voice.

Person 2: Rachel, we first met four years ago and I consoled you after you broke up with your boyfriend.

Andrew: Do you know who that is?

Rachel: That would be Mark.

Andrew: You're right, it's Mark.

(Mark enters and hugs Rachel and sits down on the couch)

(Cut to Monica & Chandler's)

Chandler: If Ross were here he'd be pissed.

Monica: There's no way Mark has a crush on her it was over four years ago.

Phoebe: But it took Ross nine years to admit to liking Rachel.

Joey: But Ross is an idiot.

(Cut to television)

Andrew: Ok. Here's your third and final possibility.

Person 3: Rachel, our history has had more up and downs then a light switch. Heck we've even been married and divorced.

(cut to Monica and Chandler's)

Monica: Oh my God, it's Ross!

(Cut to television)

Andrew: Do you know who that is?

Rachel: Yes, that's Ross.

Andrew: Yes, it is Ross.

(Ross enters and hugs Rachel, who is totally surprised, and sits down on the couch)

(cut to Monica and Chandler's)

Phoebe: Ross has the crush! Ross has the crush!

Chandler: Pheebs, calm down. We don't know if Ross has the crush.

Phoebe: Speak for yourself. Ross has the crush!

(Cut to television)

Andrew: Ok Rachel. This is the part of the show where you get to ask your potential crush any question you want except "do
you have a crush on me"? I'm here to help if you get stuck. Let's start with Brad.

Rachel: Brad, if you really have a crush on me, why haven't you made your move before today?

Brad: It's not that I didn't want to, it's just that the timing was never right.

Andrew: So maybe it's Brad that has the crush. Ok, what's your question for Mark.

Rachel: Mark, you have had plenty of chances to ask me out since Ross and I broke up. If you really have the crush, why have
you waited so long to tell me?

Mark: We did go out once and you told me that you weren't over Ross. So I stepped back. Only a fool gets hurt twice by the
same sword.

Andrew: Ok. Maybe it's Mark that has the crush. The guy who has been rejected once by you could still harbor feelings for you.
Now what's your question for Ross?

Rachel: Ross, we have been friends for over 10 years now and have been through a lot together. We even went out for a year
until you cheated on me. My question for you is were we really on a break?

(Cut to Monica & Chandler's)

Chandler: Don't answer that Ross!

Monica: I can't believe she asked that question. That's so unfair.

Phoebe: Don't say we were on a break.

Joey: A break from what?

(Cut to the television)

Ross (softly): No.

Andrew: What did you say Ross?

Ross: I said no, we weren't on a break.

Andrew (to Rachel): Do you have any other questions for Ross?

Rachel (who is stunned by Ross' answer): No. I don't.

Andrew: Ok. Rachel we're going to give you sometime to figure out who you think has the crush on you. You at home, who do
you think has the crush on Rachel? Is it Brad, Mark or Ross? Stayed tuned, we'll be right back.

(cut to Monica & Chandler's)

Monica: Oh my God, Ross just admitted on national TV that he was wrong.

Chandler: He's definitely the one with the crush.

Joey: What was Ross on a break from?

Phoebe: Rachel.

Joey: What did he break that was Rachel's?

Monica: Her heart.

Joey: What?

Chandler (to Monica): Forget about it. Look the show's coming back on.

(cut to television)

Andrew: Welcome back, the time has come to reveal Rachel's secret crush. But before we do that Rachel, why don't you tell us
who you don't think has the crush on you.

Rachel: Ok, I don't think that it's Mark.

Andrew: Why not?

Rachel: Mark has had plenty of chances over the years and never asked me out again. So I don't think it's him.

Andrew: Ok, who else don't you think it is?

Rachel: And I don't think it's Ross.

(cut to Monica & Chandler's)

Monica: What? Are you stupid or something?

Chandler: You'd have to be blind not to see that it's Ross.

(cut to television)

Andrew: And why don't you think it's Ross?

Rachel: Because we have such a history and I don't see him revealing his true feelings to me on national TV.

Andrew: Ok, that leaves Brad. Why do you think it's Brad?

Rachel: I'm not sure, but he makes the most sense. Plus I have caught him checking me out more than once.

(cut to Monica & Chandler's)

Phoebe: Brad is yummy.

Monica: Brad is the wrong choice. Ross must be devastated.

Joey: We don't know that it's Ross. It could be Brad.

Chandler: Or it could be Mark.

Monica: There's no way that it's Mark, he's yesterday's news.

(Cut to Television)

Andrew: Ok, now is the moment of truth. (to Rachel) Are you ready?

Rachel: Yup, ready as I'm gonna be.

Andrew: Alright, why don't we all stand up and will the real crush step forward and give Rachel a hug.

(Brad, Mark and Ross take turns pushing each other towards Rachel. At last, Brad and Mark walk away leaving Ross to hug
Rachel. Rachel is totally shocked as Ross hugs her).

Andrew: Ross, how does it feel to get this off your chest?

Ross: It feels great.

Andrew: How long have you had this crush?

Ross: Since the ninth grade.

Andrew: Rachel, what are you thinking?

Rachel: I am totally surprised. I thought that Ross had moved on.

Andrew: Well, your reward for letting us explore your crush in front of millions of television viewers is an all expense paid trip
to Jamaica. You can take Ross, thus telling him you want to be his lover, or you can take someone else, signaling to Ross that
you just want to stay friends. Our Crush travel agent is backstage waiting for you to book your tickets, so why don't you go do

(Rachel walks backstage)

Andrew: Ross, this is unbelievable. You two were married?

Ross: Yeah, we got too drunk in Las Vegas and ended up married. We got divorced 'cause we weren't together.

Andrew: Alright, you get to make your final plea. Have you decided what you're gonna say?

Ross: Whatever it is, it comes from the heart.

Andrew: Ok, Rachel come on back here. Before you open your boarding pass to reveal your decision, Ross has something to say
to you.

(Rachel stands before Ross)

Ross: Rachel, I know that we've had our ups and downs. I know that I hurt you in the past and for that I am truly sorry. We
weren't on a break and I was wrong. I have only wanted one person since the ninth grade and that person is you. I am tired of
being just a friend. I want us again. I love you.

(Rachel, fighting back tears just smiles at Ross)

Andrew: Rachel how does this make you feel and what is your final decision?

Rachel: I am totally shocked. I can't believe he said what he said.

Andrew: So open your boarding pass and show us your decision.

(Rachel opens the boarding to reveal an envelope which says "become lovers". Ross grabs Rachel and kisses her).

Andrew: Well Ross and Rachel are going to try love again. Stay tuned for our next set of friends. Who has the crush on Wilson?
Is it Randy, Bill, or Neal? We'll be right back.

(Cut to Monica & Chandler's)

Phoebe: I can't believe Ross and Rachel just got back together on national television.

Monica: I always thought they'd get back together but not that way. That's so unlike Ross.

Chandler: Then again, when it comes to Rachel, he'll do pretty much anything to get her attention.

Joey: Yeah like sleeping with that hot girl from the copy place.

(Everyone glares at Joey)

Joey: What?

Chandler: You are a complete idiot.

Joey: But it got Rachel's attention.

Monica: The wrong kind of attention. That's why they broke up.

Joey: Oh, I forgot about that.

(Cut to backstage at television studio. Ross and Rachel are talking)

Rachel: I can't believe you did this.

Ross: Love will make a man do crazy things.

Rachel: What would you have done if I said that I just wanted to stay friends?

Ross: I would have probably ripped my heart out right there on the stage. Why did you say yes?

Rachel: Because you admitted that you were wrong to sleep with Chloe and that we weren't on a break. You still believe that
don't you?

Ross: Yes, I have felt that way for a long time. I just never said anything to you. I can't believe that you thought it was Brad
with the crush on you.

Rachel: I was hoping that it was you, but you normally don't do things like this.

Ross: But still, Brad?

Rachel: You're not jealous are you?

Ross: No, I'm not. I just can't believe you didn't know it was me.

Rachel: But I'm with you now and that's all that matters.


MONICA & CHANDLER'S (Monica and Chandler are sitting at the table)

Monica: Have you heard from Ross or Rachel?

Chandler: No, I have been right here with you the whole time.

Monica: That's right. (pause) Would you ever do something like that for me?

Chandler: Was my marriage proposal not romantic enough?

Monica: Of course it was. I was just wondering if you would have taken me on that show if we hadn't gotten together.

Chandler: Monica, I would have taken you on that show.

Monica: Really?

Chandler (laughing): No. Do you think I'm a loser or something?

Monica: I do now. (Monica gets up and goes to their bedroom and slams the door)

Chandler: I guess that joke backfired. (walking towards the bedroom) Monica, I was only kidding. Monica open the door. I love
you Monica. Monica?