Who's Daughter is She? (part 1 of 3)

This will be a sad fic, I tell you this in advance. It is a fic I had the idea for when those fake spoiler rumors were going around. It begins around the current part of season 8, also lets just assume that the whole Rachel/Joey thing has been resolved.

April 2002

Ross and Rachel are at a Hardware store in the paint asisle.

ROSS: ok, how about this color


ROSS: no?

RACHEL: that’s right no. I already told you I’m not painting my daughters room pink

ROSS: it’s not pink, it’s salmon

RACHEL: Ross, face it that is pink, no matter how you look at it, it’s still pink

ROSS: fine, what color do you want to use

RACHEL: well I like the idea of doing multi colors.

ROSS: huh?

RACHEL: I was thinking we could do one wall a light green, one blue, one purple and one a pink color

ROSS: so you do want pink

RACHEL: one wall pink, Ross not the entire room

ROSS: you know what just pick whatever you want, anything is fine with me

RACHEL(picks up various cans of paint) all right I’m ready, lets go

ROSS: your’e sure you have everything, we wont’ have to come back here again in an hour

RACHEL: no, I’m sure we have it all

ROSS: ok, cause I don’t want a reapeat of yesterday

RACHEL: for the last time, I’m sorry I made you go to the baby store 4 times yesterday

ROSS: Ok, well just don’t let it happen again

RACHEL: yes sir

(they look at each other and laugh)

ROSS: come on, lets pay for this and get home(leans down and pats Rachel’s tummy) Hi there baby girl, you’re mommy and I are going to start painting your room today, so it will be ready when you come next month

Ross and Rachel’s apartment the two of them are in the nursery painting, one wall is halfway covered with blue paint.

ROSS: this sure is some nice paint, looks real pretty on the walls huh

RACHEL: yeah, you know where it would look even prettier though

ROSS: uh, where?

RACHEL: (giggling) oh I don’t know, how about here(jumps at him and streaks his face with paint)

ROSS: oh, you , you ok prepare for war(lunges at her and splashes paint on her)

RACHEL: oh my god you got my shirt dirty, Ross

ROSS: oh I am so sorry, here let me try to clean it off ok(starts dabbing at the shirt with a white paper towel)

RACHEL: yeah you’re going to have to pay for that, (looks at him and smiles)

ROSS: Oh I will pay, I will, I’ll pay whatever it costs to get it fixed

RACHEL: No, I was thinking you need to pay by(picks up the paint can and dumps it over his head) having blue hair

ROSS: Rachel Karen Green, you are so dead

RACHEL: yeah, well you’d have to catch me first(starts running around the room) cant’ catch me, ha ha, cant’ catch me(Ross lunges at her and she ducks out of his way) oh, you are soo slow

ROSS: oh really, well then I must not be too slow if I can do.. this(grabs her around the waste and starts tickling her, while taking the paintbrush and rubbing paint up her arms

RACHEL: Ross, Ross, stop stop(she’s yelling but also laughing hysterically at the same time)

ROSS: hmm, look at your nose, so clean, so unmarked I think I needs some color to it(dabs her nose with the brush)

RACHEL: ok Mr Geller, you asked or it, this means war(advances towards him with a can of purple paint)

ROSS: oh, adding more color to the equation are we(reaches for the brush and grabs her around the waist-well as well as he can since she is 8 months pregnant) she tries to turn from him and he spins her around so they’re looking at each other-they gaze into each others eyes for a minute and then step apart


ROSS: so

RACHEL: so I guess we should clean up or something

ROSS: yeah, we probably should

RACHEL: so who’s going to scrub the paint off the carpet

ROSS: I will, I know it hurts your back to bend over too much, why don’t you go take a shower and get cleaned off

RACHEL: all right

ROSS: Hey Rach

RACHEL: yeah

ROSS: I was just thinking, there’s not much in the house right now to eat and since we are going to be getting cleaned up maybe we could go out to dinner

RACHEL: yeah, yeah that would be fun

ROSS: Sorrentinos

RACHEL: yeah, that sounds great

The Restaurant-Ross and Rachel are sitting at a table, Ross is wearing Black pants and a nice royal blue top, Rachel is wearing a white top with flounced sleeves(like the pink one she wore in TOW Monica and Chandler’s wedding) and a black skirt(maternity of course)

ROSS: this is nice
RACHEL: yeah it is, it’s nice that we can finally do this

ROSS: you mean eat? I think we’ve done that before

RACHEL: no, I mean eat together, alone like this, you know without it being all weird and awkward.

ROSS: yeah this is nice, really nice(looks at her adoringly and smiles)

RACHEL: what

ROSS: what, what?

RACHEL: that smile

ROSS: Oh I was just thinking how glad I am that we are still friends, even after all the stuff

RACHEL: yeah we had a lot of stuff huh?

ROSS: yep, sure did. Lots of history

RACHEL: that’s an understatement, sometimes I can’t believe we’re really having a baby

ROSS: im glad though, I mean this is going to be the most loved baby ever and I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather have this baby with

RACHEL: Oh my god, Ross that is so sweet, you always were sweet though

ROSS: you really think that, even after all that’s happened

RACHEL: yeah, yeah I do, I Never stopped thinking it, even when I wanted to hate you and when I was so unbeliebably pissed at you, I still thought you were the sweetest man I’d ever known and I, I..never mind

ROSS: you what

RACHEL: (softly) I still had feelings for you

ROSS: do you now?

RACHEL: (stares at him) yeah, yeah I do

ROSS: wow(gazes into her eyes)

RACHEL: you know what, just ignore what I said, it was just my messed up hormones talking

ROSS: no, I’m glad you said it, I”ve felt the same way

RACHEL: you have

ROSS: yes, I have for a long time now


ROSS: yeah wow(they gaze at each other and Rachel leans in towards him and they begin to kiss)


RACHEL: that was nice

ROSS: oh real nice

RACHEL: want to do it again’

ROSS: ok!!

RACHEL: so are we back together

ROSS: well, lets just take things slow, we can go on dates and all but let’s not rush anything to fast

RACHEL: I agree, I mean as much as I love the sex with you(evidence right here-points to her stomach) I think we should keep our separate rooms

ROSS: yeah, we don’t’ want to rush to much at this

RACHEL: so what do we do now

ROSS: how about a movie

RACHEL: ok, I can do that, I like movies

ROSS: I know

RACHEL: oh Professor Geller you are so wise

ROSS: yep, now come on miss soon to be mother of my baby girl

(they leave)

it’s now a couple weeks later the two of them are still together and really happy, as they decided they have taken things slow. Everyone is really happy they are back together and eagerly awaiting the birth of the baby in about two weeks

ROSS: Rachel, are you ready for the Drs appt(walks into her room and sees her lying on the bed with a damp cloth on her head) do you have another headache

RACHEL: yeah, or maybe it’s the same one I don’t know. I’ll be ready in a minute though I just need to get my coat(stands up and falls back onto the bed, her head in her hands)

ROSS: Rach, are you ok? Here let me help you(Stands next to her, puts his arms around her and helps her stand up) she rises and kind of stumbles against him

RACHEL: whoa

ROSS: you ok?

RACHEL: yeah I just got really dizzy for a minute. I’ll be fine, come on lets go

ROSS: you sure you’ll ok

RACHEL: yeah I will be

Dr’s office

DR: so everything looks great, In about two weeks your new arrival should be here

RACHEL: what about the headaches and the swelling in my ankles

DR: totally normal nothing at all to worry about

RACHEL: oh great, I know it sounded dumb but I was a bit concerned

ROSS: yeah I have to say I’m relieved too, thanks Doctor

(Ross and Rachel leave and go outside)

ROSS: so two weeks huh

RACHEL: yeah, two weeks, hey you know what

ROSS: what

RACHEL: I could realllly go for some ice cream right now

ROSS: well Ben and Jerry’s is right over there(points to the store)

(They go inside)

RACHEL: hi, I’d like a cup of Butter Pecan and Peach melba ice cream with caramel sauce over the top

ROSS: and I’ll have a Chocolate Chip Sugar cone

(they sit down and start eating)

RACHEL: ooh Ross, you what would taste soo good on this

ROSS: No, but I have a feeling you’re going to tell me

RACHEL: this would taste soo good with olives on it

ROSS: green or black

RACHEL: black

ROSS: Ok I’ll be right back

RACHEL: what, you’re just going to leave me here, where the hell are you going

ROSS: I’ll be right back(runs outside and comes in a few minutes later) here you go(hands her a jar of black olives)

RACHEL: awww, oh you are just the sweetest thing ever, I love you

ROSS: what??

RACHEL: I said I love you

ROSS: Do you mean it

RACHEL: yes, yes I do, I love you Ross Geller

ROSS: and I love you Rachel Green

(they start kissing)

3 days later everyone is at CP Monica’s eyes are red and she looks really upset

PHOEBE: Mon, sweetie what’s wrong

MONICA: it’s it’s(starts crying) Rachel and Phoebe both hug her

CHANDLER: we went to the Dr earlier today and(looks at Monica, do you want me to tell them)

MONICA: go ahead

CHANDLER: well we’ve been trying for awhile now to have a baby, as I’m sure you’ve all guessed. Today we found out that we can’t have children

MONICA: that I can’t have children, that my insides are messed up and I cant have children, that we’ll never have a baby(sobs and runs out of the coffe house)

CHANDLER: I keep telling her it’s not her fault, that I don’t’ care and we can adopt but it doesn’t make a difference

PHOEBE: just give her some time

ROSS: Yeah I know my sister she just needs to let everthing sink in, she’ll be fine

RACHEL: I feel so bad, I mean here I am pregnant about to have a baby, I wish there was something I could do for her. I’d do anything to make her happy

One week later Ross and Rachel’s apartment:

ROSS: so do you want to watch tv


ROSS: want to play a game, we could play cards, I could beat you at War

RACHEL: no, no I don’t want to play cards Ross, I don’t want to watch a movie and I don’t want to listen to another stupid discovery channel lecture again

ROSS: I will be so happy when this child is born, you’ve been so crabby all week

RACHEL: I’m sorry ok, but you try carrying around a big load like this and knowing that any time now you’re going to have to squeeze something the size of a watermemlon out of a whole the size of a pea.

ROSS: ok, did not need the imagry

RACHEL: I’m going to go take a walk(walks outside and down the hall towards the elevator, she stops suddenly in the middle of the hall as water begins dripping from her) Ross, Ross, Rossssssss

ROSS: what, geesh could you yell any louder

RACHEL: Ross, my water broke

ROSS: what??

RACHEL: My water broke I’m in labor

ROSS: Oh my god!!!

RACHEL: Get my bag and call the others

ROSS: ok you wait right there, don’t move

RACHEL: yeah cause I was thinking of taking a quick trip to Aruba

ROSS(runs into the apartment and grabs her bag, runs out the door and remembers he forgot to call the others. He runs back in, trips over the chair and grabs for the phone) Monica, yeah, it’s me, Rachel is in labor we’re on our way to the hospital now, ok, yeah, yeah We’ll see you there

The hospital, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey are in the waiting room Ross and Rachel are in the delivery room waiting

DR: ok you’re about 4 centimeters so there’s a while to go I’ll be back in about an hour to see how you’re doing

ROSS: how are you doing sweetie

RACHEL: fine, except I’m starting to get a headache again

ROSS: again?

RACHEL: yeah, I’ll be glad when you are born angel girl(looks at her stomach)

ROSS: So what about a name

RACHEL: well I really like the name Madison(A.N: I know I used that name in my last fic, but I really really like it)

ROSS: Madison, Maddy, little Maddy , yeah I like that.

RACHEL: you do, oh yayy, I finally found something we can agree on

ROSS: what about a middle name

RACHEL: I don’t know, can we please talk about that later(turns her head to look at Ross and screams in pain)

ROSS: Rachel, what’s wrong

RACHEL: it’s this headache, its so bad, It hurts to move

ROSS: Im going go see if I can find someone, I’ll be right back

RACHEL: uh huh

(Ross leaves the room and rushes to the nurses station)

ROSS: excuse me, I need help

NURSE: yes sir?

ROSS: it’s my wife she’s in room 217 and is in labor but she has a really bad headache is there anything she can be given, she says it hurts her to even more

NURSE: someone will come down in a few minutes and look her over

ROSS: thank you so much(returns to the room)Hey sweetie, are you ok?

RACHEL: No, Ross somnethng is wrong.

ROSS: sweetie it’s just a headache you’ve had them before you’ll be fine

RACHEL: No, no this is different it hurts all over and I can’t see, everything is blurry this isn’t right, something is wrong, please get someone Ross, please

ROSS: the nurse said someone would be right here, but I’ll go ask again

RACHEL: thank you

ROSS: (to a nurse walking by) do you know where Dr Cooper is(I’m just making up a name)

NURSE: he’s in delivery room 4, why?

ROSS: my wife needs to see him right away, something is wrong with her and she needs to talk to him

NURSE: all right I’l send him right in

ROSS(goes back to Rachel) the dr is coming in a couple minutes sweetie

RACHEL: uh huh. Ross

ROSS: yes, oh my god Rachel, what’s wrong

RACHEL: (she’s covered in sweat and breathing heavily, her face is shockingly pale and she’s biting on her lower lip) I cant’ breathe Ross, it hurts, Ross It hurts.

ROSS: it’s ok, sweetie it’s going to be ok(he leans over and smooths her hair back out of her face, and with is free hand he grabs ahold of her hand) I’m going to buzz for someone to get in her right now(reaches for the buzzer and is about to press it when the Dr walks in)

DR: all righty then what seems to be the problem here

ROSS: Oh thank god you’re here, there is something wrong with Rachel, she’s having problems breathing and has a severe headache

DR: well lets see what we have here(begins to examine her) ok Rachel, this here is going to check your hearbeat, and let me just slip this on your arm, to check your blood pressure.(looks at the gage) oh my god, (Calls down on his intercome) I need a nurse in her stat and delivery room 2 opened up, prepare for emergency C section now!!(the room suddenly bustles with activity as people rush inside and lift Rachel onto a Gurney)

RACHEL: Ross, Ross what’s happening

ROSS: it’s ok sweetie, everything is going to be fine. (to the Dr.) what’s going on

DR: You’re wifes blood pressure and heart rate is extremely high she’s showing signs of ecampsia and we need to perform a C section right away.

ROSS: Rachel, you’re going to be fine, don’t worry just thing that in a few minutes we’ll have our baby.(runs over to her and grabs her hand as she is wheeled from the room) I love you so much Rachel, you are so brave and so strong and I’ll be there as soon as I can, to see you and our baby

RACHEL(as she’s wheeled away) I love you Ross

DR: Mr Geller, I need to ask you soemting and I’m sorry there isnt’more time but I need an answer right away.

ROSS: what, what??

DR: If it comes down to it, would you rather we save Rachel or the baby

ROSS: Save Rachel, save her, do whatever it takes but let her live. You, you don’t think it’s that serious do you

DR: it’s hard to tell with these cases, usually they end up fine, but there is always that chance, but I wouldn’t worry to much, I just had to ask, in case something does happen

ROSS: all right,and thank you

(DR runs off to help with the surgery)

ROSS: (somewhat to himself) This cant be happening, it can’t. She’s going to be fine calm down, Ross she’ll be fine. She has to be-she’s the only women I’ve ever loved.(he reaches into his pocket and takes out a small black box, he opens it and looks inside) I can’t lose you Rachel, I can’t I need you in my life-forever.

(about a half hour or so goes by)

DR: Mr Geller?

ROSS: yes, yes(jumps to his feet) how is she, how’s the baby, can I see them??

DR: the baby is fine, Rachel is doing ok too. You have a 6 pound 4 oz baby girl, they are in recovery room 234, you can go ahead and see them.

ROSS: great great(shakes the dr’s hand) thank you, thank you so much. Oh can you do me a favor and tell my friends, there in the waiting room

DR: of course

ROSS: (enters the room where Rachel is) hey sweetie

RACHEL: (looks up from the bed and smiles at Ross) Hey you

ROSS: so, we have a daugher

RACHEL: yeah, we have a daughter. (Starts crying softly) oh my god we have a daughter

ROSS: (takes her hand and begins rubbing it) I was so scared Rachel

RACHEL: I know, I was too, I was too

ROSS: but it’s ok now, we have our baby girl and everthing is going to be fine.

RACHEL: Yeah, Ross, I…(suddenly Rachel tenses up and suddenly begins violently seizing)

ROSS(runs to the door) Help, Help, oh my god somebody help us, Help, help

NURSE: what’s the problem

ROSS: it’s my girfriend, she’s having a seizure

NURSE: (runs into the room and over to Rachel’s bed) she leans over Rachel and hits the call button, I need help in room 234 Stat(suddenly people rush in the room-and begin working on Rachel, Ross is backed into the corner a look of absolute terror on his face)

DR: Just stop, everybody just stop, it’s no use(everybody looks sadly at Rachel and then over at Ross as they step away from her bed)

ROSS: what, what are you doing, help her, help her god dammit

DR: there’s nothing we can do, she’s in a coma

ROSS: oh my oh my god. She’s going to be ok, right(looks at the doctor with fear etched on his face)

DR: (looks at Ross with compassion and signs) no, no she’s not going to be ok. The condition she had, Eclampisia it works in weird ways, some women can have it and be perfectly fien and then others like Rachel, well it causes their systems to shut down, her organs have already begun failing

ROSS: then there’s no hope at all

DR: no

ROSS: how long

DR: I can’t really tell but I’d say it’s a matter of hours

ROSS: I was going to propose to her you know. (takes out the ring and holds it in his hand-tears falling down his cheeks and he begins to sob as he speaks) she was the only women I ever loved, we had the hardest time getting it together, I screwed up and did stupid things, she did some stupid things, we fought all the time but it came together, it all came togther,. I cant be with anyone else I just cant’.

DR: I’m sorry sir, I’ll give you some privacy

ROSS: could you tell my friends please, and tell them, tell them I want them in here with me

DR: of course-and once again I’m so sorry

ROSS: thank you, I know you did all you could and thank you for that.(the Dr leaves and Ross walks over to Rachels bed) Rachel, sweetie(takes her hand in his) I am so sorry this happened, you did not deserve any of this. From the moment I first saw you I knew you were the one I wanted to spend all my life with. You mean the world to me, you are my everthing Rachel dear. You’re my sun, my moon, the stars in my sky. You make me a better person and you have brought such joy to my life. I don’ t know how my life is going to be without you. How am I going to wake up every morning and not see you there beside me, I don’t know how I’m going to have the strength to carry through but maybe Maddy will help me through this. When I see her I’ll see you in her and when I see her smile I’ll see you smiling too.

There is nobody that I would rather have as my wife, so I want you to have this, because in my heart we will always be together(slips the ring on her finger and gently kisses her on the lips-he steps back and continues holding her hand as the numbers on the heart monitor drop lower and lower and soon all that is left is the steady whine of the flatline)

MONICA: Ross, oh my god we just heard how is she

ROSS: (turns to them crying) she’s gone, oh my god you guys she’s gone ,the only women I’ve ever loved, she’s gone(runs across the room and throws himself into Monica’s arms sobbing hysterically)

MONICA: (hugging Ross) No, No, NO, No, (she looks at Chandler with tears streaming down her face-he looks at her, his eyes beginning to tear and wraps his arms around her.

ROSS: (lets go of Monica) you, you shoud go to your husband(steps away as she collapses into Chandlers arms and the two of them begin to hug each other and rock back and forth)

JOEY: Phoebe, Pheebs(looks at her with this sad haunted look on his face)

PHOEBE: Shh, Joey it’s ok, it’s ok

JOEY: no it’s not, she’s gone Pheebs she’s gone, why, why did this happen

PHOEBE: I don’t know Joey, I don’t know(hugs him as they begin to cry)

MONICA: (pulls away from Chandler and walks over to Rachel) she looks so peaceful, (bends down and strokes her cheek) Rachel sweetie, I love you so much, and I’m going to miss you, I promise I’ll never forget you and we’ll all help Ross with the baby, you don’t need to worry.

NURSE: Um, I’m sorry to do this, I know this is a hard time, but we need to get the body cleaned up

ROSS: it’s all right, I understand

NURSE: do you know who you want to perform the service

ROSS: um, um..no I don’t. Mon, who did the service for Nana

MONICA: I don’t know off hand but I can call mom and get the info

ROSS: Mom, yeah I, I still have to tell her what happened, I don’t even have the number for the hotel where her and dad went

MONICA: don’t worry Ross I have it

PHOEBE: yeah and we’ll help you pick out something for the funeral.

CHANDLER: yeah come on Man, lets get you home(Puts his arms around Ross, who has once again broken down in tears) and begins to lead him out of the room

NURSE: Mr Geller

ROSS: yes

NURSE: Do you want to take this ring with you, or do you want it to stay on her finger

MONICA: what ring, I though she took off all her rings because her fingers were swelling

ROSS: She did

MONICA: then what ring is this(leans over and looks at the ring) Oh my god, Ross, did you..

ROSS: Yes, Yes I was going to ask her to marry me, I was going to propose to her after the baby was born and…

JOEY: oh man, I’m so sorry

(everyone leaves the room)

ROSS: you guys, wait a minute
CHANDLER: what is it man?

ROSS: I want to go see Madison

MONICA: is that what you named her?

ROSS: Yes Madison, Maddy Geller, that’s the name we picked, we coudldn’t decide on a middle name, we were going to pick that once she was born, but now I know what it has to be, no other name will work. Madison Rachel Geller

PHOEBE: (smiles sadly) It’s perfect Ross

(they go to the obervation window and see Maddy lying in her isolette, she has dark blond hair and green eyes and her little fist is in her mouth)

MONICA: oh my god, look at her

ROSS: she has her eyes, she has Rachel’s eyes and nose

(they gaze at the baby for a few more minutes)

NURSE: excuse me, Mr Geller?


NURSE: would you like to hold your daughter

ROSS: yes, yes I would

(the nurse returns and places her in his arms)

ROSS: hi baby girl, Im your daddy and I’m going to take such good care of you, I’m so glad your’e here with us. You look a lot like your mommy. She couldn’t’ be here to meet you, but she wanted to so much, she loved you, she loved you more than anything in the world. (leans down and gently kisses Maddy on the cheek, as his eyes fill with tears)

The next morning, Ross spent the night at Monica and Chandlers on their couch

(also I know that the words to this song are not exactly perfect in each line, but for the most part it fits for this next part of the fic)

“Sitting here wasted and wounded, at this old piano. Trying hard to capture the moment this morning I don’t know. Cause A bottle of Vodka still lodged in my head, and some blond gave me nightmares, I think that she’s still in my bed and I dream about movies they wont’ make of me when I’m dead”

Ross lies on the couch sleeping, during the night he had gotten up and raided Chandler and Monica’s liquor cabinet. Unable to deal with the nightmares plaguing his sleep.

Liqour bottles litter the floor and he keeps waking up and reaching out his hands to feel the space beside him, searching for Rachel and breaking down into tears as he remembers

Monica and Chandler’s room- the two of them lay in each others arms, Monica sobs as Chandler wraps his arms around her and pulls her close and kisses her forehead.

CHANDLER: it’s going to be ok

MONICA: no, no it’s not she was my best friend, my best friend. She did not deserve this, why didn’t the Dr’s see this was going to happen, couldn’t they have seen signs or warned us. It’s not fair, it’s not fair(she yells as she punches her fist into the pillow)

CHANDLER: I know, I know(holds her as they both drift off into troubled sleep)

Monica and Chandler’s living room:

Ross stands up and stumbles across the room, he grabs at a half empty whisky bottle and starts gulping it down, then suddenly collapses onto the floor and begins to sob hysterically.

MONICA(stands up from her bed and walks across the room

CHANDLER: hold on, I’ll come with you

(they walk out into the living room)

MONICA: (walks over and puts her arm around Ross) shh, it’s ok, everything is ok
ROSS: I miss her, I just miss her so much. Why did this happen, why??? Why her? It’s not fair, it’s just not fair. God Dammit it’s not fair(screams this as he grabs the bottle and hurls it across the room)

MONICA: Ross, w’ere going to help you through this

CHANDLER: yeah man, anyway we can

ROSS: can you guys leave me alone please, I just need to be alone

MONICA: Ross..

ROSS: get out, just get out

CHANDLER: ok, we’re going, if you need us we’ll be in our room.

ROSS: uh huh

With an Ironclad Fist I wake up and French kiss the morning
While some marching band keeps its own beat in my head while we’re talking

About all of the things that I long to believe about love and the truth

And what you mean to me, and the truth is you’re all that I need…

Ross wakes up with a hangover and walks into the kitchen, grabs a glass of water and swallows a couple asprin. He then walks back across the floor and collapses on the couch and begins to cry.

I wanna lay you down on a bed of roses
For tonight I’d sleep on a bed of nails.

I wanna be just as close as, the Holy Ghost is

And lay you down, on a bed of roses.

It’s now a couple days later and everyone is at the Cemetary for Rachel’s funerel(since I assume she is Jewish and I know nothing about Jewish Funerels, just say the vistttion and ceremonly already happened and everyone is at the gravesite now) Family, Friends etc.. everone is dressed in dark colors and it’s drizzling outside, Baby Madison(Maddy) is there and is being held by various people.

Everyone steps away from the grave as the service is concluded, Ross lingers and falls to his knees and gently kisses a red rose before laying it down on top of the casket.

Joey brushes tears from his eyes and grabs Phoebe’s hand as she begins to sob, the two of them look over at Monica and Chandler who come over and stand next to them.

Well I’m so far away and each step I take is on my way home
A king’s ransom in dimes id’ give each night just to see through this payphone

Still I run out of time or its hard to get through

Til the bird on the wire flies me back to you I”ll just close my eyes and whisper, baby blind love is true.

It’s now three months later. Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe stil miss Rachel and are sad/upset bout her death but are beginning to get on with their lives. Ross has Madison with him, but most of the time he takes her to Monica and Chandlers or to her grandparents, because he’s unable to deal with her, on top of his grief

I wanna lay you down on a bed of roses
For tonight I’d sleep on a bed of nails

I wanna be just as close as, the Holy Ghost is

And lay you down, on a bed of roses

Ross’s apartment.

Madison is crying loudly in her crib. Ross is asleep in his bed, he rises and goes towards the nursery.

ROSS: Hey Maddy, it’s ok, don’t cry your daddies here.

(he picks her up and begins to rock her back and forth and softly cries as he looks into her eyes, the same color green as her moms)

Maddy continues crying and Ross is unable to calm her down

ROSS: I wish your mom was here, she’d know what to do.(he turns and looks at a picture of him and Rachel taken at Monica’s 30th birthday party) Oh Rachel why, why did you have to leave me he murmers as he begins to sob along with his daughter

Monica and Chandler’s

CHANDLER: how long are we watching Madison for, it’s almost 11 pm

MONICA: I don’t know, all I know is Ross came over and asked if I would watch her

CHANDLER: he’s been doing that a lot lately

MONICA: I know, its been 3 months and he’s not getting any better

CHANDLER: I Know, I miss her so much, every day I wake up and I think hey maybe I’ll see if Rachel wants to have lunch after work or I wonder what new fashion find Rachel will talk about today and then I remember. But little by little I’m getting more and more used to her being gone

MONICA: I know, at first I couldn’t accept it, I thought it was just a horrible nightmare and now I’m used to the idea and I know I have to accept it.

CHANDLER: I think Ross needs help, he just can’t accept that she is gone, he needs help for him and Madison, he isn’t helping her at all being like this

MONICA: I know, but he refuses to listen to anyone

The hotel bar hangover whisky’s gone dry
The barkeepers wigs crooked and she’s given me the eye

I might have said yeah, but I laughed so hard I think I died

Ross is in a bar sitting on a bar stool, empty glasses in front of him. He stares over at a man and women sitting near him holding hands, and grabs a glass of beer and chugs it down.

It’s now a couple hours later, and the bar is ready to close. Ross stands up unsteadily and the bartender asks if he is ok. He looks at the bartender and starts laughing hysterically. The bartender tells him to sit down and that he will call a cab.

Ross stumbles up to the door of Monica and Chandler’s apartment at 3 am and bangs on the door

Monica answers and tries to convince him to come back later for Madison he refuses and pushes past Monica to get to his daughter

CHANDLER: Man, you’re drunk ok, you need to go home and sleep it off, Madison is fine here for the night

ROSS: go to hell, Chandler, just go to hell. You will not keep me from my daughter I lost Rachel, I will not lose her.

MONICA: Ross, look at yourself, you don’t eat, you haven’t showered in god knows how long and you constantly drink, what kind of a father are you being?

ROSS: give me my daugher(grabs the baby and leaves)

When you close your eyes, know I’ll be thinking about you
While my mistress she calls me to stand in her spotlight again

Tonight, I wont’ be alone, but you know that don’t’ mean I’m not lonely

I”ve got nothing to prove for it’s you that I’d die to defend

Ross lays Madison down in her crib and collapses on his bed, his mind swirling with thoughts of Rachel, of how his life should have been and of what Monica and Chandler had said about him and Madison. He stands up and makes his way over to her crib

ROSS: Hey Baby girl, listen tomorrow I am going to tell your aunt and uncle that they were right, I’m not in any condition to be a father right now. Before she died your mommy said something to me and I want to do this for her. (leans over and kisses Madison) then makes his way back to his bed where he falls asleep clutching a photo of Rachel

I wanna lay you down on a bed of roses
For tonight I’d sleep on a bed of nails

I wanna be just as close as the Holy Ghost is

And lay you down, on a bed of roses.

The next afternoon

Ross knocks on Monica and Chandlers door he has Madiosn with him

CHANDLER: oh hey Ross, come on in

ROSS: Hey guys about last nite

CHANDLER: forget about it, it’s old news

ROSS: no, I want to say this and I need you both to listen without interrruping

MONICA: ok(puzzled)

ROSS: Here’s the deal. Everything you said last nite was true. I’m in no conditon to take care of Madison right now, I can barely care for myself. I want to go away for a couple of months to think and clear my head. I want the two of you to keep Madison while I’m gone

MONICA: for how long

ROSS: I don’t know, until I can find closure, this is so hard for me to deal with, I loved her so much, she was my soulmate, and I thought we’d have our whole lives together, and each day I try, I try so hard to face up to the fact that she is gone, to get on with life and I can’t do it.

CHANDLER: are you sure you want us to take her, what about your parents or Rachel’s parents?

ROSS: no, it has to be your guys, that’s what Rachel would want, do you remember when you guys told us about your situation

MONICA: you mean about not being able to have children?

ROSS: yeah. Well Rachel made a comment about wanting to do something for you, and later that night she cried in my arms and said she felt so guilty about having a baby when you couldn’t and that she would do anything to make you feel better. I know she would want you two to watch Madison for me

MONICA: in that case, we would be glad to do it.

ROSS: ok I’ll bring her stuff on over then, here is her diaper bag and some clothes and I will be back with the rest, thanks again you guys(leaves

CHANDLER: so looks like we’re going to have a baby for awhile

MONICA: yep, sure looks that way.

CHANDLER: so I guess we need to get a room ready for her

MONICA: Oh my god your’e right and I need baby food and extra diapers and…

CHANDLER: calm down, Ross will bring stuff over, lets see what we have before we go buying crazy

MONICA: you’re right, I’ll try to calm down

CHANDLER: please do

3 months later

Joey is hanging out over at Monica and Chandler’s

The three of them are just sitting around the living room and Madison is on a blanket on the floor kicking her feet and laughing-she’s now 6 months old.

PHOEBE: hey guys

CHANDLER: oh hey Pheebs

PHOEBE: I grabbed your mail for you(hands it to Monica)

MONICA: thanks Pheebs(starts shuffling through the mail) Bill, Bill, junk, Bill, oh, oh my god it’s a letter from Ross

CHANDLER: It’s about time, I thought he said he’d only be gone a month at the most.

PHOEBE: so..

MONICA: yeah?

PHOEBE: are you going to tell us what the letter says?

MONICA: (opens the letter) ok he says he is sorry he has not written and that he hopes we are doing well and… oh my god!!

JOEY: what, what

MONICA: he says that he doesn’t think he can deal with Madison and he wants us to keep her, he is going on an archeology dig in Egypt and leaves next on Wednesday

PHOEBE: that’s in two days

MONICA: I know

PHOEBE: so call him and talk to him, tell him he needs to raise his own daughter

MONICA: I can’t he didn’t leave a forewarding address or phone number

PHOEBE: whoa, so you guys are going to keep Madison then

MONICA: apparently So, I mean what else can we do

PHOEBE; well how long is this dig for?

MONICA: 4 months

PHOEBE: I bet he’ll go on the dig, do some scientist type work and then come back, refreshed and ready to pick up Maddy

MONICA: I’m sure you’re right and I”d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy to have her for another 4 months

6 months later, it’s Madisons 1st birthday. Everyone is there including Ben, Jack, Judy, Leonard and Sandra. Monica has decoreated the apartment with pink, white, purple and yellow balloons and a banner that says “Happy First Birthday Madison” Madison is sitting in her highchair with a small cake in front of her. Her eyes are the same color as her moms and her hair is Honey Blond.

PHOEBE: he’s going to call

MONICA: who?


MONICA: I’m not thinking about that

PHOEBE: yes you are, you keep looking at the phone, you are wondering if Ross is going to call his daughter on her birthday

MONICA: yeah, yeah I am. It’s been 6 months, 6 month since he sent that letter and 9 months since he last saw her.

PHOEBE: I know, but this is Madison’s day. Just concentrare on enjoying that

MONICA: I know, I know, I’m trying

(she goes over and stands next to Madison) Ok sweetie are you ready? (begins singing and everyone joins in)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday Dear Madison, Happy Birthday to you

Madison reaches her hand out and touches the cake, she licks a little off her finger then looks around the room and smiles as she plunges her little fists into the cake and laughs happily

Now we see a montague of the next few months

Madison toddling across the room and clapping her hands as she runs to Monica’s outstretched arms

Madison Crying in her sleep and Chandler picking her up and rocking her as she snuggles in his arms. Monica comes in the room and smiles at the two of them

Monica pushing Madison down the street in her stroller

Madison toddling around the neighborhood on Halloween ringing doorbells and getting candy.

Thanksgiving, with the whole group(minus Ross) around the table laughing and talking, Everone groaning as Chandler once again tells his “worst Thanksgiving ever story”

Madison ripping open her presents on Christmas day and toddling around examing the Tree.

Monica sharing the season of Hanukah with Chandler and lighting the Candles as Madison watches enthralled by the flickering lights of the candles

Chandler and Madison building a snowman, Madison picking up snow and eating it and Chandler doing the same, until Monica comes over and yells at him for being unsanitary

May 2004(Madison’s 2nd birthday)

It’s the evening after her party and she’s been put to bed

MONICA: Chandler I was thinking

CHANDLER: did it hurt

MONICA: ha ha

CHANDLER: what about

MONICA: I want to adopt Madison

CHANDLER: what??

MONICA: I want to adopt her, to give her our last name, to make her our child, if we did that we could get better health benefits for her, we could take out a better life insurance policy etc..

CHANDLER: but what about Ross

MONICA: it’s been over a year, face it he’s not coming back

CHANDLER: I know he’s not, but don’t we need his permission

MONICA: I don’t know, but can we at least talk to someone and find out

CHANDLER: yeah I’l make an appointment with a lawyer

MONICA: thank you(They kiss)

A week later, Monica and Chandler are getting ready to go to the lawyers to see about the name change.

MONICA: Ok Maddy mommy and daddy will be back soon(she calls them mom and dad because she is only 2yrs old and they are the only parents she has ever known) and you are going to go visit Phoebe


MONICA: but you like Phoebes remember, she gives you lots of cookies

MADDY: no, me no wear dis dess

MONICA: sweetie you look so cute in your dress

MADDY: no, no ugwy

MONICA: It is not ugly, silly girl

MADDY: no, no bwon shoes wit it

MONICA: you have to wear shoes

MADDY: no, no, no, match

MONICA: what??

CHANDLER: she is saying her shoes don’t match

MONICA: two years old and already giving fashion advice, this is definitely Rachel’s child

CHANDLER: I know, she acts more and more like her every day

MONICA: well she has you wrapped around her little finger that’s for sure

We see Monica and Chandler in the lawyers office discussing the adoption.

MONICA: so we can adopt her

LAWYER: yes, you need to go before the judge but I’m almost postive you will get permission to do so, the only thing is, since you cannot reach the father if he ever comes back he can contest it. But since it has been almost 2yrs I really wouldn’t worry to much about that

CHANDLER: so when would we go before the judge?

LAWYER: there is an opening on the roster in 3 wks

MONICA: oh my god, that would be great

LAWYER: All right I’ll see you back in 3 weeks and you’ll have the paperwork together that is needed

MONICA: yes sir we will

(they shake the lawyers hand and leave)

3wks later

JUDGE: I”ve read your request and looked over all the paperwork Mr and Mrs Bing and I see no problems

MONICA: you mean she’s ours

JUDGE: yes, I am granting you custody, this child will henceforth be known as Madison Rachel Bing. But also be aware if the father ever comes back he will have all the rights to contest this adoption and to demand her back

MONICA: I understand, but he is my brother and im sure he’ll understand why we did this

JUDGE: very well, I just need you to sign some forms

(Monica and Chandler advance to his chair and sign the paperwork)

MONICA(looks at Chandler and smiles) she’s ours she’s really ours


(they kiss)