Who's Daughter is She? (part 2 of 3)

This is part two of my Fic “Who’s Daughter is She. It’s now 2005 and Madison(Maddy) is 3yrs old. Ross has not contacted anyone from his family in the 3yrs since he left. Except he occasionally e-mails his parents. Ben now lives with Carol and Susan in Denver and he also e-mails him, but does not call or send letters(so as not to be found) Ross is now living in Seattle(but no one knows that yet)

As this section starts, Joey is preparing to move to L.A to try for better acting roles, and Monica and Chandler have just finished the paperwork to adopt a baby boy.

Joey’s Apartment

CHANDLER: I cannot belive you are moving

JOEY: I know, hey can I ask you something

CHANDLER: as long as it’s not about my wife’s naked body

JOEY: Hey I wouldn’t do that(Chandler looks at Joey) Ok, Ok I don’t do that anymore.

CHANDLER: so what’s the question?

JOEY: do you think I’m making a mistake

CHANDLER: well you did just throw those dishes in their without wrapping them

JOEY: no, I mean about moving to L.A

CHANDLER: no, Joey I don’t I think what you are doing is amazing. You have come so far in acting since the day I first met you, I mean that world War One movie was very successful and your last couple parts have gotten you good reviews, and everyone knows L.A is where the big parts are.

JOEY: what if I don’t make it though

CHANDLER: if you don’t’ make it, you don’t’ make it. Give it a couple years at least, just to see what happens, if worst comes to worst you always have a place here

JOEY: thanks man(they hug)

CHANDLER: we really do this too much don’t we

JOEY: yeah, yeah we do

(they continue packing)

Monica and Chandler’s

PHOEBE: so are you guys excited about the baby

MONICA: oh yes, we get him sometime next week

PHOEBE: so how old is he

MONICA: he’s 3 months, he’s been in foster care since birth his mom was a teen mother and told the hospital she wanted nothing to do with the baby

PHOEBE: on one hand that is so sad, but on the other hand at least she wasn’t forced to be a part of something she did not want, and he’s not in risk of being abused

MONICA: yeah

PHOEBE: so I trust you guys have a name picked out

MONICA: um, hello do you not know me at all?

PHOEBE: good point. So what is it?

MONICA: Ryan Joseph Bing

PHOEBE: awww, that is so sweet, middle naming him after Joey, now you’ll have two kids named after the group

MONICA: yeah(the two of them pause for a minute and cast their eyes downward as they think about Rachel)

PHOEBE: You know what’s funny

MONICA: what?

PHOEBE: It’s been over 3yrs and I still sometimes find myself looking for her on the street or picking up the phone to call her

MONICA: that’s not so funny Pheebs, I do the same thing

PHOEBE: I miss her

MONICA: I know, I do too

PHOEBE: I mean I think I’ve gotten on with life really well, we all have, but sometimes at night I just lie in bed and think of how unfair it was

MONICA: yeah, I do that too. I thinks it’s because it happened so suddenly, we had no warning at all we weren’t prepared

PHOEBE: do you think that’s why Ross left?

MONICA: I’m sure it is, but I wish he’d quit being so damn selfish, he’s not the only one who lost someone

PHOEBE: yeah, but unless he comes back there’s not much we can do

MONICA: no, nothing except give that little girl the best life possible and be prepared to answer any questions she may have once she’s old enough to understand

PHOEBE: yeah. Um not to change the subject, well ok that’s totally what I’m trying to do but guess who called me the other day?

MONICA: I have no idea


MONICA: David? Who’s, ohhh you mean Scientist David from Minsk?

PHOEBE: yeah

MONICA: so what did he want?

PHOEBE: he’s moving back here next month

MONICA: oh wow, so are you going to see him?

PHOEBE: of course, we already have dinner plans for the weekend he returns

MONICA: wow, that is so romantic

PHOEBE: I know!! It’ll be nice to see him and it will get my mind off of Joey’s leaving

MONICA: I can’t believe he is moving to L,A, we are so going to take a trip there

PHOEBE: oh definitely

It’s now a couple months later, Joey has moved to L.A, it was very hard for the gang to say goodbye to him. He calls regularly and they all keep in touch through e and snail mail. He has had some promising leads as far as parts. Phoebe is dating David and they are very happy. Baby Ryan came to live with Monica and Chandler. He’s now 6 months old and Madison is 3 and a half, she was unsure about having a brother at first but now loves him.

A.N: I know I’m just grazing over stuff in this part, but the big part of the story is coming up and this is mainly a C/M and Ross story, so that’s why I’m not focusing a lot on every character or every detail J

Monica and Chandler’s it’s Sat morning about 7 am

MADDY: Mommy

MONICA: yes sweetie

MADDY: Mommy me watch cawtoons

MONICA: ok sweeties, but turn the tv on low, daddy’s still asleep

MADDY: no me watch in hewe

MONICA: but..(see’s Madison is about to cry) ok you can watch in here, but be very quiet

MADDY: ok(scampers over and turns the tv on-she’s a very pretty little girl with strawberry blond hair that’s halfway down her back and green eyes) Oooh mommy look

MONICA: that’s very nice

MADDY: I want that dresss, it’s so pretty can we go get one mommy please

MONICA: maybe if you are a good girl you’ll get one for either Christmas or Hanukkah

MADDY: I wanna go shopping

MONICA: we don’t have time today, remember Aunt Phoebe is coming over

MADDY: oh yeah, wit David

MONICA: that’s right

MADDY: when

MONICA: later today

MADDY: Oh(rolls over on her stomach and starts watching tv)

(Ryan starts crying, so Monica gets him from his crib and brings him into the bedroom, she lays in bed next to Chandler with Ryan in her arms-he has dark brown hair and brown eyes-they stay like this for about an hour and then Maddy falls asleep, her head on Chandler’s legs)

CHANDLER: hey beautiful

MONICA: hey you

CHANDLER: hi there Ryan old boy, how you doing

RYAN: (makes baby noises)

CHANDLER: is that right, well that’s quiet a story son. Oh look there, I see your sister decided to have a nap on our bed

MONICA: she got up at 7 to watch Cartoons, she’s been asleep about 2hrs, so she should be awake soon, I’ll start brunch in a minute

CHANDLER: brunch??

MONICA: it’s almost 10:30 a.m, too late for breakfast

CHANDLER: ok, whatever you say, you’re the cooking expert

MONICA: that’s right(leans over and they begin to kiss)

CHANDLER: she is so pretty, just look at her lying there. Sometimes I pretend she really is ours

MONICA: I know, but it never works, she looks so much like Rachel

CHANDLER” acts like her too, have you seen her pouting to get her way

MONICA: oh yeah, and she’s not even 4yrs old and already loves to go shopping, she was lecturing me the other way on wearing the wrong belt with my pants

CHANDLER: yep, she is Rachel’s daughter

MONICA: she’s Ross’s daughter too, she loves dinosaurs and those eyes, oh she has the puppy eyes to a science, and she’s always coming up and telling me things, things she’s learned from tv or from pre school.

CHANDLER: yeah too bad he doesn’t seem to care at all about her

MONICA: we’ve talked about this before, dwelling on that fact does not good for anyone

CHANDLER: I know but it just bugs me how could he not even care how she is doing or want to know how she is, it’s been almost 4yrs, 4yrs. We all loved her, we all miss her but we got on with our lives, why can’t he do that

MONICA: I don’t know. I ask myself that every day, and I just don’t know.

Later that evening

(Phoebe and David knock on Monica and Chandler’s door)

MADDY: Mommy can I get it

MONICA: remember what daddy and I taught you

MADDY: Uh huh, to wook thru the peep hole fiwst

MONICA: that’s’right

MADDY( runs over and climbs on top of a chair and peeks thru the peephole) mommy Phoebe and David are here

MONICA: ok let them in

MADDY: (opens the door and runs up to Phoebe) Phoebe guess what!

PHOEBE: what Maddy

MADDY: I dwew you a picture(hands her the picture) see it’s you and me and we awe in the pawk.

PHOEBE: that’s a beautiful picture, I’ll hang it on my wall as soon as I get home

MADDY(looks at Phoebe’s hand) ooh, that wing(supposed to be ring, she has trouble pronouncing her r’s) is so pwetty where you get it?

MONICA: what ring?

PHOEBE: well we were going to wait and tell you a bit later but it looks like the cats out of the bag

(Maddy starts running around the apartment looking under the chairs and under the couch)

MONICA: what were you going to tell us?

PHOEBE: David proposed, we’re getting married

(Monica runs over and hugs her and Chandler shakes Davids hand)

CHANDLER: congratulations

DAVID: thanks

MONICA: oh my god we have got to start planning the wedding, when’s it going to be

PHOEBE: Next June

MONICA: oh wow, and I’m the bridesmaid, right

PHOEBE: of course, who else would I have asked(they both look at each other for a minute and smile as they think of the answer to that question)

MONICA: you know, I know if things were different I wouldn’t have been, and I want you to know I wish, I didn’t have to be-I mean I’m glad I am but..

PHOEBE: it’s ok(hugs Monica) I know exactly what you mean

MONICA: did you hear that Maddy, Phoebe and David are getting married

PHOEBE: and you get to be our flower girl that means you get to wear a pretty dress and carry flowers

MONICA: what do you think about that sweetie?

MADDY: That’s neat. Mommy?

MONICA: yes?

MADDY: where is the cat?

MONICA: huh? What cat?

MADDY: the cat that got out of the bag, Phoebe said there was a cat

MONICA: Huh..(realizes-and looks at Phoebe as all the adults start laughing) oh that’s just an expression sweetie, there wasn’t really a cat, she just meant that the secret had been found out

MADDY: well why not just say so?

MONICA: because sometimes Grown ups do funny things

MADDY: yeah they suwe do. Mommy?

MONICA: what?

MADDY: can I have a cat?

MONICA: we’ve talked about this before, remember I’m allergic, cats make me sneeze

MADDY: but Tanya’s dad is allergic too and he takes pills and they got a cat, pleeeease mommy pleassse can I have a cat

MONICA: I don’t know

MADDY: daddy(runs over to Chandler) please Daddy, Please(looks at him with the puppy eyes)

CHANDLER: oh come on Monica it’s just one cat and you’re not even that allergic, the Harris’s have a cat and we go to their house all the time. You just don’t want to have to clean up after an animal

MONICA: I’m going to regret this but.. fine, she can have a cat

MADDY: can I really mommy

MONICA: yes you can

MADDY: oh thank you. I love you mommy

MONICA: and I love you prescious

It’s about a month later. Monica and Chandler’s apartment and it’s about 9 am. Madison is dressed in white overalls and a purple turtleneck her hair is in two ponytails with purple ribbons. She’s sprawled out on the living room chair watching her Cinderella Video and playing with a Barbie Doll.

Monica enters the room with Chandler following behind, Ryan in their arms

MONICA: you ready to go Maddy

MADDY: uh huh

MONICA: this is a big day, are you excited

MADDY: yeah, I get my kitty today

MONICA: I know sweetie

MADDY: mommy?

MONICA: yes?

MADDY: can we go to lunch at Mcdonalds?

MONICA: yes we can. We need to do some shopping first, remember you need new shoes and Ryan needs some clothes. Then we will go eat lunch and then we’ll get your kitty and bring it home

MADDY: oh goody, goody, goody!! New shoes, Mcodnalds and a Kitty cat! What a great day!

CHANDLER: so you think she’ll always be this easy to please

MONICA: no, someday she’ll be a teenager, she’ll be Rachel’s teenage daughter. Now as Rachel’s best friend this scares the hell out of me. She is more like Rachel each day, and raising the teenage version of her is not something I’m looking foreward too

CHANDLER: I thought you guys were good friends

MONICA: we were, part of why I liked her was her rebellious nature, her free spirit and willingness to do crazy things. Rach was the one who’d sneak out of the house at night, who came over one night and snuck into my dads liquor cabinet and randomly mixed drinks together. She’s the one who spur of the moment decided to drive down to Myrtle Beach when we were In 12th grade

CHANDLER: Oh. Hey is it considered child abuse to lock your teenager in her room?

MONICA: I think so

CHANDLER: well there goes that idea(Monica playfully hits him on the arm) Hey, that hurt

MONICA: well, don’t’ say stuff like that, now come on.

A shopping center, they are in a shoe store

MONICA: how about these

MADDY: no, no no

MONICA: what is wrong with these shoes?

MADDY: I don’t’ like the color, I want these(holds up a pair of purple and silver sneakers)

MONICA: purple, Madison are you sure

MADDY: yes Mommy, purple is in right now

MONICA: you know what, I’ll make a deal with you, you can have those shoes if, I get to choose your dress shoes


MONICA: (picks out a pair of black dress shoes, then grabs the purple shoes) come on Maddy, lets go pay

MADDY: now we go eat?


MADDY: Can daddy and I go over and get in line(the Mcdonalds is a few stores down from the shoe store)

MONICA: yes you can, Chandler take Ryan too would you(hands him to his dad. Maddy walks next to Chandler holding his hand and making faces at Ryan who looks at her and laughs)

CHANDLER: ok Maddy what do you want?

MADDY: um hambuger, no a cheese buger, or no Um maybe Chicken or..

CHANDLER: you need to make up your mind, we’re next

CASHIER: Can I help you?

CHANDLER: Yes I’ll have a Big Mac combo with a coke, I also need a (looks at Maddy) did you decide yet honey.

MADDY: yeah I want the chicken nuggets

CHANDLER: a childs nuggets and(sees Monica enter) what do you want Mon?

MONICA: I’ll have a quarter pounder with cheese and a diet coke

CHANDLER: you want fries?


CHANDLER: oh I see, you just want to eat mine


CASHIER: is that all

MADDY: can I get an apple pie?

CHANDLER: and 3 apple pies

MONICA: oh and get a cup of ice cream for Ryan to eat

CHANDLER: and a cup of ice cream, and that is all

CASHIER: ok, that will be 25.02, you’re food should be up in a minute

(they sit down and eat their food)

MADDY: can we go get my kitty now

MONICA: yes we can, and remember where we are going there are lots of kitties who need homes, but we are only getting one

MADDY: I know, now come on

(they arrive at the Humane Society and Maddy begins looking at all the cats she stops in front of a cage with an Orange cat, who bats it’s paw at her and starts purring when she plays with it)

MADDY: mommy, daddy I want this one

CHANDLER: oh he’s a nice guy

MONICA: oh what a friendly guy, hey there little one(starts petting him)

CHANDLER: see your’e not opposed to our new family member at all

MONICA: yeah, I admit it, he’s cute and friendly(laughs as the cat licks her hand)

(they fill out the paperwork and leave with the cat)

CHANDLER: so what are you going to name him?

MADDY: Orange Juice

CHANDLER: that’s a long name for such a little guy

MADDY: his name is Orange Juice

MONICA: could we give him a nickname

MADDY: what’s a nickname?

MONICA: a nickname is a shortend name, like your full name is Madison Bing

MADDY: Madison Rachel Bing

MONICA: yes, Madison Rachel Bing, and your nickname is Maddy

MADDY: ok, but what would his nickname be?

MONICA: how about OJ

CHANDLER: or Orangie

MADDY: that’s two nicknames

MONICA: that’s ok, you can have more than two nicknames

MADDY: oh, ok,(starts scratching the cat) hi there Orangie, hi Orangie, Orangie OJ kitty. Mommy?

MONICA: what

MADDY: this was a fun day

MONICA: It was wasn’t it?(looks at Chandler and her 2 children and smiles)

MADDY: yeah

It’s now a year later, Madison is 5yrs old and is going to be starting Kindergarten in September. Ryan is now a year in a half old and is waking and talking. It’s the day of Phoebe and David’s wedding. Everyone is there except Joey who was unable to get away from L>A(he has a part in a big movie that is going to be coming out)

MONICA: Phoebe you look so beautiful

PHOEBE: thank you

MONICA: so are you ready?

PHOEBE: yep, I just wish Joey could have been here

MONICA: I Know, but he had that movie to shoot

PHOEBE: yeah, I know. And I’m so proud of him for getting the part

MONICA: I know, a lead role in a movie with Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Catherine Zeta-Jones

PHOEBE: do you realize this could put him on the map

MONICA: I know, kinda weird huh

PHOEBE: yeah

MADDY: Mama, can I go get a drink

MONICA: Sure, the fountain is right outside, then you come right back in here, we have to wait til it’s time to line up for the wedding

MADDY: Okay(she starts walking down a hallway, then stops suddenly breaks into a smile and runs up to a man) Joey, Joey, Joey!!!!(jumps intoh is arms)

JOEY: hey munchkin, how are you?

MADDY: I’m good. I’m going to be starting Kindergarten in the fall you know

JOEY: wow

MADDY: yes, and my brother is almost 2. Why are you here?

JOEY: what, your’e not glad to see me

MADDY: course I am, but you told my mommy and Phoebe that you could not come

JOEY: I know I did, that was so I could surprise them

MADDY: ohhh, well I will keep it a secret(does the zipping her lip motion)

JOEY: good girl, I’m going to go sit down now and I’ll see you after the wedding is over


Now it’s after the wedding and Phoebe and David are in the Reciveing line, Monica and Chandler were in the wedding party as was Maddy(Ryan is with his grandparents)

PHOEBE(shaking people’s hands) thank you, thank you…(suddenly gasps) Oh my god, Joey!!!!(Hugs him)

MONICA: Joey what are you doing here, I thought you had to shoot your scenes

JOEY: no, not til next week, I just said that so I could surprise you guys

CHANDLER: well you did how have you been man(they hug

JOEY: I’ve been great

PHOEBE: Ok lets ditch this, I’ve shaken enough hands, lets hit the reception and catch up on stuff, oh and Joey you can sit at the head table wit us

JOEY: we get to eat first right

DAVID: yeah

JOEY well all right!!

It’s now Novemeber and everyone is at Monica and Chandler’s for Thanksgiving(Everyone being Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, David, Maddy and Ryan(Joey could not come and Monica’s mom and dad are in The Carribbean on a trip)

CHANDLER: got my meal ready

MONICA: yep, mac n cheese and Funyuns

CHANDLER: great and hey do we have any

MONICA: got your chocolate milk right here

CHANDLER: I’m so glad I married you

MONICA I’m glad too

CHANDLER: I have this perfect life, a fabulous wife, a great family

MONICA speaking of which, when are we going to tell Maddy the truth

CHANDLER: she’s only 5

MONICA: I know but the longer we wait the harder it will be to tell her

CHANDLER: I think we should wiat a couple years though, she’s too young to understand the whole story, we need to wait til she is a bit older

MONICA: yeah, I guess you’re right

MADDY: mom-Phoebe and David are here

MONICA: hey guys

DAVID: hey!!!

PHOEBE: whoo hoo the Bears and Packers-ooh, oh, oh no you dumbass you were supposed to catch that pass

MONICA: Phoebe, I know you only pretend to watch the game

PHOEBE: uh huh(yells) no, no pass pass, inteception, whoo hooo touchdown!!!!!. (looks around the room) oh why bother(gets up and goes into the kitchen) so you need any help Monica

MONICA: yeah, put these pies in the oven and start shelling these beans

MADDY: Phobee look what I made(shows her a turkey she made in Kindergarten)

PHOEBE: wow!!!

MADDY: it’s for you

PHOEBE: it’s the most beautiful Turkey I have ever gotten

MADDY: I know. Do you like h ow my hair ribbon matches my dress

PHOEBE: yes I do, did you pick that out

MADDY: uh huh, cause(whispers to Phoebe) don’t tell her but mom is not too good at putting outfits together

PHOEBE: no she, never has been-but she’s a good cook though huh?

MADDY: yeah, she’s a really good cook. Hey wanna see something?

PHOEBE: sure

MADDY: ok come to my room. Mommy, Phoebe is gonna look at something in my room ok


(they walk towareds her room) it’s a very cute room(imagine a 5yr old girls room) OJ is curled up on her bed sleeping-Maddy picks him up and carires him around as she shows Phoebe her room(Phoebe’s been in it before but you know little kids they have to show you every new toy and outfit they have)

MADDY: ok here it is(takes out a notebook) see I drew these, there different outfits like clothes and stuff. Someday I want to make clothes like this

PHOEBE: oh those are very good, and I bet someday you can do that

MADDY: yayyy, that would be so fun.(Puts the notebook away and runs down the hall back to the kitchen)

PHOEBE: (half out loud, half to herself) wow, she’s more and more like her mom every single day

MADDY: daddy, can we hear your story now

CHANDLER: what story

MADDY: your boring story about why you hate thanakgiving, can we puhleeeze get it over with before we eat

MONICA: yeah I’m with her

CHANDLER: fine(tells the story)

DAVID: that, that is just pathetic

CHANDLER: yeah well try having lived it

PHOEBE: Chandler, that story gets worse and worse every year

MADDY: hello people I’m only five, I have to listen to it for years to come(emphasis on the word years)

(everyone laughs)

-dinner is served and everyone sits around the table laughing and talking and enjoying the food!

Now I’m going to skip ahead a coupel years because well, if I don’t this will go on forever J

Maddy is now 7yrs old and in 2nd grade, Ryan is 3 in a half and a typical little boy, he likes to play in the mud, play with cars etc… Maddy is a typical 7yr old she is in gymnastics, dance(tap and ballet) Girl Scouts and takes piano lessons.

MADDY(runs into the kitchen after school) Hi Momma

MONICA: oh hey sweetie

MADDY: what’s wrong

MONICA: I’m just feeling a little sick is all

MADDY: oh, I’m sorry

MONICA: it’s ok, I’ll be fine

MADDY: can you sign this

MONICA: what is it

MADDY: it’s from my school it’s so I can go on a field trip to see Barbie on Ice

MONICA: ok(signs the form)

MADDY: mom

MONICA: yeah

MADDY: what time do I have dance tonite

MONICA: you have ballet from 5-6

MADDY: ok, I’m gonna go play til then

MONICA: alright, but be quiet Ryan is still napping

MADDY: okies(runs up stairs to play)

MONICA(picks up the phone) Hello, yes I’d like to make an appointment are there any openings tomorrow I haven’t been feeling well for the past coupel of weeks, tommoroow at ten would be fine, yes, yes thank you very much

(an hour later)

CHANDLER: I’m home

MONICA: Hey sweetie, can you do me a favor and take Maddy to dance tonite, I’m not feeling that great, when you get back I’m going to go right to bed

CHANDLER: (walks over and feels her forehead) you don’t feel warm

MONICA: Yeah I think maybe I’m just over tired or have a stomach thing

CHANDLER: ok-well I’ll take maddy and I’ll pick up Pizza on the way home

MONICA: oh good, I hadn’t even started making dinner for you or Ryan. Come right home from dropping her off, Katies mom can drive her home after class,a nd just have the pizza delivered, I really need to go lie down, but I can’t while Ryan is up

CHANDLER: why don’t I just take him with me

MONICA oh could you, Thank you

(Chandler, Ryan and Maddy leave)

the next afternoon-Monica has been to the Dr.

CHANDLER: hey hon

MONICA: oh hey, you’re home early

CHANDLER: yep, got done with all my stuff and decided to come see my favorite women in the world

RYAN: what about me daddy

CHANDLER: and my best guy(picks Ryan up and swings him over his shoulders)

RYAN: can we play catch Daddy

CHANDLER: sure, let me change out of my work clothes though first

RYAN: Ok, I’m gonna watch Barney til you done otay

CHANDLER: ok(starts to go to his room)

MONICA: beofe you go, I have something to tell you


MONICA: well you know how I went to the Dr today

CHANDLER: yeah, oh my god is, is something wrong?

MONICA: no, nothing is wrong in fact something is totally right

CHANDLER: what??

MONICA: Chandler, I’m, I’m pregnant

CHANDLER: oh my god-how, what, why, I mean Oh my god!!!!(hugs her and picks her up and twirls her in the air) oh wait this cannot be good for the baby

MONICA” I’m fine. I was as shocked as you. The Doctor said sometimes these things happen, women who have never been able to produce befoe suddenly can

CHANDLER: I am so happy

MONICA: I know, I know(they begin to kiss and hug)

6 months later

Now we see an office room in it are a lady and a dark haired man

KAREN: so, basically you are saying that you left your daugher in ordre to get over your girlfriends death

ROSS: yes, everytime I saw Madison I thought of Rachel

KAREN: and she is how old now

ROSS: she’s 7 years old

KAREN: and have you gotten over Rachel’s death

ROSS: somewhat, but not totally, I lack the happiness I had when I was with her

KAREN:what do you think would brng that happiness back?

ROSS: being with my daugher(softly) I need my daughter back

KAREN: then you need to do whatever it takes to deal with the past

ROSS: Ok, I will and thank you, thank you(Leaves)

3 months later(it took him a bit to get the courage to go back to NYC and to pack up ect…) Monica had the baby and she is now 3wks old she was a girl who they named Anne Phoebe Bing. (Annie) Ryan is 4 and in pre school and Madison just turned 8(it’s summer)

Monica is sitting on the couch breastfeeding Annie, Ryan is laying on the floor buildng with blocks and then bulldozing them down with his toy Bull Dozer, Maddy is sititng next to Chandler working on her reading(she’s reading him a book) suddenly a knock is heard at the door

MADDY: I’ll get it

MONICA: remember to look and see who it is

MADDY: it’s some guy I don’t know

CHANDLER: well you know what to do, ask them what they want

MADDY: What do you want?

ROSS: I need to talk to Monica

MADDY: momma, he needs to talk to you

MONICA: Ok hold on(stands up and puts the baby in her arms-opens the door and gasps

ROSS: Hey Monica, I came back for Madison. I want her to come live with me now