Who's Daughter is She? (part 3 of 3)

Continued from the last part –oh and I didn’t put this in the first two parts but I own none of these characters and will make no money from this. (well I own Maddy, Ryan and Annie-but I still make no money from them)

ROSS: I want Madison to come and live with me

MONICA: (goes into the hall with him and closes the door) Excuse me, you show up here after 7yrs of not contacting anyone and think you can just take her with you-are you crazy

ROSS: crazy, crazy? Excuse me, you think I’m crazy for wanting my daughter

MONICA: why didn’t you want her for the past 8yrs?

ROSS: because I couldn’t deal with being a father, I was messed up and had a lot to deal with, the women I loved had died

MONICA: oh, boo hoo. We all lost someone we loved but we went on with our lives and dealt with it

ROSS: I dealt with it too, maybe not the way you’d like, but I did.

MONICA: sure took you a hell of a long time

ROSS: you know what, I don’t need you or anyone else to judge me I want my daughter

MONICA: well you can’t have her. You can’t just sweep in and expect to have things like they were when you left

ROSS: you think you’re going to just keep my daughter

MONICA: I don’t think it, I know it. She is our daughter, we have been her parents for 8yrs-we have been there for every moment of her life, you haven’t.

ROSS: I repeat myself I want her back, I am her father

MONICA: you know what, it’s late, we’re tired, we are getting no where arguing. Come by tomorrow at around 9 am and we can sit down and talk. Maddy and Ryan will be at school and I can have Phoebe and David watch Annie

ROSS: who’s David

MONICA: Phoebe’s husband, David the scientist from Minsk

ROSS: she got married to him

MONICA: yeah

ROSS: and who are Ryan and Annie

MONICA: My son and daughter

ROSS: wow, I missed a lot of stuff

MONICA: yeah you did, now I’ll see you at nine(goes inside and locks and closes the door)

-Ross stands in the hallway and looks at the door for a minute, before turning and walking off

MADDY: who was that mom?

MONICA; no one-Maddy why don’t you and Ryan start getting ready for bed, I need to talk to dad for a minute

MADDY: ok, come on Ryan

RYAN: no, Im playin Spaced Invaders

MADDY: Ryan, come on(grabs his hand and starts pulling him)

RYAN: nooo, stop it-puts his hand out like he’s about to hit her

MADDY: Moom,, Ryan tried to hit

MONICA: Ryan, don’t hit. Go with your sister so I can talk to daddy

RYAN: Fine(in a pouting little boy way)

CHANDLER: what’s up

MONICA: oh my god, oh god, oh god

CHANDLER: what, what, what?

MONICA: that was Ross


MONICA: at the door ,it was Ross

CHANDLER: oh my god, he’s back, what did he want?

MONICA: what do you think he wanted, he’s back. He came back for Madison, he wants her, and he wants her now. I don’t’ care if he is her father, he hasn’t been there for her we have, she’s our daughter sure as if she’d been born to us, we cant lose her we can’t(starts to cry)

CHANDLER: (hugs her) shh, it’s ok, we wont lose her, we wont we’ll do whatever we can to keep her

The next day Madison is sitting at the table along with Ryan(who’s playing with a toy car) Annie in her babyseat and Chandler-Monica walks into the kitchen

MADDY: Ryan, don’t. Mom Ryan tried to put his car in my cereal

RYAN: did not

MADDY: did so you little liar

MONICA: Ryan, no toys at the table you know that

RYAN: Daddy

CHANDLER: you heard your mom

MONICA: hurry up or you guys are going to miss the bus

(they finish eating and the kids go to school) Monica and Chandler are waiting for Ross to arrive and Annie is in her baby swing. A Knock is heard at the door

CHANDLER: I’ll get it(opens the door)

ROSS: hey Chandler

CHANDLER: hey, come on in

MONICA: please have a seat Ross

ROSS: (looks at Annie) is this your daughter

CHANDLER: no it’s our pet unicorn

ROSS: still filled with the wisecracks I see


MONICA: listen, we have a lot to talk about, I suggest we get too it

ROSS: no, not too much, I want my daughter, simple as that

MONICA: no, it’s not that simple-yo can’t just come back and expect this to be easy. You have been gone ofr 8yrs, 8yrs. Yo’ve missed 8yrs of her life, she doesn’t even know who you are

ROSS: What!!

MONICA: well when you left you said it was only for a few months that turned into a year, then 2yrs and so on. For a long time she was too young to understand and now that she’s older, we haven’t found the right way to tell her. How do we explain that her father did not want her, not only that we have to explain about her mother dying giving birth to her

ROSS: you sit her down and tell her, it’s not that hard

MONICA: oh really, have you ever tried to sit down an 8yr old and tell them something like that

ROSS: you know what, you need to do it and do it quick, I want her back

CHANDLER: why are you being such a jerk about this, what is the big deal, you’e been without her for 8yrs just let it go

ROSS: excuse me, let it go, let it go?? She is my daughter, mine. I helped create her, I left to deal with my life, with my sadness over Rachel’s death.

MONICA: so what took so damn long, what the hell took 8yrs

ROSS: because I had a lot of issues to deal with. I loved Rachel, I Loved her more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my life, I wanted to be with her, to marry her, I”ve never cared about anyone since and I don’t think I ever will. Her being gone was like a piece of my heart being ripped out. I was in therapy for a long time and made no progress, then a few months ago when I was askd why I left and what would make me happy, I realized I left because of Rachel but Madison is what would make me happy again

MONICA: that’s so beautiful, let me wipe the tear from my eye for poor, poor Ross-who is the only one who lost someone he cared about, who’s the only one to miss Rachel, who is the only person in the world with problems

ROSS: you know what, none of this matters, just give me my daughter

MONICA: no, you want her, you fight us for her—we are keeping her. Oh and she’ not your daughter, she’s ours now, in name and in love.

ROSS: what do you mean in name?

MONICA: I mean, we adopted her-we gave her our last name

ROSS: you did what

MONICA: when she was about 3yrs old, we realized you may never come back so we adopted her in order to get better health benefits and a better insurance policy for her

ROSS: well that’s just lovely. Thank you so much for that, but now I’m back

MONICA: yeah, great I guess we’ll see you in court

ROSS: fine, but can I at least see her, talk to her

MONICA: I don’t know we need to talk to our lawyer first-we’ll be in touch

ROSS: fine(leaves)

That afternoon

MONICA: what did he say

CHANDLER(who has just talked to the lawyer) he said that Ross has a right to her, since he never signed the papers, but we can try to fight it

MONICA: damn right we’ll try, and we’ll win

CHANDLER: but that most likely the court will allow Ross to see her and spend time with her, before the case is decided

MONICA: that means….

CHANDLER: yeah, we need to tell her the truth

MONICA: ok, she’ll be home from school in a half hour, we’ll have Phoebe watch Ryan and Annie and we’ll have a special dinner and tell her then

CHANDLER: yeah-I’ll go talk to Phoebe right now

MONICA: thanks

That evening

MONICA: so Mads you enjoying your lasagna

MADDY: yep, it’s my favorite

MONICA: I know sweetie

CHANDLER: honey we need to talk to you

MADDY: bout what?

MONICA: about something that happened when you were born. Sweetie this is going to be hard for you to hear and I want you to know how much we both love you

MADDY: what, what’s wrong

MONICA: Madison sweetie I’m not your real mother and Dad(points to Chandler) is not your real dad.

MADDY: I don’t understand

MONICA: another mommy gave birth to you, her name was Rachel and she was one of our best friends. She got very sick and she died when you were just a couple hours old. Your dad was very upset and he couldn’t handle having a baby so he gave you to us. It was only to be for a few months but he never came back, but yesterday he came and he wants you to live with him

MADDY: no, no no(screams) you’re my mom, your’e my daddy. I won’t go, I won’t I won’t(runs in her room and slams the door)

CHANDLER: well that went well

MONICA: what did you expect, she’s 8yrs old

CHANDLER: I’ll go talk to her

MONICA: no, we both will(They go into her room where she’s lying on her bed sobbing. OJ is licking her tears off her cheeks and she has a stuffed bear in her arms) sweetie, it’s going to be ok, we’re going to do everything we can to keep you with us. Even though we did not give birth to you, we love you like our own

MADDY: why didn’t you tell me before

MONICA: because you were too young, and we had discussed telling you at your next birthday-then Ross, that’s your dads name, came back

MADDY: I hate him, I hate him, I don’t ever want to see him

MONICA: well the thing is, is that you have to see him. We are going to be going to court to see about who you get to live with, but the lawyer said you need to meet with him and talk

MADDY: I don’t want to

CHANDLER: angel, do you remember when I told you that sometimes you don’t get to choose what you want to do?

MADDY: yeah?

CHANDLER: well this is one of those times, you need to do this and be a big girl about it, it wont be for a long time, just for a couple of hours’

MADDY: ok, I’ll do it, but I won’t like it

MONICA: you don’t have to

MADDY: good

CHANDLER: ok sweetie we’ll leave you alone now(him and Mon start to leave)

MADDY: daddy?


MADDY: what was my mom like-I mean your m y mom but, she um, I mean

MONICA: it’s ok I know what you mean. Your mom was beautiful and friendly and funny, she loved fashion, shopping, dancing. You’r so much like her

MADDY: she liked shopping and fashion, wow!

MONICA: yeah she liked to draw clothes just like you do

MADDY: what was her n ame

MONICA: her name was Rachel, Rachel Karen she was one of my best friends, we knew each other from kindergarten on

MADDY: wow, kinda like me and Hopie.

MONICA: yeah

MADDY: id’ be sad if Hopie died, were you sad when she died

MONICA: I was very sad, but I had you to cheer me up

MADDY: I’m glad. Mom(said in a really hesitant, sad way)

MONICA what?

MADDY: I’m sorry for what I did

MONICA: huh(looking really really confused)

MADDY: I’m sorry she died and that I was born, it must have been my fault she died

MONICA: no, it was not your fault, It had nothing to do with you, she just got sick and she died htat is all, you had nothing to do with it. Your mom loved you so much, just like the two of us do

MADDY: (runs into Monica’s arms where the two of them cry and hug) what do I call my dad, I don’t want to call him dad cause even if he really is, he’s not you’re my dad(looks at Chandler)

CHANDLER: you can just call him Ross


About 2wks later, it’s the day of her first meeting with Ross

ROSS: so where do you want to go

MADDY: I don’t care

ROSS: how about out for pizza and then a movie


ROSS: So how is school

MADDY: good

ROSS: what grade are you in?

MADDY: 2nd

ROSS: oh that’s nice do you like it

MADDY: uh huh’

ROSS: what’s your favorite class

MADDY: reading and art

ROSS: you like to draw

MADDY: uh huh.

ROSS: so what do you like to draw

MADDY: I like to draw people and clothes(starts talking more cause she’s talking about one of her big hobbies) I like to make outfits, that’s what I want to do, I want to be a designer

ROSS: you know your mom liked to draw clothes and she liked to shop

MADDY: I know mom told me, I mean

ROSS: it’s ok if you call them mom and dad

MADDY: it is, good

ROSS: do you want to see a picture of your mom, of Rachel I mean

MADDY: yeah

ROSS: here(hands her a photo of Rachel)

MADDY: wow, she’s so pretty

ROSS: yeah she was, you have her eyes


ROSS: yes, (looks at Madison’s eyes) yours are just as pretty

MADDY: what else did my mom like to do

ROSS: she liked to watch movies, to laugh, to go dancing. I remember one time we(starts telling a story-and we see Ross and Madison laughing and talking to each other)

Later that everning

MONICA: so how did you visit with Ross go

MADDY: it was fine, he’s not that bad. He showed me pictures of Rachel and told me stories about her. Did you guys really have a lemonade stand and charge people a dollar a cup of what was mainly just watered down lemonade


MONICA: Hey we ran out of lemonade mix and it was mostly Rachel’s idea

MONICA: did Ross ask you about living with him

MADDY: yeah he said he wanted to but I still don’t want to

CHANDLER: did you tell him that

MADDY: no, I didn’t think he’d listen

MONICA: well we go to court next week so you need to decide what you want to do

MADDY: I know, I will(goes into her room)

MONICA: what if she doesn’t choose us

CHANDLER: she will, you heard her, she wants to stay here

MONICA: what is she doesn’t she said that Ross wasn’t bad wasn’t’ bad. That she enjoyed talking to him

CHANDLER: so she enjoyed talking to him, that does not mean she will want to go stay with him, this is her home, we are the ones who have been there for her, who rocked her when she had nighmares, who dried her tears, who sat with her when she broke her arm and when she had Chicken Pox. She knows this and will not forget all that.

MONICA: yeah, yeah you’re right(softly) I hope

(Maddy had been standing in her door listening-when her “parents” finished speaking and went to their bedroom she tiptoed into the kitchen to the phone)

ROSS: Hello

MADDY: Hi Um Ross this is Maddy I need to talk to you tomorrow

ROSS: ok, I can come get you and we can go for ice cream

MADDY: ok, I get out of school at 3 but I gotta be home by 5:30 cause I have piano

ROSS: alrighty roo

The next day-after school

MONICA: so Mads what do you say we run down to the mall and get you some new jeans

MADDY: not today mom

MONICA are you feeling ok, I’ve never known you to turn down shopping

MADDY: I feel fine, it’s just Ross is taking me out for Ice cream

MONICA: you’re seeing him again, I thought the one time was enough

MADDY: yeah Im seeing him again, I gotta tell him something real important

MONICA: cant’ it wait, I don’t think you need to see him

MADDY: Mom, I want to see him, I gotta tell him tha I don’t want to live with him. Maybe if I tell him he’ll listen and then you wont’ have to go to court

MONICA: oh, well you can try but don’t expect much

MADDY: (looking out the window) he’s here, bye love ya(kisses Monica and runs down the staris and outside)

ROSS: Hey I thought we’d go to this old Fashioned ice cream place I know, out in Brooklyn. They have sundaes, cones, and all kinds of toppings

MADDY: sounds good

ROSS: so what is your favorite kind of ice cream

MADDY: a scoop of pepprmint and a scoop of chocolate Ripple

ROSS: oh my god, that is so amazing

MADDY: what is?

ROSS: that was your moms, I mean Rachel’s favorite kind of Ice Cream too

MADDY: wow

(they arrive at the ice cream place and are eating)

MADDY: I need to tell you something

ROSS: what

MADDY: I know you want me to live with you ubt I don’t want to. I don’t know you, I think you are a nice guy and I want to talk to you cause you knew my real mom and you can tell me about her and about your life, but I don’t want to leave my mom and dad. I know they are not really but I feel like they are, I love them and if you make me live with you I will yell and be a brat all the time and I’ll never forgive you

ROSS: Ok, that, that is a lot of info to take in all at once. But I”ll think about what you said okl

MADDY: thank you

ROSS: now lets get you back for that piano lesson

It’s now about a week later-everyone is sittng around the dinner table when a knock is heard at the door.

ROSS: hey


ROSS: listen I have something to say to you all. Madison and I had a talk a few days ago and I”ve been doing a lot of thinking. I realized that coming and demanding Maddy back was selfish of me. You guys have been her family, her parents for 8yrs I made the choice to leave her and I need to accept that. I’v decided not to take you to court or to sue for custody, in fact I want to sign the paperwork to make her totally legally yours.

MONICA: you mean

ROSS: yes, I’m letting her stay here. I hope I can still write and be a part of her life though and maybe she can visit me in Seattle

CHANDLER: your’e not staying here

ROSS: no, I can’t do that, there are to many memories.

MONICA: Oh my god, thank you, thank you thank you(Runs to Ross and hugs him)

MADDY: what’s going on

MONICA: you get to stay here, you get to kepe living with us

MADDY: yay, thank you thank you(hugs Ross)

ROSS: (looks at her with slight tears in his eyes) Your’e welcome, you’re welcome. (reaches into his pocket) here are the papers, I signed everything.

MONICA thank you, for everything and I’m sorry aobut what I said before, I hope we can work through everything

ROSS: me too, I’ll be in touch ok

MONICA: all right(they hug)

CHANDLER: bye man

ROSS: bye guys(looks at Madison) you keep in touch ok and don’t’ ever forget how much I love you, Madison Rachel Bing