The One With The Desert Road


[Five months later. Girlís apartment. Everyone but Rachel is sitting in front of the TV. Emilyís there too.]

MONICA: [Almost sincerely.] Nice that you could come too, Emily. It has been empty without Ross. Englandís pretty far away.

EMILY: Well, I thought after spending five months in London it would be nice for Ross, and me, to meet his sister and friends again. A lot has happened these last months.

MONICA: You donít sayÖ

[Rachel enters the room from her bedroom. Her belly has grown a lot, and Emily looks surprised.]

EMILY: Hi, Rachel. I didnít know you were pregnant.

RACHEL: Oh, you didnítÖ [faking being happy] Hi Ross!

ROSS: [He rises and looks pretty nervous] Hi Rach, how are you?

RACHEL: You see, Iím pregnant, so I feel fat, I feel sick every time I eat and I canít see my feet. Iím just fineÖ [Smiles sarcastically]

[The others try to look like theyíre busy, but canít ignore whatís happening.]

EMILY: Ross didnít tell me. Whoís the father?

RACHEL: UhmÖ He really doesnít care.

[She looks over to Ross, who hangs his head.]

EMILY: Iím sorry. Just tell me if you need anything.

RACHEL: Thanks, but no thanks. The baby and I will do fine on our own.

EMILY: I just canít understand that the father donít careÖ You must have been really angry with each other, if he just leaves you.

RACHEL: I really donít wanna talk about it.

EMILY: I mean, you canít have known each other very long. Ross never talked about your boyfriend anyway. But if he was such a jerk leaving you, maybe he wasnít worth mentioning.

ROSS: EmilyÖ Leave itÖ

EMILY: But itís really terrible. Iím glad I have you. I canít imagine you would do anything like that. Though, Iíd never get pregnant by a man being like that.

RACHEL: Ok, Iím getting really tired of you now. I know this baby was a mistake, but I want it. It will mean a connection to a man, who seems not to want the baby, at least not with me. And it hurts, because I thought he would be the man I would spend my life with. Of course could this never happen to little perfect EmilyÖ But maybe itís closer than you think.

ROSS: RachelÖ

EMILY: What does she mean, Ross?

RACHEL: Oh, I can tell you what I mean. The lousy boyfriend that left me pregnant is Ross. Oh, isnít that a shocker?

EMILY: Ross?!

ROSS: Yeah, Iím the fatherÖ


RACHEL: I can tell you that too. You shouldnít have left him alone that wedding nightÖ

EMILY: [Looks at Ross.] How dare you?!

[She leaves the apartment and an embarrassing silence arises.]

RACHEL: Iíll be in my room if anyone needs me. [She walks into her room and closes the door.]

CHANDLER: [to Ross] What are you gonna do?

ROSS: I donít knowÖ

MONICA: Itís a big mess youíve gotten yourself into.

ROSS: Yeah, itís either my wife or my childÖ What can I do?

[A week later, in the guys apartment. Ross and Chandler sits in the armchairs while Joeyís making a sandwich.]

ROSS: Iíve really messed up. Neither Emily nor Rachel wants to talk to me. Well, I got the divorce papers from Emilyís lawyer.

JOEY: Hey, want a sandwich?


JOEY: Itís with sausage and jam!

ROSS: Eww, Joe!

CHANDLER: But what are you gonna do about Rachel? You havenít treated her right. Thatís for sure.

ROSS: I know, but she refuses to talk to me.

[The door opens and Rachel comes in.]

RACHEL: Hey guys! Do you haveÖ [She quiets when she sees Ross.] Never mind.

[She turns around and walks out again. Ross goes after her, but only gets the door closed in his face.]

ROSS: Rachel! Please!

CHANDLER: Omigod, Ross! Go after her! Itís your chance to make some of the things right, donít screw it up.

[Ross goes into the girlís apartment. Right as he comes in closes the door to Rachelís bedroom. Monica sits by the table. He opens the door without knocking and walks in.]

RACHEL: [On the verge of crying.] Go away, Ross!

ROSS: No, not before you hear me out. [He sits down beside her on the bed.] Please listenÖ Iím so sorry for everything. It has just gone so fast. Iíll never forgive myself for neglecting you when you were carrying my child.

RACHEL: Iím still carrying itÖ

ROSS: But now I wonít neglect you. Please give me another chanceÖ

RACHEL: I donít know, RossÖ I canít be hurt again. Itís too much. You canít expect me to love you like nothing has happened. I will always love you, youíre the father of my child. But it will never be the same.

ROSS: Just forgive me for not being here. I canít stand knowing you hate meÖ

RACHEL: Ross, I donít hate you. And I know you had your reasons for not being here. Letís just take one step at the time.

[They hug, and it seems they both enjoy being near each other again. ďWhen you say nothing at allĒ by Ronan Keating starts playing.]

It's amazing how you, can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word, you can light up the dark
Try as I may I could never explain
What I hear when you don't say a thing

The smile on your face, lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best, when you say nothing at all

[Two months later. Rachel and Ross are in the girlsí apartment ready to go out when Chandler comes through the door.]

CHANDLER: Hi guys. You look fancy. Where are you going?

ROSS: Weíre having dinner at my parentís.

[Chandler walks up to Rachel, and bends down to her big belly.]

CHANDLER: Hey little babyÖ [He lays his hand on her stomach.] Wow, itís a fighter in there.

RACHEL: You tell meÖ I think itís practicing soccer.

CHANDLER: I canít believe itís only a few weeks until it comes. Are you nervous?

RACHEL: Are you kidding me? I would rather run naked on Times SquareÖ

ROSS: Are you ready, Rach?

RACHEL: Iím coming. See you later Chandler.

[They walk out.]

[Cut to Mr. and Mrs. Gellerís dinning-room. Rachel, Ross and Jack are sitting around the table. Judy comes in with a roast beef.]

JUDY: I hope it will taste good.

RACHEL: Iím sure it will, Mrs. Geller.

JACK: So, what was it you came to say?

ROSS: Well, we havenít been very clear when it comes to the baby. There are some things you have to know. Rachel and I will not live together after it has come. We just donít think weíre ready.

RACHEL: We arenít even a couple. I donít want to risk the trust we have built up these last months. A lot of things happened that I never can forget, and having a baby wonít make it up. But itís better now than it was before. We just need to know that you donít feel strange about this.

JUDY: Honey, itís our grandchild, we will love it whether youíre together or not. We know what has happened in the past, and we donít blame you for feeling unsure.

RACHEL: I have to be sure about my feelings before I can use them like I did before. But things are getting betterÖ

JACK: We will always be here for the two of you.

JUDY: The three of youÖ

[Time lapse, and itís time to go home. Ross and Rachel are on their way out.]

JUDY: Donít forget to call when the baby comes!

ROSS: We wonítÖ Bye!

JACK: Drive carefully.

[Ross and Rachel drive away in Phoebeís cab. On a desert road the car begins to make strange noises.]

RACHEL: Whatís that sound?

ROSS: I donít know.

[The car is slowing down, and suddenly theyíre standing still.]

RACHEL: OkÖ This isnít right is it?

ROSS: Well, I think I know whatís wrongÖ The fuel gauge isnít working.

RACHEL: But that doesnít stop a car, does it?

ROSS: No, but an empty gas tank doesÖ

RACHEL: Oh, godÖ Thatís just great. Weíre stuck in the middle of nowhere without gas.

ROSS: Iíll go see if thereís some gas in the trunk.

[He steps outside and opens the trunk. After having no success finding anything he gives up and steps back into the car.]

ROSS: NothingÖ I got my mobile phone. Weíll just call a service station. Rach?

[He turns around to find Rachel having a strange look on her face.]

ROSS: What is it?!

RACHEL: My water just brokeÖ

ROSS: Oh my god!

[He takes out his phone, but realizes he has to help Rachel as she has a contraction.]

ROSS: Breathe, honey. Maybe itís better you lie down in the backseat.

[He helps her getting to the backseat, and then dials 911. During it all, the contracget worse every second.]


ROSS: Yes! Hello! We need an ambulance!

RACHEL: Tell them to !

OPERATOR: What has happened?

ROSS: My friend is having a baby!

OPERATOR: Where are you?

ROSS: Our car ran out of gas. I donít know exactly where, but itís a desert road on the way from Joansville (letís say itís a small town outside New York) to New York City.

OPERATOR: Ok, thereís an ambulance on its way. Just stay where you are and itíll find you. Now we have to concentrate on your friend. Whereís the babyís father?

ROSS: Iím the father, weíre just not together right now.

OPERATOR: Ok, whatís your name?

ROSS: Ross.

OPERATOR: And the motherís?

ROSS: Rachel.

OPERATOR: Ok, Ross, listen to me. You have to take care of the delivery until the ambulance comes. Whereís Rachel now?

ROSS: In the backseat.

OPERATOR: How often are the contractions coming?

ROSS: I donít know, but they donít seem to have a beginning or an end.

OPERATOR: Make sure sheís as comfortable as she can be. And then you have to see if the babyís on itís way out.

[Ross does what the operator says.]

ROSS: I can see its head!

OPERATOR: Ok, the ambulance might not be there in time, but donít worry, youíre doing just fine. Tell Rachel itís ok to push now.

ROSS: Rachel, honey? You have to push now.

RACHEL: Oh god, it hurts so much! I donít want to be here!

ROSS: Donít worry, Rach, youíre doing great. We will make itÖ

[Rachel pushes and Ross gets further instructions by the operator. Five minutes later is the baby almost out.]

OPERATOR: Tell her she just have to push one more time.

ROSS: Honey, hang on. Push one more timeÖ

[Close-up on Rachel as she pushes on last time. You can hear a babyís cry.]

ROSS: OmigodÖ Itís a girl. Rach, itís a baby girl!

OPERATOR: Congratulations! You just delivered your daughter. Now lay her on Rachelís chest.

[Ross lays the girl in Rachelís arms and kisses her on her forehead. You can hear sirens in the background.]

ROSS: You did itÖ

RACHEL: No, we did it. Oh, look at her, sheís beautiful.

OPERATOR: Howís the mother doing?

ROSS: Sheís just fine. The ambulance is coming now.

OPERATOR: Then Iíve done my workÖ

ROSS: Thank you very, very much. We could never have done it without youÖ

OPERATOR: You did the biggest work.

ROSS: By the way, whatís your name?

OPERATOR: Jamie Anderson.

ROSS: JamieÖ What do you think, Rach?

RACHEL: I love Jamie. Itís a perfect name, for a perfect daughterÖ

ROSS: Miss Anderson. We would like to see you sometime so that you can meet our daughter JamieÖ

All the wayĒ by Celine Dion and Frank Sinatra starts playing.]

When somebody loves you

Itís no good unless he loves you all the way

Happy to be near you

When you need someone to cheer you all the way

Taller than the tallest tree is

Thatís how itís got to feel

Deeper than the deep blue see is

Thatís how deep it goes - if itís real

[Cut to a hospital room. Rachel is lying in a bed with her daughter in her arms, and Ross is sitting on the edge of the bed when the others enter. Monica runs up to Rachel.]

MONICA: Aw, look at her. Sheís so beautiful.

CHANDLER: You did a great job, RachÖ

RACHEL: I never could have done it without Ross.

PHOEBE: You gave us a real scare when they called from the hospital and explained what had happened.

RACHEL: I was pretty scared myself. And I canít believe you did it three timesÖ

PHOEBE: Well, I wasnít in the backseat of a cab. Thatís a big advantage.

JOEY: So, what are you gonna name her?

ROSS: Jamie, after the 911-operator.

[Monica walks up to Ross.]

MONICA: I canít believe you delivered a baby!

ROSS: Me neitherÖ But it was the most beautiful thing Iíve ever done. Especially as it was RachelÖ

RACHEL: Oh, RossÖ I love you.

ROSS: I love you too, sweetie.

[They meet in a deep kiss.]

JOEY: So does this mean youíre back together?

ROSS: Itís up to Rach.

RACHEL: A few months ago Iíd never thought it would end like this. But now I see things from a whole new angle. I canít imagine spending my life without you, Ross.

JOEY: Yay!!!

[Once again they meet in a kiss.]

RACHEL: It was always you, RossÖ

THE OTHERS: Awwww!!!!!!!!!

When somebody needs you

Itís no good unless he needs you - all the way

Through the good or lean years

And for all the in-between years - come what may

Who knows where the road will lead us

Only a fool would say

But if you let me love you

Itís for sure Iím gonna love you

All the way

All the way

~ The End ~