The One With The One Ross Didn’t Know About


[This takes place in the middle of season three, when Ross and Rachel still are together.]

[Scene: Central Perk, everyone’s there. Ross sits in the chair, and Rachel sits in his lap. Monica, Phoebe and Chandler sits on the couch and Joey’s by himself where he usually sits.]

MONICA: Guys, I really think we should go somewhere, for a week or so.

PHOEBE: Where?

MONICA: I don’t know, but like a vacation.

PHOEBE: Hey, maybe we could go to Europe!

JOEY: Or maybe to France, I’ve heard they have a lot of beautiful chicks!

PHOEBE: France is in Europe!

CHANDLER: Or, maybe, maybe, we could go somewhere we can afford…

RACHEL: Sounds right up my alley.

ROSS: But where should we go?

CHANDLER: Chicago?

MONICA: Too windy.

ROSS: Atlanta?

MONICA: Too dirty.

RACHEL: Ok, Mon, why don’t you decide?

MONICA: All right. I say we go to… San Francisco!

ROSS: Well, why not? What do you say, Rach?

RACHEL: Sure, I’ve never been in San Francisco.

CHANDLER: I don’t think any of us has.

MONICA: Great! I’ll go buy tickets! Omigod, this is gonna be so much fun! [She rises] Gotta go, there’s so much to do! Oh, god! What am I gonna take with me?!

CHANDLER: Somebody, please, give the woman Prozac!

[Scene: Airport. Phoebe, Monica, Joey and Chandler are waiting outside. Monica is nervous, and can hardly stand still.]

MONICA: Why aren’t they coming?! They said they’d be here in time!

JOEY: Calm down. They’ll be here. They’re probably just doing it…

MONICA: Doing what?!

JOEY: Having sex, of course. A quicky…

[She looks angrily at him, but then a cab stops in front of them and Rachel and Ross comes out.]

JOEY: Hey… [Smiles that kind of way only Joey knows how to.]

RACHEL: What’s up, Joe?

JOEY: [To Ross] Nice going…

ROSS: What? [He turns to Monica.] Sorry, we’re late.

MONICA: What took you so long?

ROSS: Little Miss “I-can’t-decide-what-to-wear” here, packed her whole closet.

RACHEL: Oh, it isn’t that bad. You never know what the weather will be…

CHANDLER: Well, Mon almost had a heart attack, but otherwise it looks pretty sunny.

MONICA: Come on! Don’t just stand there!

[They walk inside.]

[Scene: Airplane. They’re getting to their places. Rachel comes behind Ross, who looks pretty angry.]

RACHEL: I didn’t know you only were allowed a certain weight on your luggage…

[Ross just keeps going, still looking angry.]

RACHEL: And that lady had the nerve to charge me for it.

[He stops, turns around and looks at her.]

RACHEL: It wasn’t my intention to forget my credit card at home…

ROSS: Not only had I to carry around your far too heavy luggage everywhere, I had to pay for it, too.

RACHEL: Sorry… I’ll make it up to you…

ROSS: How?

RACHEL: You see, I’ve never done it on an airplane…

ROSS: [Smiles] Well, just tell me if you need anything paid for.

[They meet in a deep kiss.]

[You see the plane take off.]

[Scene: A big hotel is in the background, Ross and Rachel are lying by the poolside.]

RACHEL: Oh, I could really get used to this.

ROSS: Yeah, it’s really nice. I can’t believe we’ve already been here three days.

RACHEL: Well, we’ve got five days to go. And spending them with you will be amazing.

[A waiter comes up with a drink for Rachel.]

WAITER: Excuse me, aren’t you Rachel Green?

[She looks up to see a tall handsome man standing in front of her.]

RACHEL: Jordan, is that you?

WAITER/JORDAN: Yes! It’s so good to see you.

[Rachel stands up to hug the yet unknown man.]

ROSS: Erhm…

RACHEL: Oh, sorry. Ross, this is Jordan. Jordan, this is Ross, my boyfriend. Jordan and I were good friends in high school.

JORDAN: Yeah, really good friends…

ROSS: Is that so?

RACHEL: Jordan is Chip Matthews’ older brother.

JORDAN: Don’t worry, I’m nothing like Chip.

RACHEL: So, what have you been up to?

JORDAN: Well, I’m living here now, studying to be a lawyer. I’m just doing this for the money. What about you?

RACHEL: Well, I almost got married, but I changed my mind. And then I found Ross… And hopefully I’ll get a job in the fashion industry.

JORDAN: It feels really stupid standing here talking about everything. Maybe we can meet up a night, for dinner or so?

RACHEL: Maybe…

JORDAN: Here, here’s my number. Feel free to call at any time.

RACHEL: I will…

JORDAN: Ok, gotta go before my boss gets mad. See you around.

RACHEL: See ya.

[Jordan walks away. Ross looks a little strange at Rachel.]

ROSS: Who was that?

RACHEL: I told you, an old friend.

ROSS: An old boyfriend?

RACHEL: Well, you can say he comforted me after I broke up with Chip…

ROSS: Why haven’t you told me about him?

RACHEL: I didn’t think he was worth mentioning. But if you want to talk about it…?

ROSS: Are you going to meet him?

RACHEL: I don’t know. If you feel strange about it, I won’t.

ROSS: Well, it feels a little strange…

RACHEL: Honey, it’s you I love, and you alone.

ROSS: I guess one night wouldn’t hurt.

RACHEL: Are you sure?

ROSS: Yeah, by the way, it’s your decision. And I trust you.

RACHEL: Love you…

ROSS: Love you, too.

[A little kissing, a little hugging… “That’s the way it is” by Céline Dion starts playing.]

I can read your mind

And I know your story

I see what you’re going through

It’s an uphill climb

And I’m feeling sorry

But I know it will come to you

Don’t surrender

‘Cause you can win

In this thing called love

When you want it the most

There’s no easy way out

When you’re ready to go

And your heart’s left in doubt

Don’t give up on your faith

Love comes to those who believe it

And that’s the way it is

[Scene: The hotel bar. Chandler, Joey and Ross are there.]

JOEY: Let me get this right. Rachel is out with an old boyfriend?

ROSS: Yeah.

CHANDLER: Are you crazy?

ROSS: What?

CHANDLER: It’s new town, and an old love escorts her around…

ROSS: I can trust Rachel.

JOEY: Sure, but can you trust him? I mean, he didn’t care about his brother.

ROSS: But…

CHANDLER: No buts! You can’t just let her go like that. It took you nine years to get this far, don’t let her slip away now!

ROSS: What should I do?

JOEY: I say you go after her, before something happens…

ROSS: You’re right.

JOEY: Of course we are.

ROSS: I’ll go get a cab!

CHANDLER: That’s my man!

[Scene: A restaurant. Rachel and Jordan sits by a table.]

JORDAN: It’s really great to see you again.

RACHEL: Thanks.

JORDAN: You look wonderful.

RACHEL: Jordan… You know I’ve got a boyfriend.

JORDAN: No, I just meant that you look very good. You’ve changed a lot.

RACHEL: Yeah, well, a lot in my life has changed…

[She takes a slice of bread, and look briefly up and sees Ross on a table in the other side of the room.]

RACHEL: Oh, god…


RACHEL: I need to go to the ladies room. I’ll be right back.

[She walks over to Ross and pulls him with her into another room.]

RACHEL: What are you doing?!

ROSS: I was just a little hungry and saw this restaurant…

RACHEL: 10 miles from the hotel?!

ROSS: … in the yellow pages…

RACHEL: You’re here because I’m here with Jordan, aren’t you?


RACHEL: I gotta get back to him. Go back to the hotel, Ross.

[She turns around and walks back to Jordan.]

RACHEL: I’m back.

JORDAN: Ready to order?


[Suddenly Ross comes up to them.]

ROSS: [in a fake surprised voice] Rachel?! Are you here?


ROSS: Jordan, wasn’t it?

RACHEL: Ross, what are you doing?

ROSS: I can’t believe you’re in the same restaurant as I!

JORDAN: You can sit here if you want.


ROSS: Thanks!

[He pulls out a chair and sits down.]

ROSS: Rachel, what about that?! [Smiles a big smile]

[Time laps. Ross and Jordan talks and Rachel looks on.]

RACHEL: I can’t believe this…

ROSS: What did you say, honey?

RACHEL: Nothing.

ROSS: [turns back to Jordan.] And then she left him on the altar, fortunately for me. And then she went to his wedding with her best friend. Showing her butt!!!

RACHEL: Enough about me!

ROSS: Oh, Rach…

RACHEL: We better get home, Ross.


[Scene: A dark hotel room. The door opens and Ross and Rachel come in. Ross turns on the lights. Rachel goes into the bathroom without saying a word. Ross stands outside.]

ROSS: Rachel, please, it wasn’t that bad. I ha good time…

[The door opens, and Rachel walks out.]

RACHEL: Well, I didn’t! You ruined a perfectly fine dinner!

ROSS: I just wanted to be with you.

RACHEL:No, you were there because I was there with Jordan. I can’t believe I can’t do anything without having you by my side! You have to trust me…

ROSS: But I talked to Chandler and Joey and they said that I should go there.

RACHEL: It wasn’t even your own idea… You can be talked into anything.

ROSS: No, but I do know I love you…

RACHEL: [smiles.] You’re kinda dorky, but I like you anyway…

ROSS: Let’s make the best of San Francisco’s night…

[They kiss and “I love the way you love me” by Boyzone starts playing.]

I like the feel of your name on my lips

And I like the sound of your sweet gentle kiss

The way that your fingers run trough my hair

And how your scent lingers even when you're not there

And I like the way your eyes dance when you laugh
And how you enjoy your two-hour bath
And how you've convinced me to dance in the rain
With everyone watching like we were insane

But I love the way you love me
Strong and wild, slow and easy
Heart and soul so completely
I love the way you love me


~ The End ~