What if things were different ?

This takes place in highschool.
It’s a story of what would have happened if Ross was cooler and Rachel was more down to earth in highschool. I hope you like it let me know what you think .

Rachel’s at a party with some of her friends she’s 18.

Sarah: Finally some older guys

Brittany : yea I know what happened to the guys they all got taller , tighter, and cuter.

Rachel: thank god

Michelle: yea it was about time.

Sarah: it’s weird though. Some of the guys I’d never look at twice last year are really hot.

Rachel: ya I know. I bet your sorry you blew off Chip now huh ?

Sarah: ya well I’ll get someone better.

Brittany: we know

Michelle: I’m gonna go talk to that guy over there. Wish me Luck

Rachel: good luck

Rachel: I don’t know about you guys but I’m really tired of all the guys we know I mean ya their cute and popular but their such creeps . They pretend their in love with you get as far as they can and then leave you so they can brag to their friends about it.

Michelle: well mabey you’ll meet somebody here.

Rachel: yea mabey

a guy walks over to her

Greg : hey you look lonely. Want some company?
( he says this in a really sleazy way)

Rachel: keep walking buddy

Greg: what you don’t like me?

Rachel: no I really don’t.

Greg: but you don’t even know me

Rachel : I know enough

Greg: are you sure you don’t wanna get to know me better ( he tries to kiss her)

Rachel slaps him

Rachel: don’t touch me .

She walks away quickly
and goes outside and walks over to a swing set in the backyard. She sits on the swing. There’s a guy standing behind her a couple feet away. He walks over to her

Rachel: I hate guys.

Ross: I guess this isn’t such a good time to introduce myself.

Rachel: sorry I didn’t see you there.

Ross: it’s okay I’m Ross.

Rachel: hi I’m Rachel.

Ross: Are you okay ?

Rachel looks down

Ross: You wanna talk about it ?

Rachel: yea I guess.....it’s just those guys their such jerks . They just think they can walk over and touch me or kiss me like I’m a toy or something.

Ross: Yea some of the guys are like that.

Rachel: more like all guys

Ross: well not all guys

Rachel: let me guess your different from all the other guys right. ?

Ross: well yea ...look just stay away from those guys. I know I just met you but I think you can do better.

She walks closer to him and puts her hand on his chest
until I say she’s not anymore she’s using a sexy voice

Rachel: yea I should be with someone like you right ?

Ross is practically in a daze

Ross: um yea

Rachel: you wouldn’t hurt me would you ?

Ross: no

Rachel: It would be nice to show me off to your friends

Ross: yea

Rachel changes her voice so it’s normal again
she pushes Ross so that he almost falls over remember he’s in a daze here so it’s wouldn’t be hard to do

Rachel: your just like every other guy I’ve met.

Ross runs after her

Ross: Rachel wait!

Rachel: wow I’m impressed you actually managed to remember my name.

He pulls her into him by her arm so their very close to each other and he looks into her eyes

Ross: I didn’t mean what I said back there.

Rachel turns to look away from him and he gently puts his hand on the side of her face to make her face him. His face is really sincere and she’s surprised

Ross: your not a trophy for anyone and nobody has the right to touch you in a way that makes you uncomfortable.

Rachel: then why did you say .....

Ross cuts her off

Ross: well.... I’m sure you already know this ....because every guy here has probably told you already but.... your beautiful.

Rachel turns to look away again and Ross sweetly turns her face back to his

Ross: no hey come on really you are and I wasn’t thinking with my head. I was thinking with my hormones okay? and I’m sure you could see that yourself. But that’s not all your right your not just a pretty face. You want more from a guy than a lot of these other girls do. I know a lot of these guys are jerks but some of the girls aren’t any better. Just because you’re on the basketball team they immediately want you. And not because of you .because of your stupid title, and ,your car and, your popularity. Then they break your heart and tell all their friends about it. So I’m not all that different from you really. So you think you can give me another chance ?

She has a look on her face like wow

Rachel: yea I think I can.

Ross: good

Ross: well I better go but I’ll see you around ?

Rachel: yea

Ross: okay bye


Rachel: bye

they both smile

Time Lapse

Rachel at school talking with her friends. It’s lunch break

Michelle: I met this really hot guy at the party last night. We’re going out Friday.

Brittany : I need to find a guy

Sarah: so Rachel how about you? Meet anyone new ?

Rachel: yea

Rachel smiles

Michelle: so tell us about him

Rachel: well he was really sweet and surprisingly honest

Brittany: oh so he wasn’t cute ?

Rachel: what ? no he was...... he’s really cute.......He has pretty eyes..... and a really nice body...

Michelle: sounds like somebody’s in love

Rachel: I’m not in love. I just met the guy.

Brittany: sure

Cut to Ross with his friends

Mike: so Ross did you hookup with anyone last night ?

Ross: nah...but I met this girl her name’s Rachel. She was pretty cool.

Tom: oh yea did you get her number ?

Ross: no the timing was bad.

Mike: so is she hot ?

Ross: yea she’s beautiful

Tom: why don’t you go find her and ask her out ?

Ross: I don’t know I just met her.

Tom: so ?

Ross: I’m gonna go talk to her

Mike: good luck lover boy

Ross shoots him a look

Ross walks up to Rachel she’s still talking to her Friends

Rachel: He was just so different

Michelle: different good ?

Ross interruptus

Ross: Rachel ?
Rachel turns around to face him

Rachel: Ross hi

Ross: hey you remembered my name now I’m the one who’s impressed
Ross smiles
They both laugh

Rachel: Listen I’m sorry I was so mean to you last night. You just caught me at a bad time.

Ross: I’m the one who should apologize. I was such an idiot.

Rachel: no you weren’t an idiot.

They both look over to Rachel’s friends who are listening to their every word

Ross: you uh wanna take a walk ?

Rachel: yea

3 weeks later Ross and Rachel are really close but their just friends because Ross is too nervous to ask her out Rachel met Monica through Ross and they became friends so the 3 of them hang out together a lot. Ross is sorta in the friends zone though both of them want more.

Rachel Ross and Monica are hanging out with a group at the school football game.

Mark: So Rachel are doing anything tonight ?

Rachel: no not really why ?

Mark: well I thought we could go out. What do ya say ?

Rachel: yea .... I..... yes that sounds good

Mark: okay great I’ll pick you up at 7 then

Rachel: okay

Mark leans in to kiss her he does and it’s pretty rough especially since their with a crowd.
Ross is noticeable annoyed by this.

Mark: bye

Rachel: um bye

Mark walks away

Ross: that’s guy’s such a showoff. Could he be more full of himself ?

Rachel: shut up.

Ross: sorry Rach I just think you could do a lot better than him.

They look at each other for a moment you can see the tension between them

Monica: What time is it ?

Ross: 6 why

Rachel: it’s 6? I have to go get ready.

Ross: need a ride ?

Rachel: yea thanks

Ross: no problem. You coming Mon ?

Monica: yea I’ll help you get ready Rach

They walk to the car

Time Lapse their in Rachel’s driveway

Ross: so mon do you need me to pick you up later ?

Monica: No that’s okay I’ll walk

Ross: alright bye Rach

Rachel: bye

the girls walk in the house and Ross drives away

Monica: what is up with you and Ross ?

Rachel: what do you mean ?

Monica: well it’s pretty obvious he likes you.

Rachel: you think so ?

Monica: yea. I thought you liked him too.

Rachel: well I did but he never asked me out and now we’re friends.

Monica: Friends that like each other

Rachel: even if Ross did ask me out I don’t think I could do that.

Monica: what do you mean ?

Rachel: well he’s practically my best friend . ( Monica gives her a look)GUY friend.

Monica: so ?

Rachel: so I’d be really afraid of losing him.

Monica: you guys would be really great together though.

Rachel: yea we would.

Rachel sighs

Rachel: Well I should get ready now

Monica: yea we both know how long it takes you to get ready for a date.

Time Lapse
Ross and Rachel are talking on the phone

Ross: so how was the date ?

Rachel: horrible

Ross: why ?

Rachel: ugh Mark was such a jerk.

Ross: yea well I told you ,you could do better than him.

Rachel: ya I know. Sorry I didn’t listen to you.

Ross: that’s okay just don’t do it again

Rachel: okay I won’t

They both smile

Ross: I was gonna go check out the football game you wanna come ?

Rachel: I don’t know

Ross: come on it’s better then sitting at home thinking about that jerk off.

Rachel: ya ok

Ross: okay I’ll pick you up in a half an hour ?

Rachel: ok bye

Ross: bye

They hang up and both smile

Time Lapse

Ross and Rachel are at the game

Rachel: I mean is there something wrong with me ? Do I just attract guys that are emotionally unavailable and only want one thing from me ?

Ross: what ? No Rach your great

Rachel: sarcastically : yea

Ross: you are. Your not like other girls your age. Ya know I mean you know what you want, your smart, and funny, easy to get along with, your a lot of fun, and your beautiful.

Rachel just keeps looking at Ross and he’s looking at her sweetly and he talk softly while keeping eye contact with her.

Ross: the problem isn’t you it’s that the only guys that aren’t intimidated by you are way too sure of themselves.

Rachel looks at Ross in a way that lets him know she wants him to kiss her and he slowly leans in and it’s a little awkward at first but that ends quickly and soon their kissing deeply and Ross puts his hands on her waist and Rachel puts her hands on both sides of his neck then slides them up to the sides of his face and Ross slides his hands up to her ribs and Rachel runs her fingers through Ross’s hair then they start to kiss slowly and passionately and Ross plays with Rachel’s hair . Then they start to break with smaller kisses. But not before Monica spots them.

Monica: oh my god!

Ross and Rachel look really embarrassed

Rachel: I should go it’s late

Ross: but I drove you

Rachel: right

he pulls her by the arm

Ross: let’s go

Time Lapse

The drive home though quick seems to last forever neither of them know what so say so their’s a never ending awkward silence.
Finally Ross pulls into Rachel’s driveway
They both look at each other
Ross leans in and kisses Rachel slowly and then they break

(Soft and sweetly) Ross: we’ll talk about this tomorrow okay ?

Rachel: okay bye

Ross: bye

Ross watches her walk inside and then drives away. Rachel goes up to her room closes the door, leans up against it and smiles. The whole night plays back in her head
as she dreamily stares into space.

Cut to Ross he walks in the house and into his room . He has a huge smile on his face and he’s thinking about Rachel. He puts on the radio and lays down on his bed. He stares at the ceiling letting it all sink in.

Time Lapse Ross is in his room
there’s a knock at the door

Ross: hold on

He answers the door it’s Monica ( by the way she isn’t fat )

Ross: hey whats up ?

Monica: what’s going on with you and Rachel ?

Ross: I don’t know

Monica: do you like her ?

Ross: shyly : yea

Monica: oh my god this is huge !

Ross: calm down Mon I don’t even know if she really like me yet.

Monica: you don’t think she likes you ?

Ross: well I hope she does. But I don’t know mabey she was just vulnerable.

Monica smiles

Monica: I guess you’ll find out

Ross: yea I guess so

Time Lapse

Monica’s on the phone with Rachel

Monica: I can’t believe you guys kissed.

Rachel: I know

Monica: so tell me everything. How did it happen ?

Rachel smiles

Rachel: Well we were talking on the phone and then he picked me up and we went to the game, Then we were talking and I was just like us there something wrong with me do I only attract the guys that only want me for a week. And he was so sweet he was saying all this stuff about me saying that I was beautiful and smart and that guys that aren’t intimidated by me are too sure of themselves And then we were just looking into each other’s eyes and he kissed me. It was amazing! He puts his hands on my waist and then he slid them up and then he was playing with my hair.
My god I still can’t believe it happened.

Monica: I can see your smile from here

Rachel laughs

Rachel: I know I’ve never been so excited over a guy before.

Monica: this is so great.

Rachel: I know

Monica: he doesn’t think you like him ya know ?

Rachel: what ?

Monica: yea he said something about you just being vulnerable.

Rachel: he doesn’t like me ?

Monica: are you kidding he’s crazy about you

Rachel: really ?

Monica: yea you should have seen him when he got home I think he’s still smiling.

Rachel: God I hope so. I know it’s really fast but.......

Monica: what ?

Rachel: I think.....I think I mabey I’m falling in love him

Monica: oh my god really ?

Rachel: yea

Monica: I’m so happy for you guys

Rachel: thanks mon well I’m gonna try to fall asleep or I’ll never get up for school tomorrow.

Monica: yea me too bye Rach

Rachel: bye

That night Ross and Rachel both fell asleep thinking of each other. An incredible rush came to them as they recalled their first kiss. They stayed awake wondering what was going to happen next.

Time Lapse
the next day at school it’s lunch

A guy walks over to Ross

Jake: hey I heard you scored with Rachel Green man.

Ross: yea ...well

Jake: nice !

Ross: yea

Jake gives Ross a high five

Jake: so is she any good ?

Ross: yea

Jake: uh oh I’m gonna go see ya later man.
Whispers : Good luck

Ross: what ?

He turns around and sees Rachel standing behind him she looks both hurt and angry.

Ross: Rachel wait !

She starts to walk away and Ross grabs her arm but she flings his hand off of her.
She walks faster and Ross runs after her until he’s ahead and he stands in front, facing her.

Ross: Rachel please listen to me.

Rachel: How could you do this to me ?

Ross: I ...It was nothing just guy talk.
Rachel faces away from him.

Ross: no wait I didn’t mean....It meant nothing. I didn’t know what to say to him.

She starts to walk away again
Ross follows her

Ross: I didn’t know what to say. He put me on the spot. I don’t even know how you feel about me. If I told him how I felt about you everyone would know including you.

She turns around and looks at him

Rachel: You were talking about me like I was some kind of prize. And you let him believe that I slept with you when I didn’t ! I thought you were different Ross. I thought you cared. But I was wrong you’re not different. In fact your worse. Yea because you made me think you cared, and you pretended to be my friend.

Ross: Rach I wasn’t pretending. I do care, and I am your friend. I was scared that you didn’t. I didn’t know if last night meant to you what it did to me.

Ross puts his hands on her arms

Ross: I never felt this way about anyone before and I’ve only known you for a couple weeks. Long pause. I ......I love you.

He leans in a little trying to see if she’ll let him kiss her and she pulls him in for a soft long kiss. She wraps her arms around his neck and he puts his hands on her face. They slowly break but keep their arms around each other and their faces close to one another.

Rachel: I love you too.

They smile and Ross spins her around and picks her up and she giggles. He has her in his arms holding her like he did when he wore the sailor uniform. He sweeps the hair away from her face and she kisses him and he kisses her back more intensely. Rachel breaks the kiss for a moment and is about to kiss him again but she makes an embarrassed face and Ross turns around to see almost everyone there watching them.
They blush and Ross takes her over by his car. He puts her down and then puts his arms around her and holds her. She puts her arms around his neck and rests her head on his shoulder. Every now and then they look at each other sweetly and share small kisses.

Ross brushes the hair away from Rachel’s face and keeps his hand on her cheek

Ross: wanna get out of here ?

Rachel: seriously ?

Ross: yea. There’s no way I can go back to class now. I’ll just be thinking about you the whole time. He looks down .....I wanna be with you.

Rachel looks at him sweetly she’s touched by what he said
she kisses him softly then breaks it slowly and looks at him.

Rachel: so where are we going ?

Ross: really ?

Rachel: yea

Ross: I was thinking mabey we could go to the beach.

Rachel: ok we just have to stop at my house so I can get my bathing suit.

Ross: okay let’s go
They get in the car and drive to Rachel’s

Time Lapse
they get to the beach and no one else is there Ross is wearing blue bathing suit shorts that go just above his knees and a white t shirt. Rachel’s wearing a purple two piece and a long wrap with slits down the sides.

Rachel: wow we’re the only ones here

Ross: good cause I don’t want any guys drooling over you .

Rachel: Ross you picked out this bathing suit

Ross: I know I like it ...for when your with me.

Rachel: so you’re the jealous type huh ?

Ross: hey. You better be good.

Rachel: or what ?

Ross: or I’ll do this

he picks her up and runs her down to the water and drops her in.

Rachel: Ross I’m gonna kill you.

Ross picks her up and sets her down next to him. He pulls her in closer puts his arms around her and kisses her softly then breaks it but keeps his face close to her’s then smiles

Rachel: what ?

Ross: I thought you were gonna kill me.

Rachel: it can wait till later

she kisses him a little rougher and then breaks it and splashes him and runs

Ross: your gonna get it missy

He catches up to her on the sand and picks her up and then he sits down and she’s on his lap with her arms around his neck. He touches her face and plays with her hair.

Ross: your so beautiful

He leans in and kisses her rougher then the last time but still gently then he breaks it and Rachel kisses him back rougher. They continue kissing roughly and Rachel takes Ross’s wet shirt off and she sees his chest and stomach for the first time and she has a look on her face like “wow.” Then she kisses his chest and he kisses her neck she closes her eyes and runs her fingers through his hair. Then he wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her deeply and she puts her hands on his bare back and she feels a rush from his skin touching hers. The kissing slows down and they break slowly.
Then she sits in his lap and Ross wraps her up in his arms and she lays her head on his shoulder. Ross plays with her hair.

Time Lapse

Ross drives Rachel home and their in the driveway

Ross: that was amazing

Rachel: yea I had a really great time.

They kiss softly and break

Ross: So I’ll see you tomorrow ?

Rachel: yea

Ross: I’ll come and drive you to school in the morning okay ?

Rachel: okay bye

Ross: bye

he watches her go inside and then drives off

Time lapse

the next morning Ross is in Rachel’s driveway and she comes out to the car and sits next to him

Rachel : hey you

Ross: hey you
they kiss softly

Ross: so you wanna go out tonight ?

Rachel: I can’t

Ross: why ?

Rachel: I’m grounded for yesterday.

Ross: oh ,sorry I got you in trouble

Rachel: that’s okay it was worth it.

They both smile and kiss quickly. Then they drive off to school.

Time Lapse

Ross and Rachel are standing in the hall by Rachel’s locker occasionally someone glances over at them and whispers about them.

Rachel’s leaned up against the locker and Ross is standing in front of her playing with her hair and he has his arms around her waist. She has her hands on his shoulders.

Ross: I love being able to kiss you.

Rachel ( whispers in his ear): well I love being kissed by you.

She kisses him softly and he kisses her back then breaks it slowly

Rachel: I can’t believe this is happening.

Ross: I know it’s amazing especially because it’s all happening with you.

She smiles

Rachel: was that a line ?

Ross: no I mean it.

Rachel: Hmph wow I’m in trouble.

Ross: why ?

Rachel: cause I’m in love.

Ross smiles and kisses her

Ross: your amazing , I love you so much.

Rachel kisses him deeply but softly and wraps her arms around his neck. He kisses her back softly at first but then a little rougher and he wraps his arms around her waist.

A guy walking by does one of those fake coughs and he coughs the word slut

Ross breaks the kiss and turns around to see the guy

Ross: Mark. Take that back.

Mark: what ?

Ross: I want you to tell my girlfriend that you didn’t mean it and that she’s not a slut.

Mark: no way!

Ross: don’t be an @#%$ just because she doesn’t want you! She’s not a slut and you know it !

Mark: Oh I do huh ?

Ross: yea you do!

Rachel puts her hand on Ross’s arm

Rachel: Ross

Ross: hold on baby I’m not gonna let this guy talk about you like that.

Mark: if she’s not a slut then why did she sleep with me on our first date and then leave me.

Ross: your full of s**t Mark!

Mark: oh yea ? Why don’t you ask her yourself ?

Ross: I don’t have to I know she wouldn’t do that.

Rachel looks down with a guilty look on her face

Rachel: Ross

Ross: what ?

He sees the guilt in her eyes and he’s hurt

Ross: it’s true ?

Rachel: I can explain Ross.

Ross: I have to go.

Rachel: Ross wait!

She follows him out to the car they both get in. Ross drives to his house and goes inside. He goes up to his room and locks the door before Rachel can get in.

Rachel: Ross please listen to me.

He opens the door he has a few tears streaming down his face

Ross: I can’t believe you slept with him! You only went on one date with him and you didn’t even like him!

Rachel: Ross it wasn’t like that.

Ross: oh yea I bet. The bottom line is you let him **** you! God I don’t even want to look at you!

Rachel’s crying now
Rachel: Ross please listen to me.

Ross: did you sleep with him or not ?

Rachel looks down

Rachel: I did

Ross: then that’s all I need to know.

Rachel starts wiping the tears off Ross’s face

Rachel: don’t touch me ! You have Mark for that!

Rachel: Ross let me explain.

Ross: I don’t want to hear it Rachel just go.

Rachel: no I’m not leaving

Ross: well my parents aren’t gonna let you stay here all night.

Rachel: nice try Monica already told me your parents are out of town.

Ross: well your parents aren’t

Rachel: so I’ll tell them I’m sleeping over with Monica they don’t know about us.

Ross: there is no us.

Rachel cries harder

Rachel: yes there is Ross a couple of minutes ago you told me you loved me !

Ross: well I lied

Rachel: stop it Ross! Don’t do this to me. You weren’t lying I know you love me.

Ross: okay your right I wouldn’t hurt you like that! I Loved you.

Rachel: well your hurting me now and that’s just as bad!

Ross: well your hurting me too!

Rachel: Ross I didn’t even know what was going on!

Ross: what ?!

Rachel: he slipped ecstacy in my drink!

Ross: no

Rachel: yes! And then I passed out and he did it while I was unconscious!

Ross: oh my god!

Rachel: Ross I wouldn’t lie to you. I love you so much and I don’t wanna loose you over one stupid night that I wasn’t even awake for.

Ross: It just makes me so mad knowing that he touched you like that. You went out with him one night and he ****** you. We’re in love and I’m your boyfriend and I’ve never touched you like that.

Rachel: Ross what he did was sick. If we were together it would be different. If I was with you we’d be making love and it would be because we loved each other and it would be gentle and passionate.

She touches his face and wipes away his tears .
Ross catches her off guard with a rough but passionate kiss and she kisses him back slowly he kisses her again rougher. They go into his room still kissing. They end up on the bed. Things get really intense. Rachel takes of his shirt and kisses his chest and shoulders and stomach. Ross kisses her neck and then her lips.
They kiss more intensely and Rachel has her hands on his back. Ross kisses her and then breaks it reluctantly.

Ross: Rachel I want this so much but don’t do this just because of what happened with Mark. I only want this if you want it and your ready.

Rachel: I love you and I’m ready to be with you.

With that Ross kisses her deeply and then slides her shirt off over her head

Well he can't sleep at night
And he can't do what's right
It was all because she came into his life
it's a deep obsession, taking up his time
Rachel returns the kiss and wraps her arms around his shoulders

She's all that he wants, she's all that he needs
She's everything he just won't believe
Take away his doubt, turn him inside out
Then she can see what he's been dying to say
but things don't always turn out that way

Ross kisses her again rougher this time but still passionately
and kisses her stomach

And he must confess
All the impure thoughts of his beautiful temptress
although he keeps it all bottled up inside
although he keeps it all safe within his mind, oh yeah

Rachel rubs his back while Ross kisses her shoulders and then goes up to her neck

She’s all that he wants , she’s all that he needs
She’s everything he just won’t believe
Take away his doubt, Turn him inside out
Then she can see what he’s been dying to say
but things don’t always turn out that way

Rachel runs her fingers through his hair as Ross kisses her lips rougher still

So wipe that smile off your face
Before it gets too late
There's only so much time
For you to make up your mind

The scene fades out with them kissing as Ross climbs on top of Rachel

She’s all that he wants, she’s all that he needs
She’s everything he just won’t believe
Take away his doubt, Turn him inside out
and she can see what he’s been dying to say
but things don’t always turn out that way

Time Lapse The next Morning

Ross wakes up then sees Rachel’s head on his chest and smiles sweetly at her as she sleeps.
He kisses her head and then goes to her cheek. She stirs and He starts to make his way up her neck. She smiles and then looks up at him.

Rachel: hey you

Ross: hey you

(he strokes her hair )

Ross: you’ve never looked so beautiful

Rachel smiles touched and then pulls his face in closer and kisses him softly and he returns her kiss just as gently. Then caresses her face and then her arms. She smiles at him adoringly. And then kisses him.

Rachel: (kiss) you are (kiss) so (kiss) ....(this kiss goes for longer and neither of them really want to let go but then they slowly leave each other’s lips.) Hmm ...(softly)...sweet.
(She runs her fingers through his hair)

Ross: I love you ( kisses her neck again and she puts her hands on the back of his neck)
your so ( kiss) sexy ( kiss) and ( kiss) sweet ( kiss) and smart. (Rachel traces her fingers over his chest)

Rachel: it’s so amazing waking up in your arms.

(Ross leans over her and kisses her lightly)

Ross: I know I love your face being the first I see when I open my eyes.

Rachel smiles and pulls him down so she can kiss him deeply and then she slowly breaks it letting her lips linger on his.

Ross: hmm..you know what ?

Rachel: what ?

Ross: you’re an amazing kisser

Rachel: So are you ?

Ross: so how did you get so good at it ?

Rachel: lots of practice

she smiles and laughs lightly

To Be Continued...........