Why are you so distant?

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Why are you so Distant ?

Ross: yea he smiles weakly

Rachel: You really are the best I’ve ever had

Ross: kiss me

Rachel: (giggles) yes sir

Rachel surprises Ross with a really amazing kiss and he wraps his arms around
her waist and she puts her hands on the back of his head pulling his face
closer to hers Ross gets on top of her kissing her the whole time as if it
was the first time he had ever kissed her

Rachel: (out of breath and between kisses) Ross the doctor could come in any

Ross: ( as he plays with her hair and continues to kiss her) so let him

Rachel: ( giggling) Ross come on

Ross: okay ( he kisses her once more not really wanting to stop)

Rachel: wow ..that was......you really missed me( laughing lightly)

Ross he looks into her eyes his face still close to hers and brushes a piece
of hair away from her face and they both smile) you have no idea

(Later at Monica’s everyone’s there except R and R )

Monica: I can’t believe Rachel can’t remember what happened with her and

Phoebe: Oh well I knew it was going to happen

Joey: what ?

Phoebe: my nail didn’t grow at all the day we went to see her and her aura
was blue that’s the color of forgetfulness

Chandler: ( sarcastically) oh well that explains everything

Phoebe: I know

chandler : I feel really bad for Ross......imagine being put in that situation

Joey : what are you talking about it’s great

Monica: how is it great ?

Joey h he’s gonna get some....duh !

Phoebe: Joey !

Joey: what ?

Monica: anyway .......I know what ya mean Chandler poor Ross must be going
through a lot and he has a tough decision to make

Chandler: yea he has to decide if and when he’s going to tell her

Monica: I know and what about Rachel this is going to be so hard for her she
has to go through their breakup all over again

Chandler: yea they both have it pretty rough

Joey: as much fun as this is ..I have to go I have an audition

Phoebe: yea for what ?

Joey: It’s a part in a movie about this guy who’s a player and then he falls
for a girl and has to change his ways

Phoebe: cool good luck

Joey: thanks bye guys

Back to the hospital

Dr: well Rachel it looks like your doing good so if your ready you can go
home tonight

Rachel: that’s great I can’t wait to get home

Dr: okay then I’ll put in on file that your leaving...well I have to go I
have another patient

Rachel: okay thanks Dr. Burke

Ross walks in

Ross: hey

Rachel: hey Guess what ? I can go home

Ross: really? that’s great !

Rachel: ya finally I can get out of here

Ross: I’ll help you get your stuff together then

Rachel : thanks honey

Ross: sure

Later that night and Monica and Rachel’s

Rachel : it feels good to be back home

Monica: ya I’m glad your back I missed you being here

Phoebe: ya we all did

Rachel :thanks guys, well I’m gonna put my stuff away

Ross: I’ll help you

Rachel: thanks sweetie

they walk into Rachel’s room the rest of the gang are in the kitchen talking

Phoebe: wow it feels weird seeing them together

Joey: I know, before Rachel could barley talk to Ross

Monica: yea It feels wrong

Chandler; well I’m sure Ross will tell her soon

Monica: I hope so

In Rachel’s room

Rachel: thanks Ross you’ve been so great helping me through this

Ross: don’t be so surprised you know how important you are to me

Ross: well it’s late I should go

Rachel: why your not gonna stay ?

Ross: oh right ,of coarse I am

Rachel: Ross is something wrong?

Ross: why do you ask ?

Rachel: well it’s just that it’s like your almost afraid to touch me you
used to be all over me you do love me don’t you ?

Ross: oh honey I’m sorry I made you feel that way. it’s just that this is
all so surreal and I’m just afraid of hurting you

Rachel : honey the doctor said I’m fine....and I really miss the way things
were before

Ross: I’m sorry don’t ever think I don’t want to kiss you and touch you
Rachel because I do

she catches him off-guard with an extremely rough but passionate kiss
He puts his hands on her waist ,closing his eyes as they kiss , he pulls her
closer to him so she’s pressed up against him and she puts her hand on the
back of his neck and then runs her fingers through his hair as they fall on
the bed Ross on top of her. Ross takes off his shirt and Rachel kisses his
chest as Ross starts kisses her neck. Ross reluctantly pulls away from her
and steps back.

Ross: wait

Rachel: what ? why?

Ross: I just ...( As he’s saying this he sees how dejected Rachel looks ) I
wanna make sure...that your ready ?

Rachel: what?

Ross: well umm since the coma

Rachel: your so sweet ( she pulls him back down with her and smiles) so where
were we

Ross: (He kisses her roughly and falls on top of her) right here ( they both
smile and we fade out)

To Be Continued
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