TOW No Name ...

[Central Perk, everyone's there except for Monica]

Chandler: (walks into Central Perk to sit down at the usual couch) Hey guys

All: Hey, Hi Chandler

Rachel: I still can't believe you and Monica are getting married! It's so

Joey: Yeah have you guys decided where yet?

Chandler: Well, we're not quite sure yet. We were thinking Puerto Rico or
maybe Hawaii.

Phoebe: Oh! I'm going to have so much fun! I love the beach. I mean watching
you get married. I'm invited right???

Chandler: Of course Pheebs.

Rachel: Are you guys also thinking about kids, right?

Chandler: Oh sure, I would love to have a boy...(Monica walks in)...Or ya know,
a girl.

Monica: What about a girl?

Chandler: Oh I was just saying I would love to have a little girl that's all

Monica: (snickers) Yeah, right!

[Opening credits]

[Monica, Chandler, and Phoebe's place, Ross is there]

(Rachel walks in)

Rachel: Hey Ross! How you doin'?

Ross: Pretty good

Rachel: Look um Ross I wanted to ask you something

Ross: OK

Rachel: Well see look, I know this may be weird but I was wondering if
sometime maybe we could...(Just then Joey runs in the apartment)

Joey: Guys hurry I think there's something wrong with the duck! (Rachel and
Ross follow Joey into his apartment) See look, she's running into the walls
quacking (Joey looks like he's going to cry)

Rachel: Don't worry Joe, she'll be OK. Come on let's take Phoebe's cab to the

Joey: Alright. But you carry her. I can't stand to see my little duck suffer!

[Time lapse, Rachel and Joey are at the vet]

Dr. Meterman: I think I found the problem with your duck. She's gone blind

Joey: AHHH!!! No Please don't say it's so!! (Begins to cry on Rachel's

Dr. Meterman: Your duck is very smart, she'll figure her way around (The duck
quacks and runs into the wall, Joey cries again)

[Time lapse, back at Monica, Chandler and Phoebe's, Monica is there and Ross
just walked in]

Ross: Hey Mon.

Monica: Hey Ross. Where is everyone?

Ross: The duck is sick so Joey and Rachel took it to the vet

Monica: Aw, What's wrong with her?

Ross: Yeah I don't know why she went with him

Monica: What? No not Rachel. The duck

Ross: Oh! Ha ha. The duck was quacking and running into walls

Monica: Are you still in love with Rachel

Ross: Why is she in love with me??

Monica: I don't know. I know you still love her though. Why don't you ask her

Ross: Because, well, she probably doesn't still love me

Monica: Oh Ross quit being a baby and go ask her out

Ross: You really think she'll say yes?

Monica: Yes! Now go on and find your women!

Ross: Ok!! (He leaves. Then comes back in) But um, she's at the vet

Monica: Oh yeah


[The hallway between the Joey and Monica's apartments, Ross is there, waiting
for Rachel, Rachel and Joey are entering with the duck]

Ross: How is she?

Joey: (sobbing) blind!

Rachel: Joey! She'll be OK. No matter what she'll still love you! You need to
stay with her and make her feel at home.

Joey: Yeah I guess you're right (Joey walks into his apartment)

Ross: Hi Rach

Rachel: Ross I need to talk to you

Ross: Ok.

Rachel: I know you probably don't feel the same, but I love you still, and I
want to be together with you (Ross starts to laugh) What's so funny?

Ross: I was just about to tell you the same thing!

Rachel: I've missed you so much Ross! I just...

Ross: Shh... (He intimately kisses her)

[Commercial brake]

[Monica and Chandler's room, Monica and Chandler are there]

Monica: If we did have a kid, what would we want to name her?

Chandler: I'd want to name HIM Chandler Jr.

Monica: I'd name HER Monica the 2nd

Chandler: Him

Monica: Her

Chandler: Oh well we don't have to worry about it for awhile

Monica: Um, Chandler, I've been meaning to tell you something...

Chandler: OH MY GOD! You're... You're.... (Chandler almost faints)

Monica: Gotcha