TOW The end of friends ( part 1 )

this is the episode after mon and chan have married

(All the gang are at mon and chans apartment and mon and chan come in from their honeymoon)

MON & CHAN:  hey guys!

GANG: hey your back!

MONICA: yeh we are now married!

CHANDLER: well yeh i should know i was definatly there!

ROSS: congratulations guys!

MON & CHAN: thanks

JOEY: so what you guys gonna be doing now? (knowing exactly what they are going to do)

MON & CHAN: well probably  um........u know

PHEOBE: what?

(they all look at pheebs)

PHEOBE: oh ok right

ROSS: well we will all be out of your way right now!

JOEY: but i can stay if you want



(ross, pheobe and rachel are all at central perk. mon and chan are at home still doing stuff and joey is at an audition)

RACHEL: dont you think it was weird mon and chandler getting married?

ROSS: well it is kind of good my sister and my best friend getting married!

PHEOBE: OH MY GOD! monica married someone else?

(ross and rach look confused)

ROSS: no!

PHEOBE: you said monica married your best friend!

RACHEL: which is chandler pheebs!

PHEOBE: oh i get it now, i just thought chandler wasnt your BEST friend

ROSS: well he is


(joey enters)

JOEY: hey guys!

GANG: hey!

RACHEL: so did you get the part?

JOEY: (looking all upset)  NO!

ROSS: are you doing your,no i didnt get it and then yeh i did?!

JOEY: no guys, i didnt get it

PHEOBE: sorry joey

RACHEL: why didnt you get it?

JOEY: they said i was too old!

RACHEL: too old!

ROSS: how old did they think you were?

JOEY: they thought i was 40!

(the gang laughs)


JOEY: yeh!  do i really look that old?!

GANG: no!

(monica and chandler comes in)

MONICA: hey guys

JOEY: your ONLY just coming out of bed?


JOEY: you did it for long!

CHANDLER: we were sleeping after our long journey!

PHEOBE: yeh right!

MONICA: we was!

PHEOBE: i know, thats why i said yeh

(ross is in his apartment watching TV)

(someone knocks on door, he goes to answer it. it is rachel)


ROSS: hi what you doin here?

RACHEL: just thought i'd come and see you (she walks in and sits down on couch so does ross)

ROSS: ok, so what do you wanna chat about ?

RACHEL: i was thinking, you know when we were going out with each other?

ROSS: um......yeh?

RACHEL: well i was thinking that you might want to get back together with me?

ROSS: what?!

RACHEL: i would love to get back together

ROSS: rach i would too, but i think your right we just arent ment for each other

RACHEL: oh.......oh well at least i tried

ROSS: so is that all you want?

RACHEL: well.......yeh i guess i'll see you later

ROSS: ok bye!


(she turns to leave but she turns back round and kisses ross)

RACHEL: im soooo sorry i just needed one more kiss!

ROSS: um......well......huh

RACHEL: well.......

ROSS: rach we cant get back together, its just not ment to be

(rachel leaves)

(ross is at joeys telling him about what rachel just did)

JOEY: she actually came to you offered her to you and you turned her down!

ROSS: yeh

JOEY: you are stupid

ROSS: no, no im not its just that me and rach are not ment for each other

JOEY: thats what she said a years ago, what would YOU do?

ROSS: i, i would go out with her again

JOEY: go on then! go tell her!

ROSS: i cant, im working now, but ill go after work


(its after work and rach is not at pheebs and her apartment when ross goes over)

ROSS: pheebs, where is rach?

PHEOBE: um.....wait

(pheobe checks everywhere)

PHEOBE: shes not here

ROSS: i know that!  where is she then!?

PHEOBE: um........she said something about going out with a guy named carl

ROSS: (heartbroken) oh......ok

PHEOBE: she said that he is an old friend who called her today

ROSS: ok pheebs

PHEOBE: why were you loking for her?

ROSS: i was going to say that she could be my girlfriend again

PHEOBE: oh ross im soooo sorry

ROSS: its ok

(ross is at his apartment and the phone rings. its like 12:30pm)

ROSS: (answering phone) hello?

(its rachel on the phone)

RACHEL: pheobe told me that you wanted me to be your girlfriend again

ROSS: i DID want you to

RACHEL: huh?

ROSS: pheobe told me about carl!

RACHEL: yeh hes my friend nothing else

ROSS: yeh right (put phone down)

RACHEL: ross!?

(mon and rach are at mon and chans place. its the next morning)

RACHEL: so mon i need your help

MONICA: whats wrong?

RACHEL: i dont know wether to go back out with ross

MONICA: just do what you want to

(ross enters and monica leaves)

RACHEL: ross!

ROSS: what?!

RACHEL: carl is just a friend and i really love you and wanna get back together with you

ROSS: i love you too, but when i went to your place yesterday hoping to get it back together with you and pheebs telling me that you were out with some guy, it just crushed me

RACHEL: i know how that feels

ROSS: how do you know how it feels?

RACHEL: years ago when chandler told me you liked me, i went down to meet you at the airport hoping that we would get toghether then, but then you came out with julie from china!

ROSS: you wanted me then? that far back?

RACHEL: yeh! like youve always wanted me

ROSS: well  yeh

(rachel walks up to ross and gives him a kiss)

RACHEL: do you still want me?

ROSS: yeh of course i do

(they kiss like they used to when they were going out in the begining)

(joey comes in)

JOEY: hey your back together AGAIN

RACHEL: yeh but this time i think i want to stay together

(they kiss yet again)

JOEY: ok guys, go get a room!

THE END (of part 1 of 2)