TOW The end of friends ( part 2 )

(ross and rachel are back together and joey lives on his own, ross lives on his own, rachel and pheobe live in pheobes place and monica and chandler live at monicas place)

scene 1

(ross, pheobe, chandler, joey and rachel are all at central perk)

PHEOBE: so denise phoned me and said that she is coming back to live with me!


PHEOBE: denise is coming back to live with me

RACHEL: yeh but what about me pheebs?

PHEOBE: (not getting it) what about you?

RACHEL: WHERE am i going to live pheebs?!

PHEOBE: where you normally (gets it) oh right!---i dunno

ROSS: rach you can live with me- i mean you are my girlfriend!

RACHEL: sure ok id love to live with you (kisses ross)

JOEY: so im the ONLY one living on my own!

PHEOBE: yep!

CHANDLER: i thought you were goin to get a roomate joe

JOEY: yeh i was but--no one agrees with my naked thursday night!

(they all look at joey weird)


PHOEBE: so rach, denise is coming back today, so if i was you i would get crackin!


PHEOBE: uh huh

RACHEL: what time is she moving back in?

PHEOBE: soon

ROSS: why didnt you tell her this the other day pheebs?

PHEOBE: oh i forgot and i just remembered it now

RACHEL: so pheebs what time is she coming back?

PHEOBE: i just answered that!

RACHEL: i would like a better answer than soon pheebs!

PHEOBE: oh god! i dont remember- ill go phone her

(pheobe goes to phone denise)

JOEY: so how am i gonna persuade women to live with me and do the naked thursday thing?

CHANDLER: (sarcasticly) well i think that no woman would do it with you!

(chandler and ross laughs)

JOEY: (getting upset and standing up to start to leave) fine

(joey leaves and chandler goes after him)

RACHEL: so shall we start with the moving later?

ROSS: (sounding disapointed) yeh ok

(pheobe comes back from the phone)

PHEOBE: ok so rach dont be very mad but shes going to be here in about 4 hours!

RACHEL: pheobe! so youre saying i have to get all my stuff which will probably take a LONG time and then move them all the way over to ross' place in 4 hours

PHEOBE: yep pretty much (she sits back down)

RACHEL: you are not relaxing you are helping me move! (pulls her out of the chair)

ROSS: go on then - go pack your stuff

RACHEL: all of us are helping

ROSS: fine

scene 2

(rachel, ross and pheobe are at pheobes place packing all of rachels stuff)

RACHEL: wheres the other guys?

PHEOBE: i dont know they are probable having more fun that we are

ROSS: yeh

RACHEL: dont blame me its your fault pheebs- if you told me about this the other day then i would have had MUCH longer to pack and move!


(monica goes home from work and chandler and joey are at monica and chandlers place)


JOEY: hey mon, do you know where the other guys are? weve looked everywhere!

CHANDLER: hey sweetie. and joey has only looked at his place and here so.....

MONICA: have you at least phoned anywhere or done something?

JOEY: na its ok

MONICA: ill phone pheobes place and then ross'

(monica phones pheobe)

(pheobes place the phone rings)

PHEOBE: (starts to run to the phone) ill get it!!!

ROSS: o-k

RACHEL: im not going to get this all done in 3 and a half hours

ROSS: we will

PHEOBE: (on the phone) hey mon

MONICA: (on phone) hey pheebs what are you all doing?

PHEOBE: (on phone) oh we all have to help rach pack

MONICA: (on phone) why?!

PHEOBE: (on phone) oh well denise decided to come back and i forgot to tell rachel so---hey oh um youve got to all come and help us cause rachel has got LOADS of stuff
and well- we just can not pack it all on our own

MONICA: (on phone) oh this will be sooo fun, well we will be right over! bye

(monica hangs the phone up)

MONICA: ok so we all have to go to pheebs place and help rach pack again!

CHANDLER: thats fun?!?!?!

JOEY: (sarcasticly) yeh i cant wait!

MONICA: (getting her coat) me neither!

(joey and chandler get their coats and go with monica)

scene 3

(all the gang have finally finished packing rachels stuff and they are all at ross' place)

CHANDLER: (sarcasticly) well this WAS fun, but i have to go now!

(chandler kisses monica and leaves)

JOEY: so im the only one living on my own!

PHEOBE: hey ill live with you !

ROSS: what ?!

PHEOBE: ill live with him!

RACHEL: you just kicked me out then you move in with joey i thought you had a roomate called denise!!!!!

PHEOBE: i have but her and her boyfriend was going to move in there with me and i wouldnt really like that so ill just sell the place to them and live with joey at his place!

JOEY: ok pheebs!

RACHEL: im not helping you move!

ROSS: me neither

PHEOBE: ill move tomorrow!

JOEY: ok. so im going

PHOEBE: me too

(they both leave)

MONICA: so i guess i should go aswell

(monica leaves)

ROSS: so your living with me- how does it feel?

RACHEL: i never want to move agian, im exhausted

ROSS: you dont have to you are all unpacked


scene 4

(its the next day and pheobe has moved into joeys and ross, chandler and rachel are at central perk)

RACHEL: ok i gotta go to work, bye (kisses ross) see you later

ROSS: yeh see you at our place later!

(rachel leaves)

CHANDLER: so your living together now

ROSS: yep i love her sooooo much

CHANDLER: wow your living together, you love her (joking) why dont you ask her to marry you! (laughs)

ROSS: actually i WAS going to

CHANDLER: oh my god. really?

ROSS: yeh i was going to tonight

CHANDLER: wow good luck man

(monica comes in and hears good luck)

MONICA: good luck????

ROSS: yeh im gonna ask rach to marry me

MONICA: oh my god ! when?

ROSS: tonight

MONICA: good luck!

ROSS: thanks

(joey and pheobe enter they hear thanks and good luck)

JOEY AND PHEOBE: good luck???

ROSS: im not saying it all again!

(ross goes to get coffee)

MONICA: ross is going to ask rachel to marry him!

JOEY AND PHEOBE: oh my god

(ross comes back)

JOEY: good luck

PHEOBE: good luck man

ROSS: thanks guys

scene 5

(its later on and ross is at his and rachels place and he is nervous about asking rachel to marry him)

(ross has lit loads of candles and dressed up all smart and put romantic music on and theres roses everywhere)

(rachel comes in and sees all the stuff)

RACHEL: (shocked) oh my god is it valentines day or something i dont know?

ROSS: no (goes up to her and kisses her)

RACHEL: whats going on then?

ROSS: nothings going on its--- its just that- ok(he sits rachel down on the sette and gets down on one knee)

RACHEL: (Realising) oh my-

ROSS: rachel ive known you for a long time now and i think that you are the only thing that has gone well in my life(thinks) well- not all the time but you are probably no- you are best thing thats happened to me in a long time and i think that i love you more that i can ever think of loving someone (rachel starts to cry) so um i thought that because your living with me and that i love you SO much that- well (pulls out the ring-by the way its a really nice ring with a big diamond) will-will you do the best thing that can ever be done and be my wife rachel?

RACHEL: (still crying) of course i will marry you ross! (they kiss)

(ross puts the ring on rachel and she looks at it )

RACHEL: wow this must have cost a fortune!

ROSS: it did, but your worth it!

(they start kissing again)

RACHEL: i love you

ROSS: i love you too

scene 6

(its the next day and all the gang are at monicas and chandlers place except for ross and rachel)

MONICA: i wonder what rachel said to ross last night!

JOEY: yeh

PHEOBE: hope she said no

GANG: why?!!!

PHEOBE: i cant stand ANOTHER wedding


(ross and rachel enter and everyone rushes over to them)

GANG: what did ya say rach???!!!!

RACHEL: i said yes of course and now we are getting married! (ross kisses rachel)

GANG: congratulations!!!

PHEOBE: oh god!

JOEY: wow if this marrage goes wrong then thats FOUR failed marrages!!!!

ROSS: this 1 definaltly wont fail!

CHANDLER: isnt it gonna be weird for your divorce person not seeing you every year or so!

(everyone laughs except ross )

(pheobe and joey go over to their place)

PHEOBE: so we are the ONLY ones left in this gang whos not married or going to get married!

JOEY: i know

PHEOBE: you know that your my back up?

JOEY: yeh?

PHEOBE: why dont we just get together now instead of waiting that long?

JOEY: sure (they kiss)

PHEOBE: that was weird- but what the heck half the guys ive been out with have weird stuff ALL over their body

JOEY: ewwwww!

PHEOBE: yeh. so when we getting married?

JOEY:dunno, how about sometime in the future?

PHEOBE: sure

(they go back over to monica and chandlers)

JOEY: me and pheebs are getting married too

GANG: what!!!!????

PHEOBE: we are getting married too cause we love-well like each other too so we are getting married

GANG: ok

CHANDLER: so we are not friends anymore, we are family

GANG: yeh weird

RACHEL: hey pheebs and joey can have a double wedding with us!

PHEOBE: yeh cause i couldnt handle 2 weddings!


                                                      THE END