Tow the end of Ross and Rachel?

This fan fic is set at the beginning of season 8. Only Monica and Phoebe know that Rachel's pregnant and they are now home from the wedding and waiting for the guys to arrive home. (This Fan fic revolves around Rachel so sorry Monica and Chandler fans, I will include them as much as I can.)

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(Scene 1 chandlers and Monica's apartment)
Monica: so what time did the guys say they'd be back.

Rach: About 3 o clock. Why?

Monica: Ok that gives us enough time, we really need to talk.

Rach: Mon, not yet, im just not ready.

Mon: I know but just tell me who the father is. Is it Tag?

Rach: No its not and you won't know until I tell him.

Mon: and when will that be?

(Rach looks down and starts to cry)

Mon: Oh honey im sorry I didn't mean to upset you; you tell me when you're ready.

Rach: I think im gonna have a lie down is that ok.

Mon: Yeah sure.

(Rach goes into the guest bedroom.)
(Scene 2 Ross, Chandler and Joey arriving at Joeys and Rachel's apartment)

Ross: Hey you guys did Rachel seem a bit weird at the wedding

Joey: Yeah I know what you mean; she kept giving me the strangest looks.

Ross: That's strange she kept looking weirdly at me too.

Chandler: She seemed fine to me

Joey: Well if you took your eyes of Monica for a minute maybe you would notice

Chandler: Hey! It was our wedding!

Joey: Yeah sorry man.

Ross: Ill go talk to her later.

(Scene 3 the coffee house Phoebe and Rachel on the sofa talking)
Phoebe: Rach, are you all right you've hardly said a thing.

Rach: Phoebe can I trust you.

Phoebe: You know you can what is it.

Rach: I cant be sure who the baby's father is.

Phoebe: Oh my God

Rach :I know its out of two REALLY great guys and the worst thing is they're best friends.

Phoebe: ok. Rachel Karen Green how could you let this happen!

(Rach starts to cry)
Rach: I don't know Pheebs it just keeps go around and around in my head

Pheebs: Oh it will be ok; we are all here for you. Monica and me.

Rach: I know thanks.

Pheebs: and the guys of course.

(Rachel Just looks down and doesn't say anything to this but a tear runs down her face.)

(Scene 3 later that day in Joeys and Joey and Rachel's apartment and Ross walks in on Rachel whose been crying)

Ross: Hey, are you ok

Rachel: Yeah im fine

Ross: No you've been crying.

Rachel:( Getting Angry) would you just leave!

Ross: I wont if its something I've done I wanna know what. So is it?

Rachel: You know what Ross it could well be something that you've done!

Ross: Oh God is this about what happened between us a few weeks ago.

(Rachel nods)
Ross: well I can't stop thinking about it either.

Rachel: (confused) What

Ross: I've tried to fight it but I cant anymore ever since we slept together well it just made me think how much I love you.

(Rachel walks over to Ross and they start making out)

Rachel: God Ross I love you but I can't do this.

Ross: (Upset) Why, err why ever not. You said you love me.

Rach: I know, there's something I need to tell u…. I'm Pregnant.

(Commercial break)
Ross: Is it mine

(Rachel cries)
Rachel: You don't have any idea how much I hope it is Ross. But I just, well I cant be sure.

Ross: Come on Rach who else's could it be.

Rach: There's something else you really need to know.

(Cut back to three weeks earlier and Rachel and Joey are eating a pizza and sitting on that yellow sofa together.)

Rachel: So Joey how was your day.

Joey: oh you know the usual. (Seems a bit upset)

Rachel: Come on Joe you know you can tell me.

Joey: Its nothing really I've just found out that I didn't get that part in the movie.

Rachel: oh I'm sorry why not.

Joey: Because Rachel, im not good enough I should just give up and get a normal job like a waiter or the handyman.

Rachel: Listen honey you're a great actor. And some day you are going to be really famous.

Joey: I don't think so maybe its because I cant act or maybe its because im to ugly and old.

Rachel: You can act and you're definitely not ugly.

Joey: Thanks Rach. I……

(They move closer and closer together and then they kiss!)
Rach: Stop Joey this is wrong.

Joey: Know Rachel this is so right.

(Start to kiss again then you can figure what happens next!!)

(Back to the present time.)

Rach: …..And that's what happened.


Rachel: I'm so sorry Ross it was a mistake I never meant it to happen I was confused and Joey was there for me but…. (Gets cut off by Ross)

Ross: Oh that's Joey al right always there for you maybe he should try being there as a friend for a change and not do thing that comes natural to him!!!

Rachel: I've said I'm sorry. (Pause) Do you hate me Ross.

Ross: God don't be silly Rach you know I could never hate you.

(They Hug)
Ross: whatever happens whether the babies mine or not I will be there for you.

Rach: Oh God I hope its yours.

Ross: Me to Rach, me to. But you know you have to tell Joey.

(Joey enters)

Joey: Tell Joey what.

Ross: Rach I got to go now you now what you have to do.

(Exit Ross)

Joey: (confused) What going on Rach.
Rach: we need to talk.

Joey: Its not what happened between us is it because Rachel you're a great friend and I can tell you really fancy me I just cant go out with you, are you gonna be ok without the Joey love.

Rachel: Oh Joey I think that you have got the wrong idea.

Joey: What?

Rachel: Well the jist of it is I'm pregnant and I have no way of being sure if it's yours or Ross's.

Joey: Oh my God I need to sit down. (Does so in the E-cliner)

Rachel: Oh honey I'm so sorry.

Joey: Its not your fault…………WAIT you said it could be Ross's are you guys back together.

Rachel: We weren't then but now well I guess so.

Joey: Okay I don't know what to say. You are one of my best friends who's dating another one of my best friends who's pregnant and it may be with my baby.

Rachel: I would totally understand if you want me to move out.

Joey: I would never want you to move out you are the best, hottest rooie I've ever had.

Rach: Really, including Janine.

Joey: Of course Rach.

(The next morning and Joey has finished telling all of this to chandler)

Chandler: Why the hell aren't you freaking out!

Joey: Because I aren't you and I don't hate the idea of becoming a daddy.

Chandler: you cant be serious you actually hope this babies yours.

Joey: No I don't hope its mine but I wouldn't mind if it was.

(Enter Ross)

Ross: Hiiiiiiii

Joey: Hey man how you doing I just wanted to say I'm ok with this and I don't want thing to be weird between us so are we cool.

Ross: Yeah sure we are.

Ok 8 months go by and in this time Ross and Rachel have become a lot closer and things are the same as when they were going out.
They have shopped for the baby and everyone is acting like its Ross's but all the time knowing it might not be. Joey has taken a back seat and let Ross And Rachel carry on.

(R & R are walking down the street when Ross sees a man hit a woman.)

Ross: (to the man) Excuse what do you think you are doing.

Man: Look dude is it any of your business, no so go away and keep out!!

Ross: See I don't think I can I'm not that type of person.

Man: Oh know you're Mr perfect, Mr (looks at Rachel) great dad, family man.

Ross: Hey you don't even know me.

(At this the man takes a knife and stabs Ross and runs off. Ross collapses)

Rachel: NOOOO someone phone an ambulance now!!!!!
(At the hospital now and every one runs in except for Rachel)

Chandler: (to the receptionist) We're looking for a Mr Ross Geller he was brought here earlier, stab wound.

Receptionist: Ok just me a second to…(gets cut off by Monica)

Monica: Give you a second! By brother could be dying so no I wont give you a second!

Receptionist: Whatever, yes Mr Geller is on floor 2 room 7b.

Chandler: Thank you and sorry

Monica: Chandler hurry!

(They get to the room)

Rachel: (Tear stained face) Hi

Monica: Oh my God.

Rach: I know how could this happen everything was just getting right.

Monica: Look at all the tubes. He will be ok won't he?

Chandler: Of course he will he has to be.

Rach: He's in a coma Chandler they think he may not, (starts to cry) they think he might not wake up.

(Late at night everyone except for Rachel is gone)
Rachel: Ross the doctors say you can here me honey so I'm going to talk to you. Well over the last 8 months, I guess it's been the best time of my life. Now I'm sitting with this little baby inside me, praying its yours and you know what, I have this feeling it is. Ross I know I haven't said this in years but I love you and always have and always will.
If you come through this Ross I want to spend the rest of my life with you because I couldn't imagine it with out you. So please don't leave me. I know I've been horrible in the past but I'm due to have a baby in one week and I want it to have its daddy.

Ross:(In a weak voice with his eyes closed) Just so you know its dad not daddy.

Rachel: (crying) I love you so much Ross, I'm going to go fetch the doctor.

Ross: I love you to.

(Three days later everyone in Ross's hospital room.)
Ross: And the doctor said I would be out in a week.

Monica: That's great honey you really gave us a scare.

Rachel:(sounds shocked) Oh no.

Phoebe: Didn't you here he's getting out soon.

Rach: Yeah I no that's great except I kind of think the babies coming.

All: Wow, Oh my god, that's great exc.

(The delivery room)
(Every one there and Ross is in a wheelchair)
Monica: We're all so happy for you guys.

Phoebe: When you say you guys whom you talking to Mon.

Monica: Ross and Rachel they have a baby.

Phoebe: Aren't you forgetting? This baby might be Joeys
(Long Pause)

Rachel: You're probably right we should do the test as soon as we can.

(9 months later)(R & R's apartment also baby Kacy)
Ross: Hey sweetie.
Rachel: Hi Honey how was your day.

Ross: Me and my little baby Kacy have just been hanging out (in baby voice) yes we have haven't we.

Rachel: You're so great with her.

Ross: This is my dream though Rach, I have you and your baby everything's perfect thank you so much.

(Closing credits)

Phoebe: Who would of thought it you guys finally worked it out.
There's something I have to tell all of you though Joey and me are having a baby now.


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