Tow the beginning of Joey and Phoebe? (Continuation)

This fanfic is a continuation of ĎTow the end of Ross and Rachel?í

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Lisa Kudrow: So last time we saw I had just told everyone I was pregnant! Of course they all freaked out. Anyway I have to go now so enjoy.


(Continued from when phoebe had just told everyone)


Monica: What!


Chandler: You and Joey!


Rachel: How could you be pregnant?!!


Phoebe: Well its pretty simple.  First. Wait you have a kid you know.


Ross: And with Joey. Why, When, how.


Phoebe: Ok, we were having one of our Ďtalk about you guysí talks last month.  We had just finished our meal and were in my apartment sitting on the couch.


Chandler: Go on.


Phoebe: So we got to talking and in the process we got really drunk.


Joey: Yeah Baby!


(Flash back to a month ago and Phoebe and Joey are really drunk!)


Phoebe: So who do you love the most out of the friend type people of yours.


Joey: You of course.


Phoebe: Yeah and I love you! The most.


Joey: You no what I was thinking.


Phoebe: I think my psychic powers are to drunk youíll have to tell me


Joey: Well Rach and Ross av done it. Chan Chan man and Monica av so we should.


Phoebe: Sound like a good point to me.


(They start kissing and then they do it.)


Joey: Boy was that a good night, you are so hot Pheebs.


Phoebe: Thanks, I know though.


Rachel: So are you guys in like a relationship now then.


Phoebe and Joey: NOOOOOOOO!


Monica: But youíre having a baby.


Joey: You donít think we know that but its cool.


Phoebe: yeah we have a plan.


Ross: What.


Phoebe: well we think weíre going to share custody.


Chandler: Half Joey half Phoebe, this baby doesnít stand a chance.


(8 months later in the hospital)

Monica: Oh God heís so gorgeous. I want one Chandler.


Chandler: Oh, Oh I er think I need some coffee.


Rachel: So what you going to call him guys.

Joey: Well I was thinking the hulk but for some reason Pheebs doesnít like it.


Phoebe: I like Chris what do you think bout that Joe.


Joey: Sounds good to me.


Phoebe: Ok Chris it is.


Rachel: Thatís so sweet.


(Later that night every is Gone apart from Joey)


Phoebe: He has your eyes sweetie.


Joey: Yes but he has our good looks.


Phoebe: I know.


Joey: Can you believe we have a little baby?


Phoebe: I know is so perfect.


Joey: No Pheebs almost perfect.


Phoebe: What?


Joey: Iíve known you for along time and you have always been my best friend. Though now that isnít enough, I guess what i'm trying to say.


(Joey goes down on one knee)


Phoebe Buffay will you do the honour of becoming my wife.


Phoebe: Yeessss


(They kiss)


(7 months later. At Phoebe and joeys wedding.  Kacy is now two and has Rachelís brown hair and itís really wavy, she looks very sweet in her bridesmaid dress. Monica is also a bridesmaid and Rachel is maid of honour. Chandler and Ross are both the best man. They are in the church part way through the wedding.)


Priest: Does anyone though of any lawful impediment why this man and this woman should not be joined together in the bonds of holy matrimony. Speak now or forever hold your peace.


Joey: (whispers to Phoebe) This is the scariest part.


(Time lapse)


Priest: by the power vested in me by the state of New York I know pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.


(Long kiss and everyone cheers)

(1 month later in Monica and Chandlers apartment)

(All the friends except for Chandler are there. Including Kacy and Chris.)


(Chandler comes in)

Chandler: (To Monica) Hey sweetie.


Monica: (Coldly) Hi.


Chandler: Are you ok.


Monica: Would you stop asking that I told you already!


(Everyone else is looking as Monica storms off into her room.)


Rachel: I take it sheís not any better.


Chandler: You take right I just donít know what to do anymore. Iíve tried everything but she wonít open up to me.


(One week later Chandler enters the apartment to Monica who is on her own crying on the sofa.)


Chandler: Oh honeys are you all right.


Monica: No Iím not, (shouting) I canít handle it anymore Chandler itís to hard.


Chandler: What is.


Monica: (Not listening to Chandler) It was what I am made for its what my whole lifeís been for and now itís all been taken.


Chandler: Monica, you have to tell me whatís wrong sweetie Iíll love you no matter what.


(They stare into each others eyes whilst Monica wonderís if she should tell Chandler or not.)


Monica: I canít have children.


Chandler:( Trying to act calm) what?


 Monica: I hate myself Chandler! A baby, thatís what I dreamed about since I was a little kid.


Chandler: How to you know this.


Monica: Come on weíve been trying to have kids for years with so success so I just went for some tests and (pause) They said I canít have babies. (Starts to cry)


Chandler:(Also crying) Monica I donít know what to say.


Monica: (screaming) I Knew it you hate me now.

(Monica runs into the bedroom and Chandler just stays in the lounge and falls asleep on the sofa.)


(Two weeks pass and things between Monica and Chandler get really bad. She is staying out late and hardly talking to Chandler.)


(Rachel and Rossís. Chandler and Rachel are talking at the table.)


Rachel: So how you holding up then.


Chandler: I donít really care how Iím holding up. Iím so worried about Monica, I donít know how to talk to her now though, and I wanted children to.


Rachel: Oh honey I know you did, I know.


Chandler: But Rach Monica means so so much t me and I love her with all my heart.


Rachel: I know you do and Iím not the person you should be telling this to. You have to tell Monica she really needs your support.


Chandler: Yes, Iíll go talk to her now.


(Chandler enters his apartment and finds a note on the counter. You here him reading it in his head)


Chandlerís thoughts: Dear Chandler,

Iím so sorry, I love you so much but I canít go on anymore. Things are so bad I cant stand living with you hating me so Iím going to end it. Please donít dwell on me get on with your life and be happy.

I Love you more than I could ever say

Monica xxx


Chandler: Oh my God I have to find her.


(Runs out of the apartment)


(The next scenes are to the song you are everything, if you donít know that think of a sad romantic song)


Scene 1: Chandler runs down the stair with tears down his face.


Scene 2: Monica on the roof looking down on the street.


Scene 3: Chandler shouting Monicaaaa, Monicaaaaa.


Scene 4: Him running up and bursting through the doors on to the roof.


Scene 5: Chandler sees Monica standing right on the edge if the wall around the roof.


(Everything goís silent)


Chandler: Monica.

(She turns a round)

Please donít do it I love you I couldnít survive without you.


Monica: I cant Chandler I need a baby, I need one so bad its easier this way.


Chandler: Monica that isnít you, you donít give up you fight on.


Monica: the fights already lost Iím sorry.


Chandler: Donít do it think of all the people who love you think of me, just please come here.


(Monica slowly turns to Chandler and climbs down off the wall)


(He runs up and they hug each other really tight and neither of them wants to let go)


(A year goes by and Monica and Chandler are doing great. They have adopted a 3-year-old named Sarah-Lou.

Rachel and Ross are doing well and Kacy who is also 3 is best friends with Sarah-Lou.

Joey and Phoebe are also doing fine and Chris is nearly two.)


(Rachel and Rossís apartment, Rachel comes into the bedroom to Ross who is sitting on the bed. She has a towel rapped around her because sheís just had a shower.)


Ross: Is it any better.


Rachel: No its still there.


Ross: Thatís it were going to get it checked out as soon as possible.


Rachel: Ok Iíll make a doctors appointment for Friday.


Ross: Good sweetie do you want me to come I can get the day off work.


Rachel: If you donít mind you know how I am with doctors.


Ross: Good point, I will definitely be there.


Rachel: Great, we can drop Kacy off at Monís ok.


Ross: Yeah, sure.


(On Friday in the waiting room)


Rachel: God Ross why am I so scared I know itís just a check up but I feel like somethingís wrong.


Ross: Itíll be fine Rach. Stop worrying so much.


Rachel: I canít help it, my Granny died of cancer and that could be me.


Doctor: Ok Mrs. Greengeller can you please come through.


Ross: (Takes Rachelís hand and they walk towards the doctors room) Be brave for me.


Rachel: Thanks honey.


(They sit down in the waiting room)


Doctor: So Rachel, if you just step behind the curtain there.


Rachel: ok


Doctor: Iím going to take a quick look and then do a few tests.


Rachel: As long as it doesnít hurt.


(Time lapse, Rach and Ross are picking up Kacy from Monicaís and Chandlerís.)


Monica: So what did the doctor say?


Rachel: Nothing really he just did tests we get the results on Thursday.


Monica: Chandler and I will watch Kacy for you if you want she keeps Sarah-Lou occupied.


Ross: Thanks Mon.


(Thursday and Ross and Rachel are sitting in the doctors room)


Ross: So is everything ok.


Doctor: Iím sorry Mr and Mrs Greengeller but the lump you found in cancerous.


Rachel: Oh God I knew it.


(Ross looks down and holds Rachelís Hand really tight.)


Ross: ok so what next.


Doctor: Fortunately we have caught it early enough to just remove the lump.


Rachel: Thank God.


Doctor: We are almost certain that the cancer hasnít spread. It could do though so we want to get you in surgery quickly.


Rachel: When


Doctor: In Two days.


Rachel: That soon


Doctor: As I said Cancer spreads very fast.


Ross: Oh my god.


(In the car on the drive home.)


Rachel: Iím so scared, what if it spreads Ross, and I donít want to leave you and Kacy.


Ross: Rachel, sweetie calm down, itís not going to come to that.


Rachel: How do you know? You said I would be fine.


Ross: We have to stay positive, Rach. Not just for us we have to keep things as normal for everyone including Kacy.


Rachel: I know Iím sorry itís just hard to take that I could have cancer and I have to have an operation in two days.


Ross: I know but we will come through.


Rachel: Yeah we will, we have to.


(Itís Saturday and Ross is in a waiting room whilst Rachel is having the operation.)


Rossís thoughts: God, please let her be ok please I love so much, her & Kacy my life, they are my purpose.


(Doctor enters)


Doctor: Mr. Greengeller.


Ross: Yes.


Doctor: your wife is out of theatre, the operation was a success.


Ross: Oh thank you so much can I see her.


Doctor: Of course she is just waking up now.


(Ross is in Rachelís room.)


Ross: Hey sweetie how you doing.


Rachel: (week voice) You know, a bit painful but better after seeing you.


Ross: (crying a bit) Iím so glad Rachel I canít explain how much you mean to me.


Rachel: Right back at you.


(Ross kisses her on the lips lightly and the scene fades out.)


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THE END(Soz, it was a bit short the next one will be way longer)


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