TOW The engagment party

SCENE ONE - morning

Ross and Rachel dont go out with each other anymore

(Ross, Monica, Joey and chandler are in central perk as usual)

(rachel bursts in)

RACHEL: "Ross, i need you"

CHANDLER: (Sarcastic) "Have i heard that before?"

RACHEL: (ignoring Chandler) "um.... i kinda need to talk"

ROSS: "what?"

RACHEL: "ive been invited to my friends engagment party, and they want my boyfriend to come with me, so you think you can come?"

CHANDLER: "ok, am i in the past?"

ROSS: "what!? we havent been together for nearly a year now!"

MONICA: "yeh Ross is not your boyfriend!"

RACHEL: "i know, i know, but when me and ross broke up i couldnt face telling people that i was single, so i just said that i was still going out with ross"

JOEY: "Rach you could of said you were going out with me!"

RACHEL: (laughs)

JOEY: "what? i was serious"


RACHEL: "so ross will you be my boyfriend?"

PHEOBE: "oh my god you guys go out with each other again?"

ROSS: "no pheebs, rach wants to pretend we do"

PHEOBE: "oh like when you are little and you play the game house? when one of you is mom and one is dad?

RACHEL: " pheebs!"

ROSS: "so rach, you want me to go to a party with you and pretend to be your boyfriend?!"

RACHEL: "well, yeah"

ROSS: "why dont you just go and say that im busy?"

RACHEL: "because i um....already said you will come"

ROSS: "then i guess i HAVE to come, when is the party?"

RACHEL: "well.... its tonight"

ROSS: "what!?"

PHEOBE: "she said its tonight"

RACHEL: "well i know its short notice, but are you free tonight?"

ROSS: "let me check my diary"

MONICA: "OH MY GOD! you keep a diary?"

ROSS: "yeah, so?"

CHANDLER: "that is a girlie thing"

PHEOBE: "you do loads of things thats girlie chandler"

ROSS: "yep im free rach"

RACHEL: "oh thank you sooo much"


(later on at monica and rachels apartment, rachel is getting ready for party and monica is eating in kitchen)

(rachel is ready and comes into kitchen)

MONICA: "oh you look nice, so isnt it weird going out with ross again?"

RACHEL: "im not im just going out with him to an engagment party and we are not boyfriend and girlfriend just pretending

MONICA: "but what if something happens?"

RACHEL: "nothing will monica!"

MONICA: "well if you didnt want anything to happen then why are you dressed up really, really nice

RACHEL: "i want to look nice for um.... my friends"


ROSS: "hey guys"


MONICA: "your all dressed up very nicely"

ROSS: "thanks mon"

RACHEL: "yeh you look very nice and i mean smart

ROSS: "yeh i wanted to dress nice for um....your friends"

RACHEL: "thanks for doing this ross"

ROSS: "its ok um.....shall we go then its nearly time for the party"

RACHEL: "oh yeh sure, come on"

RACHEL AND ROSS: "bye mon"




(rachel and ross arriving at the party)

ROSS: "so im here now, what kind of boyfriend stuff do you want me to do?"

RACHEL: "first we are going to say hi to everyone"

ROSS: "sure"

RACHEL: "to make this look real you have got to put your arm around me"

(ross puts arm round rachel and goes over to her friends)

RACHEL: "hi everyone, do you all remember ross?"

FRIENDS: "hi rachel, hi ross"

(later on)

ROSS: "so does this look like we are a couple?"

RACHEL: "well, yeh but we havent even danced together or anything"

ROSS: "well do you want to dance?"

RACHEL: "yeh it might look like we actually go out with each other"

(they go to dance on the dance floor and then a slow dance starts)

(ross and rachel start to dance)

ROSS: "so do you think we were really good as a couple whenwe were a real couple?"

RACHEL: "i think we were REALLY good together"

ROSS: "really?"

RACHEL: "yeh, we were great together"

ROSS: "do you ever think of getting back together?, i mean people aready think that we go out with each other"

RACHEL: "i have thought about it and i would love to go out with you again"

ROSS: "really?"

RACHEL: "yeh, so do you want to get back together?"

ROSS: "um well.....yes"

(rachel and ross begin to kiss)

ROSS: "we really do look like a couple now"(laughs)

RACHEL: "well thats because we are a couple"


(back at monica and rachels apartment, no one is there)

ross and rachel come in

ROSS: "so you think that the party went good?"

RACHEL: "yeh it went really good"

(they start to kiss again and all the rest of the gang comes in)

CHANDLER: "now im definatly in the past right?"

MONICA: "you guys are back together?!"

RACHEL: "yes we are"

PHEOBE: "really? i thought you might still be playing house"