Episode 1 of the 7th season


Scene 1: The day after the Proposal, in the morning, at Central Perk, Chandler is not there. Ross is sitting in the Chair, Rachel is on the couch so are Monica and Phoebe. Rachel is the closest to Ross then Monica and Phoebe is the closest to Joey. Joey’s at the chair and table. When Chandler comes in he sits on the arm of the couch by Rachel.

Ross: I can’t believe I missed my sister’s proposal! All you guys got to be there! (He is kind of whining, nobody is really paying him much mind)

Rachel: It’s okay Honey. You have been married three times, so it is nothing new.

Ross: But Monica’s is my sister!

Monica: I wasn’t at you’re proposals!

Ross: So! All of them got to see yours. Chandler could have told me when he was going to propose!

Monica: I was the one who proposed, silly!

Ross: Fine. You could have told me then!

Phoebe: Well, you didn’t miss anything special.

Joey: What? Yes he did! It was— (the girls all glare at him and he shuts up)

Ross: See!

Rachel: Okay. Ross, why don’t you be quiet for a sec and we can talk about something else. Monica… so when’s the wedding?

Monica: Well I have lots of ideas, but I haven’t talked to Chandler yet.

(Chandler enters and overhears the last part of what Monica said)

Chandler: Haven’t talked to Chandler about what?

Phoebe: About the baby! (Monica glares at her, Rachel, Chandler and Ross looked shocked)

Joey: Oh man! I was gonna say that!

Chandler: BBBBbbbb…aaaabbbbb….yyyyyyy? What baby?

Monica: Phoebe! You scared him!

Phoebe: Sorry.

Monica: Chandler, it’s not true. Calm down! (Chandler grabbed Ross’ coffee and chugged it down)

Rachel: Monica, why didn’t you tell me you where pregnant?

Monica: Phoebe! Rachel, I’m not pregnant!!!!!!!!

Joey: Man, that was good Phoebe! You totally freaked Chandler out! (Joey gives her a thumbs up)


Scene 2: Monica and Chandler’s apartment, everyone is there except for R & R. Monica’s In the Kitchen, Joey’s sitting at the table so are Phoebe and Chandler.

Monica: Poor Rach. She’s stuck at work… Have any of you noticed how bummed she’s been lately?

Joey: I can fix that. (he smiles)

Chandler: I don’t think Rachel would appreciate your fixing.

Joey: Oh darn!

Phoebe: Hey, I have an idea. (everyone looks at her) Rachel just needs her lobster! (Phoebe is very excited while the others have blank looks on their faces)

Chandler: Oh yeah Phoebe, that will work, we’ll just go buy her a lobster! (Sarcastically)

Joey: Lobster… that sounds good. (Dreamily)

Monica: Phoebe, what do you mean?

Phoebe: Her lobster. His name starts with R.

Joey: Ron, Rick, (keeps listing R names and every time Phoebe shakes her head no)

Phoebe: Then O. Then two S’s.

Joey: (slightly confused) R…O…S…S… Ross (sounding it out slowly, still not getting it) Ross! Oh! I want real Lobsters! Who would want to eat Ross?

Monica: Phoebe, that’s crazy. We all know that they NEVER work out. They haven’t been together for almost 4 years!

Chandler: They would never get back together just because Monica is worried about Rachel. (To himself) Rachel sure would freak out if Monica suggested that! (laughing a little bit)

Monica: Well, it is a very good idea, but Chandlers actually right. (Chandler smiles)

Phoebe: We could get the prom video out. It worked last time.

Joey: Lobsters………(still in dream land)

Chandler: Oh hey that will work! (Sarcastically)

Monica: Well what should we do?

Joey: Lobsters……………..(still in dream land)

Phoebe: Hey Joey if you say Lobsters one more time I’m going to throw my water at you!

Monica: PHOEBE

Joey: Lobsters (Phoebe throw’s her water at him and Joey is no longer in dream land)

What what why did you do that for!

Monica: PHOEBE, my chair, it’s WET!

Chandler: Mon, Monica, honey it’s ok! (A little slow) (Monica’s calm down now)

(Time lapse to later that afternoon)

Monica: I’ve got it!

(Rachel walks in)

Rachel: You have what?

(End of scene)


Scene 3: Central Perk, Next day, Ross and Rachel are not there. Chandler and Monica are on the couch, Phoebe is in the chair and Joey is sitting at the chair and table.

Monica: So do you think it will work?

Chandler: Mon, I really don’t think Rach loves him after the break

Phoebe: But Ross still loves her! So how do we get Rachel to love him back?

Joey: Well they could get drunk and…. Oh wait that didn’t work did it.

Monica: Ok Phoebe, you live with her now, why don’t you talk to her and see if she does still loves my brother?

Phoebe: Ok…Well I know she does deep down but on the top she doesn’t!

Chandler: So Phoebe, do you think that we can get them back together?

Phoebe: Yes, but I will a take some time.

Joey: but do you think they will stay together this time?

Phoebe: Ross would do anything for Rachel. Anything. He would die for her.

Monica: So what do you think, Phoebe? Will you talk to her?

Phoebe: YES…I have to go. Rachel gets home at 4:00pm today, and it’s like 3:45pm.

ALL: bye

Phoebe: bye

Scene 4: Phoebe and Rachel’s, Phoebe is there are Rachel just walked in. Phoebe is in the Kitchen

Rachel: Oh hey

Phoebe: Hi

(Rachel walks in to her bedroom)

(Time lapse)

Phoebe: So Rachel how was your day?

Rachel: Fine

Phoebe: (Walking into her room) So do you still Love Ross?

Rachel: WHAT?

Phoebe: (slow so Rachel can here her from her room) DO YOU STILL LOVE

Rachel: NO why do you ask?

Phoebe: never mind….


Scene 5: Monica and Chandler’s, ever one is there but R & R. Chandler is in the Chair.

Phoebe and Joey are on the couch, Monica is in the kitchen.

Monica: So what did she say?

Phoebe: She said No, and the funny thing is that I think she doesn’t love him any more.

Joey: What? She doesn’t love him? WHY?

Chandler: She doesn’t love him………

Phoebe: I don’t know why I didn’t ask!

Monica: Ask her

(Rachel walks in)

Rachel: Ask who what?

All: Hi

Rachel: Hi

Phoebe: Ask you why you don’t love Ross?

Monica: PHOEBE


Scene 6:Central Perk later that day every one is there. Same as last time ever one was there.

Monica: are you guys all free this weekend? (Looking at the three, and they smile)

All: YES

Monica: Oh good so you want to go to the Mt?

Rachel: sure

Chandler: do I have a choice!

Joey: Hot girls are there! I’m in.

Phoebe: Why not…

Ross: ok

Monica: so we leave at 2:00

Rachel: I have to work at 2:00! I guess I can come later…

Monica: No, no (look’s at Ross) will you come with her? I don’t want her to go alone.

Ross: I guess.

Rachel: No… I can go alone! I’ll be fine!

Ross: Rachel, you don’t even know how to drive. Have you ever been on a mountain? It is big, cold and unwelcoming! (In a condemning voice)

Rachel: Ok, you should probably come with me… not like I’d have any problems- (Monica cuts her off)

Monica: Good. So I can take all your thing’s up with me.

Ross & Rachel: Ok


Scene 7:Central Perk in the evening, Rachel is there, Ross enters, He sits on the couch next to Rachel …

Rachel: Oh, hey…

Ross: Hi

(Waitress comes over and gives Ross some coffee, he thanks her)

Rachel: Thanks for agreeing to come up to the mountain with me… I mean, you didn’t have to.

Ross: Oh, oh I don’t mind! I don’t mind at all!

Rachel: Ok… (Pause) With my work I haven’t been able to see all you guys that much. This trip will be good for me!

Ross: Yeah, lately I have been feeling a little left out… what do they do all day!

Rachel: I don’t know.

(Gunther walks over and offers Rachel some coffee)

Rachel: No thanks Gunther…

(Gunther turns around and dreamily walks away)

Rachel: (to Ross in a whisper) He has offered me coffee five times and I have only been here twenty minutes!

Ross: (kind of grunts) Yeah well…

Rachel: So I’m going to go to bed. See you later!

Ross: Goodnight! (He sinks into his chair as she walks away and lets out a sigh)


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