TOW The Great Escape

[Scene: R&M's apartment Monica is sitting in the chair holding a coat hanger, she sticks it down her cast and uses it to scratch her self, Rachel comes out of her bedroom]
Ra: Morning Mon

M: Hi

Ra: So how are you feeling?

M: Itchy

Ra: Yeah I remember that from when I broke my arm, so what do want for breakfast?

M: Oh no I'll get it

(she tries but there is just one problem, she can't get out of her chairJ )

Ra: Okay I'll just get you a toaster waffle.

(Enter Chandler)

M: Hey

(they kiss)

C: So are you sure you don't want me to stay home today?

M: No you go to work, I can take care of myself

Ra: (done with the waffle) Here you go Mon

(puts it on the table just our of her reach, Monica tries to get it but cant)

M: I'm not that hungry anyway.

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[Scene: Rachel's office her co-workers are there, enter Rachel]

Ra: Hey guys

Co-workers: (throwing rice on her) Yay woo, yay, congratulations!

Ra: Ha ha very funny. Look could you just drop it I'm already sorry I told you guys.

(Sits down at her desk)

(One co-worker)

John: Okay, okay, we're sorry

Ra: Thank you (everyone gets back to work, John starts humming ya know here comes the brideRachel looks mad, her other co-workers start snickering) Guys come on!

Angela (another co worker): Come on tell us the details.

Ra: What there are no details, we're not even going out and once a year is up we are getting divorced!

Angela: Well you used to date!

Ra: That was like three years ago I don't remember hardly anything

Angela: Yes you do I can tell

Ra: No I don't

John: Oh yeah then why do you have a picture of him on your desk.

(points to a picture of Ross and her desk)

Ra: Because he's my friend, I have pictures of all my friends on my desk. It mean's nothing, there is nothing to tell!!

[Scene: Joey and Chandler's Joey is there with the chick and the duck]

J: Ya know this is the beauty of baywatch those tiny, tiny suits!

(the door bell rings Joey answers it, it is pizza delivery]

Delivery girl: Large double cheese with olives

J: Yep (pays her and takes the pizza) Oh by the way, how you doin'?

(she giggles)

[Time laps: The delivery girl and Joey are in the apartment flirting]

J: So then I said to the director I quit! I've got a lot more opportunities better than this Day's of our Lives soap opera crap

DG: (delivery girl) Wow!!!

J: I know, I've been in so many movies I can't keep track of them all, right guys? (looks for the chick and the duck) guys? (sees the door is open) Noooooooo

[Scene: Rachel's bosses office all the employees are there in a meeting]

Kim: And we'll need people to work over time next week if we're gonna get the winter line done, Rachel!

Ra: What, oh sorry yeah sure that's fine I'll work over time

Kim: Are you feeling okay?

Ra: Yeah I'm fine I'm just kinda tired

Angela: I'll bet, I've seen Ross and I would be too

(everyone minus Rachel and Kim laughs like crazy)

Kim: What?

John: She got married over her vacation

Kim: What!?

Ra: It was a mistake

Kim: Wait Ross, you married Ross?

Ra: Yes but it was a-

Kim: The same Ross you dated, oh my god this is the best gossip ever!

Ra: Okay we where drunk! I didn't even remember it at first! (everyone is still looking at her) Okay forget it

(leaves her co-worker laugh after she's gone)


[Scene: R&M's Monica there still trying to get the waffle she tries to use the hanger to get it but can't, enter Joey]

J: Have you seen the chick and the duck?!

M: No J: Oh man!!!

(starts to leave)

M: Wait, wait Joey! Could you hand me those waffles please?

J: Yeah sure (does so then leaves)

M: (in her mind) Thank god I'm starving! (starts eating) Oh man this cast is soo itchy! Where's my hanger? Great I can't find it! Oh (sticks the fork down her cast) Ahhhhhh, oh that was smart now you got syrup all over your self, and it's stuck! There is a fork stuck down your cast Monica! Ouch it's hurting! Oh god maybe I can get something to get it out with (she struggles to get up and does but falls flat on her face right away) Great now what do I do? Oh dear god ants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Scene: The hall Joey is crawling down it looking for the chick and the duck]

J: Guys! Hey! Yasmine, Dick! Yasmine, Di- (bumps into some guy) Ouch! (looks up to see the guy is Ross) Hi Ross

Ro: Hi what are you doing?

J: The chick and the duck escaped, the chick and the duck escaped!!!

Ro: What?

J: I lost the chick and the duck and now I can't find them! Can you help me find them? Please?

Ro: Okay, okay

J: Now lets see if I where a chick and a duck where would I go?

(both guys think about that)

[Scene: R&M's enter Chandler]

C: Mon?

M: Chandler!

C: Where are you?

M: I'm over here!

(we see Monica lying on the floor)

C: Oh my god! (goes over and picks her up) What happened?

M: I fell and there are ants all over me!!!!!!

C: Okay hold on (starts to walk)

M: Watch out for the syrup!

C: Ahhhhhhhh

(they both fall down)


[Scene: J&C's enter Ross and Joey]

Ro: I'm sorry man I couldn't find them!

J: Oh, Chandler is gonna kill me!

Ro: I don't know what to tell ya (goes to the bathroom) Uhh Joey?

J: Yeah (Ross opens the door and Yasmine and Dick walk out) Guys!!!! Oh yeah that's right I put them in there so they wouldn't escape while I was having sex with the pizza girl.

Ro: Your dating a pizza girl?

J: No

Ro: But you just said you where gonna have sex with a pizza girl!

J: So what's your point?

Ro: Nothing

[Scene: Monica's bedroom, Monica and Chandler are there]

M: God it itches even more now that I have ant bites!

(Scratches her arm)

C: Yeah well the doctor said you can't scratch or you might get and infection.

M: Screw the doctor! (Still scratching, Chandler takes her arm and starts putting on that Calamine lotion stuff, Monica sighs) At least he got the fork and the ants out and cleaned up the syrup. God this sux! I broke my leg! I got ant bites all over my body! I can't go to work or walk for six weeks! I must be cursed!

C: Okay Mon look at it this way you don't have to go to work but they do have to pay you, so you get paid to sit around all day while people wait on you hand and foot! This sounds to me like a pretty good deal!

M: Yeah actually it does

C: See there you go!

(starts laughing)

M: What?

C: Well I just noticed that we haven't got you and engagement ring yet.

M: Oh (looks at her hand) yeah

C: I'll have to do that soon

M: I'll like any ring you buy. (They smile at each other) although if you feel like buying a big one that's fine with me!

C: I know, I know

(they kiss)


[Scene: Rachel's room she is hanging things up in her closet]

Ra: (in her mind) Oh what a day! I can't believe those guys! (her co-workers)

(she opens a trunk that is in the very back and looks at what's inside it, it is two stuffed animals a bright blue gorilla that has a pink Mohawk, and a leather jacket with sunglasses, the other one is a koala bear that looks well like a normal koala J . Flashback to Ross and Rachel's weekend in Atlantic City (TOW The Hypnosis Tape) They are at a carnival at one of those nock down the pins win a prize type things. Ross nocks down the pins and the guy gives him the koala, then Rachel tries but only nocks down three pins, next Ross helps her buy putting his arms around her and guiding her arm as she throws it, they nock down all the pins, and the guy gives them the gorilla they laugh at it then take both the stuffed animals and walk away arm in arm)

The End

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