TOW Everything is Right



This is a fic about the long awaited wedding of Ross Geller and Rachel Green.  The wedding takes place near the end of the series of the show.  All main characters belong to Kauffman, Crane, and Bright.


Before the fic starts, here is a recap of the events that leads to the most anticipated wedding of the year:



-Joey told Rachel about the ring and was sorry for the ďfakeĒ proposal.


-Rachel thanked Joey for the truth and apologized to Joey for the misunderstanding.


-Ross did not see the proposal between Joey and Rachel; the flowers were for Monica for giving the name of Emma to him and Rachel.


-Rachel tells Joey not to mention the proposal to anyone, especially Ross; Joey disagrees, but says yes.


-Rachel and Ross finally confront each other about their everlasting relationship.


-A revelation came to the surface and both Ross and Rachel were stunned by how they really felt about each other.



-Rachel:  What does this mean Ross?


-Ross:  I think it means weíre supposed to be together.


-Rachel:  Is this what you want?


-Ross:  Is this what YOU want?


-Rachel:  Yes.


-Ross:  Then this is what I want.



-After that, they kissed, knowing that this single kiss is what will keep them together.


-Soon after their announcement to their friends and family members, Ross and Rachel went home with Emma.


-However, everyone thought something was missing, especially Rachel.


-She began thinking about when Ross was going to propose to her, because he still had his grandmotherís engagement ring.


-Rachel brought the question up to Ross; Ross told Rachel that he was happy the way things are now; Rachel agreed because she did not want another fight with Ross, and to some degree, she was happy living with Ross and Emma.


-The proposal question was not brought up anymore, Rachel seemed to forget about it, and no one talked about itÖ.


-Until one early evening when the gang was in Central Perk talking about nothing.  Ross Excused himself to go to the restroom.  Suddenly music covered Central Perk.  ďMy GirlĒ by The Temptations was all around the coffee shop.  Ross came out of the restroom dressed in a tux and started singing the verse and chorus of the song.  Everyone there was in awe of the situation.  All the friends were smiling, although Rachelís smile was one of embarrassment.  However, she unexpectedly knew what was coming and was thrilled and so happy.  After a verse or two, Ross stopped singing, but you could still hear the song in the background.  He, in his tuxedo, told Rachel, who was wearing jeans and a shirt, to come over to him behind the big couch.  At that point, with everyone watching them, Ross spokeÖ


-Ross:  I donít know why Iím nervous about this, Iíve been married 3 times already, but I guess Iím nervous because itís you, and maybe that there are about 25 people watching us right now.  Anyone who knows me knows that I canít stand to lose anything.  From a poker game to a monkey to the greatest love Iíve ever had.  Well, I did lose at a poker game, I did lose my monkey, but Iíll be damned if I ever lose you Rachel.  There is nothing in life I want more than to be the person of your life.  I know that weíve had many opportunities in the past to be where we are today, but we failed them.  I guess that builds character, because weíve never given up on the chance to be with one another.  (He kneels down, while she starts to cry).  Here I am to ask you to give us another try at something we know is right.  (He takes the ring out of his pocket and holds it to her hand.  At this time, Rachel is shaking).  Iíve should have done this 6 years ago.  Rachel Green, will you be my wife?


-Rachel:  (Sobbing) Yes.



-Those events have led up to this wedding day, the day where everything is right.



-A beautiful day in New York City has given Ross and Rachel a sign that this is going to be their perfect wedding day.  As the sun continues to rise from the east, Ross gets up at his apartment to find Chandler and Joey asleep on his couch.



Ross:  Chandler, Joey, get up.


Chandler:  What time is it?


Ross:  9:06


Joey:  What, thereís a 9:06 in the morning!?


Ross:  Yes, come on, we have to get ready.


Chandler:  Five more minutes.


Joey:  Yeah, please Ross.


Ross:  Okay, you guys, five more minutes.



-Ross joins Chandler and Joey on the couch and they sit there for a minute, then all three of them fall asleep.  Chandler, whoís in the middle, has Rossís head on his left shoulder, and Joeyís head is on Chandlerís right shoulder.


-Rachel and Emma spent the night at Monica and Chandlerís.  Rachel, who woke up at 8:30, began filing her nails in the kitchen.  Phoebe then comes in the apartment.



Rachel:  Hey!


Phoebe:  Hey!  So, are you nervous?


Rachel:  No, just ready and really excited. 


Phoebe:  About the wedding?


Rachel:  Yes, and about marrying Ross.


Phoebe:  I donít know why youíre excited, itís not like you havenít married Ross before.  And this is like your third wedding, so of course youíre ready.  You know just as much as Ross as what to do today.


Rachel:  (Stares at Phoebe) Well, I guess youíre right.  I guess weíre perfect for each other then. 


Phoebe:  Awww.  Thatís wonderful!


Rachel:  Thanks, Pheebs. 



-Monica then walks out of her room and into the kitchen.



Monica:  Hey everyone, Rachel, are you excited!?


Rachel:  Yes.


Monica:  Well, letís get started, Phoebe, go get the dress and loosen all the wrinkles, Rachel, get you make-up kit and Iíll go and get the hair accessories.  Come on people, move it, move it, move it!


Phoebe:  Are you sure this is not her wedding?



-It is 10:18 and the guys are still asleep on the couch.  Chandler begins to wake up and feels that his shoulders are a bit heavy.  He turns his head and notices Ross and Joeyís head are on his shoulders.  He pops right up and screams.



Chandler:  What the hell are we doing!?


Joey:  What are you talking about and why are you yelling at us?


Chandler:  We were touching each other!



-Ross and Joey look at each other.



Ross and Joey:  So?


Chandler:  Thatís disgusting!


Joey:  Have you ever tried to sleep with Ross or me.  I mean we are so comfortable, Ross has the softest chest, and my arms can do wonders!


Chandler:  This is not happening!


Ross:  Chandler, what Joey meant was that it is okay for us toÖ. Oh my god, look at the time! 


Joey:  Relax Ross, we still have plenty of time, youíre wedding doesnít start until 12:00.  Sit down with us and relax.


Ross:  Okay, your right, I need to relax, this is my wedding day, and I need to relax.


Joey:  Yeah, you do, because in less than 2 hours you will be married to the woman of your dreams.  You know that barely happens to anyone. 


Ross:  Thank you, Joey.


Chandler:  So no second thoughts?


Ross:  No, I was going over things in my mind last night about all the problems that could occur if we got married, but I went to sleep dreaming and thinking about Rachel and Emma.  And when I woke up, I knew that this is the best decision I will ever make.


Chandler:  What did you dream about?


Ross:  I dreamt that we bought a huge house in Scarsdale, and how us three would eat dinner on our porch outside in the summer.  And on rainy days, we would play Monopoly.  On weekends we would go the park and the zoo, and then we would go visit you guys.  Also, I would come home from work and see Rachel and Emma on the floor playing, then both coming to me and saying hello, then we would all play together.


Chandler:  That, that was beautiful. (Starts to weep)


Joey:  (Weeping also) See, thatís what I want!


Ross:  (Smiles) Those two girls to me are whatís important.



-Chandler and Joey smile.  Then the 3 amigos got up and went to get ready.


-Over at Monicaís, all three girls are there helping Rachel do her hair, make-up and nails.  Emma is on a little rocker next to Rachel.



Monica:  I cannot believe you dreamt that!  That is so beautiful.


Rachel:  I know.  Itís just, everything is just fitting into place, you know.  Listen, I know that my dream may not mean anything, but it has to be a sigh that everything is going to be alright, isnít it?


Monica and Phoebe:  Of course/Sure.


Rachel:  Itís just that it seems my life is coming into perspective.  Having this little angel, and marring Ross today, gave me my answer of what my life is going to be like.  For the rest of my life, I will have Ross and Emma at my side.


Phoebe:  Is that what you want for the rest of your life?


Rachel:  Yes.


Phoebe:  Thatís beautiful, but I gotta say, youíve been saying the word yes a lot.  Maybe thatís why you were pregnant, and had sex with Ross hundreds of times.



-Rachel smiles at Phoebe.


-At Rossís place, the guys are running around trying to get ready.



Chandler:  Where is my tie?  Joey where is my tie!?


Joey:  I donít know.  Iím still trying to fix my tie.


Chandler:  Itís a clip-on tie, Joe. Itís a clip-on tie.


Ross:  Joey, I think I have on your jacket.


Joey:  (Pauses) Oh thank God, I thought I was shrinking.


Ross:  Are you guys ready yet?  We have to be there in half and hour.


Chandler:  Yes, I found it!  My tie!  Yes, everything is coming together now.  (Pauses) Uh, Ross?


Ross:  What?


Chandler:  Can you tie my tie?



-At Monicaís place, Rachelís Mom and sisters are there along with Monicaís Mom.



Monica:  Are we all ready to leave!?


All:  Yes!


Monica:  Okay, letís move it, move it, move it! 


Mrs. Green:  I feel so sorry for Chandler right now.


Rachel:  I know, we all do.


Mrs. Green:  You look so beautiful, and Ross is so lucky to have you.


Rachel:  Thank you, Mom.  I lucky to have him too.  And I lucky to have this little bundle of joy in my life.  I love you Emma, Mommy loves you so much.


Mrs. Green:  Congratulations on getting what you want in life, sweetheart.


Rachel:  Thank you, Mom.



-They smile and Emma giggles as three Green generations leave the apartment for the wedding destination.


-We are at the wedding site as friends and family members start to walk towards their sitting arrangements.  The wind is blowing causing the lilies and satin laces to fly around the wedding area.  At the bottom of the cliff, you can hear the water crash into the jagged rocks, causing a beautiful sound of the ocean.  On the side of the ceremonial area, there is a white tent where Rachel is getting ready.



Mrs. Green:  I still canít believe you two are having a wedding by the sea.  That is so romantic. 


Rachel:  Thank you, Mom.  I canít believe we could have a wedding next to a cliff.


Monica:  It will be so beautiful when the wedding starts, I know you will begin to cry when you see the Atlantic Ocean in the background.  And Ross of course.


Rachel:  Thanks, Mon.  So are we ready, has Ross arrived yet?



-Ross and the guys, including Ross Father and Rachelís Dad are in a limo going to the wedding.



Chandler:  Donít worry Ross, weíll be there as soon as we fix the flat tire.


Joey:  Yeah, donít worry Ross, as soon as AAA can come here and give us another tire, or if we flag down someone to give us the exact same tire as the limoís then we can get to the wedding.  Also, if we had a cell phone, we could call AAA, or the police.  Who knew that we all forgot our cell phones, and who knew that this is the day the driver forgot his. 


Ross:  Yes Joey, who knew.  (Pause) This is great, Iím supposed to be there right now. 


Mr. Geller:  Donít worry Ross, youíll still have a chance to say the wrong personís name at your wedding.


Ross:  Thanks Dad.


Chandler:  Maybe, we can walk to the ceremony, how far is it?


Dr. Green:  About 15 miles.


Chandler:  Okay, so weíll wait right here.



-At the ceremony.



Rachel:  Whatís going on, whereís my father, whereís Joey and Chandler.  And where ROSS!?


Usher:  Iím sorry, I donít know, they havenít arrived yet.


Rachel:  What?  What do you mean they havenít arrived yet?


Usher:  Like I said, there is no word on the limo that took them.


Rachel:  Okay, Iím going to freak out now, Mon., get the tissues, Pheebs, get the barf bag, and Mom, get me a gun so I can shoot Ross when he does decide to come to our wedding.


Monica:  Donít worry about it Rach.  Ross could have cold feet.


Phoebe:  Monica, get serious, heís done it three times before.


Monica:  Well maybe, maybe he got lost.


Rachel:  Maybe youíre right, maybe youíre right.


Monica:  Of course Iím right.


Rachel:  And if your not, then Mom get me that gun.



-At the side of the road.



Ross:  This is unbelievable.  I cannot believe this is happening to me.


Joey:  Really?  Because I could imagine this happening to you.


Ross:  What are you talking about Joey?


Joey:  Your first wedding, your wife became a lesbian, you said the wrong name at your second wedding, and you got drunk and got married in Vegas on your third wedding.


Mr. Geller:  The man has a point.


Joey:  And this wedding, youíll probably show up an hour or two late.  It makes perfect sense.


Ross:  Okay, everyone be quiet for a moment so I can think.  (Pauses) Wait!  I got it, I saw that weíve passed a gas station a mile or two back there.  Iím going to run and call Rachel, and call the police.


Chandler:  Good idea.


Ross:  Okay, wish me luck.


All:  Good Luck!



-Ross leaves the limo and runs to the gas station.



Chandler:  Do you think heíll make it?


Joey:  I donít know, I saw the gas station too, but I think it was 5 or 6 miles back, and I think it was closed-down.


Chandler:  Okay, so for Rossís next wedding, I think Iíll wear a white tux instead of a black one.



-It is 12:37.  Rachel is in the tent waiting for Ross to come.  The guests waiting outside are impatient and starting to wonder if there will be a wedding.



Monica:  I just hope Ross and the guys get here soon.


Phoebe:  I know, otherwise I want a crack at shooting Ross.



-On the shoulder of the road, Ross is now walking towards the gas station.  He has ran about two miles and has not seen the gas station.  Back at the limo, the guys are there just sitting and standing outside the limo.  Joey is trying to pull over some cars, but all have passed him.



Joey:  Why are these people so rude?


Chandler:  (Takes a sign that Joey made) Maybe because your sign says, ďWe need a lift, we are not murderers.Ē


Joey:  But were not!


Chandler:  (To the driver) Okay you have cardboard and magic markers, but no cell phones!? 


Driver:  Sorry.


Chandler:  Thatís it, Iím never going to order a limo that advertises at a Taco Bell again.


Dr. Green:  Wait, look at that!  Itís a police car.  Pull him to the side, Italian man!


Joey:  Hey, over here, over here.  Weíre not murderers!


All:  Shut up Joey!



-At the ceremony, it has been over an hour since Rachel and Ross were supposed to be married.  Rachel is still in her tent, now crying a little bit and holding Emma.  Monica and Phoebe walk in.



Monica:  Iím sorry sweetie.  Is there anything we can do?


Rachel:  I just donít get it, where is he?  Doesnít he want to marry me, doesnít he want to be with Emma and me?


Monica:  Of course he does, I told you, maybe he and the guys got lost.  Rachel, I know it looks bad, but Ross would never leave you and Emma.  Trust me, there is a good explanation for this.  And if there isnít, after you shoot him, then after Phoebe shoots him, I want a turn.



-Rachel smiles and they hug.



Phoebe:  Donít worry Rachel, everything will be fine in the end.


Rachel:  Thanks you guys.


Usher:  Um, excuse me, a police car has arrived.


Rachel:  Oh my God!


Usher:  No, no!  The best men and your fathers have arrived.  The limo they took had a flat.


Monica:  Oh thank God.


Rachel:  Is Ross there?


Usher:  Um, I donít think I saw him.


All:  What!


Usher:  Please donít yell at me, yell at Mr. Geller!



-Rachel and the girls got out of the tent and went to the police car.  Chandler, Joey, Mr. Geller, and Dr. Green came out along with the limo driver.  But Ross was nowhere to be seen.



Phoebe:  Iím so glad you guys could come!


Chandler:  Well, you know how we like to make an entrance!


Rachel:  Chandler, whereís Ross?  Tell me heís coming and tell me heís not having second thoughts about his wedding!


Chandler:  Rachel, heís not here?  I thought he-


Rachel:  I knew it, I told you Mon; he left me.


Chandler:  What, no, he just went to a gas station because after the limo had a flat tire, he didnít want to sit around for help to come, so he took off and a short time later, a cop drove by and picked us up.  We went looking for Ross but couldnít find him, so we figured he found a ride and was going to be here when we got here.


Monica:  So where is he now?



-At the closed-down gas station, we could see a well-dressed man sitting and leaning on the side of a dumpster.  It was Ross and he looked tired.  Joey was right, the gas station was 5 miles from the limo and it was closed-down.  Suddenly the exact cop car that drove the guys to the wedding pulled up into the gas station and the police officer saw the groom-to-be.



Officer:  Hey, are you Ross Geller?


Ross:  Yes, are you going to arrest me for trespassing? 


Officer:  (Smiles) Yes, but first you have to get married.


Ross:  What?


Officer:  Your friend Joey told me that you would be here.  And your wife-to-be is waiting for you to marry her.


Ross:  Really?


Officer:  Yes, letís go.


Ross:  I donít know, Iím already two hours late.  This doesnít look good for me.


Officer:  Come on, this is your wedding day, you will never have another chance like this again.


Ross:  Iím Ross Geller!  I married a lesbian, said the wrong name at the altar, and got married drunk in Vegas.  Oh, and Iíve been divorced 3 times.


Officer:  (Pauses) Wow!  Iím impressed.  So you donít want to get married?


Ross:  Of course I do, but I wanted it to be perfect.


Officer:  Trust me, it seems as though this wedding is not going to be perfect.


Ross:  I just thought if my wedding was perfect then my marriage would be perfect too.


Officer:  Okay, listen, when I married my wife, our wedding was nowhere near perfect.  But that was just one day.  The days after that, my life was perfect because I married the right woman.  Who cares about the wedding day, itís the days that come after that count.  Now you have a beautiful bride waiting for you, are you going to go or not?


Ross:  (Pauses) Thank you.  Yes, letís go.



-The time is 2:15.  The friends and family members are surprisingly still there.  Rachel is in the tent waiting anxiously for Ross to show up.  She knows that he will show up.  Outside, the gang waits for Ross.



Chandler:  I donít think Iím going to go to anymore of Rossí weddings.  I just donít like surprises, and I hate waiting.


Monica:  I just hope he comes soon, otherwise this wedding will be a disaster.


Chandler:  When did you think this wedding was not a disaster?  Was it when the limo got a flat, or when we were an hour and a half late, or when Ross hasnít shown up yet?


Phoebe:  Maybe itís when we found out that this priest charges by the hour.


Joey:  Wait, do you see what I see!?


Chandler:  The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, coming to take this wedding to hell?


Joey:  No, itís a police car!


Monica:  Joeyís right, God I hope he has Ross.



-The police car stops and we do finally see Ross at his wedding.



Monica:  Thank God youíve made it.


Ross:  What, Iím only 2 hours and 20 minutes late; (pauses) damn, that is pretty late!  Sorry.


Monica:  Sorry, youíre sorry, do you know what you have put me through!?  I mean, what you have put Rachel through?


Ross:  Again, Iím sorry.


Officer:  Yeah, give the man a break, this isnít his fault. 


Ross:  Thank you, officer, would you like to stay for the wedding?


Officer:  Well, Iím supposed to find this axe murderer, so I guess I should get going.


Ross:  Well, thank you for everything, from the ride to the talk.


Officer:  Youíre welcome.  Now go and get married already.


Ross:  Okay.  Bye.


Officer:  Good-bye and good luck.



-The officer leaves and Monica and Phoebe go to the tent to tell Rachel the good news. 



Monica:  Rachel, Rachel?


Rachel:  What?


Phoebe:  Guess whoís here!?


Rachel:  Is he here?


Monica and Phoebe:  Yes!


Rachel:  Good, get me my gun!


Monica:  Come on, heís sorry for being fashionably late.  Heís waiting for you at the altar.


Rachel:  (Smiles) He is? 


Monica:  Yes, now go and marry him so you can be my sister-in-law.


Rachel:  Okay.  Thanks you guys.



-Rachel gives Emma to Monica and leaves the tent.  As she turns the corner to walk down the aisle, she finally sees her future husband.  Ross sees Rachel in her beautiful wedding gown and smiles.  Rachel takes Dr. Greenís arm and ďHere Comes the BrideĒ starts to play.  Monica walks down the aisle first with Chandler; they are also pushing Emma in a white satin stroller.  Joey and Phoebe follow them arm in arm.  Next came the ring bearer, Ben.  Then the bride-to-be walks down the aisle.  As Rachel continues to walk, family members and friends smile and sob over how beautiful she is and how beautiful the day has been.  The wait has been worth the while.  As Rachel gets closer to Ross, she does notice the ocean in the background, but itís the sight of Ross that makes her cry.  As Dr. Green gives Rachelís hand to Rossís, the sun starts to get lost in the mist of white clouds, and the wind begins to blow softly through the edge of the cliff. 


-The time has come for two more soul mates to get married.


-As Rachel and Ross lock eyes, Ross mouths, ďsorryĒ to Rachel, and she whispers, ďitís okayĒ to him.  They both smile and the priest beginsÖ.



Father:  We are finally gathered here today to celebrate the joyous union of Ross Geller and Rachel Green.  I have done many wedding ceremonies in the past, but this so far has been the longest.  During the time weíve waited for Ross to come here, I was told about the history of you two.  To my surprise, I couldnít believe all the things that you two went through to get here.  Maybe this is why this wedding is also the most special ceremony Iíve been to.  Congratulations you two.  And hopefully, this is the last wedding for you Ross.   (Everyone Smiles) Before I continue with the ceremony, I would like to ask anyone in attendance if the union of Ross and Rachel is unholy?  (Pauses) All right, let us begin, I-


Person:  Wait!


Chandler:  Of course this would happen on Rossís wedding.



-Everyone turns around to see who said that.



Person:  I donít think Ross should be with Rachel.



-Julie comes into the aisle



Julie:  Ross and Rachel should not be together.


Rachel:  What!?


Ross:  Julie?  What, what , what, what, what, what, what are you doing here?


Julie:  Everyone, I would like you all to know that Ross and Rachel are bad people.



-Everyone is stunned.  Rachel is getting upset, and Rossís mouth drops straight to the floor.



Julie:  Ross and I used to go out, but we broke up because he was still in love with Rachel.  He dumped me right before we got a cat.  And Rachel, you didnít help out our relationship either.  I knew all along that you wanted me out of his life.  You didnít care if he was happy, just as long as you werenít sad.  You-


Rachel:  Now hold on a minute!  That story is not true!


Julie:  Oh really, did he still love you?


Rachel:  (Pauses) WellÖ


Julie:  Did he dump me and go straight to you?


Rachel:  So IÖ


Julie:  And did you try and ruin our relationship so he would fall for you!?


Ross:  Now Julie stop it!  This is not Rachelís fault.  She-


Rachel:  No, Ross.  I want to tell her and everyone the truth.  I donít want any lies before we get married.


Julie:  ÖIf you do get married.


Rachel:  Okay, listen you, all right, I did try to ruin your relationship!  Even though you were a nice person, I still hated you because you had Ross and I didnít.  But that was a long time ago, and Ross chose me in the end and not you.  I didnít tell him to make that decision; he made it for himself.  I also resent you for telling us that we are bad people.  We are not bad people; we were just confused as to where we stood towards each other.  Now, Iím sorry if what we did seemed mean.  But Iím not sorry that Ross and I are together.  Now you can sit down and be apart of this wedding or Monica and Pheebs can personally escort you out!


Monica:  (To Julie) I like your dress.


Phoebe:  (To Julie) You look great!


Julie:  How can you people just sit there and-


Person:  Stop it!  Itís my turn now.


Rachel and Ross:  Barry!?


Barry:  Yes itís me.  First of all, I had to wait in the back for quite a while.  Geez Ross, were you ever going to come to your wedding? 



-Rachel and Ross are stunned, and everyone else is just looking back and forth at the person talking.



Rachel:  Barry?  What are you doing here?


Barry:  What does it look like.  Iím doing what Julie is doing.


Chandler:  Making a huge scene?


Barry:  Everyone, I also think these two should not be together. 


Father:  Big surprise, son.


Barry:  They donít deserve to be together because it wonít work out for them.  Rachel, you are so spoiled, and uncommitted to anyone.  Did everyone know that she left me at our wedding?  Yeah, she took off without telling me or anyone.  And Ross, your just a geek!


Rachel:  Hey, those are not legitimate reasons for us not to be together.  Everyone knows that Iím spoiled and that Ross is a geek, but Iím the only one that can actually call him that!


Ross:  Thanks, sweetie.


Rachel:  What is your real reason Barry?


Barry:  All right, all right.  I have two reasons for coming down here.  My first reason is that Iím still in love with Rachel. 


Rachel and Ross:  What?


Everyone:  What!?


Barry:  Thatís right.  I still love you Rach.  Dump Ross and come with me to Barbados.  Iím richer and thinner than the day you left me.  What do you say.  Tell me that you love me.


Rachel:  Barry, you must be the stupidest orthodontist in the world.  I donít love you and Iím not going to dump Ross.  And you may be richer and thinner, but youíre balder and uglier than before.



-Everyone snickers at Barry.



Chandler:  So what was your second reason?


Barry:  Just to ruin the wedding.


Ross:  Yeah, I think youíre a little too late for that.


Chandler:  Maybe if you were with us before the flat tire, you could have ruined the wedding, but now you and Julie are just add-ons.  (Pauses) My mistake, you, Julie, and Emily!



-Everyone turns around again to reveal Emily walking towards the aisle.



Chandler:  Hey everyone, itís Emily!


Father:  Oh, is it the Emily that was married to Ross, but Ross said Rachelís name instead of hers at the altar?


Ross:  (Turns to the priest and says slowly) Yes Father, yes it is.


Emily:  Hello everyone, hello Ross, Rachel.


Rachel and Ross:  (Monotone voice) Hello.


Phoebe:  I wonder whoís going to show up next?


Emily:  Iím not here to say anything.  I believe my presence is enough to stop this wedding.


Dr. Green:  Whatís your reason to stop this wedding!?  What did my angel and wet-head do to you?


Mrs. Green:  Remember, she was the British girl who married Ross, but he said Rachelís name at the altar instead. 


Dr.  Green:  Oh, poor bastard.


Emily:  Yes, Rachel ruined my wedding day, the day Iíve waited for since I could remember.  Now it is only fair play Rachel.  And as for you Ross, you are the worst human being in the world.  You were married to me, but I knew you still loved Rachel.  How could you do that to me? 



-At this time, Ross and Rachel were stunned and at a loss for words.  Everyone there is also stunned and confused. 



Rachel:  Are you through, is everyone through?  Well I just like to sayÖ.Joshua!?


Joshua:  Yes Rachel, itís me.  I hope itís not too late.


Phoebe:  No, youíre just in time!


Chandler:  Is it just me or did Ross and Rachelís ex-lovers plan all this?


Joshua:  Rachel, I know that this is a bad time, and I know I may be too late, but I just realized that I want to be with you now.  I know now what you meant by that proposal, and I know that it is a long shot, but (pauses) will you marry me?


Rachel:  JoshÖJoshua, youíre about 5 years too late.  And to tell you the truth, I proposed to you because I was upset at losing Ross.  You guys, all you guys have to believe me when I tell you that every stupid little thing I have done is because of this man here!  (Points to Ross) Iím sorry Joshua, Iím in love with Ross, and have always been. 


Joshua:  Even when we were going out?


Rachel:  Yes.


Julie:  Join the club Joshua.


Rachel:  Okay!  Listen!  I know there are more out there, where are you guys, uh.  Come on, bring it!


Person:  Okay I will.


Rachel:  Hello, Mona.


Mona:  Hey, Rach.


Rachel:  So whatís your story? 


Mona:  Nothing, I just wish you two a great life together.


Ross:  Thank you, Mona.  (He smiles)


Mona:  Yes, and I hope you burn in hell living your great life.  (Rossí mouth drops to the floor again)


Phoebe:  Ohh, how sweet!


Mrs. Green:  Rachel, what did this young girl do?


Rachel:  Nothing, just that Ross didnít tell her when they were going out that he and I were going to have Emma together.


Mrs. Green:  Ross, how could you?


Ross:  You know, I just donít know what to say or how to react from all this that has happened so far.


Chandler:  Itís best not to think about it.


Phoebe:  Yeah, this is like a messed up version of ďThis is Your Life.Ē  I wonder whoís next?


Person:  I believe it would be me.


Ross:  Tag, (slight pause) good timing.


Tag:  Thanks.  (Pauses) Rachel, I have been thinking this through and I would love to have that baby with you.  I know Iím young, but were great together.


Rachel:  Tag, no!  Itís too late.  Everyone, itís too late.  I cannot believe this is happening!  This is our wedding day, canít you guys see that!?  How did you all know about this?  And how dare the 6 of you would try and to stop me and Ross from getting married!  Is that what you want?  Do you guys want me not to marry Ross!?  I canít deal with this!  I canít!



-Rachel starts to cry and begins to leave, but Ross gets a hold of her hand and starts to finally talk.



Ross:  Okay, for the next minute or so, everyone, especially the six of you, are going to listen to me very carefully.



-Everyone is quiet, and Ross begins.



Ross:  I have listened to what all of you have to say.  I have stayed quiet through all this and now it is my turn to tell you guys something.  (Pauses) I know that Rachel and I have done horrible things to you guys, and weíre sorry.  But like Rachel said, weíre not sorry for ending up together.  And I am sick and tired of everyone saying how we should not be together.  Well, I know that there are some people that do want us to get married, like our family members, our closest friends, and me and Rachel.  (Turns to Rachel) Rach, I know that today isnít going so well, and I donít know how all these people got by the teenage usher, but I promise it will get better.  Rachel, who cares about what these people think or feel, this is our future, not theirs.  I know that you are a strong person, and I know that you will not let this little setback ruin the happiest day of our lives.  Letís fight for us and prove to everyone that we are supposed to be together.  (Pauses) What do you say?


Rachel:  I say you should stop talking, and start remembering your vows.  (Smiles at him)


Ross:  (Smiles back) Letís get married.


Rachel:  Yes.  Letís get married.


Phoebe:  Finally!


Father:  I can begin again?  (Ross and Rachel nod their heads) Okay.  To the 6 party-poopers in the back, sit sown and be quiet or get out of here.  (All six of them find a seat and watch what they all knew was coming despite their efforts)  I donít know why Iím mad because Iím getting paid by the hour.  It just seems to me that there are times for interrupting people and there are times to leave things as they are.  This was a time to leave things as is.  I donít understand what you 6 had to prove to us all.  I donít think anyone or anything could have stopped these two from marrying one another.   (Slight pause) Let us begin again.  Once again, I regret asking this question, but if there is anyone, besides the ones weíve heard, feel that Ross and Rachel should not get married, speak up or forever hold your peace.  (Pauses) No one?  Are you sure?  Cause weíve got time!  (Pauses) Okay then.  Dearly beloved, and the 6 in the back, we are gathered here today to-


Person:  Wait!


Father:  Of course!


Joey:  I have to say something.


Chandler:  Joey, donít let peer pressure force you into anything.


Joey:  This has to be said before Ross and Rachel wed. 


Ross:  What is it Joe?


Joey:  Iím sorry Rachel, Ross is one of my best friends and I have to tell him what happened.



-Ross looks confused, as do the others.  Rachel looks down and then up at Joey.



Ross:  What did you want to tell me?


Joey:  (Pauses) Okay, here goes.  After Rachel had Emma, I accidentally proposed to Rachel with your grandmotherís engagement ring.


Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe:  What!?  (Ross is silent and Rachel looks at him worried)


Joey:  Iím so sorry Ross, I didnít mean to drop your ring to the floor and then pick it up and turn around still on one knee and then looking like I was proposing.  It was just a reaction.  (Pauses) Ross, Ross, please say something.


Ross:  (Pauses) I donít get it Joey, if it was an accident, and nothing happened, why are you apologizing and telling me now?


Rachel:  Something did happen Ross.


Ross:  (Slight pause) What happened?


Rachel:  I said yes.


Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and everyone else:  What!?


Rachel:  I said yes to Joeyís proposal.


Phoebe:  I knew all those yesís would make her a little slutty.


Ross:  (Pauses) I, I donít know what to say.  I donít know.  I donítÖ


Rachel:  Ross, like Joey said, it was an accident.  Joey and I worked things out and we are good friends.  I know I said yes, but I wasnít thinking.  (Pauses) I guess have to apologize to you and to Joey.  The reason I said yes was I thought that you didnít want a relationship; that you didnít want to go down that road again.  I was scared and Joey comforted me, and I felt that he could provide me with the safety and comfort I need.  (Pauses) I know that this looks bad, and I know that I did something wrong, but Iím telling you now and not later when weíre married.  (Looks at Joey) Iím sorry Joey for telling you this, and for telling you to keep it a secret. 


Joey:  Itís okay Rach; itís okay.  (Pauses) See Ross, everything is fine.  Rachel said yes because she was unsure of how you felt about her, she doesnít love me; she loves you!  Iím so sorry for not telling you earlier, and please, please do not end this wedding.  I promise you, it will be the biggest mistake of your life.  (Pauses) Ross?  Ross?


Ross:  (Pauses) Maybe I should have expected this coming, seeing how all the truth has come out today.  Iím a little embarrassed, a little speechless, and very shocked.  (Slight pause) But Iím not mad at anyone.  Joey, youíve always been a good friend to me, and thank you for telling me, and thank you for doing the right thing. 


Joey:  You got it buddy.


Ross:  (Pauses) And Rach, what do you want me to say?  I guess now, weíve been through everything.  And like the obstacles in our past, this one is not going to stop me from being with you.



-Rachel begins to smile.



Ross:  (To Rachel) I am not mad, but I am a little upset that you would question my true feelings about us, and how you could ever doubt my love for you.



-There is uncomfortable silence in the air, but Rachel breaks it and comes towards Ross.



Rachel:  (crying) Iím sorry for doubting you.


Ross:  Iím sorry for making you think twice about us.


Joey:  (crying) And Iím sorry for not having any tissues!



-Ross and Rachel hug each other and then they kissed.  The audience pleasantly applauded them.  Ross then came over to hug Joey telling him thank you, and that everything was going to be just fine.



Father:  Well, that was also very eventful.  I wonder whatís next?  Who secretly loves Rachel?  Huh, anybody?  Anybody love Ross?  Huh?  About half of you havenít done anything!  Come on, whoís next!?


Person:  I would like to say something.


Ross and Rachel:  Gunther!?


Gunther:  Yes, I would like to say that I am secretly in love with Rachel ever since I met her, and I was going to stop the wedding like the people before me, but I realized that I would be fighting a losing battle, so Iíll just sit down and shut-up.


Rachel:  Thank you, Gunther.


Gunther:  Youíre welcome, (whispering) sweetheart.


Father:  Okay.  Now, Iíve had it!  Is this wedding going to go on!?  The answer is yes.  You two are going to get married even if I have to take a couple of people to hell with me!  Iím a priest, I got connections!  (Pauses) Okay, one last and final time, is there anyone who wants to speak their mind at this so-called wedding!?  (Silence is in the air) Okay.  (Looks at Ross and Rachel) Are you guys ready to be married or should we continue this after all these people who spoke are dead?


Rachel:  I think itís the right time to start.


Father:  Great.  And if anyone interrupts me again, I will see to it that you will be killed by midnight.  Okay, letís begin!  (Slight pause, the priest looks around)  Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Ross Geller and Rachel Green in holy matrimony.  Is there anyone else left in this world that would have a problem of these two getting married?  If you donít say something now, you will have to forever hold your peace.  Anyone!?  Good, let us truly begin.  I believe that Rachel and Ross have written their own wedding vows.  At this point we will hear Rachelís vows to Ross.



-Rachel says thank you to the Father and faces Ross.  They smile and Rachel beginsÖ



Rachel:  This is what I wanted more than anything.  (Pause) I used to believe that you would grow up; meet someone, and that would be it.  Now I know that love is more complicated than ever.  (Slight pause) Before I met you, I was unsure of myself and unsure of my feelings for others.  But when you entered my life for the second time, everything that I felt was right.  You taught me how to live and you taught me how to love, and for that my heart belongs to you.  I donít know what other obstacles may come our way, but we shouldnít care about them.  They donít scare me because we have each other.  My life is better, so much better because of you.  (Pauses and smiles with tears coming down her cheek) I cannot wait to be your wife.


Father:  Thank you Rachel.  Ross?


Ross:  Thank you, Father.  Rachel, (slight pause) you know that this final step or this beginning for us has been a tough and long ride.  The problems we faced, the fights we had, and the love we hid; somehow we still managed to end up right here.  (Slight pause)  No one else in the history of this world has loved someone more than Iíve loved you.  (Slight pause)  I was never satisfied with my life, not even with two great kids, or my dream job, or having the best friends in the world, unless you were a part of it.  You are why I live; you are my passion for life.  So, if you will let me, I want us to live our lives together, face our problems together, have fights together, and always love together.



-A lot of the guests are in tears, including Monica, Phoebe, and of course Rachel.



Father:  Thank you, can I have the rings please?  (Pause) Thank you Monica, thank you Chandler.  (Pause) Rachel, take this ring and place it on Rossís finger as a sign of your never-ending love.  (Pause) Now, repeat after me.  I, RachelÖ


Rachel:  I, RachelÖ


Father:  Take thee RossÖ


Rachel:  Take thee RossÖ


Father:  To be my lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, till death parts us.


Rachel:  To be my lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, till death parts us.



-Shed of joyous tears flows down Rachelís eyes, as the priest turns to Ross.



Father:  Now Ross, take this ring and place it around Rachelís finger as a sign of your never-ending love.  Now repeat after me.  I, RossÖ


Ross:  I, RossÖ


Father:  Take thee RachelÖ


Ross:  Take thee EmilyÖ(everyone is stunned, but Ross and Rachel break out in a laugh).  Just joking everyone, Rachel and I thought it would be funny to say that.  Sorry everyone, and sorry Emily.


Father:  Okay, letís try this again.  I, RossÖ


Ross:  I, RossÖ


Father:  Take thee RachelÖ


Ross:  Take thee RachelÖ


Father:  To be my lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, till death parts us.


Ross:  To be my lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, till death parts us.



-Ross and Rachel smile sweetly at each other as the guests applaud.



Father:  By the power vested in me by the state of New York, I now finally pronounce you man and wife.  You may now kiss the bride.



-Ross and Rachel share their first kiss as husband and wife.  The music starts to play and fireworks begin shooting into the late afternoon sky.  Ross and Rachel walk down the aisle accepting applauses and congratulations from their family and friends.  As for the 6 who interrupted the wedding, they had no expressions on their faces, just a sign that theyíve been defeated. 


-Ross and Rachel exited the cliff and got into their white horse carriage and rode off.  The wedding was finally over, but the adventure was just beginning.


-We are now in the ballroom for the reception party at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.  As soft music filled the room, and as the bride and groom shared a kiss, Monica stood up and clicked her champagne glass.



Monica:  Excuse me, people.  (The guests turn to Monica) Thank you.  On behalf of everyone, I would like to say a few words to the new couple.  (Pause) Itís funny that I used the words ďnew coupleĒ; Ross and Rachel are nothing but new.  For about 7 years or so, we all have watched them kiss, fight, and get married in Vegas.  (Ross and Rachel smile) I just didnít understand why you two went through all of that just to be where everyone knew you guys would end up.  I guess it makes it more meaningful.  (Pause) To my brother Ross and to my new sister-in-law Rachel, I donít care how you guys got together, just as long as youíre together now.  Cheers!



-Applauses all around and Rachel starts to cry again.  Then Chandler stood up.



Chandler:  A couple of years ago Joey said that there are no two people in the world that are more perfect for each other than Monica and me.  Well, he was right, (smiles at Monica) but Ross and Rachel are right up there.  Even though you guys argue constantly about the dumbest things, and basically never agree on anything, itís who you guys are, and itís why we all love you.  So donít change, and for the love of God, please donít get divorced again, and then get married again.  I donít think anyone here can handle another wedding ever again.



-Another heart felt applause as Phoebe stands up to give her speech.



Phoebe:  I would like to thank Ross and Rachel for finally getting together, because it proves that my predictions of everlasting love are true.  Ross and Rachel are living proof that dreams do come true, and it seems as though these two have to be together to keep the hopes of humanity alive.  (Pause) People say that the journey is more important than the destination, as for Ross and Rachel; I think the destination of where they are now is just as important as the journey theyíve been through.  Congratulations you two!



-Rachel right now is teary-eyed as Ross is just smiling sweetly at his wife and his friends.



Joey:  Wow, I donít know what to say with all the great and meaningful speeches that have just been said.  I guess I should tell you guys how I really feel.  (Pauses) I have never had a real love before, and Iíve never had someone love me back.  And I cannot wait until that happens to me.  Ross and Rachel have got what anyone who is single, or unhappy, or divorced wants; true love.  And I am so crazy for trying to get in the way of you two.  Iím sorry and Iím so happy that you two are together.  To Ross and Rachel, may they live their lives to the fullest and may they never forget whatís important.


All:  Here, here! (Applauses all around)



-Ross and Rachel stood up and thanked their friends.  Then a favorite song of Ross and Rachelís came up, then the two went to the dance floor.  Rachel fell into Rossí embrace and Ross wrapped his arms around Rachelís body, never letting it go.  All eyes were on them as family members and friends watch on.


-After the reception, Rachel went to Phoebe to give her the bouquet.  She told Phoebe that it was now her turn to get married.  The two hugged as the rest of the gang comes in and says their good-byes.  Ross, Rachel, and Emma were on their way to Montego Bay, Jamaica for their honeymoon.


-Standing at the site of the wedding with a sleeping Emma in her arms, Rachel whispered.



Rachel:  So what now, Mr. Geller?


Ross:  I donít know.  I guess we have to spend the rest of our lives together.


Rachel:  Okay, I guess I can do that.  (She smiles and so does he)  (Sighs) What a day.


Ross:  I know; it couldnít of been better. 






The EndÖ                                                       Saturday July 13, 2002