Through the Eyes of a Ring

September 2002

When will they realize? that's the question I ask myself every single day, I sit in this room and I wonder, when will they realize they’re in love. Yeah, yeah I know-sounds pathetic huh, but what else is a ring supposed to do. Yeah-you heard me I'm a ring. Yes one of those shiny, round, pretty things you wear on your finger. Stop that laughing, stop it right now or I'll... yeah, you're right again I cant do anything.

You're probably very confused right now thinking why is a ring talking, who is it talking about, why should I care. Well if you'll sit back and get comfy I'll tell you a story about two people who are in love but haven’t realized it yet.

Well first off I’m a ring, I’m a gold ring with a princess cut 6 carat Diamond. Thank you, Thank you I know I’m beautiful. Please oh please hold your applause. I spent most of my days in this box, in a drawer, except when Ross(that’s my current owner) takes me out and looks at me. He wants to give me to Rachel, she’s the mother of his baby girl, Allie(A>N I am not using the babies real name in this story so as not to spoil people) and his ex girlfriend and ex wife(although the first time was a mistake) Now he doesn’t know he wants to give it to Rachel, his picking me up consists of him sighing and saying things along the lines of “Oh if Only it had worked out” or “will I ever find love again” but I know he wants to give it to Rachel, he just has not realized it yet.

I Know what you’re thinking, you’re wondering if she is his ex wife, why would he want to give her a ring. Well that’s a very good question and I have a good answer, because the first marriage was a mistake, they were drunk and in Las Vegas-it can barely even be counted as an actual marriage, since neither one was of sound mind.

Shhh, here he comes now.

ROSS: (reaches into his drawer and pulls out the ring box-it’s hidden way in the back underneath some other junk-so as not to be easily found) Man, this ring is so gorgeous, I just… no it’s too late, I cant think about that now(puts it back in the drawer)

No, No No No it’s not too late it’s not. ROSS it’s not too late. Wait a minute, what the heck am I doing, I’m a ring, I talk ring talk he cant understand me. This is what it’s like everyday but that’s not the worst of it the worst of it is seeing them interact, seeing them come so close to realizing how they feel of realzing what is meant and destinted to be but not figuring it out. Trust me, just spend a day with me and you’ll see what I mean. It’s about 6 am right now Ross is getting ready for work and Rachel is feeding Allie, come on lets go down to the kitchen.(A>N I know the ring is shut up in a drawer but pretend that it is able to hear what goes on in the house)

ROSS: (walking into the kitchen, tying his tie) Hey


ROSS: so what’s on todays menu, ahh, strained peaches, yum

RACHEL: your daughter doenst seem to think so

ROSS: What’s wrong miss Allie, are you making your mommy upset? Come on, just one little peach(tries to feed her and she spits them out) Oh come on Allie Cat, see watch daddy(takes a spoonful and spits it out) oh my god, that tastes like shit

RACHEL: watch your mouth

ROSS: she’s 4 months old, I doubt she understands or cares

RACHEL: yeah but still

ROSS: Fine (whispers to Allie) your mommy sure is protective

RACHEL: that’s right and she’s also not deaf

ROSS: anyway I’m outta here, I’ll see you both tonight(Kisses Allie, and leans over and kisses Rachel on the cheek-a friendly kiss)

What the—what is up with that, Don’t kiss her on the cheek. Geesh Ross for a man with a PHD you sure can be dense sometimes. You looove her, you want to kiss her, you want to be with her. Kiss her on the lips, the lips. I swear if I wasn’t an inanimate object locked in this box, I’d.. I’d. Well I don’t know what I’d do but it’d be something big I can tell you that.

Ross’s classroom(I know diddly about Paleantology so I’m making most of this up btw)

ROSS: so by studying this small fossil bone, we were able to determine that the Stegasourous did indeed have the power to walk 2-3 miles faster than was originally thought…

KYLE: Professor Geller?

ROSS: Yes, Kyle

KYLE: we already talked about this yesterday

ROSS: we did, oh um well them(starts fumbling with his papers)

LAURA: Professor Geller are you ok

ROSS: yeah, no, I mean yeah well, I’m just thinking about someone, er um I mean something, yeah something

STEVE: you mean a women?

KYLE: is it that Rachel women

ROSS: what the, how did you, when did you…

KYLE: you have a photo of her in your pocket, you like to take it out and look at it, when we’re supposed to be reading, did she dump you or something man??

ROSS: it’s a long story and really not relevant to class, now lets get back to dinosaurs

LAURA: I’d rather hear about this Rachel, did you two date?

STEVE: yeah what happened?

(his students keep hounding him about the situation)

ROSS: oh for the love of god, fine I’ll tell you. Long story short, I had a huge crush on Rachel, she found out, I dated a women named Julie. Rachel was in love with me but I was with Julie, I found out she loved me, I broke up with Julie. Rachel and I finally got together, we dated, it was great, we were very happy.

ALEXIS: then what happened?

ROSS: she got a new job and had a co worked named Mark, I became jealous and made her mad, she asked for a break-I took it to mean a break up. I got drunk and slept with someone.(shocked gasps from the class are heard) I got back with Rachel after a few months, but we kept fighting, so we broke up again. I met Emily, propose and we were to be married but I said Rachel’s name at the alter.

STEVE: did you get back together?

ROSS: no we did not, we did however get to be better friends and then a year later we got married

ALEXIS: what!!!

ROSS: yeah we went to Vegas, got drunk and got married.

KYLE: so she’s your wife

ROSS: ex wife, we got a divocre, I mean it was not a real marriage. So since then we are friends but that’s about all, oh yeah and we slept together and she gave birth to my daughter 4 months ago

LAURA: do you love her?

ROSS: (softly) yeah, yeah I do

LAURA: then tell her

ROSS: I cant just spring that on her, I mean plus we have not been together for so long she probably does not feel the same

LAURA: well how are you going to knw if you don’t tell her

ROSS: (thinks) yeah, that’s true.

STEVE: so tell her tonight, cook a romantic meal and tell her how you feel

ROSS: Ok(a bit hesitantly then with more conviction) Ok, alright I’ll do it, I’ll tell her how I feel

Later that night. Rachel had taken Allie over to Monica and Chandlers for the day, so Ross was able to cook the meal(just imagine a nice meal and also pretend that he is a good cook) the apartment is fixed with candles and flowers too

RACHEL: wow, this is nice what’s the occasion

ROSS: the occasion is how happy I am to see you and our baby girl

RACHEL: ok, works for me, all I know is it’s food that I didn’t have to cook

ROSS: would you like some champagne

RACHEL: well now that I can finally drink it, yes I would

(Ross pulls her chair out for her and pours the champagne for both of them)

ROSS: Rachel, I need to talk to you

RACHEL: I have a feeling this is more than just a how’s the weather sort of chat

ROSS: it’s much more. Rachel, I know this is sudeen but I need to tell you this. I still have feelings for you, I wanst just sleeping with you that night we concived Allie for the sex, I was dong it because I cared for and loved you, I always have and I always will.

RACHEL: wow, that, that’s a lot of information

ROSS: I know it’s sudden but is there any way you’d consider well…

RACHEL: getting back together?

ROSS: yeah

RACHEL: I don’t know, I mean I do have feeling for you but I don’t know what kind of feelings, I guess I need time to think

ROSS: ok

RACHEL: Thank you so much for this nice meal but you know what I’m nt really hungry, I’m just going to go to bed

ROSS: all right then, nite

(A.N-If I put stars like *…..* that is to show the characters thoughts in their head)

*Dammit, why did I do that why. I upset her, she doenst love me, she doesn’t feel the same, things were great between us and now I’ve ruined any chance I had of ever getting her back. Not to mention I upset her, why she was close to tears, how could I have done that*

Ross, it’s going to be ok. You took a big step, you told her how you feel and she just needs time to think, this is not neccisarily a bad thing. Hopefully this will lead to what needs to be done, me being placed on her finger.

Rachel’s bedroom

*oh my god, oh my god. He loves me, he loves me and I just said I needed to think, think abot what?? What kind of a moron am I, I don’t need to think about anything. I love him too, I’ve always loved him, and I just up and left. Why, why did I do that? Now he’s going to think I don’t care, what if he changes his mind and doesn’t want to be with me?*

Errrgh, why all the drama, why why why, do you two make it sooo hard. Just tell one another the truth, you love each other and want to get back together. Why can you not just explain that, why is it so hard.

Monica and Chandler’s apartment(a couple days later)

MONICA: he did what???

RACHEL: he told me he still loves me

MONICA: oh my god this is huge, this is so huge it’s, it’s huge.

RACHEL: yeah

MONICA: so what are you going to do

RACHEL: I don’t know

MONICA: you don’t know, how can you not know

RACHEL: by not knowing

MONICA: well, do you love him—that’s really the only question

RACHEL: yes but..

MONICA: but nothing, then tell him so

RACHEL: it’s not that simple, it’s not just the two of us, there’s Allie to think of now. I can’t hurt her, I cant bring him back into my life, no scratch that. Into our lives and then take a chance that he’ll hurt me again, or I’ll hurt him. You know how we are we fight all the time, it never seems to work out.

MONICA: but what if it did? You guys were so young then, you have grown and learned so much. It could work out. You’re not going to know unless you try. (she sees Rachel is near tears and reaches over and touches her gently on the arm) Rachel, all I’m saying is to listen to your heart, the heart never lies.

RACHEL: I know, I, I just need time to think.

I’ve always liked that Monica, she’s smart, smart and levelheaded. She can get right to the heart of a manner and tell it like it is. Yeah she’s a bit anal when it comes to cleaning and boy is she competitive, but when it comes to the important stuff-she’s great. Why can she see how good the two of them are, but they cant.

Ross and Rachel’s apartment

(Rachel is walking around holding Allie who is crying in her arms, trying to calm her down)

ROSS: want me to try

RACHEL: sure, go for it(hands Allie to him)

ROSS: hey princess, it’s your daddy.. shhh it’s ok, no, no don’t cry, come on lets close our eyes, close them and daddy willl tell you a story about a beautiful princess named Allison Malia Geller-Green. (he continues talking and then lays her in her crib as she falls asleep)

RACHEL: wow look at that, spoiled by her daddy already

ROSS: that’s right

RACHEL: anywyas, um Ross I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute

ROSS: sure, is this about??

RACHEL: Yes. Ross, I was thinking a lot about what you said and I realized that as scared as I am of what might happen, what might go wrong, I’m more afraid of not being with you. You’re the only person I’ve ever really loved and I want to try and make this work

ROSS: oh, oh my god. Rachel I love you.

RACHEL: and I love you(they kiss-tentitivly at first but then deeper and with more passion)

ROSS: I know I made mistakes but I promise I will never hurt you again

Whoo hooo! It’s about fricking time, now just stay together and get me on her finger. You can do it Ross, it’s not that hard to do. You are a smart man. You can do this I know you can. Just please oh please, don’t mess it up again.

It’s now a few days later. Ross and Rachel are still together and they are spending an evening in(movies and pizza)

ROSS: so, no anchovies this time huh?

RACHEL: nah, that’s only if you sleep with someone else

ROSS: I still cannto belive you did that

RACHEL: hey a women scorned is like a bitch on fire

ROSS: (laughing hysterically) you do realize that made no sense whatsoever right?

RACHEL: yeah(starts laughing too) what the hell did I just say

ROSS: I don’t know but it didn’t make any sense, I think you lived with Joey for too long

RACHEL: this is so nice

ROSS: it’s just Papa Murphys

RACHEL: no not the pizza, I mean us, us together laughing and happy and together

ROSS: so the together is good

RACHEL: oh it’s very good, very very good

ROSS: is it very good

RACHEL: oh yes and you know how it can be even better?

ROSS: I think I can guess(pulls her on top of him)

RACHEL: why Mr Geller, letting me be on top, what a gentleman

ROSS: that’s me, now enough talking(they begin to kiss and well.. you know)

Awww, how sweet. That’s what I like to see, the happy couple kissing and being lovey. They are just so cute together. I’m so proud of them both. It just brings a tear to my eyes. Hey, you over there. Yeah I see you, I see you looking at me like I’m an idiot, I know I don’t have eyes, but if I did they’d sure have tears in them. How can you not be moved by seeing these two there just, just this incredible, indescribable couple.

A few days later

MONICA: so things are going well with you and Ross

RACHEL: oh things are going better than well, they are going perfect, I finally feel happy

MONICA: what do you mean

RACHEL: well it’s not that I was sad per say or upset, I had a great life, so much going on, so many good things but there was something missing, Now I feel complete

MONICA: awww, that is so beautiful

RACHEL: I thought it would be hard, that we’d have problems connecting or it would be awkward, but it’s been perfect, like we’ve never been apart. I love him so much

MONICA: do you mean that

RACHEL: what?

MONICA: what you just said, about loving him. Do you really mean it?

RACHEL: yeah I do, I really do. I love him.

MONICA: wow, my brother and my best friend(starts to cry)

RACHEL: are you ok

MONICA: I;m fine,it’s just so sweet to think of you two together.

RACHEL: thanks. It’s kind of scary to though


RACHEL: well you know how much I cared for him before, back before all the other stuff happened

MONICA: yeah

RACHEL: and how devastated I was when we broke up

MONICA: yeah

RACHEL: Well, now I’m even more in love and now it’s twice as bad because not only is he so good to me and do I love him so much, but he gave me Allie, he gave me this part of himself. I’m just afraid that if things don’t work out I wont be able to handle it

MONICA: Don’t even think about that, just think about being happy and making it work

RACHEL: I know, but in the back of my mind I just keep thinking what if something goes wrong

MONICA: nothing is going to go wrong

That’s right nothing will go wrong, if it does I’ll be doing some ass kicking. I’m quite the feisty little ring. I may be small but I’m mighty strong. I’ve been stuck in this box for 6yrs after all. Yeah, I forgot to mention that fact to you all huh? Ross bought me in 1996, he was going to propose to Rachel on their one year anniversary but—well things didn’t work out. They sorta broke up instead but shhh, don’t mention any of this conversation to them, it’s a sore spot. That whole break issue was never fully resolved. But do you know what it’s like to sit here in this box year after year, knowing how much they love each other and how perfect they are together, and the two of them just don’t get it???? It’s total Lunacy!!!!! It’s enough to drive a ring crazy.


RACHEL: Oh ross Look, there having hay rack rides, oh lets go on one

ROSS: that would be great except, wer’e not in High School anymore

RACHEL: oh come on, don’t be so serious all the time

ROSS: fine, never let it be said that I’m not spontaneous

RACHEL: thank you sweetie(leans over and kisses him)

(They walk up to the director of the hay rides)

ROSS: hello, my girlfriend and I would like to go on a hay ride.

MAN: ok, we have a wagon leaving in 10 mins, now you can pay 15 dollars for a shared wagon, or 25 for a private ride

ROSS: we’ll take the private ride

MAN: alright that will be 50 dollars

ROSS: (in his Ross, way) Wait a minute you just said 25

MAN: yes, 25 per person


RACHEL: Ross, come on quit being such a tightwad, how often do you get a chance to go on a hayride, and just think I bet there’ll be pumpkins and fall leaves to look at and…

MAN: we have all that we also have pie and cider afterwards

RACHEL: did you hear that, pie and Cider

ROSS: well I cant have you miss out on that—here you go sir(hands him the 50 dollars)

RACHEL: thank you, and don’t worry I’ll make it worth your while(says in a teasing voice)

ROSS: you bet you will(smiles at her)

It’s now about 20 minutes later and the two of them are on the hayrack, being pulled through a field. There sitting on big bales of hay

RACHEL: oh look at that one, isn’t it pretty

ROSS: oh that is gorgeous, oh sweetie look at those trees

RACHEL: which ones

ROSS: over there, the ones with the bright orange leaves

RACHEL: oh wow. What, the.. what are you doing(sees Ross standing on top of a hay bale and reaching for one of the leaves on the tree)

ROSS: Getting this for you(hands her a big, beautiful leaf)

RACHEL: awww, thank you!!

ROSS: just think next year at this time we can take Allie out and show her the fall leaves and colors

RACHEL: that will be so fun, just the three of us

ROSS: yep, hey look we’re back

RACHEL: good

ROSS: didn’t you have fun

RACHEL: I had a great time, I’m just hungry

ROSS: looking foreward to that pie huh?

RACHEL: that’s right

MAN: hello, I hope you enjoyed the ride

RACHEL: oh yes, it was excellent

MAN: pie is right over there(points to a table)

ROSS: Look Rach, Apple and Pumpkin. I’m having apple

RACHEL: I’ll have pumpkin, please (a young girl hands them each a slice)

MAN: the two of you are welcome to sit down next to the bonfire and help yourself to Marshmallows and smore fixings.

RACHEL Thank you very much. Come on Ross

(The two of them sit by the fire, Rachel has her head in Ross’s lap and they share bites of each others pie with each other and begin roasting marshmallows

RACHEL: thank you

ROSS: for what?

RACHEL: for this evening, it’s been great

ROSS: you’re welcome. You know I’d do anything for you right?

RACHEL: of course I do.

Awww, how romantic… see this is what makes a happy ring!!


RACHEL: I cant believe we’re not spending Thanksgiving with the gang

ROSS: what you mean you actually miss Chandlers’s complaining, Monica’s bitching and Joey’s eating of everything edible

RACHEL: Don’t forget Phoebe’s stories of Thanksgiving 1783, and yeah I do kinda miss it, it’s tradition you know.

ROSS: oh

RACHEL: oh but sweetie I love this too, I mean a private cabin at Vail, it’s perfect Ross, I love it

ROSS: so what do you say we do the Thankfullness game

RACHEL: the what?

ROSS: you know where you say what you’re thankful for

RACHEL: oh, ok that.

ROSS: do you want me to start

RACHEL: sure

ROSS: All right I am thankful of course for my family, especially for my parents who agreed to watch Allie, I’m also very thankful for my friends, and most importantly for my beautiful girfriend and mother of my child and for my daughter Allie

RACHEL: I’m thankful for all of those things, but also for second chances

ROSS: (raises his glass) here, here (they clink glasses)

(They’re eating dinner in the Ski Resort restaurant, surrounded by other vacationers)

RACHEL: so Mr Geller, what should we do now

ROSS: well we could do laundry

RACHEL: that sounds fun, I like to do laundry(winks at him)

ROSS: huh?? (looks at her weirdly then gets it) Um Rach, I was talking about actual laundry

RACHEL: oh yeah, so was I, yeah me too.

ROSS: although after my laundry is done, then we could do Laundddry

RACHEL: oh really

ROSS: oh yes, maybe(says this quietly) even on the spin cycle

RACHEL: wow! Good thing I’m not a laundry virgin anymore

ROSS: that is a very good thing

Oh just look at the two of them, oh how romantic is that.

~The cabin is lit up with candles and Ross and Rachel are on the bed(I think you can all get what they are doing)

ROSS: (brushes the hair out of Rachel’s eyes) so how was that

RACHEL: that was, that was…wow! I mean it was yeah, wow

ROSS: that good huh

RACHEL: I can say that was just as good as that night in the planetarium, if not better

ROSS: so my men did good

RACHEL: oh they did really good

(they begin to kiss again)

Let’s leave the two of them alone now, this really isn’t anything for young eyes to see. I just hope he puts me on her finger soon, I thought for sure he’d propose on this trip but, what do I know. I’m just a ring after all


MONICA: Ross watch out, your’e going to knock over the tree(Ross is walking into the room carrying a huuuge box)

JOEY: is that one for me, is it is it is it

ROSS: ok first off chill

MONICA: yeah Joey

ROSS: I was talking to you, I’m not going to hit the precious Christmas Tree.

JOEY: Yeah

ROSS: and you Joey, you need to calm down too. No this present is not for you, it’s for Allie

RACHEL: what on earth did you get her, she’s only 8 months old

ROSS: well I know it’s a little early and maybe a bit impractical but I couldn’t resist

RACHEL: what is it(getting slightly impatient)

ROSS: it’s a kitchen set, you know one of those kitchen sets with the stove and dishes and sink

RACHEL: well, I guess it will be nice to not have to buy one in a year or two, but where are we going to put it

ROSS: my parents will keep it at their place

PHOEBE: you guys know one good thing is, Allie’s so little you didn’t have to worry about her seeng the presents before they were wrapped

RACHEL: yeah she doenst even know what the Holidays are yet

ROSS: she knows something is going on though

RACHEL: well of course, she’s my daughter she’s smart

ROSS: hey she’s our daughter

RACHEL: sorry, our daughter(smiles at him)


JOEY: what(says this with a mouthful of cookies and crumbs falling out of his mouth)

MONICA: those were supposed to be for everyone

JOEY: what? I got hungry, and besides you always make like fifty gazillion cookies

MONICA: yeah you’re right but it was just the principle of the thing

JOEY: huh, there’s no principal here, this isnt’school. Nice try Monica

MONICA: yeah Joey, I sure fooled you(looks at Chandler with an, oh my god what an idiot look)

Oh how sweet, Christmas with the gang. Trust me when I say there is nothing quite like it. Just look at them, Monica and Chandler, wishing they could sneak off somewhere, they’re still trying to have a baby you know. Phoebe conversing with her mom inside her head, Joey impatiently waiting for the food. But look, just look at Ross and Rachel, look at how his arm is around her and his hands playing with her hair. Look at how Allie is sitting next to them, the sunlight hitting her hair. Hair an indescribable color, brown, but not just any brown a chestnut brown with hints of red and gold in it. Hair like fire and eyes to match, sparkling green eyes—those two are going to have their hands full when she gets older

The next day

RACHEL: hey sweetie

ROSS: hey

RACHEL: so what do you want to do tonight, watch some tv, rent a movie

ROSS: Oh I don’t care

RACHEL: well it’s up to you, we need to stay in though, Allie’s teething and I want to be nearby. I know she’s going to be grumpy

ROSS: yeah she’s also going to be spoiled if you cater to her all the time

RACHEL: excuse me

ROSS: Nothing, I’m just saying a good mother wouldn’t do that sort of thing

RACHEL: are you calling me a bad mother

ROSS: You said it, not me

RACHEL: oh my god you have been an ass all day, now what is your problem

ROSS: maybe yo are my problem, maybe I need some space

RACHEL: what!!

ROSS: Maybe we got into this too quick, this isn’t working out

RACHEL: what isn’t working out, being parents cause we don’t have a choice in that

(they are both screaming at each other by this point)

No, no, no!! Why are you fighting? Just calm down, deep breaths, deep breaths ok, now lets talk this thru nicely

ROSS: No Us, Us as in us together, it’s not working out. I odnt know why we even bothered. We may as well accept we do not belong together

RACHEL: what! What?? I cannot belive you(she’s sobbng by this point) how can you say that, I love you, I love you so much and…

ROSS: it’s not enough, we don’t belong with each other it’s over.

RACHEL: fine, then get out

ROSS: this is my apartment

RACHEL: fine then I’ll leave(she grabs Allie and walks out the door)


MONICA: So you’ll come to my New Years party

RACHEL: I don’t know, I mean are you sure Ross wont be there

MONICA: I’m sure, he said he has a big presentation at the museum on Jan 3rd so he’s going to be preparing for that. A/N: I know Ross works at NYU, but lets say he also gives speeches and presentations at the Museum)

RACHEL: well all right then, I’ll come, but I do not want to see him at all.

MONICA: I understand

RACHEL: I really thought he loved me, how could he have said those things or done those things. I cared about him so much, I thought we’d finally be able to make it work and, and…(starts crying again, as Monica puts her arms around her)

MONICA: I know, I thought so too. We all did.


New Years Eve

JOEY: whoo hoo 3 mins to go, whoo hoo HAPPY NEW YEAR< HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

CHANDLER: Dude, calm down it&#8217;s still (Yells) NOT NEW YEARS YET

JOEY: I know that I&#8217;m practicing

PHOEBE: well go practice elsewhere, you&#8217;re giving me a headache

JOEY: Man you people are boring

MONICA: you doing ok? Having fun?

RACHEL: yeah, fine thanks&#8230;. Or not(Ross walks in the door)

PHOEBE: Oh good,t his party is finally going to get interesting

RACHEL: thanks for the nice party Monica, I&#8217;m going to be going now though

MONICA: Rachel, don&#8217;t go. (hisses to Ross) what are you doing here, you said you wernt coming?

ROSS: I I know I said I wasn&#8217;t coming, but please here me out, please Rach. I have to tell you something, and it&#8217;s very important

RACHEL: fine, but make it quick

ROSS: first off, Im sorry to have just barged in like this, I lied to both you and Monica. Monica I know I said I would not be here but I had to lie in order to make this work.

MONICA: make what work

ROSS: Rachel, I know I said some horrible things the other day, and I am so sorry for that. You have to be live m e when I say I never meant a word of them, not one word

RACHEL: why should I believe you?

ROSS: because I had to lie, I had to say those things to make you mad at me, I had to make you belive I didn&#8217;t care about you in order for this to work(her reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small black box and drops to his knees)

Well, it&#8217;s about time!!!!!!!

ROSS: Rachel Karen Green, I have loved you for as long as I can remember. You&#8217;re always been the first thing iv&#8217;e though of in the morning, and the last thing I&#8217;ve dreamed of at night. I want nothing more than to be your husband and for the three of us to be a family. Will you marry me?

RACHEL: (looks at him in shock with silent tears rolling down her cheeks) you mean, you mean it was all a trick, you didn&#8217;t mean those things

ROSS: No, I had to get you to be surprised somehow and that was the only way I knew

RACHEL: Oh my god

ROSS: so will you

RACHEL: yes, yes oh yes!!!! (Runs over to him and they begin to kiss&#8212;the rest of the group watches happily, Monica and Phoebe are both crying)

So that is the story of how two soulmates finally got it together. I could go on, I could tell you how there lives turned out, but that would take forever. So I&#8217;ll leave the story here.