By Alyssa (a.k.a. Joya_Preciosa)

I am in no way associated with NBC or their sitcom Friends.This supposedly takes place after ďThe One With The Embarrassing Songs.ĒWell, Kristenís gone- thatís for sure.This fanfic is going to be twice as long because itís my version of the One-Hour Season Four Finale!To be completely honest- it didnít turn out as well as Iíd hoped.But it was more difficult for me writing an original version of a Friends season finale because all the good ideas- such as weddings and hand twins- were already taken.Just apologizing for not doing better.And now- on with the show!Who will get together?Chandler and Monica? . . . Ross and Rachel?Or will no one get together at all . . . Warning- cliffhanger(s).





(Itís outside the guyís apartment.Chandler and Joey are conversing.)

CHANDLER:Look Joey, you broke the vase.OK?You break something- you pay for it.ďAn eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.Ē

JOEY:(Outraged.)What?!First they rip me off one hundred and fifty bucks and now, now they want my body parts or something?

CHANDLER:Joey, itís not that hard to understand.

JOEY:Well you obviously donít know that because youíre not me.(He stands there, hands on his hips, assuming heís made his point.)

CHANDLER:(Pause.)That . . . is true.

JOEY + CHANDLER:(Enter and they are now inside the apartment.Their eyes widen.)

PHOEBE:(Is lying on the floor, asleep.She has a pillow under her head but sheís wearing normal day clothes- maternity clothes, anyway.)

CHANDLER:(Low-tone.)Hey, isnít that the bride you ordered?

I donít mean to be rude or anything but they mustíve delivered her about eight months late.(Indicating Phoebeís pregnant stomach.)

JOEY:(Glares at Chandler before saying:)How do you think she got down there?


JOEY:You know being so . . . eight months late?

CHANDLER:No clue.But if the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids I suppose this is possible.

JOEY:(He goes over to Phoebe and kneels down in front of her.He pokes her shoulder.)Hey, Phoebs?

PHOEBE:(Still asleep she mumbles:) Run artichoke . . . You still can catch the plane.

JOEY+CHANDLER:(Share a look.)

CHANDLER:Maybe the artichoke helped her down.

JOEY:(Pokes her again.)Phoebe?

PHOEBE:(Still asleep, she mumbles.)Iím telling you, the pink elephants always cost more than the sea urchins.If you had taken the golden fishing hook . . . (pause as she lets out a soft breath) . . . you wouldnít be in this mess.

JOEY+ CHANDLER:(Pause- as they stare at Phoebe strangely.)

CHANDLER:You sure sheís asleep?


(Itís Central Perk.Ross and Rachel are there- on the couch.Ross is on the left and Rachelís on the right.)

RACHEL:Yesterday we had Chinese- but I was thinking of maybe something more- romantic.Around seven, good for you?

ROSS:(Smiling.)Very good.(He kisses her quickly on the mouth.)

GUNTHER:(Is at the counter.He stares at Ross and Rachel in shock.He drops the pitcher of coffee and it falls to the floor.It makes a very loud noise and everyone in Central Perk takes notice.)

RACHEL:(Jumps up and goes over to the counter.)Oh my gosh!Gunther, are you all right?

GUNTHER:(Teeth clenched.)Iím . . . fine.

RACHEL:But the coffee- it spilled all over your foot!Was it hot?

GUNTHER:(Teeth still clenched.)Oh, not so much.Will you excuse me for just a moment?


GUNTHER:(Limps towards the bathroom, others watching him.)

RACHEL:(Goes over to Ross and plops next to him again.)You think heíll be OK?

ROSS:(Puts his arm around Rachel.)Iím sure heíll be fine.

(We heard a sharp-pitched scream from the bathroom.)

ROSS:Well, maybe after the amputation.


ROSS:(Notices Phoebeís entrance.)Hey, Phoebeís here!That oughtta lighten up the mood, huh?(Nudges Rachel.)

PHOEBE:(Taking at seat in the right chair.)Life sucks!

RACHEL:(To Ross.)I appreciate the effort but I wasnít all that upset to begin with.

ROSS:(Concerned.)What happened, Phoebs?

PHOEBE:What happened!What happened?!Iíll tell you what happened.I just got off the phone with Frank, he and Alice have separated!

ROSS/RACHEL:(In disbelief.)No!/Youíre kidding!

PHOEBE:I wish I was.Can you believe this?Iím carrying my brothers babies and for what?!To bring them into a broken home?!

RACHEL:(Slides over closer to Phoebe and takes her hand.)Oh, honey.It canít be that bad.

PHOEBE:But it is!And it just got me so mad!I just started kicking things!I- I yelled at a dog and I-I made a meter maid cry!

GUNTHER:(Exits the bathroom.Still limping- but no more clenched teeth.)

RACHEL:Oh Phoebs, Iím sorry.(Takes a cup of coffee off the table and offers it to Phoebe.)Want some?Itís hot- I, I just ordered it.

PHOEBE:Have you not been listening to me?The whole pregnant thing?

RACHEL:Donít worry.Itís decaff.

PHOEBE:Oh, OK then.(Takes the cup, has a sip and then smiles.She sets the cup down on the table.)

ROSS:Feel better?

PHOEBE:(No longer smiling, she says flatly.)No.

ROSS:(Exasperated.) Phoebe!

PHOEBE:Donít you ďPhoebe,Ē me!Oh- there you see that?I hate that!Thatís what Iím saying- Iím just this terrible, horrible person right now.I even went to McDonalds and caused this big scene about their hamburgers and their brainless, evil, manipulative brains and . . .I just- uggh- I canít stand myself right now.(Sits back, a sad frown on her face.)

ROSS+RACHEL:(Stare at Phoebe, sympathetic.)

GUNTHER:(Goes over to the table and picks up the cup in the front of Phoebe.)

PHOEBE:Thatís mine!


(Itís the girlís apartment.Monicaís sitting at the couch, watching TV.)

TV:And you too can have the opportunity of a lifetime!You donít have to be alone anymore!No more endless series of bad blind dates!No more scavenging through the Singles!No more lonely days sitting on your couch eating cheap chocolates!

MONICA:(Lowers the chocolate she was bringing up to her mouth, stares at it and then at the television.)I wonder if he can see me.

JOEY:(Enters.)Hey Mon!Hug me!(He goes over to Monica excitedly and hugs her.)

MONICA:(Still hugging Joey.)Hey . . . um, why am I hugging you?

JOEY:(Still hugging Monica.)I just had sex.

MONICA:(Letís go, slightly disgusted.)Please tell me you took a shower.

JOEY:Yeah- but weíre out of soap . . . or maybe Chandler hid it from me again.

MONICA:He hides the soap from you?

JOEY:Well sometimes- yeah.You see, we keep in the upper-right corner of the tub and sometimes he um- switches corners.

MONICA:(Staring at Joey strangely, switches subjects-)So- whoís the new girl?

JOEY:I think it was Cassandra.

MONICA:You think it was Cassandra?

JOEY:(Defensive.)Well she looks a lot like this other girl named Carissa!Itís hard to tell them apart!

MONICA:And when did you see Carissa?

JOEY:Earlier today but Monica you should see her.Sheís got sexiest-

MONICA:(Cutting Joey off.)Joey, Iím eating!

JOEY:Hey- chocolate!(He excitedly grabs a piece from a heart-shaped box sitting on the table.)Whoa- whoa!Theyíre almost gone.(Concerned.)Did you eat all of these?

MONICA:(Shrugs.)Yeah- so what?

JOEY:Well itís just a pretty weird reaction to a secret admirer.

MONICA:First of all, thereís no secret admirer.Second of all, why would you think eating chocolates that someone gave you is strange?

JOEY:OK- so whoís the guy who gave you these? And itís pretty unlikely for you to eat a load of candy really quickly.

MONICA:I bought them for myself- and I was hungry!

JOEY:(Skeptical)OK- let me get this straight.You bought chocolates for yourself?


JOEY:And in a heart shaped box?


JOEY:For yourself?

MONICA:Do you have a point?

JOEY:Do you want me to set you up?

MONICA:Ahh!(Buries her head into the couch.)

JOEY:No, really.There are some really nice guys that I meet at auditions and stuff.

MONICA:(Sits up and faces Joey.)Joey- what would you say if you ate a box of chocolates- and your friend thought it was strange- and then offered to set you up?I mean how would you feel?

JOEY:Iíd feel great.

MONICA:I just realized how stupid it was off me to ask you that question.


(Itís Phoebeís apartment.Sheís seated on her couch, next to Frank.Sheís on the left and heís on the right.)

PHOEBE:Frank!Please just call her!
FRANK:Nah- I donít want to get yelled at.

PHOEBE:I just talked to her this morning.Sheís not going to yell at you.She misses you.

FRANK:But Iíd just feel weird about it- you know?I mean, what do you say to your wife- how do you make up all the bad stuff you made happen to her?

PHOEBE:Frank- you returned the tape to the rental place late!Thatís not a bad thing- well it isnít necessarily a good thing- but come on!

FRANK:But she was mad at me.

PHOEBE:Yeah- only because you wouldnít stop apologizing for something so ridiculous.I just donít get it.Alice doesnít get it.Why are you acting like this with her?Apologizing for each and every little thing and then asking for a separation- Frank- this isnít, this isnít you!

FRANK:(Looks down.)So you- you wanna know the whole truth?

PHOEBE:Yes.(Crosses her arms.)

FRANK:Thereís somebody else.

PHOEBE:(She repeats slowly) Thereís somebody else . . .(She realizes)Thereís somebody else?!Oh Frank you idiot!You moron!You . . . male!

FRANK:See- now youíre yelling.Think of what Alice would do to me?

PHOEBE:Iíll bet itís only half of what you deserve!Oh Frank- how could you?

FRANK:I- Iím sorry.

PHOEBE:(More calm.)So . . . whatís her name.


PHOEBE:Tiffany- figures.(She mutters.)Bimbo.

FRANK:Sheís really cool- and really smart.She goes to like college and everything.

PHOEBE:What college?

FRANK:Well itís not really college- itís um . . . beauty school.But in a couple months sheís gonna try and get a job at Supercuts.

PHOEBE:(Quietly and sympathetic, she puts her hand on top of Frankís.)Do you love her?


PHOEBE:(Loud and scolding.)Then why are you with her?!

FRANK:(Fearful, he scoots away an inch and shrugs.)I donít know.

PHOEBE:(Through clenched teeth.)Call . . . Alice . . . NOW.


PHOEBE:Because I have your kids in my stomach- and I donít want them to witness me killing you, OK?

FRANK:(Confused.)But theyíre- theyíre in the stomach- right?How could they see?

PHOEBE:(Gets up.)You know what- I give up.We give up.And the four of us are off to take a nap.

FRANK:Oh- no wait- I get it, I get it. They can see through the bellybutton!


(Itís outside Monicaís apartment.Chandlerís standing there, uncertain.)

CHANDLER:(To himself.)So. . . how about we do lunch?Nah- thatís not it.You free for a movie?What I am I, ten?(We hear him think in his head:) Think- think.What would Joey do? . . . Oh my gosh, I really am desperate.

(In the girlsí apartment.Monicaís wiping off the table while Rachel is walking towards the door.)

RACHEL:(Pauses and turns to Monica.)Do I look OK?

MONICA:(Not looking up.)For the thirty-seventh time, yes you look fine.

RACHEL:You didnít even look!

MONICA:Look Rachel- Ross wouldnít care if you were wearing a potato sack.

RACHEL:What makes you think Iím going to see Ross?

MONICA:The fact that youíve been talking about him non-stop all day.(Mimicking Rachel.)ďDo you think Ross would like this skirt?Do you think Ross likes my hair up or down?Ē

RACHEL:Well- do you think he will?(Pats her skirt.)

MONICA:Heís male, OK?I doesnít take much to turn him on.Just as long as youíre not wearing a muumuu- heís gonna like it.

RACHEL:(Skeptical.)Monica, would you like me to set you up?

MONICA:(Annoyed.)Why do people keep asking me that?

RACHEL:No, I mean it.Youíre view of men is becoming increasingly negative.

MONICA:Hey Iím positive.Iím cheerful.(She puts on a big smile.)See?(Stares at the floor.)Iím not even . . . noticing the three cheerios Ross dropped on my kitchen floor this morning.(Frowns before posting a fake smile on her face and looks back up at Rachel.)And Iím in no way relating his careless clumsiness to the fact that heís male.

RACHEL:Just pick them up.You know what I think is causing this?

MONICA:(While picking up the three cheerios.)Rossís apathetic little brain?

RACHEL:Not that- well not what you meant about the cheerios and all but- yeah what you just said.(Pause.)I donít know how to explain this.

MONICA:(Stands up but inspects the floor.)Then donít.

RACHEL:Itís not about the whole deal with Ross and the cheerios- itís about your hatred of reason you have this hatred is because youíre always hanging out with the two male stereotypes across the hall.

MONICA:(Defensive.)You hang out with them too.

RACHEL:Yes but not all the time.I have a life.

MONICA: (Stares at Rachel angrily.)

RACHEL:(Pauses to reflect on what she just said.)OK, it wasnít supposed to come out that way.What I meant was. . .How about we get together tomorrow and watch Oprah?

MONICA:(Throws the cheerios in the trash before wiping again.)Clever.But why donít you go save the smart-ass comments for Ross, OK?

RACHEL:OK, Iím going, Iím going.(Goes over to the door.)

MONICA:And I want details when you get back.

RACHEL:Hey, itís just two friends hanging out.There are no details.(She opens the door.)

CHANDLER:(Looking down, not noticing Rachel, still reciting lines.)I mean we could make a night of it- and afterwards we could- (looks up and notices Rachel) ummmm-(Hoping to play it off.)Hey Rach, howís it going?

RACHEL:(She closes the door behind her.Peering at Chandler, curious.)Fine . . . is there someone around here or something?

CHANDLER:No- no.Why would you think that?

RACHEL:Then why are standing outside our door talking to yourself?

CHANDLER:I was just um- discussing about what Iím going to do tonight.

RACHEL:Oh really?


RACHEL:By yourself?

CHANDLER:Yeah- well, Iím a little indecisive.(He scuffs his foot against the floor and then looks up.)Monica home?

RACHEL:(Staring at Chandler strangely.)Right in there.

CHANDLER:(Enters the apartment.Closes the door.)

RACHEL:(Stares at closed door.)Oh, Ross right.(Makes her way down the hall.)

(Inside the girlsí apartment.)

MONICA:Hey.(Sheís now wiping the counter.)


(An awkward silence.)

CHANDLER:So I guess you heard I broke up with Kristen.

MONICA:(Unemotional.)Yes, I did.(Stops wiping at stares at Chandler.)

CHANDLER:So um . . . how are you?

MONICA:(Not paying very much attention to Chandler.)Iím good.

CHANDLER:(Takes a deep breath.)What are you doing tonight?

MONICA:(Looks up, curious.)Huh?

CHANDLER:I mean um- are you going to be busy at say . . . eight?


CHANDLER:Because I was- I was wondering that if- well if you were hungry we could . . . we could . . . (closes his eyes and blurts out)have dinner?

MONICA:(Slightly surprised yet pleased.)All right.

CHANDLER:(Opens his eyes and stares at Monica, very surprised.)Really?


CHANDLER: Wow.This is great.(Goes over to Monica and stands in front of her.)

MONICA:(Smiles.)I know.

CHANDLER:(Taking her hand.)Yeah we can finally. . . talk.

MONICA:And where are we going to um- talk?

CHANDLER:Well I was pretty sure you were going to shoot me down but just to be on the safe side I made reservations at five places.

MONICA:(Takes a few steps back from Chandler.)OK, enough with the stupid eating habit jokes.†† I do not eat that much!

CHANDLER: (Nervous.)No off course not- I didnít mean to- what I meant was-

MONICA:(Cutting Chandler off.)Chandler, I was kidding.(She takes his hand.)

CHANDLER:(Softer, staring at Monica.)Oh.

PHOEBE:(Enters.)Uggh!This is just the crappiest day!


MONICA:Talk with Frank didnít go well?

PHOEBE:No, it went well.It went better than well.To add on to my fun-filled day, Frank is seeing another woman!

MONICA:Are you serious?

CHANDLER:Yeah. . .how could Frank get another woman?

MONICA:(Goes over to Phoebe and sits down next to her.)Iím sorry honey.I know how hard this must be for you- watching your brother go through marital problems.

PHOEBE:(Soft voice.)Yeah it is- I really care about him, you know?Heís my brother and I love him.(Frustrated.)How could he do this?!(Bitter.)Why is he such a brainless idiot?!


(Rossís apartment.Ross and Rachel are on the couch . . . kissing.)

(The sound of a fairly heavy object falling is heard.)

RACHEL:I think Benís awake.

ROSS:(Not caring.)Good for him.(Kisses Rachel again.)

RACHEL:Ross, he could knock over some of your . . . dinosaur bones or something.

ROSS:†† (Distracted with kissing Rachel.)Carolís going to be here any second.

(A knock is heard on the door.)

ROSS:(Proud.) See?

ROSS+RACHEL:(Go up to the door and open it.)

(Carolís standing there with Susan.)

ROSS:Hey Carol!(Kisses her on the cheek.In a less warm tone- he asks:)What is uh- Susan doing here?

SUSAN:(Smug.)Susan is just picking up our son.That we three all share together . . .including Susan.

ROSS: (Sarcastic.)Now that makes me feel special.

CAROL:(Curious.)Hey. . . Rachel.Anyone else from the gang around here?(Scopes out the place.)

RACHEL:Hi Carol- Susan.Nope itís just me!

CAROL:(Knowingly.)Oh . . .Ben asleep?

ROSS:No, heís awake.Let me get him.(Goes over to his room.)

CAROL:(Knowingly.)So . . . whatís up with you guys.

RACHEL:Nothing- nothing.Weíre just friends.

SUSAN:(Mutters.)Very intimate friends.

RACHEL:Why doesnít anybody seem to believe me when I say that?

CAROL: Oh I believe you.Could you do me a favor though?

RACHEL:Yes, what?

CAROL:After you guys fight tonight- could you call me?I just want to unplug my phone.I donít think I can stand another night of Ross leaving twenty-four messages.

RACHEL:(Glares at Carol.)

ROSS:(Exits his room leading Ben by the hand.)Now heís a little dazed right now so be sure he doesnít like- walk into a mailbox while you guys are heading for the cab.

BEN:(Rubs his eyes.)

SUSAN:(Concerned.)Why is he dazed?

ROSS:(Sheepish.)He tripped over a book he knocked over in my room.

CAROL:Were you uh- distracted when this happened?

ROSS:Perhaps. . .

SUSAN:(Slightly disgusted.)OK, we gotta go.

ROSS:Really, so soon?

SUSAN:(Opens her mouth to speak.)We-

ROSS:(Cuts her off.)OK bye!

CAROL:OK, goodbye Ross.Bye Rachel.



BEN:Bye Dad!*Itís rare that we hear Ben talk- but the kid is so cute, huh?


ROSS+RACHEL:(Stare at each other for a moment.)

ROSS:(Pulling Rachel closer to him by her waist.)So- where were we?(Leans in to kiss her.)

RACHEL:(Before he can kiss her.)Dinner.


RACHEL:Werenít we supposed to get dinner?

ROSS:(In disbelief.)You really wanna . . . eat?

RACHEL:Um . . . yeah.

ROSS:I didnít get any reservation though.

RACHEL:You forgot?

ROSS:No I just thought that-

RACHEL:(Slightly annoyed.)You just assumed what?

ROSS:That um, um (off Rachelís irritated glance) that I would um- cook you dinner tonight.

RACHEL:Oh Ross, thatís so sweet.(Hugs him.)

ROSS:(During the hug.)Oh itís no problem.(He wears a worried expression on his face.)

RACHEL:(Breaks the hug.)So what are we having?

ROSS:(Makes his way into his kitchen an opens his refrigerator.)How about uhhhh- ummmm- zucchini casserole?


ROSS:(Encouraged, he continues.)And err- a tossed salad?

RACHEL:Nice.(Sits at the table.)

ROSS:And um- (hopeful) biscuits?

RACHEL:(Frowning.)OK . . .

ROSS:And cake for desert!

RACHEL:Ross honey- that all sound wonderful but isnít it an- um . . .


RACHEL:Odd combination?

ROSS:Well, I thought you wanted this night to be unique.


(Itís the guysí apartment.Joey is sitting at the bar, eating.Phoebeís lying on the floor, a pillow underneath her head.)

PHOEBE:Oh I just feel so negative.(Her eyes open in realization.)Oh, itís as if Ursula has taken over my body.

JOEY:Come on Phoebs, be realistic.Ursulaís not pregnant.

PHOEBE:Joey, Iím just donít know what to do.I donít think I can fix this.

JOEY:Maybe you should just keep out of it.I mean itís their fight.

PHOEBE:Yeah, but what if they end up getting a divorce?Where would the kids go?Frank couldnít take care of them by himself and neither could Alice.And the kids would be switching houses all the time and someday- theyíd end up like Chandler.I canít just let this happen- I will not let my nephews and my niece end up like Chandler!(Pause.) Where is Chandler anyway?

JOEY:He left for that date of his with some chick named . . . Veronica.

PHOEBE:Oh yeah.I wonder how thatís going.


(Itís a fairly classy restaurant.You can picture it anyway youíd like.Chandler and Monica are seated at a table.Chandler is on the left, Monica is on the right.They seem very uncomfortable.)

CHANDLER:So um- how was your day?

MONICA:Good . . . yours?



CHANDLER:Yeah- good.


(Itís Rossís place.Rachel is sitting at the table, expectant.Ross is scurrying around the kitchen.)

RACHEL:(Slightly whiny.)Ross, is it done yet?Iím hungry.

ROSS:Just a minute honey.Almost done here.(He exits the kitchen carrying a tray.)

RACHEL: Wow- fancy.

ROSS:I know.(Dims the lights.)

RACHEL:Why the lights?

ROSS:Oh, you know me.Iím romantic.(Sets down the tray on the table.He sets a plate for Rachel and a plate for himself.He sets a glass beside her plate and his as well.He puts a bowl in the center of the table.)

RACHEL:(Peering at her plate.)Whatís this?

ROSS:(Hopeful.) Dinner.

RACHEL:No I mean what is this?†† (Points at her plate.)

ROSS:(Intimidated but trying to cover it up.)Your uh- zucchini casserole.

RACHEL:Ross- (holds up the so-called ďzucchini casseroleĒ) Ėthis is not a zucchini casserole.


RACHEL:Uh-uh!No Ross, this is a pickle wrapped in a tortilla!

ROSS:Well it may appear so but-

RACHEL:And- and! What the hell is this?(Points to the bowl in the center of the table.)


RACHEL:Are these supposed to be the ďbiscuitsĒ?These are saltine crackers!

ROSS:(Sheepish.)Itís not like thereís much of a difference.Itís just a little flatter and uh crispier- go ahead, try one.

RACHEL:Iíve tasted crackers before, thank you very much. (Stares at her plate again.)Oh my gosh!The tossed salad is a leaf of lettuce with like a teaspoon of ranch dressing on it!(Gets up.)

ROSS:I was running low on vegetables.(Gets up.)

RACHEL:And my slice of cake has little cars drawn on it with frosting!

ROSS:†† Yeah um- you see Benís friend had a party and-

RACHEL:(Cutting Ross off.)No Ross!I donít want to hear it!This night was supposed to be special!

ROSS:Well- it was unique.

RACHEL:Oh thatís funny.Ross, you made me wait an hour for this!Right now Iím so hungry I could eat- I could eat you!In fact Iím debating it!

ROSS:So youíre upset about being hungry?I can have a pizza rushed over here and-

RACHEL:No Ross- itís not just that.Itís that you didnít care enough to remember to make the reservations for us to have dinner!Itís that instead of just admitting it- you put up this ridiculous scene!Did you actually think I would buy this?I mean- Who are you, Joey?!

ROSS:(Pause.)Do you have idea how much that last question just scared me?

RACHEL:Iím leaving.(Grabs her coat off the couch and approaches the door.)

ROSS:Rachel, wait!(He puts his hand on her arm.)

RACHEL: What?!

ROSS:I did care- I do care about us having a romantic dinner.And if I had thought that we were going to I- I would have made the reservations.

RACHEL:Why didnít you think we were going to have dinner?

ROSS:Well earlier- I guess I may have misinterpreted some of your signals and I thought that tonight we were . . .

RACHEL:(Hand on hip.) We were what?

ROSS:(Reluctant.)Going to have- no, make- no,- ummm, sleep together.

(Rachel stares at Ross for a moment.)

RACHEL:Men just donít know when to stop, do they?(Exits.)


(Itís the guysí apartment.Joey and Phoebe are now both lying on the floor, Joey on the left and Phoebe on the right, head to head, no pillows.If anyone doesnít understand this picture I can give you a quick example:


The zeros are Joey and Phoebeís heads and the lines their bodies. )

JOEY:Maybe I could hit on Tiffany.

PHOEBE:How would that help?

JOEY:I donít know- is she cute?

PHOEBE:(Puts her hand on her forehead.)My brain- itís, itís slowing dissolving.

JOEY:No kidding?Chandler says that about me all the time.What does it mean?

PHOEBE:Joey shhh!It may turn into dust.

JOEY:(Confused.)What may?

PHOEBE:My brain!

JOEY:Why would it do that?

PHOEBE:Because youíre contagious.

(A pause.)

JOEY:But what about-

PHOEBE:(Cutting Joey off.)Why isnít anyone else back yet?!

JOEY:Come on Phoebe, thatís not concentrating.Weíre supposed to be thinking of a way to get Frank and Alice back together.

PHOEBE:No- youíre right.Youíre right.I just wish we could come up with something better than you hitting on Tiffany.

JOEY:What could be better than that?At least from her viewpoint.

PHOEBE:Joey, canít you just . . . Hey- it could work.

JOEY:(Sitting up.)What could?

PHOEBE:You hitting on Tiffany!It would break up her relationship with Frank and then he would have to go back to Alice.Itís perfect!Yay!

JOEY:OK- Yay.Where does Tiffany live or hang out at?

PHOEBE:I . . . (realizes and the says disappointed:) didnít ask.

JOEY:You know there are chances that I may have dated her before.


JOEY:Hold on a second.(Goes into his room and comes back out quickly with a little black book.)Here.

PHOEBE:(Holding the book over her head so she can see it.) Wow- you keep a book of all your girlfriends?

JOEY:Yeah, 26 in fact.


JOEY:Well thatís just the ďTĒ book.

PHOEBE:But Joey, Frank said that Tiffanyís last name was Mil- Mel- M something.We need the M book.

JOEY:No, I donít alphabetize the girls through their last names. I use their first names.


JOEY:First names are easier to spell.


(Itís the restaurant in which Chandler and Monica are eating dinner at.They are poking at their food.)

CHANDLER:So uh- beautiful weather tonight, huh?

MONICA:I wouldnít know- weíre inside.

CHANDLER:Oh . . . yeah.

CHANDLER:(We hear him thinking:)OK, what the hell is going on here?Iím on date with a woman I havenít been able to get out of my head for the past couple on months and now Iím here- Iím with her- and it is so awkward that I just want to run out of here- of New York- of the country . . .Oh my gosh, will you look at that door!Iíve never seen a more beautiful thing in my life!

MONICA:(We hear her thinking:)What is wrong with me?I can never be attracted to the right guy.Why Chandler?I mean he has been one of my closest friends for so long now weíre on date and we havenít even gotten to the second base of small talk- I mean weíve known each other for eleven years!(*Authorís note:At Season 4/1997-1998 Monica wouldíve been around 28- maybe 29.Iím assuming she was about 17 when she met Chandler because ďThe One With The Thanksgiving FlashbacksĒ says that she met him in 1987.)What am I doing?This is terrible- nothing could make this more depressing.

A GROUP OF WAITERS + WAITRESSES:(Approach the table.Two carrying a tray with a cake on it.They set down the tray and begin to sing.)Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Dianna, happy birthday to you.


MONICA:(Terribly embarrassed, she whispers to the group.)Um- Iím not Dianna.


MONICA:(Raising her voice.)Iím not Dianna.

WAITER:Excuse me?

MONICA:(Loud.)Iím not Diana!

CHANDLER:(Stares at his plate.)

ROOM:(Stares at Monica.)

GROUP:(Murmurs various forms of ďSo sorry,Ē and ďWe apologize.ĒThey walk off.)

CHANDLER+MONICA:(Stare at each other and laugh uneasily before returning their attention to their food.)

CHANDLER:(We hear him thinking:)Could this night be any worse?

VOICE:Oh-my-gosh!(*Authorís note:I know itís supposed to be God- but Iím Christian so . . .)

(Janice is standing a few feet away from the table, her husband Gary behind her.)

CHANDLER:(Aloud- he mutters:) I had to ask.

(*Authorís Note:You may be thinking- Janice thinks Chandler is in Yemen or/and Janice divorced Gary a second time- didnít she? Well in my version- no she didnít.This is because my fanfic series started off after ďThe One With Rachelís CrushĒ meaning that in my version ďThe One With All The RugbyĒ a.k.a. The Yemen Episode- never happened.)


(Itís the guyís apartment.Phoebe and Joey are no longer on the floor.They are in the chairs- Joey in his own chair and Phoebe in Chandlerís.)

PHOEBE:(While she is reading a black book.)So Tiffany Mingerís not home?

JOEY:No.It doesnít matter anyway- sheís probably around twenty-five right now . . . not nineteen.

PHOEBE:(Sets the book down.)Then why did you call her?

JOEY:I forgot.Phoebe youíre just way too tense.Relax- my black book collection is better than the phone book . . . chick-wise.

PHOEBE:(Relaxed, she returns to the book.)Hey- whoís this?(Points to a name in the book.)

JOEY:(Goes over to see what Phoebeís pointing to.)Oh thatís you.F-I-B-IFibi- Phoebe.

PHOEBE:Thatís not how you spell my name.And why am I in your chick-books anyway?

JOEY:Well, are you female?


JOEY:Are you hot?

PHOEBE:(Smug.)Well- most think so.

JOEY:Then youíre in the book.

RACHEL:(Swings the door open.Kicks a basketball that lies in front of her feet.)Uggh!Stupid immature boys with their stupid immature . . . balls!

PHOEBE:(To Joey.)Maybe she heard you.

RACHEL:Iím taking your electric blanket, Joey.(Goes into his room.)

JOEY:Hey!You canít just take my stuff without asking!

RACHEL:(Comes back out of his room with a blue blanket.)Just be happy Iím telling you.

JOEY:(Looks confused.)

RACHEL:I was just with Ross.

JOEY:(Sighs, understanding.)OK, so maybe you can.

PHOEBE:(Looking through another black book.)Hey- you have Rachel in here too!

RACHEL:Me in where?

JOEY:(Eyes Phoebe and the book nervously.)Nothing important- never mind.

RACHEL:Wait- what are you looking at Phoebe?(Goes over to Phoebe and snatches the book from her hand.)

RACHEL:(Reading.)The. . . ďRĒ book?Why I am I in here?And what does this blue star mean by my name?

PHOEBE:Trust me- you donít wanna know.

RACHEL:(Stares at Joey, expectant and angry.)

JOEY:(Sighs and reluctantly admits:)Uh- the blue ones mark off chest size.

RACHEL:(Stares at Joey, appalled.)

PHOEBE:If itís any consolation- a star is very high.


(Itís the hallway.Chandler and Monica are entering.Monica has her hand on her forehead and both look pretty exhausted.)

MONICA:(In front of her apartment.)I have the worst headache in the world.I feel like my brain has been run over by a truck like seventeen times.

CHANDLER:Ah, now imagine dating that truck about seventeen thousand times.

MONICA:Yes but you fell in love with that truck.

CHANDLER:Well the truck married a pinto so- what are you gonna do?

MONICA:(Laughs and then says quietly.)Thank you.I had a um- nice time tonight.

CHANDLER:Ha-hum . . lying.

MONICA:I am not!

CHANDLER:You are too- it sucked.I thought it sucked.In fact, this so-called ďdateĒ was in fact one of the worst nights of my life!I was like the date from hell!

MONICA:(Annoyed and sarcastic.)Gee- thank you too for the lovely evening.This must be the most magical part.

CHANDLER:No, you know what I mean. It had nothing to do with you.You did your best to try to get a conversation vibe going on.

MONICA:Yeah- but why didnít it?

CHANDLER:(Sits down on the step in the hallway.)I donít know.Truth is, Monica I havenít been able to get my mind off of you these past few months and when we finally do go take that step- it backfired.Itís very ironic.

MONICA:(Sits beside him.)Yes, it is.

CHANDLER:Iím not sure what went wrong but- something did.

MONICA:(Puts her hand on top of his.)Nothing went wrong Chandler.I realized tonight that things are finally right.Weíre friends again.We donít have to be awkward, or jealous, or-or fighting.Things are back to normal.

CHANDLER:I suppose if you call me playing with the salt and pepper shakers normal.

MONICA:Tell me the truth- arenít you just a little relieved?

CHANDLER:Maybe . . . a lot actually.

MONICA:(Gets up.)OK then.Weíre finally good.We took that step and got it out of our system.(Goes over to the door of the girlís apartment.)


MONICA:(Turns to face Chandler.)Yes?

CHANDLER:I just want to that um- although Iím really relieved things will be getting back to normal, I do get the feeling that Iím missing out on something really great.

MONICA:(Smiles, touched.She enters the girlsí apartment and closes the door behind her.)

(The girlsí apartment.Rachelís sitting at the table.A box of pizza and an opened pint of ice cream laid in front of her.)

RACHEL:(Eating a bite of ice cream on a spoon.)Donít you hate men?

MONICA:(To Rachel, smiling cheerfully.)What?

RACHEL:Men!Arenít they just the despicable breed?The scum of the earth!

MONICA:(Happy.)Whatever.(Pause.)Do we have any apple pie?

RACHEL:(Taking notice to Monicaís clothes.)Why are you all dressed up?

MONICA:I went to go check out a new restaurant that uh- my friend opened.

RACHEL:OK, you didnít eat too much did you because Iím looking forward to an evening of all the foods we forbid ourselves to eat.Iím also looking forward to listing every little detail about why we dislike men.

MONICA:I donít dislike men.

RACHEL:(Staring at Monica in shock.)What?!NO!What happened to the Monica from earlier today?The bitter cynical Monica!(Goes over to Monica and shakes her by the shoulders.)I love that Monica- I need that Monica.

MONICA:(Staring closely at Rachel.)You and Ross ad a fight, didnít you?

RACHEL:(Dry.)Howíd you guess?

MONICA:Over what?

RACHEL:A zucchini casserole.

MONICA:OK- is that like some strange metaphor or something because if so it is really gross.

RACHEL:Ew!Monica no!You see, Ross and I were supposed to have dinner tonight.He thought I was going to sleep with him so to try to cover it up and he wrapped a pickle with a tortilla and-

MONICA:(Interrupts Rachel.)Whoa- OK.You lost me again.

RACHEL:Monica!Keep up, I just broke up with Ross for the third time!

MONICA:Hey, I warned you not to get back together!

RACHEL:But I love him!

(Awkward pause.)

MONICA:(Quiet.)Then Iím not the one you should be talking to.


(Itís the guyís apartment.Phoebeís on the phone and sitting in Chandlerís chair.Joeyís sitting on the chair- watching Phoebe.)

PHOEBE:No Frank- what was her last name- not middle name . . . letís go over this again.

JOEY:Címon Phoebe.Canít I just go to sleep yet?Chandler got to go to bed and on a date and Iíve been stuck here all night helping you- (catches Phoebeís glare)- my cool friend reconcile her brotherís marriage.

PHOEBE:(On the phone.)What do you mean why I would want to know?. . . Iím your sister you little buttmunch!

JOEY:(Impressed.)Wow, you guys really are brother and sister now.

PHOEBE:(On the phone.)Frank if you donít tell me this very second Iím calling your mother! . . . OK so thatís Meloni . . . M-e-l-o-n-i.(She writes it down on a post-it on top of one of Joeyís little black books on her knee.)OK, bye Frank . . . yeah I love you too.Bye!(Hangs up.)Yay!Joey I did it!I got her last name! I-Joey?(Looks around and spot Joey by the window, holding up a piece of paper.) Joey?

JOEY:(Turns around and sticks paper behind his back.)What?

PHOEBE:(Walking over to him and standing in front of him.)What have you got there, Joey?

JOEY:Nothing. . .

PHOEBE:Oh!Give me that!(Snatches it from him.Reading it out loud:) ďHelp, Iíve been kidnappedĒ- oh no Joey!

JOEY:What?Itís just a joke.Itís not like I was actually looking for help or something.

PHOEBE:No but Joey!People could think I actually kidnapped you or something! Well not me- theyíll probably blame Chandler.No- theyíd believe that you kidnapped Chandler.

JOEY:Phoebe!I donít get it!Who would be stupid enough to believe me?

PHOEBE:No!This happened to before.In the fifth grade we all had to go on this field trip- right- and we got on the bus and along the way my friend Joey-

JOEY:(Interrupts Phoebe.)Joey?

PHOEBE:Yeah- eerie coincidence huh?He thought it would be cool if I help up a sign on a sheet of paper that read: ďHelp me.Iíve been kidnapped,Ē and the cops actually stopped the bus.

JOEY:(Raising his eyebrows.)Really?

PHOEBE:Yeah!And my friend Ross had told me over and over that it was a bad idea and all but I just didnít listen.And Monica, his little sister, got really mad at me because I spilled some crumbs on her while I was eating a cracker that Chandler gave me and-

JOEY:(cutting Phoebe off.)Phoebe, how come all our names are-

PHOEBE:(cutting Joey off)Shh!Iím almost done!Anyway, Monica almost ripped up the paper. But then she decided she was angrier at Rachel because Rachel had messed up her Barbieís hair- so the paper went up. . . and the cops came.And then this really huge evil paperclip came to destroy my pet chinchilla and . . . you know what, I think this was a dream.


(Itís the girlsí apartment.Rachelís on the couch, staring at the phone.Monicaís sitting on the chair in front of the window.)

RACHEL:Why hasnít he called?

MONICA:Rachel, itís three oíclock in the morning.Heís either asleep or talking to Carol about you.Why donít you just call him?

RACHEL:No!He did the bad thing this time.There are no excuses- there were no breaks.Itís his turn to apologize!I didnít even write him a letter.

MONICA:But youíre going to.

RACHEL:Of course Iím going to!What am I supposed to do?Heís not calling me!

MONICA:You have two options.A. Go to bed.B.Call him.

RACHEL:(Gets up.)Iím going to see him.

MONICA:Oh my gosh!If would be hurting your pride to call him but showing up at his apartment at three oíclock in the morning isnít pushing obsessive?!

RACHEL:(Grabs her coat and exits, ignoring Monica.)

PHOEBE:(Enters as Rachel exits.)Rachel where- whoa!(To Monica.)Whatís up with her?

MONICA:Sheís going to see Ross.

PHOEBE:Oh.So where were you tonight?(Walks over to Monica.)

MONICA:A new restaurant opened.You?

PHOEBE:Joey and I figured out a way to rid of Tiffany.


PHOEBE:Joeyís going to hit on her.Frank will be back with Alice in no time.

MONICA:How is that a solution?

PHOEBE:Joeyís going to hit on Tiffany.What better plan could there be?

MONICA:Just because Joey hits on Tiffany doesnít mean that sheís going to keep away from Frank.She may want to keep them both- did you ever think of that?

PHOEBE:(Face falls.)No.

MONICA: (Regretful.)Oh, Phoebe Iím so sorry.(Hugs Phoebe.)

PHOEBE:Monica, these babies- theyíre my life.I know I wonít get to keep them forever but right now theyíre so important to me.I canít have their parents be separated or divorced- I just canít.What if the kids end up like- like Chandler!

MONICA:(Smiles.)You know, I donít think thatís such a bad thing.(Lets go of Phoebe and they stare warmly at each other.)

PHOEBE:I know, just trying to bring a small joke into this big mess.


(Itís the guysí apartment.Monica enters.)

CHANDLER:(Turns his chair towards her direction.)Couldnít sleep?

MONICA:(Shakes her head.)No.Have you talked to Phoebe?

CHANDLER:When I got back from (clears his throat) our date I did.She and Joey were dialing like a hundred Tiffany girlsí numbers.

MONICA:Iím worried about her.She wants to know that her nieces or nephews . . . or both are going to be OK.

CHANDLER:(Nods.)Do you want something to drink?

MONICA:No- Iím fine.


(An awkward pause.)

MONICA:(Walks over to Chandler.)

CHANDLER:(Gets up.)

MONICA:(Wraps his arms around his neck and kisses him.)

CHANDLER:(Wraps his arms around Monicaís by waist.)

CHANDLER:(The kiss slows down for a moment and then Chandler pulls back very slowly.He lets go of Monica.)I thought we were just friends.

MONICA:(Slides her arms from his neck.)We are.But then again- why was it awkward?

CHANDLER+MONICA:(Stare at each other.)


(Inside Rossís apartment.We see the door.We hear a loud knock on the door.Ross goes to answer it- heís in sweats.)

RACHEL:(Slightly cold.)Hey.

ROSS:(Just as cold.)Well hello to you too.

RACHEL:I just wanted to tell you about how upset you made me today and-

ROSS:(Unemotional, he cuts Rachel off.) I think youíve made your point.

RACHEL:(Startled.) And um- (starts to get louder) I canít believe that you would-

ROSS:(Interrupts her.)Donít yell at me Rachel, Iím tired of being yelled at.

RACHEL:(Stares at Ross, surprised.)

ROSS:You came over here to give me the opportunity to apologize to you- again.Am I correct?

RACHEL:(Voice soft and insistent.)No Ross, I-

ROSS:(Cuts Rachel off.)I do stupid things Rachel.Iím human- I, I make mistakes.I slept with another woman.I misunderstood you and in attempt to not look stupid- I made a ridiculous fake dinner.Oh yeah, and I wrote a list about all of your flaws.I even fell asleep while reading an eighteen-page letter and attempted to cover that up.Iím to blame, right?Well you have my permission to blame me all you want.But Iím not apologizing anymore.You know Iím sorry.But I just donít know how to prove it you.

RACHEL:(Stares at Ross, shocked.)

(Scene ends.)


(*Authorís note:I apologize so much for this fanfic.If you have a moment of free time please write me telling me what you thought of it.I know it wasnít nearly as funny as Friends is supposed to be.Suggestions are very helpful.Donít worry, Iíll make up for this with the regular humor instead of this unnatural drama in the future episodes.

-Iíd also like to apologize for one more thing.Iíve never mentioned this before even though I always intended to.My fanfic series begins after ďThe One With Rachelís Crush.ĒBut in my fanfic series you are told that Phoebe is having triplets, however, the storyline that Phoebe was having triplets was never introduced in ďThe One With Rachelís Crush.ĒI just wanted to start my fanfics series after that because it had all the good stuff that would lead to interesting plotlines.Joshua to lead to sexual tension between Ross and Rachel.And of course, Chandler just breaking up with Kathy.In ďThe One With Joeyís Dirty DayĒ- which is after ďThe One With Rachelís CrushĒ- Chandler gets over Kathy pretty quickly and Ross meets . . . Emily.†† Now I couldnít start anywhere after that episode because then that steals away my C&M and R&R plots!So just keep on pretending that somehow- someway the fact that Phoebe was pregnant with triplets was introduced in ďThe One With Rachelís Crush.ĒNow if youíve stuck around to read this boring explanation- Thanks- I appreciate it.)