TOW the Realizations

(This is part five of my fan fic)

Once again I am just doing this for fun. I do not own the rights to these charactars they are owned by Bright, Kauffman and Crane

 Pheebs and Rach's Apartment(Joey and Rachel are still kissing))

 Phoebee walks in the door

 Phoebee: Oh my god my poor eyes! First I see Chandler and Monica, then you two. Are you people trying to blind me? Oh and what the hell are you two doing kissing each other- (screams) You're NOT lobsters

 Rachel: Well you see Pheebs, my lobster is an idiot

 Phoebee: Well duh, we all know that, but just out of curiousity what did Ross do now?

 Rachel: He read the letter I wrote him. The thank you letter I wrote just to be nice and totally overreacted. He thought I was asking him back out, yeah like i'd want to date him again

 Phoebee: Ok, I get that Ross was a moron, but where does Joey and your tongue being down his throat come into the picture?

 Rachel: Well, Joey has been a good friend to me, he was there for me when I needed him and I just realized what a sweet guy he is it felt right, no it felt good to kiss him

 Phoebee: Well, since I have had the thrill of kissing Mr Tribianni, I cant argue with that one

 Joey: Yeaaah, the women all want the Joey love

 Phoebee: Ok, yeah that would be why I don't go after the Joey love(ducks as Joey thows a pillow at her)

 Monica and Chandler's apt

 Phoebee runs in the door

 Phoebee: Oh my god, you guys, you guys you will never belive what I just saw

 Chandler: Um a tap dancing pelican singing the Star Spangled Banner

 Phoebee: No, that was last week. I mean what I saw today(Chandler and Monica look at each other with "what the heck" looks)

 Monica: What did you see Pheebs?

 Phoebee: I saw Rachel and Joey making out

 Chandler: Oh my god

 Monica: Are you sure

 Phoebee: Ok, um I"ve only been friends with them for 6yrs, yeah I think I"m sure

 Monica: Oh my god, what, why, how I mean um how, why, where

 Chandler: Breathe and speak sloooowly. (turns to Phoebee) I think what Mon is trying to ask is- What the hell is going on

 Phoebee: Ok basically Rachel wrote this thank you note to Ross, to thank him for being a good friend and he read it and got the idea in his head that she wanted to get back together. So he got mad and well, let's just say that words were exhanged.

 Monica: It's offical my brother is an idiot. How on earth could he think something like that

 Chandler: Well, he may have had a little bit of help

 Monica: and you're an even bigger idiot

 Phoebee: It gets even worse, after I walked in on Joey and Rach, Rach had to go to work. So I talked to Joe for awhile. He told me that he likes Rachel, He thinks she's really pretty and sweet, but he doesn't want a relationship. He wants to just play the field and have fun, but he doesn't know how to tell her that and not hurt her

 Monica: Ok, tell Joe to come over here and i'll talk to him, help him say the right things.(turns to Chandler) and you, you need to talk to Ross and fix this

 Chandler: What did I do?

 Monica:(Screams) What did you do? What did you do?? You are the imbicile who put the idea into Ross's head that Rachel wants him back.

 Chandler: Oh, yeah

 Monica: If those two are ever going to get back together it has to be on their own accord and on good terms not thru trickery or anger

 Chandler: Wait a second, back up the choo choo, who says they will get back together

 Phoebee: Um hello, duh Chandler of course they will get together. They are so meant for each other and they are so in love

 Chandler: What! All they do is fight

 Monica: Chandler, have you learned nothing about relatinships yet? Fighting means you care about that person, if you didn't take the time to fight and argue then obviously they are not important enough to waste time on, even if it is just fighting

 Chandler: and it's official, i'm a relationship moron. Anyhoo i'm leavin now to go straighten this stuff out with Ross

 Ross's apartment

 Chandler: Ok man, I was wrong, I was wayy wrong. I was so wrong mere words cannot explain my wrongness, what I'm trying to say is I was wrong

 Ross; Umm, what the hell are you talking about?

 Chandler: What I said about the letter that Rachel wrote, I was wrong about it meaning she wanted to get back together, maybe it just meant that she wanted to say Thank you

 Ross: You idiot

 Chandler: Yeah, we've covered that part already

 Ross: Do you realize what I said to her, do you realize that she hates me now

 Chandler: and she's gettin it on with Joey

 Ross: WHAT!!???

 (Chandler jumps back in fright)

 Chandler: Oh yeah, forgot you didn't know that part. Well see Rach was upset because of what you said and Joey over to her and Pheebs place and she started telling him what was going on and well he comforted her with the special Tribianni charm

 Ross: Oh my god, I"m never going to get her back

 Chandler: I thought you didn't want her, I thought that was the whole problem in the first place

 Ross: How much of an idiot are you, of course I want her, I've never stopped loving her, she means more to me than anyone or anything in the world and every second i'm not with her I feel as if i'm suffacating

 Chandler: Well tell her that

 Ross:I can't not unless I know that she wants me too, and now that she;s with Joey i'm screwed. We all know how much expeience he has in making a women happy, I can never compare with that

 Chandler: No, No it's ok, Joey doesn't want to be with her. He told me that he thinks she is great and all but he isn't about the committed relationship thing he wants to play the field, right now he's talking to monica trying to come up with a way to let Rach down easy

 Ross: Ok, I don't mean to be rude, but could you please leave me alone for awhile. I need to think, i'm going to do whatever it takes to get Rachel back and I don't want to mess it up this time.

 Chandler: Sure man, and good luck