TOW The Pink Squirrel

(This is part 6 of my fan fic)

 Once again this is just for fun, this is not being done for profit and all rights to Friends and the Friends Cast/Charactars are owned by Bright, Kauffman and Crane

 Joey's Apt

 (Rachel has just walked in the door, after getting a message that Joey needed to talk to her)

 RACHEL: Hey Joe, what's up?

 JOEY: Hi, Rach, um we need to talk. Now dont take this the wrong way, I think you are great, I mean if I had to make a list of the best women i'd been with you'd be at the wayy top

 RACHEL: But...

 JOEY: But, I just cant be tied down, it's just not a Joey Tribianni thing to do, I need my freedom, my space, room to spread my wings and fly, fly like a bird over the big blue sky

 RACHEL: Hey Joey, come back to earth

 JOEY: Sorry, sometimes I get carried away, I guess it's just the actor in me

 RACHEL: Joey,don't worry about it, I understand and i'm not upset at all, in fact I was trying to find a way to tell you the exact same thing. You are such a great friend and person, but I'm not in love with you, I'm in love with someone else and the fact that I'll never get him back, well I guess I have to just move on and forget about that

 JOEY: Oh great, I was so afraid you'd be mad at me, so who is this mystery man that you want to get back?(puzzles over it for a few seconds then suddenly realizes that it's Ross)

 RACHEL: Oh it's no one, it's really not important, but anyway i'd better be going

 (They hug and Rach leaves)

 Joey runs across the hall to Chandler and Monica's JOEY: Oh My god do you guys realize Rachel is still in love with Ross?

 PHEEBS: Um Hello, Duh where have you been?

 CHANDLER: I was just talking to Ross and he said he is still in love with Rachel too, in fact he's devestated over the fact that he may have lost her for good this time

 MONICA: Then we have got to do something to get them back together

 (They begin planning a way to get them together) Later in the evening

 RACHEL: OK Mon, I like the sunset as much as the next person but I fail to see why I have to go up on the rooftop to see it

 MONICA: Rach, you don't understand it's so beautiful tonight and you can't fully experience it unless you are on the rooftop

 RACHEL: Ok, whatever i've had a really bad day so i'm not going to argue with you


 ROSS: Joey, as a scientist I can assure you there is no such thing as a pink squirrel

 JOEY: Dude i'm telling you I saw a pink squirrel on the rooftop

 ROSS: Yeah Joe, whatever

 they arrive at the rooftop and find Monica and Rachel standing there

 RACHEL: Hey, what are you guys doing here?

 ROSS: I'm here to see some pink squirrel that Joey says he saw

 RACHEL: Ok??? (look of puzzlement on her face) I'm here because Monica has this idea that the sunset is only worthwhile if viewed from the rooftop

 ROSS: Yep that's my sister. Ok Joe, where is this squirrel

 MONICA: Guys we have a confession to make, we didn't bring you up here to see a squirrel or to see the sunset. We brougth you here because we know you are both still in love with each other. You can deny it all you want but it's still true. We have eyes and we can see how much you care for each other, so would you please just talk

 (they turn and leave and R and R are left alone on the rooftop)

 RACHEL: Is this true, are you still in love with me

 ROSS: I don't, I mean, no, I mean well, um um uh, yes

 RACHEL: I don't I don't know what to say, I mean god i've dreamed about this for so long but, I mean, I'm well

 ROSS: Yeah, I know

 RACHEL: When did you start to love me again

 ROSS: Rach, I never stopped, you remember when I broke up with Julie and I said it had always been you? RACHEL: Yeah

 ROSS: Well it never stopped being you. But after you stopped loving me I had to move on

 RACHEL: I never stopped loving you, I was mad over what you did with Chloe but I never really stopped loving you or caring about you. Why do you think none of my relationships ever worked out, that I always found some reason or excuse to just give up on them?

 ROSS: Oh Rach, I wish I hadn't been so stubborn over that whole letter incident

 RACHEL: NO, you were right, It was stupid, selfish and immature of me to write that letter

 ROSS: Let's not argue over the past, let's just learn from it and move on and try to make this work. (with that he leans over and kisses her and she puts her hands around his neck and begins to play with his hair)

 THE END!!!!!!