The One A Few Years From Now

Okay, this script takes place after some time has passed. A few years to be exact. Itís mostly about Ross and Rachel, because theyíre my favorite couple. Chandlerís jokes arenít as good as the show, because Iím not as good at jokes as Chandler!

Where the characters now live, so you donít get confused:

Chandler and Monica now live in Monica and Rachelís old apartment. Joey has a big, big apartment across town. (He made it big advertising Levis Jeans.) Ross still has the apartment across from Chandler and Monica. Phoebe lives with her fiancé in Chandlerís and Joeyís old apartment. Rachelís been living in France for the last year working on a fashion exchange.
What the characters now do, so you donít get confused:

Chandler: He still works at data processing, but has gotten a promotion and world wide recognition when he designed a computer program to do his job for him. He makes a lot of money now, but doesnít show off. Heís still the same Chandler we all know and hopefully love!!

Monica: Well her dream came true, she now owns and runs her own small restaurant. After being convinced by her friends, she asked Pete, (the millionaire) for a loan to start her business. She has been doing quite well for herself and has been written up in magazines/newspapers more then once.

Ross: Well, letís just say he still works at the museum.

Joey: Heís a well know model for Leviís, and the money is now pouring in! He finally decided that drama acting wasnít for him and managed to get parts on hit comedy shows as a returning guest character. Heís finally decided to try to find the girl that will make him happy for the rest of his life. Mind you, he hasnít found her yet and is still on the habit of one night stands, every night!

Phoebe: After helping Monica getting her restaurant going, (sheís an excellent waitress, remember!) she convinced Monica into giving her a loan so she could start her own business. She teaches lessons in karma, yoga, and other new age things.

Rachel: She was offered the chance to go to France on an exchange by where she works. The offer was for a year and after a hard debate with her self and friends, she decided that since nothing was happening in her life, she might as well take the chance. Sheís had the job, (I donít know where) for the last couple of years and has been promoted more then once. She now makes enough money to support herself and rent an apartment.

Where the story starts, so you wonít get confused:

The story starts with Rachelís yearís just ending in France. Sheís about to return, to the excitement of all her friends. Unknown to the friends, Rachel is not returning alone. Chandler and Monica are engaged, and have been for a couple of years. They are both too afraid to take the engagement down the aisle. Ross is in a serious relationship, for the 4th time, with a girl named Jamie.
Theyíve been going out for about a year. This started after Rachel left, so Rachel hasnít met the girl. Ross is now starting to think that she(Jamie)ís the one. Phoebes kept really busy by her job and fiancé, but is still happy-go-lucky as always. Joey is just the same as always.

Okay, now lets start the story, before you think that there isnít one actually here after all!

The One A Few Years From Now

[Scene 1: Chandler and Monicaís apartment. Everyone but Rachel is there. (Everyone includes Phoebeís fiancé, Mike and Rossís girlfriend Jamie.) The apartment looks pretty much the same as it does now, except for two big recliners, and a large screen TV. (Both were gifts from Joey to Chandler, hey, itís better then a bracelet.):)]

MNCA: Okay guys, weíve decided to have the party here, and who to invite. Now, who wants to be in charge of drinks?

JOEY: Iíll do that. What do we need, beer?

ROSS: Donít forget to get some wine and tequila and vodka and, just get a lot so we can make some good drinks.

MNCA: Right! Okay, now, Iím going to make the cake, and I can make some cool appetizers.

CHAN: Okay honey, calm down. You make the cake and Ross and Jamie can get the food. All we need is some chips, hot dogs,
hamburgers and stuff. Itíll be fine.

PHOE: Hey, what about us? [Beacons to herself and Mike] What are we supposed to do?

CHAN: You can help me with the decorations and invitations.

JAMIE: I canít believe I finally get to meet Rachel. After all Iíve heard about her I canít wait.

PHOE: Rooossss!! What have you been saying about her?

ROSS: Only good things, I promise.

MNCA: Right! [Rolls her eyes! Everyone starts laughing]


[Scene 2: Monica and Chandlerís apartment about a week later. Their apartment is decorated with streamers and balloons and a banner that says Welcome Home Rachel! The apartment is swarming with people. Gunther and the people mentioned above, are the only ones recognizable. Joey has his eye pressed up against the peephole, much like Ross, in The One With The Tiny T-shirt.]

JOEY: Sheís coming, sheís coming!!!!

[Everyone turns towards the door. After a couple of seconds the door opens and everyone yells surprise. Rachel walks in with a
man behind her. The guy sheís with is good looking.]

RACH: Oh my god! You guys, thank you so much! [She drops the bag sheís holding to hug Joey, as heís the closer to her then any of the other friends. She then hugs Phoebe, Mike, Monica, Chandler and Ross. Everyone else goes back to partying, and the gang, Mike, Jamie and the guy with Rachel gather at the table in the kitchen.]

MNCA: Rach, arenít you going to introduce us? [She gestures at the man standing behind Rachel]

RACH: Oh, sorry! Iím just so happy to see you guys. Okay, everybody this is John!! I met him where I worked. He was also on
the exchange program. John, this is Joey, Phoebe and her fiancé Mike, Monica, my old roommate and her fiancé Chandler, who use to live across the hall. Oh, that goes for Joey as well. This is Ross and this is Ö [Pauses as she realizes that sheís never met Jamie before. As she mentions everyoneís name, they say hi!]umm, are you Jamie?


RACH: Ross has written so much about you!

ROSS: Right, I forgot we got together after Rachel had left!

RACH: Ohhh, itís so good to be back in New York!

JOHN: I know. People are so much more relaxed here. Instead of bonjour, itís hey or hello, or hi!

MNCA: So Rach, did you learn any French?

RACH: Well, letís see, I can now say hi, thank you, yes, no and thatís about it!

JOEY: So whatídyabringus, whatídyabringus, whatídyabringus?

MIKE: Chandler, howíd you stand Christmas morning with him?

[Everyone laughs except for Joey, whoís still asking]

RACH: Iíll give it to you guys later, when everyoneís gone.

CHAN: Hey Rach, do you guys need a place to stay for a while?

JOHN: Oh, no thanks! Weíre going to stay at my place until Rachel can find an apartment.

JAMIE: Where do you live?

JOHN: Just a couple blocks from here. Not far at all!

[Scene 3: Chandler and Monicaís apartment. Itís after the party and the rooms are a mess. The gang, which now consists of nine, is sprawled on the couches and chairs. John and Rachel have a chair, Ross and Jamie have a chair, Monicaís on Chandler lap on the sofa at one end, Joeyís sitting at the other end and Phoebe and Mike are sitting on the floor.]

RACH: Wow, this place is a mess!! Whatíd you guys do to Monica! This isnít the Monica I know! She would be going berserk!

MNCA: Iím too tired to clean up!

CHAN: She spent all day and last night worrying about the party. I didnít get any sleep. It was all, whyíd I let Joey get the drinks,

[Everyone laughs, and Monica just smiles sleepily.]

JOEY: Okay, do I get my present now Rachel!!!

RACH: Fine, just let me go get my bag. [She tries to stand up, but just falls back down.] Okay, this jet lag is really getting to me. Could someone else get my bag for me?

JOEY: Iíll get it, Iíll get it!

RACH: Oh, and I was worried no one was going to volunteer.

[Joey runs over and gets the bag and runs back. Rachel leans over the bag.]

RACH: Okay, who first?

JOEY: Me, me, me, me, me, me!!!!!!

CHAN: God, this is worse then Christmas!

RACH: Okay, here you go Joey! [She hands him a hat like he had in London. This one looks even worse. She also hands him a
T-shirt and a postcard.] Okay, Phoebe and Mike, [she gives them T-shirts and postcards and some therapy stuff. (I figure who ever marries Phoebe will have to be into that stuff as well. Oh, and just assume that everyone gets a t-shirt and postcard, because they do and Iím getting tired righting that!] Okay, Chandler and Monica, [she gives them a poster to put on the wall, and Monica gets some hotel toiletries] Ross, [she gives him a model dinosaur] and finally Jamie! [she reaches into the bag and gives Jamie a mug]

JAMIE: Thanks!

EVERYONE ELSE: Yeah, thanks Rach.

RACH: Oh, and I got some coffee stuff you guys have to try tomorrow morning. It is soooo good!

JOHN: Rachel, donít you think weíd better go! Itís already like 2 in the morning. We can come back tomorrow!

ROSS: Actually not tomorrow, you mean today!

[Chandler does his little cough thing where he says something disguised as a cough. You know like in the season finale for season
5 when he goes art lover. Anyway, heís says geek, to Ross, but Ross doesnít notice.]

JAMIE: Actually we better go to!

[Everyone nods in agreement]

JOEY: Hey, Mon?

MNCA: Yes?

JOEY: Can I use the spare room?

CHAN: Sure!

MNCA: Okay, see you guys tomorrow!

[Everyone leaves but Chandler, Monica and Joey. They head into the bedrooms.]

[Scene 4: A mall the next day. Rachel and Monica are shopping. Well, Rachelís shopping and Monica is just standing there

RACH: So Mon, Whatís this Jamie person like?

MNCA: [Nervous] UmmÖ Well, sheís nice! Ross and hers one year anniversary is in a week. I think Ross might propose to her!

RACH: Ohh!! Thatís kind of fast isnít it?

MNCA: No! Remember Emily?

RACH: Oh, right! That was six weeks wasnít it Ö Why do you think heís proposing? Did he tell you?

MNCA: Nooo!!! But he and Jamie have been talking about moving in together and marriage when they think no oneís listening.
[She glances at Rachel, who looks away] Youíre not upset are you? I thought that was in the past now! Besides you have John!

RACH: No, not upset! Just thinking! [Pauses, not sure if she should go on.] Itís weird. Ross went out with Carol for lest then a
year before he proposed. He went out with Emily for six weeks and proposed, and now heís been going out with Jamie for almost
a year and heís going to be proposing again. I mean, I went out with him for a year and well, we never even looked in that
direction. Itís almost likeÖ [Trails off]

MNCA: What? Itís almost like what?

RACH: [softly] He knew it wasnít going to work between us, so he thought it was better to not make the commitment.

MNCA: Oh, honey! Is that what you think?

RACH: [nods and starts to cry softly]

MNCA: Come on! Lets go get something to eat and talk. [She leads Rachel out of the store]

[Scene 5: Joeyís apartment. The guys, Mike, Ross, Joey, Chandler and John are there. Chandler and Ross are talking off to the
side. Mike and Joey are quizzing John on his relationship with Rachel]

ROSS: What does Rachel see in this guy?

CHAN: Well, heís good looking and smart and heís got a great personality.

ROSS: I wasnít expecting an answer.

[Chandler, seeing that Ross is getting upset, changes the topic]

CHAN: So, what are you and Jamie doing for your anniversary?

ROSS: Oh, a picnic in the park (not perk) and then weíll go back to my house.

CHAN: So are you going to ask her?

ROSS: [preoccupied, watching Joey, Mike and John] What?

CHAN: So are you going to ask her, you know pop the question?

ROSS: What, oh, yeah! I mean, weíve been going out for a year. Look at my last marriages. I proposed to them in less then a year both times.

CHAN: So, does that mean if you donít propose to someone in less then a year, they have no chance of marrying you?

ROSS: No! Just, whoever Iíve ever wanted to marry Iíve proposed to in less then a year!

CHAN: [pauses before commenting] So you never wanted to marry Rachel?

ROSS: Look, okay, Iíve never told anyone this. I was planning on asking Rachel the night we broke up. It just didnít work out

CHAN: Oh my god!! You were going to ask [gets louder as he says this line. Ross puts his hand over his mouth. Joey and the
others turn and look at them]

ROSS: Shut up! I told you that so youíd stop bugging me. No one and I repeat no one is supposed to know, because if I know you guys and I do, youíll tell Rachel and I canít go through that again. Iím with Jamie now!

CHAN: [pushing Rossí hand off his face] Okay I wonít tell anyone. [Ross turns and walks away as Chandler adds softly] but Mon.

[Scene 6: Monica and Chandlerís bedroom. Monica is sitting in bed looking at a magazine when Chandler walks in excitedly.]

C & M: Guess what, guess what!! What, what???

MNCA: Okay, you can go first!

CHAN: Youíll never believe what Ross told me today!!

MNCA: Well what is it!! Tellme, tellme, tellme!!!!

CHAN: Youíre worse then Joey!

[Monica glares at him! He cowards back a bit and jumps onto the bed next to her.]

CHAN: I was asking him if heís going to propose to Jamie. [pauses, Monica punches him lightly in the arm] he said that he was.
He said that it seems that whenever he proposes to someone theyíve been going out less then a year. He seems to believe that if heís going to marry someone, heíll propose in a year. So I asked him what about Rachel and he said that he was planning on proposing to Rachel the night they broke up. BUT, you canít tell anyone that because Iím the only one that knows and Ross will kill me if Rachel finds out. What was your news?

MNCA: I was going to tell you that I was talking to Rachel today. She asked about Jamie and I was telling her I thought that Ross was going to propose on his and Jamieís anniversary. She got upset saying that it seems like he didnít like her as much as these others, as their relationship never made it as far. She said that she started going out with John to forget about Ross. She thinks that John is starting to take their relationship a bit too seriously.

CHAN: Are you thinking what Iím thinking?

MNCA: I think so.

CHAN: Do you want to?

MNCA: Yeah. I mean itís perfect. Plus we already know that if it works, it will probably be forever.

CHAN: Right! [pauses] So how about a little ďsevenĒ as a reward. [If you donít get that, then you havenít watched enough friends episodes!]

MNCA: Sure!!

[Scene 7: Central Perk (finally)! Monica is there, talking to Ross.]

MNCA: So youíre really going to propose to Jamie?

ROSS: I shouldíve known that Chandler would tell you!

MNCA: So Iím right!!

ROSS: Did Chandler tell you theÖ otherÖ thing I told him?

MNCA: What other thing.

ROSS: There was more then one?

MNCA: There might have been! Does the one youíre talking about involveÖ Rachel by any chance?

ROSS: I canít believe he told you!!! Iím going to KILL him!!!

MNCA: Did you really expect him not to tell me? I mean, weíre practically married!

ROSS: Right, I forgot that married, or couples like you tell each other EVERYTHING!! [pauses] So what was your reaction?

MNCA: I was surprised. I wish it had happened. It would have been neat having my best friend as my sister-in-law. Now I guess
it will be Jamie!

ROSS: Right.

MNCA: Ross Iíve got to go to work now, but I need you to answer, or at least think about one question, okay?

ROSS: [nervous] Okay!

MNCA: Are you proposing to Jamie because a) you love her, b) you in love with the thought of loving her, c) it feels right or d)
because you donít think itís going to happen again with Rachel or because Rachel came back with John?

ROSS: Because I love her! Why do you think this has anything to do with Rachel?

MNCA: Donít answer yet, just think about it!

[Monica gets up and leaves, and Ross sits there thinking, fade to next screen.]

[Scene 8: Phoebe and Mikeís apartment. Itís Chandler and Joeyís old one. Jamie, Phoebe and Monica are sitting there watching
TV. Rachel and Chandler enter. Rachelís crying and Chandler has his arm around her, trying to comfort her. The three girls
glance up and Monica rushes over to them.]

MNCA: Whatís wrong, what happened?

CHAN: I donít know! Rachel came over, crying, so I thought Iíd better take her over to you guys. Iíve got to go. Iím missing the
second half.

[Chandler lets go of Rachel and leaves]

MNCA: Rachel, whatís wrong? What happened?

PHOE: Yeah, whatís up?

RACH: John, he Ö [Starts crying harder. Monica gives her a hug and leads her over to the couch and sit down.]

MNCA: John did what?

RACH: We had a little fight! I said that I might come and stay with you, Mon, while I looked for an apartment. I wasnít sure if I
wanted to stay with him. I stormed out and went and thought. I just went back to the apartment to straighten everything out and,
and, he was there but so was this other person who had also been on the exchange. She had come over to see us, and well, I
always thought she liked him and now, now she has him!!

MNCA: Did he sleep with her?

RACH: Well, from the looks of it, they werenít doing much sleeping! Why does this always happen to me, Mon? Why?

JAMIE: [quietly to Phoebe] What does she mean always happen to her?

PHOE: Well, a few years ago, she and Ross went out. Ross was getting jealous of all the time she spent at work and thought she
was cheating on him with a guy at her work, Mark, which she wasnít. Anyway, they had a fight, and Rachel asked for a break. It was not a break up. Anyway, Ross stormed out and went to find the guys. Although then it was only Joey and Chandler. They were at a nightclub and to make it short, Ross got drunk and slept with another woman.

JAMIE: Oh! Ross never told me why he and Rachel broke up. He talked about her a lot when she was away. He said they had gone out once, but whenever I asked more about it, he shut-up really fast and wouldnít say another word. She means the world to him as a friend, and sometimes I wonder if I mean as much to him.

PHOE: No offense, but I donít think you mean as much. Rachel and Ross are like best friends, and have just managed to get back to that after their break up only a few years ago. They tell each other everything. I think that you mean more to him then everyone but her and Ben. Theyíll always mean the most to each other, so donít let it bother you. Friendships in life can be more rewarding then relationships in all categories that apply.

JAMIE: I know I shouldnít, but stillÖ

PHOE: Well, I still says just let it lie.

[Phoebe turns to Rachel and Monica. Rachel is still crying and Monica is hugging her.]

MNCA: Rach, do you want us to help you get your stuff and move it into your old room in my apartment.

[Rachel nods slowly.]

JAMIE: Iíll go get a cab. Why donít you guys help Rachel clean up. Iíll see you down in a few minutes.

[Jamie leaves and Phoebe, Monica and Rachel head into the bathroom.]

[Scene 9: Monica and Chandlerís apartment. The guys are gathered there watching sports. The phone rings, and Joey walks over
and picks it up.]

JOEY: Hello?Ö YeahÖ uh-huhÖ WHAT!!! [he screams out what, and the other guys jump in their seats and turn and look at
him. He doesnít notice.] Oh my god!!! Ö Are they okay? [this line gets the attention of the other guys, who jump up and run over
to the phone.] OkayÖ yeahÖ weíll be down as soon as possible. Ö okayÖ bye! [He hangs up and turns around, surprised to
see the other guys there.]

CHAN: Who was that?

MIKE: Who were you talking about?

ROSS: Is who okay?

[They all say the three lines above at once.]

JOEY: Monica, Rachel, Phoebe and Jamie were in a car accident. Phoebeís broken a leg, but is fine other then that. Jamieís got a
broken arm and Monicaís got a broken arm and rib. [He pauses for a minute.]

ROSS: What about Rachel? Howís she?

JOEY: The other car hit her the worst. Sheís in surgery right now. She has internal bleeding, a sprained wrist, a broken leg and
they think she might have a concussion. Sheís unconscious right now.

CHAN: Oh My God!!! Letís go! Weíve got to go down there!!!

[They all run for the door.]

[Scene 10: Hospital waiting room. Jamie and Phoebe are sitting there, with casts on their broken arm and leg respectively. The
guys rush in, pause and then over to them as soon as they seen them.]

ROSS: Jamie, are you alright?

MIKE: Phoebe, are you okay? How you feeling?

CHAN: Wereís Monica?

JOEY: Howís Rachel? Any update?

JAMIE: One question at a time. Iím fine. Monicaís should be out in a few minutes, and Rachelís still in surgery.

PHOE: Oh, and Iím fine too. We were the farthest away from the car that hit us. Oh, Ross, do you know Rachelís parents
numbers? You should probably call them. Same as your parents.

ROSS: Right! Iíll go do that now.

[He heads over to the phone]

MIKE: Are you sure youíre okay Phoebe?

PHOE: Iím fine Mike. Itís just a leg. Itíll heal. [Pauses, and tears come to her eyes.] Iím just worried about Rachel. They wonít
tell us anything. All theyíve said is that sheís unconscious, bleeding internaly and has a sprained wrist and a broken leg. They
havenít said how sheís doing. This is so not her day. Her aura was all messed up. She had just caught John cheating on her and
we were going to get all of her stuff from his apartment.

JAMIE: She was so upset. She kept saying, how come it always happens to her.

[Just then Ross comes back, in time to hear Jamieís last sentence.]

ROSS: How come what always happens to who?

JAMIE: Umm, Rachel. We had been going to get her stuff from Johnís apartment. Theyíd had a fight and when she went back to
make up, she found he had cheated on her.

ROSS: OhÖ [trying to perk up for the benefit of Jamie and Phoebe] I called my parents, and Rachelís. They all said theyíd be
here ASAP. They should be here probably in aboutÖ [He gets cut off as Monica walks out, with a doctor following her.] Monica!

CHAN: Honey, are you okay? [He runs over to her, and gives her a kiss and gentel hug.]

MNCA: Iím fine, guys. Just a broken rib and arm. [pauses] Howís Rachel doing?

[Everyone falls silent. The doctor who came out with Monica speaks up.]

DOCT: Well, theyíve finished the surgery and is moving her to a recovery room.

MNCA: Can she have any visitors?

DOCT: Only immediate family right now. You can maybe see her tomorrow. For now, Iíd suggest that you guys, take these girls
home and make sure they get some sleep. Theyíve all been through a trama today and need to have a good nights rest.

[Chandler and Mike nod, and stand up, getting ready to leave.]

ROSS: But what about Rachel? Someone needs to stay and wait for her parents, and mine.

JOEY: Iíll stay. Ross, take Jamie home. Iíll phone you guys if thereís any update.

[Joey shooís them out the door, then goes and sits down in a chair to wait.]

[Scene 11: Hospital waiting room. Itís a different one now. Everyoneís there, including the parents, but not including Rachel.
Sheís in a hospital room. Theyíre waiting for a doctor, to tell them the update on Rachelís condition. Just then a doctor arrives]

DOCT: Well, everything seems to be healing nicely. She can have a few visitorís today, but only a few at a time.

[He turns and walks away, as the friends and parents start to argue who should go in.]

MNCA: Okay, Sandra, you go first, then Leonard. After that, Ross and Joey can go in for a few minutes, then Chandler and I and
then Mike and Phoebe. Sorry, Jamie but you can go tomorrow. Itís just that she hasnít know you as long as the rest of us.

JAMIE: Thatís okay. I totally understand.

[Scene 12: Rachelís hospital room. Sheís lying on the bed. Ross and Joey walk in.]

JOEY: Hey Rach! Are you feeling better?

RACH: Yeah, though I canít wait till I get to go home. The doctorís says I canít go home for a few days though. They have to
make sure everything heals right.

ROSS: Well, weíll be by to visit everyday!

RACH: Thanks. How are they others?

ROSS: Looks like you got the worst of it. Monicaís got a broken rib and arm. Jamieís got a broken arm and Phoebeís got a
broken leg.

RACH: But theyíre okay, right?

JOEY: Yeah, theyíre fine. Actually, we better go, so Monica and Chandler can come in. The doctorís donít want us to tire you
out. Bye

RACH: Bye guys.

[Ross and Joey both kiss her on the cheek then leave the room. A pause then Monica and Chandler walk in.]

CHAN: How are you doing?

MNCA: Itís good to see you. We were so worried!!

CHAN: I know, it was like, welcome to New York, Crash!!

RACH: hahaÖ Oww!!! Donít make me laugh!

CHAN: Sorry!

RACH: So, are you okay Mon?

MNCA: Yeah, Iím fine.

[Scene 13: Chandler and Monicaís apartment. Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Mike and Jamie are there. Rachel, Ross and Joey
enter. Ross and Joey are walking on either side of Rachel. Sheís sort of leaning on them, but only sort of. Itís a couple of days
later, Jamie and Rossí anniversary.]

CHAN: Hey guys!

RACH: Hi! Oh, itís good to be out of the hospital.

MIKE: Do you want to sit down? [He points to where he and Phoebe are sitting on the couch.]

RACH: Oh, no thatís okay. I think Iíll just go and lie down. Iím kinda tired.

PHOE: Jamie, Mike and I went and got your stuff from at Johnís. Itís in your old room.

RACH: Thanks guys.

JOEY: Come on! [He and Rachel head over to her bedroom. Monica follows behind. Ross moves to help them.]

RACH: No Ross. You and Jamie should go out. Itís your anniversary. Iím sure she wonít be working late tonight and Iím sure
she wouldnít kick you out of her office. Go have fun. [She and Ross look at each other for a moment. Sort of like in the one with
the chick and the duck. Every one else, but Jamie look at each other.] Ö Good-night guys!

EVEYONE: Good night Rach!

[Cut to inside of bedroom]

JOEY: Here we go. [He sort of lifts Rachel up and places her on the bed.]

RACH: Thanks Joey.

JOEY: Youíre welcome.

[Rachel and Monica stare at him, waiting for him to leave.]

JOEY: What?!?!

MNCA: Arenít you going to go? We have some stuff to talk about.

JOEY: Fine!!

[He leaves.]

MNCA: So, are you sure youíre okay with Ross and Jamie?

RACH: I said I was before, didnít I?

MNCA: Yeah, but that was when you were going out with someone to!

RACH: Yeah, so? Iím fine. He deserves someone who doesnít throw him out on their anniversary, then expects him to apologize
and then asks for break, and to top it all off, when they almost get back together, asks him to take responsibility for everything in
their relationship.

MNCA: So youíre really okay with this?

RACH: YeahÖ nooo!!! [starts crying.]

MNCA: Oh Rach, youíll find someone else.

RACH: But I donít want someone else. I want him, Mon!! I miss him so much, I realized that when I was in France.

MNCA: Well, not to be mean, but maybe it wasnít a good idea to go to France.

RACH: Maybe not, but it was a chance in a lifetime. I couldnít just pass it up.

MNCA: I suppose so. . ..

RACH: Besides, I learned a lot and got to go experience something new.

MNCA: Yeah, but was it worth loosing Ross?

RACH: What do you mean? I didnít have him when we left.

MNCA: Well yeah, but if you hadnít left, you might have gotten together again.

RACH: I suppose so, but now weíll never know!

MNCA: RightÖ [She seems distracted] Okay, Iím gonna go now. You should get some sleep. Goodnight

RACH: Goodnight. [She yawns.]

[Monica exits]

[Scene 14: Rossís apartment. Jamie and Ross enter, all dressed up, as if theyíve gone somewhere fancy.]

ROSS: Wow, that was fun!

JAMIE: I know! So what did you want to ask me?

ROSS: Well, here goes, [whispers] third timeís a charm, right? [back to normal] Jamie, will you marry me? [As he says this, he
goes down on one knee. You guys know the position]

JAMIE: Wow! I wasnít expecting this.

ROSS: Will you?

JAMIE: Well, I donít know. I mean, Iím not sure Iím ready. JustÖ can you answer a question for me first?

ROSS: What is it?

JAMIE: Well, are you still in love with Rachel? More then a friend I mean.

ROSS: Umm.. ahhÖ ohhhÖ.

JAMIE: See, you are. I canít marry you when your heart belongs to someone else. [Thank you Dan Silverstien, or how ever you
spell it. For those that read a lot of fanficís, this past idea came from Danís the last one series.] [Jamie takes the ring from the box and opens Rossí hand and closes his fingers around it.] Hold onto this, save it for the right person. As much as I like you and love
you, which is a lot, weíre not meant to be.

ROSS: But, butÖ

JAMIE: Shhh! Iím going to go home. Iíll see you tomorrow. But tonight, do some thinking about what  and who you really want. I
want to be your friend Ross. You, and Mon, Chandler, Joey, Mike, Phoebe and even Rachel who I havenít know for long are
great people. Weíll see each other still. Itís a great group of friends. But like Mon and Chan have found, find out who you love
truly. [She turns and heads for the door, pausing only to say good bye then leaves.]

[Ross opens his hand then stares at the ring, then at the door. He goes and sits down on the couch.]

[Scene 15: Monica and Chandlerís. Rachelís sitting at the table with a cup of coffee. Ross walks in.]

RACH: Hey Ross. How was your anniversary.

ROSS: Well, letís see, we went to dinner, that was fun, we went back to my place, where I proposed. She turned me down and
broke up with me, so yeah, it was fun.

RACH: You guys broke up? How come? I thought you guys were perfect for each other and Jamieís so nice.

ROSS: Yeah, I thought so to. We broke up because, well, because Jamie said that she thinks Iím sill in love with you more then a
friend. She said sheíd come over today, and that we should still be friends.

RACH: OhhhÖ Well, are you?

ROSS: Am I what?

RACH: Still in love with me? [Whispers] Because I sure love  you.

ROSS: I donít know. I thought I was in love with Jamie, and that proved wrong, I thought I was in love with Emily, and that
proved wrong, I thought I was in love with Carol, and she was a lesbian. So Iím not quite sure about trusting my feelings. [All of a sudden, Ross realizes what Rachel said.] Oh my god!!! You, you love me? [Rachel nods] OH god, I canít handle this right now. Okay, Iím gonna go now, Iíll see you later.

[Ross leaves, just as Monica and Chandler walk out]

MNCA: I thought I heard Ross out here?

RACH: He just left.

CHAN: Why?

RACH: Because Jamie told him yesterday when he proposed that she thinks heís still in love with me and they broke up. He was
telling me, so I asked him if he was and then said that I loved him. He got scared and freaked out and left.

MNCA: OH!! Is Jamie coming over later?

RACH: Yeah. I think that she seems like the kind that would want to stay friends. I canít believe this. I feel like everythingís gone wrong ever since I came back. Maybe I should have just stayed in France.

CHAN: You donít mean that Rachel! Of course you shouldíve come back.

RACH: Yeah, but I still donít have anywhere to live. I canít live with you guys forever, youíre engaged. Same with Phoebe and
Mike, Joeyís to busy now and I donít think I could stand living with him and Ross, well, we have a history, it wouldnít be a good idea, plus, like he wants a roommate. Heís always been the one, other then Phoebe who didnít need, or want one. I can handle my own rent, but there are no apartments around here. Oh guys, I donít know what to do. My life seems to be falling apart.

MNCA: Why donít you wait a bit and see what turns up?

RACH: Yeah, I suppose so. Iím going to go to work now. Iíve missed enough days as it is.

CHAN and MNCA: Bye

RACH: Bye! [She leaves.]

[Scene 16:, Monica and Chandlerís Apartment. Rachel's watching TV when Ross walks in]



ROSS: Hello... oh please tell me your still not upset about John ... Your are arenít you. Come on Rach, that guy was a jerk. He
didnít deserve you.

RACH: Just leave me alone will you?

ROSS: What's wrong? [He moves over in front of Rachel. We finally notice that she's been crying.] Oh my god, Rach. What happened?

RACH: None of your business.

ROSS: Come on, what's wrong. Can't we go back to being close friends again?

[He moves over to sit next to Rachel. She turns and buries her face in his chest and he hugs her as she cries. After a moment, she moves back a little.]

RACH: I, I, I was fired today.

ROSS: What??

RACH: They said I messed up an order or something. Supposedly it was going to cost the company thousands of dollars to fix.
They fired me. Now what am I supposed to do. Like anyone else will ever hire me! I canít stay here forever, I have to get an
apartment and now I donít have the money!

ROSS: Don't think like that. Of course you'll get another job.

RACH: Maybe I should've just married Barry. That would have been easy and, and safe.

ROSS: Come on Rachel. You don't mean that. I mean, if that had happened, we probably would never have seen each other
again, you would never have known what it was like to have a job. You came out here to fall in love, find a job, be independent.

RACH: I know. But look, Iíve been independent, I got fired from my job and when I did fall in love, all I did was mess up and lose it.

ROSS: But you've found love more then once. It wasn't your fault it didn't work out.

RACH: But that's where you're wrong. I've only been in love once. Truly in love, and i don't think that Iíll ever be able to find someone else, like you have. You've had Carol, and Emily.

ROSS: And you, don't forget yourself.

RACH: But, you didn't love me as much as Carol and Emily. You proposed to them, married them. That's more then you can say about me. We never even thought about marriage, nor got in engaged. You went out with Emily for what, six weeks and new, sorry thought that it would last. We went out for a year, and it was never even thought of in that direction.

ROSS: Well, thatís not entirely true.

RACH: What do you mean?

ROSS: You know that night we broke up?

RACH: How could I forget. Thatís the night my heart broke.

ROSS: Well, I had kind of been planning to propose to you that night.

RACH: Oh My God!!! I donít think I can handle this right now. Iím upset enough as it is. I really DIDNíT need to know that.

ROSS: Fine then. Just trying to make you feel better. Itís not as if the rest of us donít have our own problems.

[He gets up and storms out. Rachel looks after his retreating figure sadly.]

[Scene 17: Monicaís Restaurant. Rachel walks in. Itís a small resturant, like a little sandwich place, with a counter that costumers can sit at, like the resaurant that Monica worked in but quite for Peteís Restauant, you know the ďYMCAĒ one! Rachel goes and sits at the counter and Monica walks over]

MNCA: Hey Rach, whats up?

RACH: Oh nothing, just thinking. Iíve lost my job, and donít even have a place to live. I got cheated on by my boyfriend, for the second time and now my best friends mad at me!!

MNCA: Iím not mad!

RACH: You know who I meant!

MNCA: Whyís he mad?

RACH: Well, I was upset and saying how if I had just married Barry my life would have been simple. And how come guys
always cheat on me. He said that Iíd find another boyfriend, that it wasnít my fault for all my breakups. And I told him that Iíd
actually only been in love once, and wonít ever be able to find another like he had. I we some how started talking about his ex-wives and girlfriends. I said that he must have not loved me as much because we had never even thought about marriage and stuff. He said that he was actually goiong to propose to me the night we broke up, and I said I couldnít handle this right now and he got up set and, and stormed out. I havenít seen him since!!

MNCA: Oh Rach, heís loved you equally if not more then the rest. Whyíd you say that to him? Heís probably heart broken that youíve thought that all these years.

RACH: I know, I know!!! I was just so upset. I donít know what to do!

MNCA: Well youíve got to talk to him!! Youíve got to let him know that you didnít mean what you said!

RACH: But I did mean it. I mean part of it. I always have believed that he hasnít liked me as much as the others. He had wanted me since high school, maybe I was just a disapointment!

MNCA: Donít say that! Just go and talk to him. I guarantee that youíll be back together before you know it!

RACH: I donít know, I mean, I donít think he likes me any more then a friend now. Iíve waited to long and Iíve lost him!

MNCA: Thatís not true!!! Now go out there and tell him what he needs to know!

RACH: Right! Thanks!

[She leaves, then after a moment comes back]

RACH: Could you tell me where he is?

MNCA: Fine! Heís probably at work. Now go!

RACH: Right, thanks again.

[She leaves, this time for real]

[Scene 18: Rossís work. Heís working on a display. Kind of like the one that he was working on in the one where Ross and
RachelÖ yíknow!! Rachel comes in. Ross doesnít notice and for a while Rachel stands to the side watching him.]

RACH: Ross!

ROSS: [turns around and smiles] Hey Rachel. Whatíre you doing here?

RACH: [Takes a deep breath.] We need to talk.

ROSS: Okay, what about?

RACH: You, me, us and our conversation earlier.

ROSS: What about our talk?

RACH: I didnít mean to get you mad at me. I was just really upset. ThoughÖ though I did mean what I said about how much you loved me. Itís always seemed that I wasnít the biggest love in your heart. I felt like I mustíve been a disappointment.

ROSS: You werenít a disappointment. Youíre the one that Iíve loved the most.

RACH: I can see that now. I couldnít before. I just wanted to ask you something.

ROSS: Okay, well ask away.

RACH: Well, ummm, if I was to ummm, ask you outÖ would you want to?

ROSS: You mean, like have a fresh start. Forget the past and see what happens this time around?

RACH: YeahÖ would you?

ROSS: Maybe. [He smiles] Youíll have to ask and see!

RACH: Maybe I will, maybe I wonít! [They both smile, remembering when Ross said that to Rachel.] Okay, Iíve got to go now.
Iíll see you later?

ROSS: Yeah. I think weíre all going out tonight, you know to see that new movie, the Blair witch project or something.

RACH: Right, is Jamie coming?

ROSS: I think so.

RACH: Good, I want to talk to her.

[Scene 19: Movie theater. The friends are sitting in this order. Okay, Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Jamie, Phoebe, Mike. Theyíre watching, Now this movie is supposed to be SCARY!!! All of sudden a shriek is heard and then dead silence. Scared, Monica leans against Chandler. He comforts her. Joey all so leans against Chandler, scared. Phoebe does the same to Mike. Rachel, freaked out cuddles up to Ross and Jamie just sits there mesmerized.]

JAMIE: Oh, I knew this movie would be good.

CHAN: Yeah, itís great to bring a date to. I mean they get all scared and grab on to you, but it sucks, [pauses as he tries to push Joey away] when youíre roommateís also scared and does the same.

RACH: Tell me again, why we HAD to see this movie. I mean we couldíve gone to Runaway Bride!

ROSS: Because this movie is so much COOLER then a stupid romance movie!!

CHAN: Besides, you donít need to see that movie Rachel. We sure donít want you learning more tricks on how to leave a groom at the altar.

RACH: Oh, would you just shut up about that for once. Whatís it going to take before the ruined wedding jokes stop? I've only ruined ONE wedding and that was over six years ago!

MIKE: A wedding that goes fine when youíre present?

[Everyone laughs. The crowd around them all go SHHHHH!!!!!]

[Scene 19: In a pizza place. Everyoneís crowed around a small table thatís covered with half empty pizza trays.]

JOEY: That movie sucked! It wasnít scary at all!

CHAN: Right Joe! Thatís why everytime some thing ďnot scaryĒ happened, you were grabbing my arm?

[Everyone laughs and Joey looks sheepish]

RACH: I still think that we shouldíve gone and seen Runaway Bride. I donít like scary movies.

ROSS: [looks shocked] What, when we were going out, those were the only movies you wanted to rent!

RACH: Well yeah. Scary movies are only good if youíve got a boyfriend. Cos then youíve got some one to be scared and cuddle with!

MNCA: Oh, I totally agree with Rachel. Why they call romantic comdies date movies, I have no idea. I mean, whatís your excuse for cuddling. Oh no, he was going to kiss her! Also, who wants to be scared? Isnít that what Halloweenís for?

CHAN: So, then let me asked everybody. Before we all got dates, why did we always rent and watch scary movies together? Huh?

PHOE: because, becauseÖ I donít like this question!

[Rachel reaches forward to grab a piece of pizza. Itís the last one on itís tray. Ross also goes to get the piece.]

RACH: Do you want to split it Ross?

ROSS: Sure.

MIKE: Why donít you have the other kinds?

ROSS: Because theyíve got anchovies! Rachel why donít you have a different one? If I remember right, you like anchovies!

[They look at each other, remembering the night they broke up and ordered pizza]

RACH: Yeah, umm, actually I donít like anchovies any more.

[Scene 20: Out side the Pizza place. Everyoneís walking in groups of two, Chan and Mon, Pheebs and Mike, Joey and Ross, Rach and Jamie.]

RACH: So Jamie.

JAMIE: Yeah?

RACH: Well, I wanted to ask you something. Whyíd you tell Ross heís still in love with me?

JAMIE: Because he is. You can tell every time he looks at you. You can see it in his eyes.

RACH: But you guys are so perfect for each other. He proposed to you.

JAMIE: Yeah, but I canít be with him for the same reason you couldnít if you were me. We both want to be in a relationship with some one who loves us back as much as we love them. And with Ross, itís almost like that, but heíll always love you more then anyone else.

RACH: Oh, I donít think so. Itís too late now. Weíve both waited to long.

JAMIE: But itís never to late for love. My aunt whoís 68 just got married. True love is always found. Itís just up to the people to keep it going, alive.

RACH: I suppose so, but I still think itís too late. We ignored it for to long and now he doesnít want me. Iíll always love him but, if we got back together, Iíd always be thinking, whenís he going to cheat on me this time. It took a long time to recover from and I donít think I could do it again!

JAMIE: Well, Iím still gonna bet like the rest of your friends that the two of you will be together someday, but only if you forgive Ross, otherwise its never gonna happen.

ROSS: Hey girls, whatís happening?

[Jamie and Rachel both turn around to see Joey and Ross coming up behind them.]

JOEY: Yeah, how you doiní?

JAMIE: [laughing] I think youíve had enough to drink tonight Joe!

ROSS: So what were you guys talking about that you didnít hear us calling your names?

RACH: Oh, nothing. Just some girl talk.

ROSS: Oh yeah, that sharing thing you girls do.

JAMIE: Right!

[Jamie and Joey move away from Rachel and Ross, as if sensing the two need to talk.]


ROSS: no one told you life was gonna be this way?

RACH: What?

ROSS: So no one told you life was gonna be this way. Itís a line from a song.


RACH AND ROSS: We need to talk!

RACH: Yeah we do. You go first.

ROSS: Well, I was thinking about what Jamie said when we broke up. About me being in love with you.

RACH: Okay.

ROSS: And, well, I think I still am, a little. I kinda want to try ďusĒ again. [pause] What were you going to say?

RACH: I was going to ask for the same thing.

ROSS: Okay, so youíre willing to give it a try then?

RACH: Yeah. Jamie and I were talking about love. And she that true love is always found, but itís up to the people to keep it going and alive, I guess we didnít keep up our side of the bargain. But maybe we can now!

ROSS: Just one thing, I donít want to be asked to talk responsibilities to all our problems. And I need to know if youíve forgiven me yet about the, umm, Chloe incident.

RACH: I promise, no blaming each other. AndÖ yes, I do forgive you.

ROSS: Do we want to tell the others?

RACH: No, why donít we just keep it to our selves for a while, like Chandler and Monica did. That way, if it doesnít work out, we wonít be dragging our friends into it like last time.

ROSS: Okay. A secret.

[They hug, but not kiss, cos they canít let everyone know.]

[Scene 21: Rossís apartment. Ross is sitting on the couch watching a dinosaur thing on TV. The door thing buzzes and he gets up and lets Rachel in.]

RACH: Hey.

ROSS: Hey you.

RACH: So whatíre you watching?

ROSS: Something on Dinoís. Wanna watch?

RACH: Sure. I havenít watched anything on dinoís in years!

[They both go and sit down on the couch. Theyíre not quite confortable being together again yet. They both sit on different ends of the couch and watch for a bit. After a minute, Rachel moves over next to Ross and Ross puts his arm around her as she leans against him. They both watch a bit more, but they turn to look at each other. Their eyes meet and hold for a while, before both move in and kiss.]

[cut across the street to Monica and Chandlerís apartment. Monica and Chandler are standing at the window, looks of shock spread across their faces.]

[Cut back to Rossí apartment. Ross and Rachel finally break apart.]

RACH: Wow!

ROSS: Iíve been waiting so long to do that!

RACH: Me to!

[They move in to kiss again, but all of a sudden theirs knocking at the door. Ross gets up and answers the door. Chandler and Monica are standing there.]

CHAN: How come you guys didnít tell us?

ROSS: Tell you what?

CHAN: Tell us that youíre back together!!!

MNCA: Iím so happy for you guys.

RACH: How did you know?

MNCA: You guys forgot that we can see this room from our apartment.

RACH: Ohh, right!

ROSS: I guess we better tell everyone else.

[Scene 22: Central Perk, everyoneís there. Rachelís sitting on Rossí lap on the chair. Chandler and Monica are sitting cuddled on the couch, same as Phoebe and Mike, Joeyís sitting at the little table and Jamieís sitting on another chair at the little table.]

JOEY: So you guys are together?

RACH: Yep, and we owe it all to Jamie. Sheís the one that made both of us realize what we really wanted.

ROSS: Yeah, and Rachelís going to come and move in with me, so that Chandler and Monica can have their spare room back.

JOEY: This is going to be so exciting. Weíre going to have three weddings to prepare for now.

RACH: But Joey, weíre not engaged.

JAMIE: But itís only a matter of time

MIKE: Well, if itís only a matter of time, Rachel you better start practicing spiriting for your wedding. Donít want to be to slow when youíre leaving the altar.

ROSS: Donít worry, weíll bolt the windows shut.

RACH: Oh, just shut up. Iíll get through a wedding, youíll see!

The End

To be continued, depending on the reaction I get!