The One With Mr. Fince

Written by: Zahira

This is a fanfic which might be similar to some of the fanfics you have read.
This is an episode that never happened in the real episode.

Scene: Chandler’s and Monica’s apartment. Monica and Chandler making out on the couch. Everyone else went in while the couple acts as if nothing had happen.

Chandler: Ya know what? I think we should get a new tv set.( Facing the gang ) Well, hi there!

All: Hey!

Joey: Why would you wanna get a new tv set … his one’s fine … besides it has porn.

Chandler: Thanks for the speech you just made there Joe .. I think I need that for me to think twice.

Ross: So … what are you guys doin’ tonight?

Rachel: I got a date tonight so you guys have to decide.

Phoebe: Me too.

Ross: With a guy?

Phoebe: Yeah.

Ross: I’m talking to Rachel.

Rachel: No Ross, I’m going with a women I met at the gym. ( smilling )

Monica: So what’s his name?

Rachel: Ross.

All: What?

Joey: How can you be dating Ross when he doesn’t know you have a date and asking us what are we doing tonight.

Rachel: His full name is Ross Fince

Chandler: Hey Ross I didn’t know that you changed your name?

Ross: Ha ha. (sarcastically)

Phoebe: When are you going to introduce him to us.

Chandler: Why would she introduce him to us. We already know him well. ( looking at Ross )

Phoebe: Seriously.

Rachel: I’m going to meet him at 7 … so if you guys wanna meet him be at central perk before 7. (she leaves)

Monica: So Pheebs … what’s his name?

Phoebe: Roger.

Chandler: Is that the Roger that I hate?

Phoebe: It’s another Roger that you will not hate coz I’m gonna make you like him.

Scene: Central perk. Everyone’s present except for Rachel (duh!)

[Rachel comes in with Ross (not Ross Geller).]

Rachel: Everyone this is Ross. (to Ross) This is everyone.

(now we see Ross’s face which is not like Ross but more like Chandler)

Chandler: Ahhhh !!!

All: Hey!!

(Ross goes to Rachel)

Ross: Hi there, I’m Ross Geller.

Ross: Hi!

Ross: Um Rach, can I talk to you for a moment?

Rachel: Sure!

(they go to the counter)

Ross: Um Rach, I think this is not a good time to tell you this but … (nervously) Um, Rach ….um, I love you Rachel.

(Rachel shocked)

Rachel: What?! Are you serious or you just making a joke?! If your making a joke .. I’m telling ya it’s not funny coz this involves ….(gets interrupted)

Ross: Rachel, I think we better get going … the restaurant closes at 10 and it’s like 8 now so …..

Rachel: Okay. (to Ross) Um .. Ross I’ll talk to you later okay…I will settle this with you.

(they leave)

Monica: Ross, what do you think of the other Ross.

Phoebe: What were you talking to Rachel just now?

Monica: Forget my question.

Ross: Um….

Joey: Yeah?

Ross: I told her that I love her (pauses) was that a mistake?

Chandler: What did you just do??

Ross: I dunno …. I think I’m still in love with ….heck, I was always in love her other wise why would I say her name at the altar.

Monica: So , what did she say?

Ross: Well, we were interrupted .. but she said that she will settle it with me tonight … well, I hope so cause if she don’t talk to me today it means that she’s sleeping with me .. I mean Ross … Ross Fince.

Scene: Ross apartment. Ross sitting on the couch doing nothing.

Ross: (thinking) It’s already 11 and Rachel haven’t shown up or called yet? Maybe his sleeping with that tall guy …. Phew! Ross Fince …. Who does he think he is?

(heard knocks on the door. Opens the door)

Ross: Oh hi!

Rachel: Hi!

Ross: Your back early … why didn’t ya ……(gets in erupted by Rachel)

Rachel: Why did you have to tell me that you love me…..why can’t you tell me before my date shown up or after Ross and I broke up or something??

Ross: But Rach, we are already broken up.

Rachel: Not you … Ross Fince.

Ross: Well I didn’t know what to do … I mean I still love you and I dun wanna lose you again but I thought you were not going to meet guys so I decided to wait for a few days thinking what to tell you when I wanna tell you that I love you.

Rachel: What?!

Ross: I mean … when I was about to marry Emily I’m still love you …. I said your name at the altar.

Rachel: I thought you’re happy when I was there and you said my name accidentally. (Ross gives her a look) Oh my god… you really meant that … so now you wanna get back together?

Ross: Well yeah .. I do … I do so much and I promise I will not hurt you like I did.
(Ross kisses Rachel first then they start to sunk into it.)

Scene: Central perk .(All present except for Ross and Rachel. Duh!)

Chandler: Joey would you like to have a subscription to “Playboy”

Joey: (excited) Yeah ! Do you wanna pay the bills for me?

Chandler: Ah … No ,I’m just asking.

Monica: Pheebs .. How’s your date last night and when are you going to introduce him to us?

Phoebe: It was really great and I will if you guys promise you’ll be nice … especially you Chandler.

(Ross comes in)

Ross: Hey guys! Have you seen Rachel?

All: Nope!

Monica: Why?

Ross: We kissed last night at my apartment but we didn’t do it.

Phoebe: Wow! You guys kissed … so are you gonna get back together.

Ross: Actually I dun no …. that’s why I’m looking for her.

Joey: Maybe his out with you … I mean the other Ross.

Chandler: Did you guys notice that he looks much like me? Why does Rachel date people that looks like her friends?

Phoebe: Yeah! The first time was with Russ that look like Ross and now Ross which look like Chandler.

Scene: Monica’s and Chandler’s apartment.

(Rachel comes in)

Rachel: Hey guys.

Phoebe: So how did you make out last night?

Rachel: (to Ross) You told them?

Ross: Well yeah .. Why is that a mistake or something?

Chandler: Uh no .. she just think that you shouldn’t tell us.

(everyone looks at Chandler)

Chandler: What?! That’s true!
Scene: Central perk (all present. Rachel siting at the counter with a cup of coffee as Ross walks to her.)

Ross: Hey Rach….. About last night …are we going to go back together or you just kiss me for pleasure?

Rachel: I dunno Ross. I mean every time we got back together something will get in the way.

Ross: Ok … then now we just have to try not to let those things get in the way.

Rachel: I dunno Ross it’s just hard you know.

Ross: Okay , let’s say we did go back together ….. What about the other Ross.

Rachel: What about him?

Ross: Aren’t you with him?

Rachel: No.

Ross: No?

Rachel: Yeah no. We are not together .. I found out that he dumped all his ex girlfriends coz they awful in bed. Ugggghhhh!! What a jerk.

Ross: C’mon Rach give me another chance.

Rachel: Okay!
Ross: What did you just say??

Rachel: Okay!! ..

(kisses Ross passionately)

Scene: Ross apartment. I think you should know what going on.

Ross: Hi sweetie.

Rachel: I can’t believe I’m waking up next to you …again.

(both laughs)

Scene: Central perk. (All present except for Ross and Rachel)

Monica: How’s with Roger?

Phoebe: Uggghhh !! I dumped him … he said that you guys are so irritating.

Joey: Way to go Pheebs!